tagIncest/TabooFirst Wrestling Encounter

First Wrestling Encounter


Mom divorced dad when I was 9 and we rarely saw him. Mom and I had a real good relationship, never any arguing. I guess I was a pretty good kid, didn't get into trouble. We had what I guess was a pretty cool relationship. She worked long hours and I did well in school and had a couple of part time jobs to pay for my car and nights out with girlfriends and shit.

I was almost 19 now and a 19 year old's metabolism was serving me well, keeping me lean with little effort on my part. I was probably about 5'11 and about 162. Mom had me at a young age, 16 actually. That's why dad eventually split. He didn't want to be saddled with a kid at his age, he hadn't "lived" yet.

My mom was tall and I remember her driver's license stating she was 5'9 and 138. She also had amazing 38D cup breasts, breasts that were round and appeared to be firm. Mom always took great care of herself, doing various workouts. She hit the gym regularly, mixing in a combination of free weights and cardio workouts. I had just started to lift weights more seriously but I ran track through-out high school and was in great shape too.

Looking back after dad left there weren't many guys she dated or brought home. There was some, but not many. I also recall her regularly walking around only wearing her bra and panties and while I didn't think anything of it, as I got older it did turn me on to see her almost naked. Especially seeing her phenomenal tits barely contained within some of her bras.

As I got older and became a very horny teenager, I started to notice more....and looking more too. I mean, it was just something we did, walking around in underwear at times. There was nothing strange to it and we didn't think twice about it, we were mom and son. However, once I discovered "girls" and what a guy could do with them, well, things changed for me. Of course, sporting a hard-on was an after-thought. Hell, I could get hard thinking about a donut. That's what teenagers do!

By the time I was 16 I had a huge wrestling fetish from seeing the apartment wrestling women in regular wrestling magazines, primarily Sports Review Wrestling magazines. I often jerked off to those images...and sometimes imagined me wrestling those women. We started in bathing suits, me in trunks and the women in bikinis, or we started in our underwear, and wrestled "anything goes." Rip, strip matches to complete submission. I would regularly fuck the different women in those magazines, in my fantasies.

Being that horny teenager with a wrestling fetish, I started to look longer at mom when she was in her underwear. I realized all the different kinds she wore. During the week it was stuff that she was probably comfortable in. However, on the weekend, I started to notice she was wearing different sets. I didn't know what the hell to call them at the time, but many of them were lace and they were revealing. I could see her nipples when she wore certain bras, and I could also see her pussy hair through the lace panties she wore. Mom was a natural redhead but her bush was reddish blond. I think there were times she probably had to notice me staring just a tad too long at her tits or pussy, but she never said anything.

There were plenty of times though that we ran into each other going into the upstairs bathroom, both in just our underwear, and I had to bolt because my dick started to pop a tent in my briefs rather quickly. I am sure she saw that too but never said anything.

It's when I started to notice the underwear that she wore that I started to imagine her as my wrestling opponent. The two of us starting in underwear in an "anything goes" apartment style wrestling match. Matches that ended with the two of us battling all out, nude, to decide a winner, with the winner having their way with the loser.

This drove me to rummage through her lingerie draw and I found some really hot underwear - lace teddies that snapped close in the crotch and were most revealing, lace bras and panties, thongs! Was my mom a bit of a freak? It's weird and kind of hard to explain. I didn't get hard imagining having sex with her, but the idea of wrestling with her always gave me a hard-on. Of course the idea of wrestling any woman gave me a hard-on. I guess I rationalized it by thinking it was two adults who agreed to physical combat and the contact and interaction that resulted was a by-product of the wrestling. Well, it made sense to me! I imagined wrestling her in one of those lace teddies and tearing it off her at some point. Hell, I started to imagine wrestling her in all kinds of different scenarios that ended in all out nude battles where sexual acts were allowed. It was fun to jerk off to.

