tagLoving WivesFirst Time with Tracy and Mike

First Time with Tracy and Mike


This story gives me mixed feelings. I've just ended an eleven-year wife sharing relationship with a couple of dear friends. But I have fond memories of them, and what we did together inspires me to try and meet someone new.

Mike and Tracy were neighbors. They've known my wife, Teresa, since grade school, while I've only known the three of them since college.

They grew up together in a close-knit Italian-American neighborhood. Tracy and Teresa are actually both named Teresa; but Tracy's mother gave her the nickname from an early age to avoid confusion. I'm of Swedish-Danish descent and was raised in New England, not far from Boston.

Mike and I began to chum around in college when our then-girlfriends used to get together. They were inseparable, and fortunately Mike and I hit it off too. We like to watch sports together, mountain bike, hit the bars, what have you.

When we graduated college and started working, it was the most natural thing in the world for us to buy homes in the same neighborhood. Mike and Tracy lived a couple blocks away, on the other side of the street. When the babies started coming, our kids played together too. (They had two sons and a daughter, we had two daughters.)

My marriage was always happy and fulfilling, except for one thing: Teresa hates sex. I attribute it to both her mother and grandmother telling her it's a wretched, dirty, degrading thing that every woman must endure for her husband. While she is every bit capable of forming her own opinion, the early input she received from the women in her family nevertheless had a big impact on her.

She seldom had sex when she was dating. Even on our wedding night, she accepted my cock with a turning away of the face and a stiffening of the body.

After I would come, she would rush immediately away to clean up.

The only time she ever came with me was when she was drunk. I was going down on her, lovingly licking her beautiful little clit, and slipped a finger into her quivering pink. Her tight little pussy squeezed down on my gently probing finger, and she let out a little cry, just "Ooh!" That was it. We fucked next, but as usual she was just going through the motions, for me. However, I caught her digging it, and hoped she might come again, but it didn't happen. I came hard into her, turned on by her reaction to being eaten, but she then took right off after to go clean up.

This was our sex life- me mostly going without because I love her, and her occasionally "submitting" to it because she loves me. We did try therapy, counseling- to no avail. The conclusion? She hates sex. If it was due to a treatable issue, thousands of dollars of therapy failed to find it.

My relationship with Mike and Tracy began eleven years ago. The kids were now in grade school, and we used to cook out and have pool parties at one another's houses all the time. Other people would be there at various times, but it was always our two families at the center of it.

It had been a big blowout- we'd had about thirty people at my home for a barbecue. It was night, and most of our guests had left. Tracy's sister and brother-in-law had taken their kids for the rest of the weekend.

We went inside to the den, and were shooting pool. Except for Teresa, all of us were pretty liquored-up, and no one was feeling any pain. When it came time for the kids to go to bed, I kissed them goodnight and Teresa said she'd see them off to bed. She also said she guessed she was pretty beat, and decided to turn in early.

We continued to drink and play pool, and I kept ogling Tracy. Though both she and my wife are Italian, Teresa doesn't look it. She's Tyrolean, and has blond hair, blue eyes, and is petite. Tracy and Mike are of Tuscan descent, with olive skin and very dark eyes. Tracy is tall, curvy, and has a beautiful head of long black, wavy hair.

Tracy was wearing a bikini with just a pair of flip-flops and a man's button-down shirt for "modesty's sake". (We were nothing, if not casual). Mike and I both had on swim shorts and button down shirts. Tracy kept bending down to take her shots, and I couldn't take my eyes off her chest. She has big breasts, at least 38-D's, and her nipples were protruding very invitingly through the fabric of her bikini top. She caught me looking, and gave me a sly smile. I began to feel very warm.

We were playing our last round, and Mike jokingly asked what the prize would be for the winner.

Tracy looked right at him, and said, "Well, you know what you could give ME for a prize, Honey!"

He blushed almost purple, and said, "Come ON, babe.... let's not air this out in front of Dean...."

I knew what they both meant. Tracy wanted oral sex, had enjoyed it from her teens, and Mike just doesn't care to provide it. He'd told me many times that he liked to please her, liked her natural scent, but the taste just repelled him. He'd tried every body sauce and flavored massage oil in the world, and it just didn't work. So Tracy's pussy went pretty much unlicked, although it was fairly common knowledge that he knew how to make her feel good otherwise.

"Honey, PLEASE take care of me," she was nearly begging now, "tomorrow's my BIRTHDAY. Make me a happy birthday girl!"

Mike just scowled, mumbled a bit, and spoke up and said, "I think I'm about through playing now." He was so embarrassed he could hardly speak.

Tracy, however, was quite loaded and wasn't going to be denied so easily.

"What about you, Dean? I bet YOU like to use your mouth on a girl!"

Mike sputtered, "What the FUCK, Tracy! What's wrong with you??"

She kept on. She leaned on me, and whispered boozily, "Deannn, you're SUCH a good friend.... just give me a SPECIAL little birthday kiss...." then, she giggled.

Now I was embarrassed, too. I met Mike's eyes and shrugged. He shrugged, too. Then, unbelievably, he asked, "I don't know... what do you say, Dean? For her birthday?"

