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First Voyeuristic Experience


I had been sniffing panties for close to half a year when an even more exciting turn of events happened to me. Even now, so many years later I can still remember it was a Sunday as we went to church in the morning. My mom was an extremely faithful church devotee. I and my sister were never allowed to skip church when we were younger.

As those who follow my stories know, I am an extremely sneaky and inquisitive person. I love spying on people and voyeurism is second nature to me. Anyway, it was on a Sunday many years ago that this interesting incident happened.

I was in college then, but I still lived at home because it was very near my house. My family woke up early on Sunday, as was our custom and went to church. After the morning service, we went to the nearby shopping center to shop for groceries. My mom was in a knee length dress that kept blowing about in the strong wind. On one instance, it whipped up totally and almost exposed her panties. Luckily for her modesty, my dad managed to help her push it down before anyone on the road could catch a glimpse.

However, it was enough to give me a hard on for the whole day. My mom noticed my repeated fidgeting during lunch and scolded me "What are you doing son?! Why do you keep fidgeting around? Keep still and eat your lunch." My mom was always a stern mother who would tolerate no nonsense from either of her offspring.

After shopping around with my family, I asked my parents if I could go out with my friends to the nearby arcade to play games. In actual fact, I wanted to sneak away from my family so that I could take a smoke with my buddies.

"No, you can't go out today. You need to help your dad and me to paint the walls, "my mom said. Sighing to myself, I agreed. Our house was a second hand one and was not in very good shape.

I spent the whole afternoon and evening painting the second floor with my sister while my parents painted the first floor. While painting the wall outside my parent's room, I noted that a part of the wood for the door frame was rotten. Taking a closer look, I realized that I could actually see directly into my parent's bedroom with a good view of the bed. My voyeuristic instincts aroused, I kept this knowledge to myself.

During dinner, I was all tingly and excited about my discovery. My heart kept beating so hard that I was afraid my parents would hear it. My sister went to bed slightly after dinner as was her usual custom, leaving me and my parents watching the news together in the living room. My mother had just showered and was dressed in a thin nightie; however she wore a dressing gown over it. My mom would never be caught dead outside her bedroom without a dressing gown if she was in her sleeping wear.

After the late night news, my dad yawned and stretched. "Going to bed now, dear?" he asked my mother. "Ok, sure. You go ahead first. I'll be up after a drink of water," my mother replied. "You don't stay up too late either, son. You have lectures tomorrow," my mom remarked to me. With that, she went into the kitchen for a drink before going up the stairs.

After I heard my parent's bedroom door close and lock, I ran into the kitchen and turned on the light. My favorite laundry hamper lay there invitingly next to the washing machine. My mother had moved their laundry hamper out from the bedroom into the kitchen because she wanted to do the laundry the next morning. I started shifting through the dirty clothes and took out the pair of panties my mother had been wearing and had just taken off less than 15 minutes ago. It was a pair of baby blue tangas, and I could already smell the sweat scent before I even put it to my nose. This was the pair my mom had worn the whole day, and with the painting done today, it was also soaked with her sweat and juices.

I sniffed it and found that it was still damp. I always loved those panties that had just been taken off. It never failed to give me the extra burst of adrenaline. I took them and put them into my pocket before going upstairs. I had a better plan for them tonight.

I walked over to my sister's room first, to make sure she was sound asleep. After that, I tiptoed over to my parent's room and put my eye to the door frame at the gap I had discovered today. I had an amazing view of the bed, but that was all I could see. I could not see any other part of the room. Both my parents could not be seen and I waited patiently.

Soon after, my mom walked into my view. She was dressed only in her thin nightie now without her dressing gown. I could see her underwear underneath the sheer material. I was admiring the panty lines of her briefs when my dad also walked into view naked. His cock was already hard and he came over to hug my mother.

Slowly, he removed the nightie from my mom's shoulders and it dropped to the floor revealing her in a matching set of pink bra and brief panties. They starting kissing and both lay down on the bed. Dad caressed my mom's tiny tits through her bra and unclipped it, throwing it on the floor. He then started licking her nipples. My mom's nipples were a very dark brown and her areola looked tempting.

This was the first time I had a full look at my mother's body and I was very aroused. I took out the pair of baby blue panties from my pocket and started sniffing them while watching. After a while of caressing and licking mom's breasts, dad's hand proceeded down to her cunt. He started caressing her cunt through her panties. I was very happy at that, because I knew that pair of panties would be very fragrant the day after.

My mother put her hand on dad's hand to stop him caressing before lifting up her ass and slipping off her panties herself. She rolled them down her legs and threw them on the floor before spreading open her legs. I had an awesome view of my mom's cunt spread apart. Mom had a very hairy bush; it spread out in a triangle all the way from below her belly button to the crack between her ass. Mom never shaved, not even her armpits, which was why she never wore any sleeveless dresses.

Dad placed his cock at the entrance of mom's cunt and slowly pushed it in. I started gasping as his cock slipped into her cunt effortlessly. She must have been very wet. From my peeping sessions later on, I found out that my parents only fucked in the missionary position and that my mom did not allow any anal or oral sex as it against her religion. They also did not use any contraceptives or condoms. Amazingly my parents only had two kids without such protection. Generally my mother did not like sex much, but only let dad fuck her because he needed it. My dad was rather a sexually deprived guy.

Dad started stroking in and out of mom's cunt and I could see his cock was glistening whenever it came out. I started stroking my cock in time to his, imagining that it was me in the bedroom fucking my mother. I also started taking deeper sniffs of the panties I was holding.

Dad plunged in and out of mom's pussy panting hard the whole time. Mom moaned in time to his thrustings. It was the first time I had seen my stern and strict mother in such throes of enjoyment. After about 20 minutes of kissing, caressing and fucking, dad gave a loud sigh and thrust hard into mom's cunt. From the shaking and short thrusts, I could tell that he was ejaculating into my mother's pussy. Mom also gave a long moan and hugged dad hard, pressing his cock harder against her pussy. I came at the same time, shooting my sperm at the wall in front of me, which was still slightly damp from the fresh coat of paint.

Panting hard, I watched as dad lay cuddled up with mom for a while. Presently, they got up and mom helped to wipe dad's cock with tissue before they got dressed and went to bed. I also had some cleaning up to do before I returned the now scentless pair of panties back to the laundry hamper and went to bed with sweet dreams. I had finally seen my mother nude. I had seen her breasts, her pussy and best of all watched her spread her legs and get fucked by dad.

To top it all, I would have a nice used pair of her after sex panties in the hamper tomorrow with a mixture of her cunt juices and dad's sperm. What else could a horny perverted son ask for?

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by Anonymous06/10/17

Every boys dream

I enjoyed your story. I look forward to more about your mother. She seems to have two personalities. I'd very much like to get to know the bedroom one!

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