tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Visit to Nude Beach

First Visit to Nude Beach


Although several people have already seen my wife T nude, and several hundred by looking at her photo on our profile pic, she's always been reluctant to go to a nude beach where she's totally exposed for a period of several hours. Somehow the time length of being exposed was a something that she didn't want to experience.

However, after begging her several times she finally agreed that on our next trip to Florida she would agree to go to the nude beach and lay out for a couple of hours fully exposed.

We usually go to Florida to visit her folks in the summer, (I know why to go Florida in the summer?), but that works the best for us. It's always very hot down and the beaches are usually less crowded than they are during spring break. Besides at our age we really aren't looking for all the teenage college type parties that happen during spring break.

We had our dates set, flights and rental car all arranged and T made sure that she had a good start on an all over tan by visiting the local tanning salon several times. I wasn't sure if she was go through with her promise, but even the thought of it made me look forward to the time we'd have to spend with her parents before we took off for a couple of days on our own.

We spent a few pleasant days with her folks and although T didn't get a chance to darken her all over tan she did get enough sun so that her "private areas" were now a much lighter shade of tan. Finally our visit was done and we took off towards Miami.

We checked into our hotel and after quickly unpacking T changed into some more comfortable (read that as less) clothes and we walked Lincoln Road Mall and had a couple glasses of wine and a nice dinner before returning to the hotel.

We spent the next hour drinking more wine while sitting on the balcony watching the colors of the ocean change as the sunset behind us. After dark we moved back into the room for a shower and some time to play. I made sure that her pussy was freshly shaved as I teased her that I wanted her completely nude when we went to the nude beach the next day. Of course I couldn't resist kissing and licking her naked pussy and between licks kept telling her how great she looked, and how sexy she would look the next day. It didn't' take very long and she soon squeezed my head between her thighs as she had a nice hard orgasm.

I was later treated to one of her wonderful blow jobs and soon we drifted off to sleep as I dreamed of showing her off the next day.

The next day was going to be sunny and hot so we decided to grab a quick breakfast and head out to the beach before it was so hot that the sun would burn us to a crisp. I think T was a bit concerned that her less tan areas would burn even though she'd been to the tanning salon but I kept reassuring her that I would be more than happy to rub sun block on her all day long.

As we prepared to leave T pulled on a sundress over her naked body. She started to put on some panties but when I reminded her that we were going to a nude beach she dropped them back on the bed. With that I knew that she was finally going to be nude for anyone's viewing pleasure for the next several hours.

We picked up the car and headed out the few miles to the beach and when we arrived there were already several cars in the parking lot and others driving in right behind us. Although this was our first time here we quickly found our way to the beach and headed over to the clothing optional area.

We found a nice open spot and put out our stuff and sat on the large towels we had brought along. I looked over at T and just said "well" and she reached down and pulled her sundress over her head and folded it up and put it in her bag. She was now totally nude out in the sunshine with nothing around that she could quickly grab for cover.

She quickly lay down on her stomach and had me rub some sunscreen on back. I paid extra attention to the areas that were a bit lighter (her ass) and she settled in to soak in some sun and enjoy the warmth. It didn't take more than about 30 minutes and the beach started to fill up with other people and although most were also nude there are always a group of people, young guys usually, that are there to check it out and see what they can see. It was that group I was hoping would check out T.

I know that a "nude beach" isn't supposed to be about sex, but I know that most all guys enjoy looking at naked women, and for those that don't there were plenty of naked man too.

There were several small groups of young guys walking up and down the beach checking out the views. As one group walked by T turned over and asked that I put lotion on her front side. I spent several minutes applying lotion to her front and made sure that every area of her body was well covered. One group of 3 boys stopped and watched as I rubbed oil on her freshly shaved pussy and as T spread her legs a bit for me they had a nice clear view from just a few feet away from her.

They moved on down the beach and when I explained what had happened she thought it was funny that they would be interested since she thought they were younger that our own kids. It wasn't long before we needed to head into the ocean and cool off and after a few minutes we moved back to the beach and I was surprised to see that the 3 guys had rolled out their towels about 10 feet away from ours.

They were now between our spot and the water, and it was obvious that once we returned to our beach towels they would be able to look straight up at T's pussy. I teased her a bit a we walked back out of the ocean as they were watching her all the way.

There's something about walking out of shallow water that is very exposing. It takes a long time to walk out of the water and slowly T's tits and then her shaved pussy are exposed. Besides that during the walk back you are facing almost everyone on the beach so you end up being totally on display as you wade through the water and finally reach the sad.

T was actually blushing when we reached out spot and although it was hard to tell she was both a bit embarrassed and excited as the boys eyes and heads had been fixed on her nudity the whole time, even swiveling their heads as she walked past. She told me that she really felt like she was on display and my reply was "good." Which got me a punch on the shoulder.

