tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Visit to a German Sauna Pt. 01

First Visit to a German Sauna Pt. 01


I've always had a bit of an unrequited exhibitionism & voyeurism kink that has made me curious about nudism. Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to explore this craving as it's just too wild a hobby for my somewhat conservative, vanilla self. My friends, family, and definitely co-workers would flip if they found out I went to nude beaches!

I travel for work a lot, however, and have spent a lot of time in Germany over the last couple years. On one of those trips I discovered a crazy facet of German culture when I went to use a hotel spa and saw a "Nude Only" sign next to the mixed gender sauna.

That's right, for those like me that didn't know, saunas in Germany are mixed gender and strictly nude. Not clothing-optional-go-nude-if-you-want, but mandatory nude. Prudish, swimsuit wearing Americans like myself get ordered in no uncertain terms to disrobe completely if they try to wear any clothing into a sauna. Because you are going to be naked in front of others no matter what, even the changing rooms tend to be unisex, with women and men stripping down next to each other!

Even more intriguing, I learned that going to a sauna isn't a niche or deviant activity, but rather a mainstream and very popular form of wellness. Spas and saunas are everywhere and everybody uses them, including the young and the old, men and women, and the ugly and the beautiful. It's not unusual to run into your co-worker naked next to you in a sauna, or your professor, or even your boss! Nudity in the German culture is generally not a big deal and saunas are definitely not viewed as sexual thrills, although everyone steals glances at times.

After years of fantasizing, one cold and rainy early April morning during a work trip I finally decided to take the plunge. I had to experience going to a sauna myself and see if reality could match the fantasy I'd built up over time. My hotel sauna was not feasible to visit as I had co-workers staying there with me and I didn't want that awkwardness. After some research, I picked a public pool that had a sauna area figuring I could tell my colleagues I was going to swim some laps.

With butterflies in my stomach, I entered the pool lobby and navigated paying for a 4 hour pool and sauna pass. Trying to act casual, I told the cute, female receptionist that I wanted to add the sauna option to the regular swimming price. My heart pounded as she considered me thoughtfully.

"No textiles in the sauna... you must be naked, understand?" she finally asked me in a stern voice. "A swimsuit is still required in the pool."

As an American who's rarely naked except in single sex locker rooms or at home, her scrutiny and direct questioning made me suddenly feel like a pervert. Why else would an American, known to be prudes, want to strip naked in a German sauna?

"Y-yes, I understand," I stammered out, while vigorously nodding agreement.

I could feel my face flushing as I smiled innocently. For a half-second I thought about aborting to just buy a pool pass, but before I could change my mind she nodded back and handed me the entrance wristband.

"Very well. Enjoy your visit!" she called out, a sly smile flashing on her face as I turned to walk away.

Given this was my first time visiting a German sauna, I purposely chose a quiet time in the late afternoon. Things get busier when people get off work and I was seriously concerned about getting an erection in public as I'd never participated in mixed nudity before: no nude beaches, no skinny dipping, nothing! So I was actually relieved that there seemed to be hardly anyone at the facility. Walking down the rows to find a locker, I passed a middle-aged woman in her underwear who was finishing getting dressed. I spied a quick glance, letting my eyes linger for a second on her impressive breasts as she leaned down to pull on pants, but she never even seemed to notice me. That peek was a nice thrill and made me keenly aware that I was in a co-ed locker room for the first time in my life. After walking the full room, I chose a locker by the end that was next to the showers and started stripping down.

Right as I was pulling down my boxers, two women walked out of the shower area wrapped in towels. I froze like a deer in the headlights as they turned and strolled by while chatting with each other. Both of them glanced at me, eyes dipping briefly to my hanging dick, and continued on with friendly nods of their heads. I was stunned as conflicting emotions battled in my body. My heart was racing at the shock of being caught nude by strangers, but at the same time my cock was starting to harden with arousal from the thrill of being seen. I watched the women continue further into the locker room in a state of paralysis. Had that really just happened? They hadn't even batted an eye. Wow.