Fast forward again to me being 19. I had a stack of Sports Review wrestling magazines hidden in a spot in my closet and they were open to the pages of women apartment wrestling. Not that I had in them in any particular order but I did have my favorite matches containing Cynara (against anyone) on top, and I noticed they'd been rearranged and opened to an issue that had two women catfighting each other. They had torn the clothes off each other and were wrestling completely naked. There was a guy that interrupted them trying to break it up, but the women then ganged up on him. Now it was two against one, and as they wrestled the women slowly were able to strip the guy clothes off until he was naked too. The pictures showed various "action" shots of them wrestling naked, the guy sporting this huge hard-on. There were some shots of him having the advantage but most of the pictures were the women dominating him.

I know a lot of men like to be dominated by women. That's never been my thing. I always fantasized about competitive matches where either the man or the woman could win. That is what is appealing to me as far as wrestling goes, it's (usually) just one on one, and it's completely up in the air as to who can win. Now I know there are many women that can outright beat men, but for the most part you put an "average" guy in the room with an "average" woman and a large majority of the time the guy will most likely win.

So back to the magazine pile that was definitely rearranged. There was only one person that could have been in there besides me and done that. I thought for sure they were well hidden in between a folded pile of my clean jeans. There would be no reason for anyone to go through a pile of somewhat neatly folded jeans...at least that's what I thought. I was kind of embarrassed thinking about my mom looking at these magazines and wondering what she thought of me. My mind was racing with thoughts. Was she going to be mad? Was she interested? It seemed like she went through a lot of them because I had almost all of them open to Cynara wrestling someone, since she was my favorite apartment house wrestler, and now Cynara wasn't on any of the pages.

Maybe she liked what she saw? I didn't have the nerve to bring anything up to her so I hoped she would say something to me and I played out different scenarios in my mind. I came up with responses based on her being mad, curious, into it...all with the hope of a discussion ending up with us wrestling. Crazy, but it fueled a horny 19 year old's afternoon!

That evening when she got home from work she didn't mention anything as she prepared dinner. We ate and talked about each other's day, usual small talk. After dinner she went to take a shower so I went into the den to watch television, the UWF which was the best wrestling federation at the time.

After her shower she must have heard the wrestling and made it a point to come to the doorway of the den to let me know she was coming in as soon as she was dressed and didn't want to watch wrestling...but she was wearing a lace bra and matching lace panties that you could clearly see through, and I swear it was almost identical to Cynara's outfit in one of her matches. I could clearly see her tits, nipples and her pussy through the lace underwear...I had to stop myself from staring. As soon as she turned around to go back to her room I notice she wasn't wearing panties, she was wearing a thong! Holy shit!! Mom had a bubble ass that looked so smooth and sexy. I race to my room and found the old issue and sure enough, it was pretty much identical to Cynara's outfit! I got an instant hard-on as I kneeled in my closet looking at the magazine in my briefs and shorts.

I was thinking about jerking off when mom scared the hell out of me by tapping me on my shoulder. Still on my knees I turned my body around and asked her what she was doing as I tried to hide the magazines, but when I turned around my hard-on was visibly tenting my shorts. Now I had to hide my hard-on and the magazines. What I immediately noticed when I turned around was she hadn't gotten dressed yet. She was standing there, about 3 feet from me, wearing only the lace bra and panties I saw her wearing after her shower.

She said she already saw the magazines so I didn't have to hide them. Not having to worry about hiding the magazines was helpful since my dick was rock hard, so I tried to put my hands in front of my erection to hide it.

"So do you like to see two women wrestle?", mom asked.

"Yes I do'" was my simple response.

"Do you also like it when they tear the clothes and underwear off of each other?"

"Well, yes" I responded somewhat sheepishly.

"Have you ever wrestled any of your girlfriends?"

"No I haven't."

Why haven't you?"

"Well, I don't know what they would say. I didn't want them to think I was weird I guess."

This conversation was happening as I was still on my knees in my closet wearing only shorts over briefs and mom standing over me, her hands on her hips, within arms length of me. I kept looking up at her and then away because my eyes kept shooting to her tits and pussy. Even when I looked down I was looking at her bare-feet, perfect pedicure, bright red polish on her toe nails.

She continued the conversation.