We sat up for awhile and had a snack and some water before she once again lay down on her stomach and had me put some more sun tan oil on her. As I rubbed her ass with oil she spread her legs enough that the guys were getting a good look at her pussy from only 15 feet away and since they were all laying on their stomachs I assumed that they were "enjoying" the view.

After 15 minutes or so they went to the water to cool off and T and I could talk without them overhearing us. I asked her if she's ready to roll over and really show them the good and she agreed. She also said that she was having fun, but felt like she was getting burned and didn't think we could stay out much longer. We discussed what to do next as the boys came back out of the water and they plopped back on down on their towels two of them dropped their swim trunks so that they were now nude.

T was still on her stomach but once they were settled rolled over on her back and asked me to rub some oil on her. This was loud enough to get their attention and the one who wasn't watching T quickly turned around. Once again I rubbed T's body with oil and paid special attention to the areas that weren't as tan. The boys seems to enjoy watching as I rubbed T's tits with oil and pulled her nipples a bit.

When I started to rub her pussy she moved to the side a bit as she spread her legs and all 3 guys moved along with her so they could get a clear look as I took special care rubbing her legs and her bare pussy. By the time I was finished T was spread wide open, and her pussy was also spread wide. The boys they were totally locked on looking at her pussy.

She stayed that way for several minutes and then as she moved from side to side a bit they boys would also move with her. It was like they were attached to her pussy by some type of straight line going right to their eyes. T played with them for 20 minutes or so this way and then told me she was too hot and we needed to leave. I suggested she rinse off once more in the ocean and then we could go and I told her I'd join her in a minute.

She walked past the boys and slowly moved down the sand as they watched her walk by them and as she reached the waters edge they had completely turned around to follow her. It was obvious from their erections that all of them were turned on and only one of them made an effort to cover up as they sat up to watch her.

By then I had also gotten up and since they were so busy watching T they didn't realize that I was standing next to them. When I asked them if they had enjoyed the show they jumped and one tried to deny looking while one other said "hell yes". I asked them where they were from, and how old they were and yes they were younger than our kids. I also told them that we had been very intentional about showing T's nudity to them and thanked them for watching.

I told them to think of T as one of their mom's friends and to remember this time so perhaps in the future they might be able to do get their wives to show off to some young guys and pass along the experience. With that I joined T in the water and after we had both cooled off we began the slow walk back out of the ocean.

We really walked very slow this time and all 3 guys kept their eyes glued on T and first her tits and then her shaved pussy came into view as she came out of the water. Finally we reached the sand and walked past them. Two of the boys were sitting up and showed T that her nudity had indeed turned them on. I think the other was too embarrassed as he was nude and stayed on his stomach.

T stayed naked as we packed up all our stuff and we both waved and said goodbye as we walked back to our car. It wasn't until we reached the end of the clothing optional beach that T pulled her dress out of the bag and put it on.

Later that night it was evident that we had gotten too much sunshine as we were both quite red and burned. However, as we recounted the events of the day we got so turned on that did manage to find a position for sex where neither of us was too uncomfortable. Sad to say the next morning we went back to her folks.

Alternate ending:

She walked past the boys and slowly moved down the sand as they watched her walk by them and as she reached the waters edge they had completely turned around to follow her. It was obvious from their erections that all of them were turned on and only one of them made an effort to cover up as they sat up to watch her.

By then I had also gotten up and since they were so busy watching T they didn't realize that I was standing next to them. When I asked them if they had enjoyed the show they jumped and one tried to deny looking while one other said "hell yes". I asked them where they were from, and how old they were and yes they were younger than our kids. I also told them that we had been very intentional about showing T's nudity to them and thanked them for watching.

I asked them where they were staying, which was in a cheaper area of Miami and then asked if they'd be interested in getting together later in the evening? They seemed a bit shocked at the idea, but readily agreed to come by our hotel for a drink or two about 9pm.

I joined T in the water and told her that I'd invited the boys to stop by later on. She smiled and me and asked if I thought they'd really show since she was older than them, and even older than their mothers. We decided to play it by ear and if they showed up see what would happen.

As we walked out of the water they kept their eyes on T as first her tits and then her shaved pussy were exposed to their view. As we walked past them they turned and watched as T went by them. She locked eyes with one of the boys and then when she looked down at his erection he keep staring at her nakedness. We slowly packed up and as we left I told them "see you later" to which T also added "I hope so."

We spent the next hours cooling off in our room, sitting on the balcony and enjoying a nice dinner out. About 8:30 we walked back to the room and it wasn't until then that we really wondered if they boys , might really show up. T asked me what did I want her to do if they did come over, and without answering asked her the same question. She offered that whatever I wanted would be fine with her so naturally I told her I wanted her to fuck them all. Her response was a quick and surprising "ok, you got it."

