First Time With Mother-in-law


She has changed her attire. That was really a sexy see through sari and whole of the body, her huge breasts, her large ass her curvaceous waist her lovely hips, all could be seen through this lovely transparent sari. Her blouse is very low and the cleavage that is shown is enormous and the shiny skin is enthralling. My nerves felt strange and my bossy heat up like hell.

I stood up. I felt my eyes coming out and my tongue obviously oozing saliva out like a hungry dog.

"Vow, You are a goddess”

I almost shouted. She handed me the diamond necklace I got her. She turned her back towards me. I wore it on her neck and slightly kissed her back. She moaned ‘Oh. ‘

I started licking her bare back. Her blouse is very much low and showing the entire back without bra. I licked cleanly her entire back and enormous shoulders she is showing. I kissed her ears and licked them too.

She got entirely heated up. She turned from me and she sat sexily in the sofa again and crossed her legs.

I sat crushing her very closely. The scent was so seducing. I kissed her very close to her lips. And hugged her and kissed her again on her neck. Her breath became hot instantly.

I held her hips and caressed it. Then slowly I raised my hands to her boobs. I felt like this is the loveliest thing I have ever touched. Her sari pall u fell out of its place by now. I saw the most wonderful boobs of my lifetime.

I licked her cheeks and chin and slowly moved to her lips. I kissed her hard on her mouth and crushed hard her boobs. “Her buxom boobs.” I drank her saliva and she responded heavily. Then our hot breaths and bodies collided heavily.

"Hey" She said. "Hmm" I moaned in pleasure.

"What if you don’t have first night with my daughter? Who can stop you from having me."

"Ooh, I loved and waited for this moment for so many years." I shouted in joy. She broke up and shouted,

"Then, lets go to your bedroom."

We stood up and almost ran to my bedroom. We undressed and hugged hungrily. We kissed Passionately then before. We fell into the bed and it shredded like an earthquake. We rolled in the bed hugging. I took of her blouse hurriedly. Her bare breasts are like two huge heavens. Its size is like tender coconuts made of butter and are in very good shape and order. Its still very firm and not even sagged a bit. Her nipples and areoles are very large but firm. I kissed them first and started liking the whole thing. Then I started sucking her while working on the other breast. “Ah”, “Ouch, aye ham." She moaned and shouted and I fondled one by one and sucked like a hungry baby she breast-fed me like careful ammo.

And I started kissing her stomach, and waist. I slowly undressed her lower part. Her cunt was Vow so clear, superb sized and her upper part contained smooth hair. I kissed her cunt immediately and started licking it and while licking I started to finger it like anything. I wildly finger fucked and sucked deep inside her cunt.

"Fucker. Lick and suck oomph.” (Suck, she said in a vulgar language) This made me mad and wild. I inserted my fingers and tongue deep and she moaned and shouted like anything...

Then she suddenly shuddered and shouted "Ha" I felt that she have reached an orgasm. After a few seconds rest she turned her back. Then I licked cleaned her back and slowly came to her ass. I kissed her ass cheeks and open them with my hands and licked deep in side her asshole. I licked it for a long time when she shouted. "Ha." “ Ouch" And all. Then I inserted my fingers, she jerked a bit and opened more for me. Then I fucked with my fingers, licked and let her reach climax once again backside now.

Then I slowly rotated her and kissed her cunt. It’s surprisingly so wet. I licked for a few minutes. I felt her hand reaching to clear my only under wear. "Ha”, She shouted seeing its size. "You are really big she shouted. Big as a Fucking Bull.” She kissed it hard. She roamed her eyes on my broad chest. She kissed me now on my chest and licked them. She held my chest and caressed them. She then took and shook my penis again which hung very large.

"Its like a horse penis"

She shouted.

"I love to be fucked with it"

She sucked it hard and when I felt I cannot control I pushed her to the bed and made her legs spread wide and inserted my hard penis into her. At first it doesn’t enter fully. I am too much amassed to fell its tightness. Till today I never had any big women with so much tight cunt. It just went half inside and still a hell a lot of stuff was out side.


She shouted.

"Like that, like that only, insert it hard”

Then I inserted little by little she said she is enjoying like it and asked for more tempos. I raised the pace. I hit her hard.

"Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast"

She really meant it when she said it.

"Vow”, what a fucker I thought. Tightest, loveliest pleasure filled fuck. I have ever waited for this pleasure. So I went to the glory and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could.

