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The cruise had seemed like a very bad idea right from the start. A close friend of mine had arranged for me to go on this four-day cruise to Mexico. That 'close' friend was to be with me but opted out at the last moment due to some scheduling conflicts at work; I was on my own.

To make things seem worse, the ship was packed with wild screaming recent high school 'grads'; there was a ton of them and they all seemed to be intent on getting as drunk as possible, as soon as possible.

The one thing that did turn out well was my cabin; it seems the cruise line had accidentally booked too many of the teens and had to upgrade me to a suite, complete with a working window, the suite being far above the waterline.

The cruise began very early in the morning, the first day fairly uneventful. Breakfast was followed by lunch, followed by dinner, followed by a midnight snack. Food was offered almost 24 hours around the clock it seemed. The next day was a little different though. As I was alone, I began to explore the ship. I am very inquisitive by nature and wanted to see everything. I wandered through the ship, climbing high and low through the various decks. At one point I seemed to have far strayed off the 'beaten path' because I was in a very deserted area of the ship. It was very quiet there and I stopped to enjoy the silence. Suddenly a voice said, "Hi, how'd you find my 'secret' spot?"

I was stunned, before me sat this incredibly beautiful young man. He was nude and made no attempt to hide himself. He was literally gorgeous. His body was tanned and very lean. I stammered, "I, I, I kind of got lost."

He laughed and said; "I found this place yesterday. I can come up here and tan in the nude with none of my friends hassling me."

I was standing before him, trying not to stare. He continued, "You might join me, it's been getting kind of boring up here alone."

I am thirty-five years old and in fairly good shape, not great, but acceptable. This could be a real problem if he was underage. I asked, "How old are you?"

"Eighteen and two months."

"Are you sure? I can't be here if you're not eighteen. It wouldn't be right and would probably be against the law," I said.

He went to his shorts and pulled out his wallet. He found his license and handed it to me. Sure enough, eighteen ... and two months.

He said, "It looks like you could really use the sun." I was city-white, he was correct. "You should probably use some kind of block at first, maybe 30 SPF."

"I don't have any," I responded.

He pulled out his backpack and unloaded several tubes of sunscreen. "Here, this should work," handing me one. I applied some to my white body.

I slowly stripped, sort of standing with my back to him, embarrassed. His towel was huge and he indicated that I should lie next to him. We began a conversation. I asked him where he was from, Southern California of course. We discussed school, careers, and life in general. He started to work sex into the conversation, dropping hints and not-to-sly glances my way. I pretended not to notice what he was talking about, as I didn't want to get an erection in front of this cocky, though beautiful, young boy.

He continued however, asking me things like if the sex I had today was the same I had when I was his age. I gave him oblique answers to his questions. This didn't stop him though; the sex-talk kept on coming.

After a while I thought; 'what the fuck, he's of age and amazing looking too'.

I began to bring more detail to my answers. By then we had both sat up, our arms propping up our tanning bodies, our eyes closed as we faced the sun. The conversation was definitely heating up. I could feel my cock begin to twitch; I didn't really care. Was this actually happening to me?

I glanced over to his lap; his cock was fully hard. He had just a little patch of pubic hair, obviously shaving it to that effect. He noticed my gaze and smiled. He said, "Its cool. I know I have a nice body, look as much as you want."

He continued, "Your cock is much bigger than mine though. You're lucky." I looked down realizing my cock was also fully hard. He said, "You're getting kind of red, let me put some sunscreen on you, you didn't put enough on the first time. Just lie down."

I laid back and closed my eyes. I felt him squirt the hot lotion onto my body. He rubbed it into my legs and feet. Next came my chest, arms and hands. "We can't forget 'the package'," he said. He squirted much too much lotion on my cock and balls. "Oooops, too much. Let me rub it in." With that he grabbed my hard cock and began to stroke me, massaging my balls with the other hand. I would guess that this wasn't the first time he'd done this. He sat cross-legged next to me as he worked the lotion into my 'package'.