"Well, I'm sorry but I was bringing you some new jeans and I found them. When I looked through them I thought it was interesting and wanted to know what it was all about so I went through all of them. I don't blame you for getting excited, it does seem pretty exciting pitting yourself against someone else with just your strength and abilities to leverage, not knowing who is going to win or lose. And the idea of ripping clothes off each other and battling nude, well, again I can see how you would be excited by that."

"Well yeah, so I guess I will put these away now," I lamely said, not knowing what the hell else to say. Apparently she had other ideas.

Just as I went to collect the magazines mom took a step toward me and was standing right in front of me now. I kind of inched back just a little, not sure what to do. I looked up slowly, getting a close up of her crotch and as I gazed up saw hardened nipples peaking out of her lace bra.

"Not so fast. Like I said, I do want to know what it's all about."

My mind was racing a million miles an hour. I probably could have busted a load in my shorts right there and then.

She continued, "Is it something you want to do, wrestle a woman like those pictures show?"

I looked down at the magazine that was on top and it was the two women and guy. They were all naked, one woman on her stomach with the guy sitting on her ass pulling her head up by her hair with one hand, his free hand appeared to be squeezing and twisting one of her tits. The other woman was standing behind the guy grabbing his hair, trying to pull him off. Nipples were hard and his dick was hard too. Clearly everyone in the picture was "excited" by the action.

"I, I guess, yea."

"You don't seem too sure."

"No, I do want to do that, it's just, I, I don't know where I would find a woman who might like or want to do it.

"How do you think it would end if you wrestled a woman?"

"I have no idea, I guess someone would give up."

"Then what would happen?"

"What do you mean what would happen...we could wrestle some more I guess."

"I see. So you would keep wrestling? Would both of you still be in your underwear?"

I must have been blushing by now, having a conversation with such sexual undertones to it.

"I don't know. It would depend I guess."

"What would it depend on?"

"If we decided to have a strip match, or anything goes match. Then I guess we probably wouldn't be in our underwear by the time we were done."

Then she bent down and picked up the magazine I described earlier and flipped the pages to the last page. The last page had the guy fucking one woman from behind, and the woman being fucked was eating out the other woman who was on her back in front of her.

"Is this how you see it ending?" she continued.

"I don't know."

"I could see how it could. I mean, all that body contact and sweat. Your body tells me how you excited you are at the prospect of that happening."

She was referring to my hard-on which I was still trying to hide with my hands.

"I suppose, yeah."

"What kind of rules would there be?"

"Rules?" I honestly hadn't thought about rules. "I don't know. I mean, anything goes but nothing to really hurt or injure each other. Also, nothing to the face that would leave any marks. You know, just wrestling around. You could pull hair, chokes are okay."

"But he was twisting their tits. Is that allowed?"

"That's what that match allowed I guess."

"Then the female should get to twist his dick."

I cringed a little at the thought, especially considering my hardened state, but what came out of my mouth surprised me. "That's fine."

"So it sounds like anything is fair game; just nothing to the face and nothing that would hurt, injure or mark each other."

"Pretty much yeah."

"Does anyting goes include sexual contact?"

"Sexual contact? What do you mean?"

"Anything sexual. Sex of any kind. Two nude people trying to do anything to gain a submission."

"I suppose, many matches are loser...uhm, loser cums first."

"I saw that, and the winner gets to do whatever he wants with the loser, right?"


"Where would you wrestle if you could find someone?"

"I don't know. What's with all the questions?"

"I told you. It interests me and I want to know more about it. It also excites me in ways similar to how it excites you. I want to see what it feels like to do it."

Not having any inclination what she was hinting at I responded, "Good luck finding someone. If you do, ask her if she will wrestle me" I said with a chuckle.

"So where would you wrestle? In the bedroom?"

"I suppose. Probably try to keep the match on a king sized bed or something. Or maybe throw a lot of blankets on the carpet to avoid rug burns."

What happened next floored me. "I have a king size bed" she said to me.

I looked up at her and could only come up with, "What?!"