I put away my clothes, grabbed one of the supplied white, fluffy towels to wrap around my waist, and headed to the communal showers. It was mandatory to shower before entering the sauna area and the room was brightly lit with an open floor plan design that notably had no privacy shields. The bare room was adorned only with a simple line of shower heads mounted on the walls and a cluster of towel hooks on the side that exited to the saunas. The set-up was an exhibitionist & voyeur's dream! As I stood under the stream of water in the empty room I realized I was already getting turned on, my cock rising to half-mast from just the thought that a woman might walk in on me at any time. There would be nowhere to hide my arousal and my towel was a long walk across the room. The thought caused a stab of worry, that my whole visit might be derailed by getting an erection and being asked to leave before I even entered the sauna! Fortunately, or unfortunately for my kinks, no one joined me and some cold water at the end of my shower steeled my nerves and slowed my arousal enough to safely move on.

As soon as I walked into the main sauna area with the towel around my waist, I realized my choice of time wasn't great. The late afternoon crowd was predominately older, as in sixty year olds, and mostly male. There were no women under sixty visible anywhere. I felt like I was in a retirement home. There also just weren't that many people in general, perhaps a dozen in a facility that could easily hold 100 people if busy.

Reality was crushing my long nurtured fantasies, but well, I was already here, and it was still fun to be naked in public for the first time, so I decided to explore the set up. There were two main "dry" saunas and a third steam sauna. Outside of them, in the central room, was a cold plunge pool and a hot whirlpool in the corner. Another dimly lit room was for relaxation and was filled with padded loungers. The patrons were walking around in their towels or robes, but would take off their towel and hang it on a hook when they wanted to enter the steam rooms, or take their towel with them to sit on in the dry saunas. Interestingly, there were a number of shower alcoves off the main room as well, including one with a big bucket of water that dumped on you with a pull of the rope.

I chose the smaller of the two dry saunas as it was empty and I wasn't ready to hang out naked with grandparents yet. Following etiquette I'd read about online, I spread my towel on the lower wooden bench of the two tier sauna and sat on it, my junk proudly on display as I started to sweat. The room was "L" shaped, with the entrance at the bottom right part of the "L", and had a glass window along the front so you could see people walking around the main sauna area. The heat was relaxing and with my eyes closed I almost didn't notice when someone joined me. The newcomer turned out to unfortunately be an older gentleman who gave me a quick shout of greeting before setting up by the door on the upper level of the sauna.

Just when I was settling in again, eyes closed and starting to sweat, I heard a loud chorus of female voices that were decidedly young and rowdy, unlike the hushed conversations I'd heard before. To my surprise, through the window I could see a large group of young ladies, likely University age, filing into the central room wearing only towels. It was clear immediately they were some sort of sports team, maybe soccer or field hockey, and were led by an older, but fit, woman who had to be their coach. She was yelling at them to be quiet and pointed towards the sauna I was sitting inside, waving her hand impatiently.

I was in shock. After all, I was sitting on a towel naked and what looked like twenty attractive college girls were headed in to join me! Even worse, this room was definitely not big enough to accommodate all of them. Part of me wanted to flee, but I pushed that idea away and decided that this is exactly what I came here for. This was the fantasy that had tormented me for years. There was no way I was going to chicken out now!

The door opened and one by one, the girls started filing in. The older gentleman to my right had a big smile on his face and started bobbing his head, giving shouted greetings to the girls. As they entered, they casually whipped off their towels off with no hesitation, giving me a great view of their fully nude bodies. They really didn't seem to care about being nude at all! The girls started scanning for spots in the room, initially giving the old dude and me some space. But as the procession continued, It quickly became apparent that this was going to be a tight fit.

The group was truly a mind boggling assortment of woman flesh. The girls were all in great shape, clearly athletes, and their body types ranged from tall and skinny to thick ass and thighed girls with hefty boobs, and every size and shape in between. When I say thick I do not mean any were fat, some just had stockier or more muscled bodies. Most of them were brunettes or blondes with typical pale northern European complexions, although there was one girl that had darker skin. Most intriguing, none of them that I could see had pubic hair except for a couple tiny manicured patches. I'd like to say they were all perfect 10's, but it was truly a mix of attractive and average faces, paired with stunning athletic bodies. Exactly what you might expect if a college woman's sports team lined up naked in front of you and definitely incredibly sexy to see in real life!