He blurted on, "Come on man, I know you want to make her. Nothing wrong with it, EVERYONE wants to. So, you want to take care of her?" Tracy, who had been staring owlishly at us, chimed in, "Oh PLEASE Dean, no one but us would have to know!"

It must have been the beer talking, because I heard my voice saying, "I'd love it. Lead on!"

My face was blazing crimson, but at the same time I began to feel a stirring in my dick.

We walked down the block to Mike and Tracy's house, and she led me up to the bedroom.

Now we stood around in a nervous little knot, unsure how to proceed. Mike said, "I don't know, Dean... You want to be alone with her? I mean, I know that's normal, but I feel weird just leaving her with you..."

"NEVER mind Mike," Tracy replied, "you come along too. Why don't you watch us?" It felt weird to me, but I wasn't going to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

I sat on the bed, and Tracy climbed into my lap. My erection sprang to full life, tenting the front of my shorts. Mike retreated to the back corner of the bedroom, watching quietly. Tracy touched the end of my still-clothed hard-on delicately, and whispered, "Nice!"

We began to neck like two school kids at a drive-in. I kissed her deeply, tasting her lips, probing her mouth with my tongue. She met my tongue with hers, first cautiously, then with abandon. We both began to breathe hard. I peeled the shirt off her first, and ran my hands over her big, beautiful body, pausing to cup my hands under her big cheeks. She gave a little quiver, and reached up to unsnap her bikini top.

Her boobs were gorgeous. They bounced free, high and proud, nipples erect and a delicious dark cherry color. They were so gorgeous, I was almost afraid to touch them. I tentatively placed my hands on them, cupping them carefully, caressing the silky skin gently, feeling their weight and firmness. I lowered my head to her chest and began to lick and suck her nipples.

"Oh my GAWD, that's nice!" she breathed, as I kissed around each nipple in a circle, swirled my tongue around them, blew on them, then sucked them softly with my hot lips and tongue. Her hand stole gently down the front of my swimsuit, and her soft hand encircled my throbbing manhood.

She lay back, and I eased my hands between her bikini bottom and her luscious round hips. I eased it down by her hips, over her big, inviting thighs, and off her with a soft whisper of fabric.

She spread her long, muscular thighs and showed me a feast fit for a king.

Her pussy was quite hairy, but the hair was neatly trimmed short. The labia were a delectable dark pink color, and were glistening with moisture. Inside her peeked an enticing glimpse of paler pink, soaking wet. Her pussy was not small, but it was one of the prettiest I'd ever seen.

I kissed my way up her thighs, placed an affectionate kiss on her erect love button- a delighted shudder ran through her body! and kissed my way up to the cup of her navel, leaving her starving pussy to wait unattended for a moment.

When I worked my way back down her belly to her pussy, a sheen of goosebumps covered her skin when I began to tongue her juicy labia, first the outer, then the inner. I savored the luscious scent of her aroused pussy, the slightly bitter taste of woman on my lips. I couldn't get enough of her pretty pussy.

She moaned deep in her throat, and began to rock her hips slowly. I kissed all around her pussy, then began to lick upward on her erect clit with tiny, butterfly strokes. Next, I eased first a forefinger, then the middle finger too, inside her. It was hot as lava in her, and drenching wet. Sliding my fingers slowly back and forth, I timed my fingers and my tongue to the rocking of her hips.

She moaned louder, and her motions became less graceful- almost staccato. Her breath hitched, and I held the rhythm of my tongue and fingers. It occurred to me she might take a while to get there because she was drunk, but it was not a problem!

"Oooh, ooh...", she sighed, then let out kind of an, "AH!" and jerked her hips strongly. Her powerful thighs clamped on my probing hand, and her pussy was tucked between them, out of reach as she sailed over the edge. Now she bucked her hips HARD, and at the top of each stroke, I gave her pulsing clit another lick. Shudders ran through her, and inside her pussy was a steamy swamp of love.

She shuddered for a few more moments, then sat up as I eased my fingers from her. She looked at me with slightly fevered eyes as I licked her moisture from my fingers, then SEIZED my shirt and yanked me to her, covering my lips with bruising kisses. All I could hear from her was "Mmm, mmm, mmm..." as we kissed. Finally, we disengaged. She looked at me, panting. Then, we both looked to the back corner of the bedroom. We'd forgotten Mike.

He'd shed his clothing, and had sprung an amazing erection. He had a big, thick cock, and was working it with firm strokes, using some hand cream from the dresser. His eyes were a little glazed, and he was hugely turned on by the sex show I'd just put on with his wife.

Tracy saw this, and immediately said, "NO hon, don't waste it! Come to me...."

She scooted to the edge of the bed, then lay back, spreading her long, graceful thighs wide. Mike carelessly wiped his throbbing member on his shirt, getting rid of the hand cream, and tossed the shirt to the floor. He crossed the floor in seconds.

He looked at me kind of sheepishly, cock throbbing and a big drop of come forming at the tip. "Dean... Sorry, man, I've just got to...."

