First TS Ass


We had been chatting online for a couple of weeks when finally we were able to meet. I had her come over about 8:00. She pulled up in a beautiful BMW and I could see her sexy face through the windshield and I knew right then I had made the perfect choice. I had met 1 other TS before and recieved the best bj of my life but tonight I wanted more. She got out of the car and came over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She smelled fantastic! She was wearing a black top with a short white skirt and high heels. We walked inside and sat on the couch, after a couple of beers I was done with the small talk and wanted to get down to business. I told her to come to me, she walked over and stood in front of me so that her waist was at my eye level, I began to kiss her stomach and rub between her legs, I could feel her cock growing inside her thong and that's when she released it.

My heart went into my throat, I couldnt believe I was actually about to suck a cock for the first time. I am a straight man and I love the female form, but Im also very open to new experiences and this was one I had been thinking about for a while. I took it in my hand, it was about 5 inches and cut, a good starting cock I thought to myself, and I began to stroke it. Then I licked the tip gathering the nerve to take it all the way in my mouth. I grew more and more bold with each stroke and soon I was sucking with avengance. She began to moan and run her fingers through my hair I began to pumper her faster, then she stopped me and asked me if I wanted her to cum, I told her not yet, there was more we still had to do.

I bent her over the couch and knelt behind her and began to eat her asspussy out. That got her going bad. She was clutching the couch and screaming as I fingered her ass and dipped my tounge deep inside her, she reached below and started stroking my cock through my shorts, then she stood me up and pulled my cock out of my pants then her eyes got wide as she stared at my 8 inch cock. She said she didnt know if she could take it in her ass but we'd give it a shot. She began to suck me taking about half of my dick in her mouth, looking up at me with big blue eyes she told me I had a very beautiful cock and how much she loved sucking it. Well I about came right there after all that but I was able to hold off. I told her now I wanted to fuck her. So I strapped on a condom and lubed up her asspussy and my dick, I pressed my cock against her hole and began to push gently, but she was so tight I was having a hard time getting in without hurting her, finally I got the head in and gave it a few moments for her ass to adjust before going any further. I started to slowly move in and out of her but it still became too much for her. She stopped me and asked me if I wanted to be fucked.

I paused for a moment, I'd had fingers and tounges in my ass from past girlfriends but never a cock! But I was so horny that the idea sounded great, I laid on my back propped my ass up on some pillows to give her better acces to my hole. She began with a finger, then two until she felt I was ready for her, I could feel the coolness of the lubed condom pressing against my asshole then a small popping feeling as she pushed past and was inside me. The initial feeling was painful, but as she began to move inside me and stoke my cock with her lubed up hand everything became euphoric. I loved the feeling of her fucking my ass, after a while of this I could feel myself getting ready to cum, I told her and she began to fuck and stroke me faster, I then unleashed a stream of cum like never before, it was spraying all over the place, it was wonderful!! Just after I finished she announced she was cumming to and I felt her unload in the condom inside me, after a few seconds she pulled out and we collapsed exahusted and fulfilled. We cleaned up, she went off to meet some friends and I drifted off into a beautiful sleep. Cant wait for the next time!!!

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