A bit about myself as I was very conscious that my naked body and cock were on full display to the girls' gazes as they entered. I'm thirty years old and was a former college swimmer. It's awkward to describe yourself without sounding like a braggart, but I can safely say that I am not too hard on the eyes. I'm tall and have dark brown hair paired with light blue eyes that get lots of compliments. Perhaps I have a bit of a baby face as most women seem to think I'm still in my early to mid twenties. I've also kept in shape since college, mostly by swimming and biking, and have a decently fit body for a corporate guy that works late hours. Of course, I'm not as ripped as I was in my early twenties since I don't lift weights regularly anymore, but I still have no qualms taking off my shirt at the beach. I'm fairly confident about my looks when wearing clothing, but this was first time meeting women in the buff! My cock was something I normally don't display to strangers and I was a bit anxious about how that organ was going to be received. See, I'm a grower, not a shower, and go from just over three inches limp to around eight inches when fully erect. Needless to say, I didn't mind my cock swelling up slightly for a first impression, but I was very concerned about developing a full, hard and impossible to hide erection in front of all these girls! And I was walking a fine line right now as my cock was definitely getting harder as the room grew more packed. It took all my self-control to lean back against the bench casually with my hands at my side and a friendly smile on my face.

The spots next to me were soon taken, the girls almost touching me as they tried to squeeze in. The one on my left had massive, melon sized breasts and a powerful, thick body to go with long black hair and a tan complexion. The short-haired brunette on my right was almost the complete opposite, skinny and petite, maybe 5'2 at best, with small, but cute, pear shaped breasts, pale skin, and a thin, bony frame. I was sitting back, hands crossed now on my belly above my cock, and could easily see their shaved mounds with a hint of lips peeking out as they sat at my sides. A girl clambered up to take a spot on the row above, flashing me a nice view of her shaved slit as she stepped up onto the bench behind me. The room was so cramped that she wound up sitting directly behind me, apologizing in German as she spread her knees wide around my broad shoulders to rest her feet by my hips. The knowledge that there was a splayed open pussy only inches behind my head was torturous and I had to fight the urge to turn and take a peek.

The last four girls had no where to sit! Complaining loudly, they milled around in front of me by the window until the coach shouted at them in German. With some muttering, they obediently placed their towels on the ground and sat down in a line against the wall facing the rest of us. By a stroke of luck, what might arguably be the hottest girl in the room was directly across from me. She was a tall, long-haired blonde, maybe 5'8, with delicious, full breasts that jiggled as she squatted to spread her towel out. Her body was lithe, smooth and athletic, without an ounce of fat and sporting a tight, muscular ass. As she turned to lean her back against the wall and face me, she pulled her knees up, giving me peeks at her shaved twat as she shifted to get comfortable. My eyes dropped down, unable to resist those flashes of pink lips that teased me, until her ankles suddenly closed together in front of her to block the mesmerizing view. When my eyes went back up I found her staring at me. Her high cheekbones gave her a haughty, Nordic appearance that was beautiful, but intimidating as well. Even more intimidating now that her full lips pursed in a scowl of disapproval at where my eyes had just been. Her bright blue eyes did flash some hint of amusement however, and one of her eyebrows rose up as if to say, "Really?"


A string of German directed at me by the big boobed girl on my right saved me, and I turned to apologize and say I don't speak German.

"Oh... You are American?" the black haired girl asked with a huge smile. She had a cute face and seemed authentically friendly. She laughed heartily, setting her boobs to jiggling, and shouted to the girls around me, "He is American!"

"Lucky for you we came here after practice," said the tiny brunette to my right, giggling a bit more shyly. The other girls closest to me all waved, leaning forward to make eye contact and shout greetings. The hot blonde across from me just studied me cooly.

"She's right. This is not a boring normal sauna day with just old people. Have you ever had sauna in Germany before?" asked the black haired girl excitedly.