We were sitting out on the balcony and about 9:15 there was a knock on the door. We had been enjoying each others company and were already both nude by then so I asked to stay just stay there and I pulled on my shorts to answer the door.

I mildly surprised to see 2 of the 3 boys had come over to our hotel. We hadn't been certain that they would come for an invitation for sex with an older woman as there were plenty of younger girls in the city and perhaps they'd gotten lucky.

I invited them in and even from the door way they could see that T was nude out on the balcony. I asked about their friend but after calling him a few name they explained he had a girlfriend, and an older woman, and blah, blah, blah.

I offered them a drink and told them to join T on the balcony, but to join her they should also be dressed like she was; naked. They didn't need a second invite and left their clothes in a pile on the floor as they moved to the balcony.

I would like to describe the details of a wonderful evening of T taking on the 2 guys and myself, but reality isn't always what you might want to read. Let's just say that what they lacked in technique they made up for in enthusiasm. I explain some of what happened next.

I don't know if the guys were hard when they stripped off their clothes or not, but by the time they reached T their erections were leading the way. T turned around to greet them and was face to cocks with two naked guys. She quickly grabbed one cock in each hand and started to stroke them both as they stood in front of her.

It was obvious they had been waiting and thinking about this since the beach as within seconds one of the boys started to cum and sprayed T's face and tits with cum. She laughed and said "that better not be all you've got" and turned to the other boy. She continued to stroke him for a minute or two and then wrapped her mouth around his cock and started to blow him. He didn't do much better as I don't think she had her lips wrapped around his cock for 10 seconds and he also shoot a load.

She always swallows the fist shot, but then deflects the rest onto her chest or face and she did the same this time. What was amazing was just how much cum that guy had to unload. He must have really been storing it for a long time.

After he settled down I introduced T to both of the boys and told her how old she was. They told her their names and ages as well and it was obvious from the amount of cum they had sprayed onto T that her age wasn't a problem. We realized afterwards that this was the first time T had made a guy cum and she didn't yet know his name.

As we all sat down T mentioned that she should go wash off, and I asked her leave the cum on her face and tits. Both the boys agreed that she looked good covered in cum and please leave it. We sat around and spent the next half hour or so doing the "introductions thing" which really was backwards but worked this time. They were college students and lived several states away from us. Both of them admitted that they hadn't had much opportunity for sex, and that today was the longest time they'd ever seen a real woman naked and not just a video or movie.

At that point I asked if they'd like to fuck T and both agreed that they were ready. We discussed the how and where and how many at the same time. T was amused to find that the boy how had cum so quickly in her hand had never had a blow job that we all decided she would give him a blow job while his friend fucked her doggy style.

We moved into the bedroom and after some direction everyone got in the right position. Once again, they boys were enthusiastic, but not very long and even though it was their second time to cum both were done in less that 5 minutes. T now had a pussy full of cum and another mouth full as well. Since that was the boy's first blowjob T wanted to make it memorable so she licked him clean and let his cum dribble out of her mouth and down her chin and rubbed it on her tits. By now it was time for them to go, they'd both gotten off twice in less than an hour and T had done a good job giving them some experience with sex. Since she wasn't satisfied yet I told them it was time to go and with just a bit of whining they soon left.

We spent the next few minutes looking over the photos that were taken during the day. Most of them were from the beach, but I had also taken some photos a they boys had greeted T and covered her with cum and a couple while she had been taking them in each end.

We both laughed that it would make for an interested "what I did on vacation" photo album and then moved back out to the balcony. T was still covered in cum although most of it was dry by now. She knows I like her with cum on her face, hair and tits and that I like to take her out in public that way too. Since we were still both nude I bent her over and she grabbed the balcony railing as I slide into her from behind.

Her pussy was still wet and filled with cum from her previous fuck so it was easy to slide into her. As I started to pump her from the back I keep pushing a little harder each time to try and move her closer to the edge of the balcony. This is a little game we play to see if I can get her tits hanging over the railing before she has an orgasm.

This time there wasn't any hesitation from her as by the third time I pushed she slid forward and had her waist against the railing. Her tits were exposed to everyone down below that might look up and she spent the next few minutes letting them hang and wobble back and forth as we both finished with a hard orgasm.

We collapsed back into the lounge chairs and only the cooler night air woke us up a couple of hours later so we crawled into bed. In the morning we knew we had to be on our way and if we hadn't been going back to her folks she told me that she would have gone all day with the dried cum from the boys and myself still on her face, neck and tits. Ah yes, what a vacation to remember.

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