tagIncest/TabooFirst Time with Daddy

First Time with Daddy


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was round at my Daddy's house having come back from university for the weekend. We had spent the afternoon together, and it had been really nice. My Daddy and I have always been close. I can trust him with everything and I always try my hardest to keep him happy. My mother passed away when I was just 4 so I don't have many vivid memories of her. My daddy is always telling me how much I remind him of her. From my flowing brown hair and deep brown eyes, to my soft skin and figure which is curvy in all the right places. Although I'm only 18, my breasts have developed fully and are surprisingly firm at 36C.


You know that it isn't right for anything to happen because I am your daughter but I'm wearing a tiny little vest top, which every now and again you see my nipples point through and occasionally your hands brush against when I reach across you. Along with that I am wearing a light summery skirt. It isn't too short but you can see the exact outline of my body and you can't quite tell if I'm wearing underwear.

We're sitting on the sofa together and my legs are hooked over yours. You absentmindedly stroke my legs feeling how smooth they are, creeping up further and further along my thigh. You tell me how glad you are that I am there and I tell you how happy I am to be with my daddy.

As it gets later and later, its almost time for me to go to bed. You tell me that maybe I should think about getting ready for bed and I instantly protest telling you how I don't want to go to bed all by myself. You tell me that if I am good, I can stay up until you are ready to sleep. This instantly pleases me and I give you a great big hug to say thank you. You hug me back feeling my young breasts pushed up against your chest and you breath in the sweet scent of my hair and perfume. As you pull away, our eyes meet and you see something in my eyes that wasn't there before. You stroke my hair and face, tilting my head towards yours and gently you kiss me.

At first I am taken aback by this but soon begin to enjoy our first kiss and start to kiss you back much more confidently. You pull away and look at me once more. I lick my lips and tell you how good that felt, to which you reply that maybe it is time for bed together....

You take my hand and lead me to your bedroom, your mind racing with what you are about to do. I follow quietly behind and stand nervously at the corner of your bed. You stand in front of me and tell me how pretty I look and I blush. You start to kiss me again, this time your hands begin to wander over my body, down my back up over my chest and feeling my nipples harden. A slight moan escapes my lips as you tell me to raise my arms. You remove my vest top to reveal a simple white lacy bra. You push my skirt to the floor leaving me standing in just my skirt and matching knickers.

It is now that you decide to ask me if I have ever done anything like this before. I look up into your eyes and tell you that I have only ever kissed boys and let them feel my breasts and that one tried to finger me but it hurt so I stopped him. I tell you that I felt a boys cock before but only through his trousers and never got to see it. You smile and tell me that it's all about to change as daddy is going to show me how real men do things.

You remove your shirt and tell me to sit down on the edge of the bed and you pull my knickers down over my ankles and spread my legs wide. You look at my perfectly shaved pussy and see that it has started to glisten with wetness. You know that I am waiting in anticipation as much as you. You push your head between my legs and have your first taste of my sweet teenage pussy. I moan with pleasure and tell you how good it feels. I'm writhing around on the bed and you feel my juices begin to flood my pussy, you've made sure that I'm as wet as I can be then you stand up and push your trousers and boxers to the floor.

Your cock springs up, harder than you think it's ever been and I gasp in amazement. You tell me to sit up and help me remove my bra so that we are both completely naked. You tell me that tonight you are going to do something to me that will feel so special, especially as it will be with your daddy. I look at you innocently and ask if we're going to have sex. You smile and stroke my face and tell me how glad you are that you will be the first person ever to penetrate me and you are glad that is isn't wasted on a young boy who doesn't know what to do.

You tell me that first to make it hurt less I have to suck on your cock and make it nice and wet. I lean forward and put my lips to your cock and tentatively lick all the way from the tip down the shaft ending at the base of your cock. I move back up and take you as far into my mouth as I can, licking all the while until you tell me to stop and that you are ready.

You lay me back on the bed with my head resting in the pillows. You instruct me to open my legs as wide as possible for daddy. I do exactly as you say and you place your cock at the entrance to my vagina. You stroke my hair and tell me that you love your little girl and begin to push inside me. I gasp at the intrusion and you whisper to relax and enjoy the feeling as you push your cock all the way in. You stay in this position for a bit waiting for me to adjust then gently pull back. I moan as you push back inside repeating your movements and slowly building up a rhythm. You begin to get faster and faster, telling me what a good girl I am and I wrap my legs around you pulling you close.

You hear my moans turning to moans of pleasure and watch my face twist in ecstasy, you see I am so close to cumming and fuck me that little bit harder until I'm cumming for the first time all over your cock. You slow your pace down to nothing and remain inside me until I'm completely finished and tell me what a good girl I am as you slowly pull out of me.

I lie there completely relaxed as you stroke my hair and breasts and whisper how good I am in my ear. I open my eyes and you look into them and tell me that daddy hasn't quite finished. I look slightly puzzled and you inform me that now that I have had sex you know that I will want to be with lots of boys. You say you want me to be happy doing all the things that the boys may ask me to do and tell me there is one more hole that has yet to be used tonight.

You tell me to get onto all fours and you begin to rub my arse. You lick gently at it and begin to open me up. You start by pushing one finger against the opening and slowly work your way in. I'm moaning the whole time as you work your finger in and out, encouraging me the whole time. You start to work a second finger in but feel some help is needed.

You reach over to a drawer and pull out some lubricant and put a generous amount over you cock and fingers and begin to work them inside me. You instruct me to start rubbing my clit and to concentrate on all the good feelings and just relax. Once I am easily taking your two fingers, you gently pull out and place your cock at the opening. I hold my breath but continue to rub my clit as you start applying pressure. The tip of your cock slips in and I gasp out loud with a sharp intake of breath. You stroke my back and sooth me waiting for me to become used to this brand new feeling. You then begin to ease the rest of your cock inside me ever so slowly waiting for me to get used to the feeling of being so full. Eventually you're all the way inside me and you can feel me contracting around you. You stay still waiting for me to get used to such an intrusion and once the contractions subside, you gently begin to pull back.

I moan loudly as I think you're about to pull out and that the pain is over but at the last second you push back again filling me up once more. This time you go a little bit quicker, pushing right to the hilt then pulling back out and repeating the process. I'm begging by now for you to stop but you just tell me to relax and keep rubbing my clit and it'll all feel better quite soon. I rub harder and faster and eventually the feeling of pain subsides and I'm overcome by a whole new feeling of pleasure. You pick up your pace as you feel me starting to push back against your cock, willing you to fuck me harder and faster. By now the moans are all pleasure.

You get a familiar feeling as your balls begin to tighten, you know you are so close to cumming and you tell me to rub more and to cum. I fuck back harder and harder and you push all the way inside me and erupt just as my screams reach a whole new level and I cum, the contractions milking you of every last drop of cum.

We collapse on top of one another and you slowly pull out of me. You turn me over and look into my eyes telling me what a good little girl I am and how happy I make you. I fall asleep in your arms completely contented.

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by Anonymous03/10/18

Wishful thinking

Evadentley you must be a male or just a plain ass hole
You don't know anything about what it's like that a girl go's through when she loses her virginity.
You told about it being her first time thenmore...

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