"Really, really nice cock," he said. He was stroking me faster now. I was getting close to coming. Suddenly I was past the point of caring when he bent down and took my cock in his mouth, continuing to stroke me. I am sure my cock expanded to twice its normal size as I exploded into his mouth. I grabbed my thighs and arched my back high, letting out a loud groan. "Hot man, really hot," he said.

Suddenly I wasn't sure if I should be there, even a little paranoid. He asked, "Can you take care of me?"

I answered, "Yes, I'd like that but not here, come to my room." I gave him the suite number as I left.

I went to my room, showered and thought 'what have I got myself into?'

In about ten minutes I heard a knock at the door; it was him of course. I pulled him into the room and then I actually stuck my head out the door and swiveled it from side to side looking for any potential witnesses.

"My turn," he laughed.

This kid was just amazing. He was incredibly beautiful, not handsome. He was also very confident for an eighteen year old. He stripped down his shorts and stood before me. I said, "I want to just look at you first."

He said, "Sounds hot, its nice to be admired."

I let my eyes wander up and down his body. It was incredible. He had that over-all-tan and that tiny patch of closely shaven pubic hair. There wasn't any fat on him either. I reached out to touch his skin. It was like silk; smooth, very smooth.

I ran my hands up his legs and back, then returned to his wonderful ass. He had turned to allow me greater access. His ass was simply perfect; with a nice curve to it and firm as only someone his age could have. I turned him around and touched his front; again perfect. I got to his cock and lightly stroked him there causing him to moan.

I said, "Look, I've never been with a man, much less someone your age. If I do something wrong, just tell me, I want to do it well."

I stroked him, watching his face, looking at his expressions to see if I was doing this right. He had his eyes closed and was slowly licking his lips and sides of his young mouth. I began to massage his balls with one hand as I stroked his cock with the other. His cock was incredibly hard, a benefit of youth.

There was still a great deal of lotion on his body, so I got my hand oily and began to massage his little asshole. The lotion allowed one of my fingers to easily slip up his young hole. He was getting shaky and held the top of my head for support.

I could feel him stiffen and I plunged my mouth over his cock. He shot jet after jet of boy-cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all.

"Wow, you did great."

On the day before, I had obtained several bottles of cold Mexican beer. The bottles were still chilling in the bathroom sink, covered with chipped ice. I went to the sink and retrieved two. There was an opener screwed to the cabinet, so I snapped the two beers open, handing him one.

We sat with our feet propped up on the window's edge, sipping the cold beer. God I felt good.

We finished the beer when he said, "Want some ass play?"

I gulped, almost choking on the beer. "OK, lead me through it."

He lay down on the bed and pulled a pillow beneath his hips. This caused that beautiful young ass to poke up at a perfect angle. "Lick me for a while," he asked.

I got between his smooth legs, pushing them apart. I pulled his firm ass cheeks apart and began to lick his hot young hole. The smell of him was intoxicating; almost a musky scent. I actually got my nose close and inhaled deeply before going back to licking him. I could feel his asshole begin to twitch. It seemed to be getting more relaxed. "Put some sunscreen on your hands," he directed.

I found a tube and squirted some on my fingers. I worked his asshole, stretching it, getting it loose. "Do me," he said.

I got on my knees behind him and guided my now-very-thick cock into his young hole. He pushed back against me making my entrance much quicker. Soon my entire cock was inside of him, my pubic hair against his body. I reached under and took hold of his hips and begin to fuck this young man. He was moaning and turned his head to face me, indicating his need to be kissed. I put my mouth on his, our tongues intertwined.

He suddenly arched his back and shot cum onto the bed. I hadn't even touched his cock, but my fucking had set him off! The site of that cum was too much and I erupted into his guts.

"Oh man, oh man," I said, collapsing onto him.

After resting for a bit, I got two more beers for us. I asked, "Any chance your sneaky little butt could spend the last two days of the cruise in my suite?"

"No sweat man, done deal."

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had to stroke and shot cum all over ........... so hot... needs another chapter, cant wait

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