I cupped one of her huge mulai and sucked her other one. I switched from her I licked from her Boobs to her armpit. With my other hand I tried to grab her ass. But it’s very large to hold by one hand. I roamed my both hand from her mulai to ass and vice versa while I fucked her...

"Hang, Just like that."

She shouted.

But at one point of that furious fucking session she began to scream. I understood that she is going to CUM. But I thought for me it would take more time. So without caring for her I furiously continued. She raised her hands and cupped my chest. She released more moaning and screamed. After a while I thought she have came fully But I am still fucking her. Now again while I am fast continuing, I linked her neck and ears. I said her name again and again. But she had other games.

She started saying

"Marumaganae. Marumaganae."

(Son-in-law, son-in-law) then I got wild again and after a furious session I knew I too I am going to CUM. The same time, she shouted”.

“I am Cumming I am Cumming”.

So I increased the tempo. And thought, that she shouldn’t forget this first incest affair. So crushing her too breast mountains I fucked he like a real horse.

I realized her hot CUM again. Then I released my sperms deep into her cunt. It spread hot through her cunt and both of our wets hot cum joined and overflowed a lot. But I was Cumming for a long time.

While we finished I fell on her and I was breathing like hell. When I woke up again with a hard cock few minutes later I saw my wife standing at the open doors, which we have forgot to lock in the hurry of fucking. Her eyes were wide.

We both stood up in a fear.


She said.

"You two fucked like hell. Incredible. Vow.”

She shouted. I then noticed her nightdress is opened partially And I felt that she might have masturbated just a while before. But I was confused. But a lot surprised and happy that she doesn’t seem to care about our incestuous affair.

"I know well you are eyeing for my mother even before our love affair.”

She told. I listened to all her story her mouth opened.

"I am pretty sure you are the one who arranged to postpone our wedding night fuck session. I know how much crush you have on her. It’s not surprising to know you like her in a fucking way. Even I being her daughter try to have a lesbian affair with her at times. If I were born as a Boy to her I would surely fucked her. I am proud to be a daughter of a lovely sexy mother like her.”

“And your cock… It amazes me a lot. Hell .its like a steel rod. Looks like a thick water pipe or a long Pepsi bottle. I loved to watch how it worked on her big cunt. If you felt tight that’s also because you are so big. But don’t forget to fuck me also whenever you can with your hard horse like cock. It amazes me. "

Saying all these, she slowly unbuttoned her nightgown. She said.

“ Let me see how you fuck one more time please. Please fuck my mom before you fuck me again with your long never-ending cock, you horse. Please.”

Hearing all these we got happier and hugged each other. We laughed and kiss each other. This time my wife sat on the edge of bed her legs wide opened. She was fingering herself.

I turned my mother in law, the sexy KRVijaya and kissed her ass. She understood. I opened it with my hand and licked it until it is wet and ready. Then I let one finger in, two and three. Then I finger fucked her ass. At first K Vijay s face turned red but in a few minutes she began to moan and came to a complete DOGGY style all ready. So I tried to insert my dick inside her. As it was a real tight ass my wife took my cock in her hands and tried to adjust until it went right to her deep hole. I felt this is another joy for all the effort I put on it.

"Ass fucking the most famous smiles queen with the help of her daughter"

He daughter watched it and started licking my extra cock that spread out of her ass hole. So all these made me hot and made me fuck hard and hard. And then as she came near me, I kissed her on her lips while I fucked my mother in law in her ass. Then I held one of my hands and cupped my wife’s breast. I fondled it and my wife knelt and licked her mother’s ass. Then after a while she stood and showed her cunt towards my lips. I licked her hard while I fucked her mother hard in her ass. Then after a while I felt Cumming and shouted that I am Cumming.

Then I grabbed my wife, who looked sexiest at that moment. I laid her on the bed while my mother in law helped her in the bed; with giving her cunt to her daughter’s mouth my wife sucked it while I Fucked her like bull.

We had great three some section that day with full glory. We licked and sucked one another, and then we realized it’s a bright morning. I know for sure my father in law would have known our sex affair but none of we three cared. Let the damn man do what he wants. He is nothing for us. We are going to enjoy until we like.

Until today we three live a great life. I knew even the mother and daughter sometime go to bed while I am out for business. But I am happy that I had my dream girl in my wedding day. This affair continues until now.

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