I admitted I had never been to a German sauna before and that set off another round of giggles. The hot blonde across from me suddenly spoke up.

"Well don't pass out from the aufguss, it gets real hot in here for those unable to handle it!" she said with a grin as she lowered her knees and pulled her feet in to sit cross-legged. Her shaved slit was now on full display in the corner of my vision and it took all my willpower to not break eye contact to ogle that beckoning pink crevice. She had a challenging look in her eye, almost daring me to see if I could resist peeking at her sex. It was a cruel test and I felt like I had to redeem myself to show her I wasn't some pervert that had come to ogle hot girls, which truth be told I probably was.

Must. Not. Look.

Aufguss? I think I knew that term. It was when an attendant came in and poured water on the hot rocks, filling the room with superheated steam and fanning it to get everyone really sweating. As if it wasn't hot enough with twenty gorgeous girls naked all around me!

I was in a predicament, I realized. My cock, half-hard and swollen, was pointing down my thigh and was visibly aroused to anyone who looked at it. Even worse, I couldn't help but notice that girls were looking at it. Any time I glanced around the room, I could see them sneaking covert, or some not so covert, glances at my manhood and that knowledge was not helping the situation. Every repressed kink I had about exhibitionism and voyeurism was being fulfilled at once at extreme levels. My nude body was on display and at the same time there was nowhere safe I could look, only bouncing breasts, bare female flesh, and shaved pussies all around me!

Fuck it was torture. I stared down at my hands, trying to ignore the hot blonde sitting cross-legged in front of me, her pussy still invitingly spread at the top of my vision. I couldn't let her catch me ogling her pussy again. She probably wanted me to give in so she could complain to her coach, but the desire to look at it was becoming overwhelming. I was suddenly trying to think of anything - work, sports, traumatic childhood memories - anything to prevent a full woody from developing!

Just then, the coach started shouting for the chattering girls to shut up and a female attendant in uniform entered, the same receptionist from earlier in fact. She held a towel in one hand and a cardboard box in the other. She was speaking in German, so I caught none of it, but it felt even kinkier to be naked in front of this fully dressed woman who definitely seemed to be glancing at me more than necessary as she finished her speech. If she didn't think I was a pervert earlier, she definitely would if I got fully erect in front of her! My cock swelled another half inch in length despite my fears and there was no denying I had a semi-erection to anyone who looked at it.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Music started, some sort of cheesy sounding German techno song, and the attendant began handing out jars from the cardboard box. I was thoroughly confused and must have looked it as the big boobed girl next to me chimed up to explain.

"It is salt. We rub it on our skin. I am Lina by the way. Next to you on the other side, the small girl is Mila."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Chase," I replied, giving her a wave and finding it strange to introduce myself to someone while nude. I'd seen more of their bodies than my closest friends and didn't even know their names until now!

There weren't quite enough jars to go around and Lina offered to share her container, which contained thick crystal salt that smelled like eucalyptus. I was a little unclear about what to do until she grabbed a double handful and started smearing it all over her frontside, including those massive breasts.

"Watch. You rub it into your skin. Coat yourself with salt," Lina explained with a smile. She was kneading her boobs a bit more than necessary I thought, but I happily studied them under the pretense of learning her technique. Her skin, already moist from the sauna, was slowly melting the salt and giving her a glittering sheen. All around me, girls were rubbing their boobs and bodies, or reaching down and parting their legs to coat their thighs and shins. Many were helping their teammates out as well, rubbing each other's backs and shoulders. I was a bit stunned and sat in frozen amazement until Mila spoke on my other side. She was cupping her small breasts as well, but turned her torso away as I looked over.

"Can you help me? My back?" the small brunette asked sweetly, flashing me a shy smile as she looked at me over her shoulder. Her small rear faced me, the crack of her ass visible. Stammering agreement, I grabbed some salt from Lina's jar and starting rubbing it into Mila's small frame, kneading her smooth skin as the granules of salt melted under my palms. I tried to be thorough, my fingertips going to the tops of her butt cheeks and teasing her sides, and she seemed satisfied. "Now, Lina and I will help you."

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