I understood. "No, it's okay." I went to leave.

Tracy looked up, and said, "Wait... wouldn't you rather stay?" She caught Mike's eye, and he said, "Yeah, man... please do! But, I can't wait any more!"

I took a spot a short distance from the bed, where I had a bird's eye view of the action. We were all kind of self-conscious for a moment, but they soon forgot I was watching.

Mike took Tracy by her big, round hips, caressing them with long, sweeping motions of his hands, then slid them up and took her around the waist. Then, he grabbed his bobbing hard-on with one hand and slowly, carefully tucked the head between her juicy labes.

They moaned together as he teased his throbbing head all around her wet slit. "OOOHH come on, fuck me!" Tracy hissed. Mike buried his throbbing pole into her inviting wetness with one long, smooth thrust. I was almost surprised that she was able to take him all so easily. He groaned, "Ahhhhhh," as he bottomed out inside her.

Then, He began to fuck in and out of her juicy treat, not thrusting fast but very firmly. He did a sort of half-swirl with his hips at the bottom of each stroke, pressing their crotches together very closely. Tracy's nails first eased along his contracting ass muscles, then drew blood. I was startled, but he kept thrusting powerfully, not losing his rhythm.

They were totally into each other, and I was seeing a side of them no one else ever saw.

Mike couldn't last long, he'd very nearly jerked all the way off before Tracy stopped him.

He began to groan softly, a sort of "Mmmm. MMMM!" sound, and she groaned back in turn. His thrusts became stiff and he snapped his hips forward each time. "Oh yeah, babe, it's coming..." he breathed. Tracy moaned again, "Oohh...ooh, ooh" and gripped his driving buttocks with her nails. SHe was coming again, for the second time in ten minutes!

Mike sighed heavily, and took Tracy around the waist. "OhGAWD, babe..." He thrust in about half the length of his cock, then stopped thrusting. I could see his cock pulsing.

"Yeah babe... come in me!" Tracy hissed softly through her clenched teeth.

Thick come began to ooze around his shuddering dick and slip out of Tracy. Her labia were wet with it; and it began to slip down her ass and onto the bed. It looked like it would never stop. Finally, Mike pulled out. His member was coated with both a flood of semen and Tracy's copious vaginal dew. More semen slid heavily out her her.

I had my cock in my hand, and was masturbating furiously, using hand cream from the same bottle Mike had been using. This was better than any sex show I'd ever seen. I'd have given anything to fuck Tracy right then! I just wanted to fire off my own load... just needed a minute....

Tracy spotted me. "Dean, wait," she piped up sweetly, "don't YOU waste it, either."

I stopped dead, dumbfounded, and just gaped at her. Mike looked at her, too.

"Well, hon, don't you think Dean deserves a nice thank you for the.... birthday gift?" she enquired teasingly. Mike looked a bit shocked, then got into it. "Yeah, Dean.... I mean, it's kind of obvious you want some... how about it?"

I was kind of shocked too, but I'm no fool. Opportunity knocks once....

"Hell Yeah, I want to!" I answered heartily. Tracy started to rise, to go clean up.

"NO; don't!" I blurted out, "clean up, I mean. I want you just this way." She and Mike exchanged a look, as if to say, "What the fuck?", but she gamely lay back.

I stepped between her big, tasty thighs and took in the sight. Tracy's just-eaten, just-fucked pussy was glistening and still flooded with Mike's big load. I had never had any interest in group sex before, but I wanted to fuck her more than anything now. Tracy took my embarrassingly average cock in her hand, and guided the raging hard head between her come-covered labes.

I was afraid of being utterly unable to measure up to Mike, but nevertheless thrust slowly into her until her labes were spread around the base of my cock. I just held it deep in her, savoring. It was very hot and wet in there, and though she wasn't tight, it felt really great. I began to fuck her, and each thrust caused a little more come to slip from her flooded pussy.

The whole thing was too much. I only lasted a minute or two, and began to feel the spark at the base of my cock that signals it's time to come. A warm glow seemed to surround my plunging cock as I fucked Tracy's well-used vagina. "Aw shit, Trace... I'm sorry," I stammered, and stopped fucking her, trying to regroup.

"Not at all," she whispered. "keep fuckin'. Come in me, Dean. Come in my used pussy."

I resumed thrusting. "Aww fuck, I'm coming!" I gasped. "Yeahhhh", she whispered. My cock felt like it would explode from the sheer pleasure as I emptied myself into her. I took her by the waist as powerful shudders of pleasure ran through my body. Come began to slip out all around my cock and out her very used hole. My ass and knees shook from the pleasure of it, and she gently took my ass cheeks with her nails. She knew how to finish the job!

I pulled out of her, and between me and Mike, their bedspread was definitely ruined. No one cared, of course. We were at the bed in a little cluster now, embarrassed by our unbridled fetishes and not sure what to do. But eventually we figured it out!

That was the first time we ever did anything sexually together, and it opened the door to eleven happy years of all kinds of sexual encounters. My sexual relationship with Tracy didn't end until they moved to Utah, last year. I miss my fun couple pretty badly.

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