"I think we have an opportunity to find out what it feels like. I want to do it but have no idea how I would find another woman who might be interested. I know you want to do it."

"What, what, if you are suggesting we...we can't wrestle! I can't wrestle you like that" referring to nude with a hard-on without saying it.

"Are you nervous? I can't believe I am suggesting this but when I saw the magazines I was upset at first. Then I realized how interested I really was...and well, excited too."

"So wait, you're telling me you want to wrestle me. I can't wrestle you, you're my mother!"

"I am your mother, but that doesn't seem to bother parts of your body" she said as she took her foot and lightly shoved it in my crotch, brushing my hard-on over my shorts.

"Ma, what the hell?"

"Stop pretending you don't want to try it with me. You know this is the best opportunity you will get to actually wrestle a woman. This is probably the best opportunity both of us will get to do it so let's just do it."

"And everything we talked about as far as rules...that's all okay with you? We're going to do that stuff to each other?"

"Do you have another suggestion as far as rules? I am okay with everything we talked about if you are."

"I suppose I am too then. Yeah, it's just..."

"It's just what Kevin?"

"You're my mom, I don't know if I can bring myself to try to get you to give up or, well, uhm, never mind the other things we talked about."

"Kevin, I understand. If it helps, call me by my name, Michelle. It will be just Kevin and Michelle, two consenting adults agreeing to a no-rules wrestling match like we talked about."

"Yeah but, we talked about things that, well, you know."

"So you don't want to try?"

"Yes I do but, I am not sure I can do some things, you are my mom."

"We won't be mom and son, we'll be Kevin and Michelle. Don't get me wrong, I am a little uncomfortable too, but I want to try it."

"Okay Michelle, I guess you are right. I want to try it too."

She knew I was going to agree. My dick wouldn't let me not agree. She dressed that way for a reason. She planned this, probably after she found the magazine, but she definitely planned this. And this entire conversation taking place with me on my knees in front of her. A submissive position. I was anything BUT submissive. If someone could beat me, I wouldn't cry about it but I wouldn't lose on purpose.

"You really want to wrestle me?" I asked, now hoping for a definite yes.


"And we are going to have a rip strip match? Anything goes?"

"Anything goes" she concurred as hand went down to her crotch and her middle finger stopped over her pussy as if she was getting ready to finger herself.

I was definitely in but wanted to make sure we were talking about the same things and were on the same page. What was unfolding was pretty incredible. I jerked off to fantasies of wrestling her all the time, and those fantasies often ended with me fucking her. Now I was having a real life conversation, with my mom, about having a rip/strip anything goes wrestling match.

"Well then Michelle, I think we've talked enough. Don't be mad or surprised at what happens."

She smiled and said, "I promise not to be mad at you no matter what happens. You have to promise the same."

"Oh, I promise."

She turned around and starting walking out of my room. Her ass was beautiful! Michelle had a bubble butt to die for. She looked over her shoulder at said one simple word, "Coming?"

I dropped the magazines and followed her into her bedroom. She started taking the bedspread off to put on the floor and I helped her. My dick was still rock hard but I wasn't trying to conceal it anymore. The short walk to her bedroom I was consumed with thoughts of how (and if) I might use my dick as a weapon in the match. Could I do it?

We spread out the bedspread on the floor and then she climbed onto the bed on her knees facing me. I couldn't believe where I was and what was about to happen. It was surreal. I made a move to get on the bed and she held up her hand and pointed to my shorts...I forgot I had shorts on. I slipped them off to match her gear for gear and climbed on the bed facing her. Now it was mom who was looking at my crotch. Actually, she was looking at my 8 inch cock that was standing at attention and peeking over the top of the waistband of my briefs.

I was just as focused on those gorgeous tits begging to be set free from those lace constraints. I didn't notice that she stopped staring at my dick and saw me staring at her tits, until she teasingly brought her hands up and pushed them together as if she was getting ready to wrestle. The move was solely to distract me as much as possible.

"Are you ready Kevin?"

"Yes Michelle, are you ready?


With that we moved toward each other on our knees, reached out and put hands on arms to lock up. Feeling her strength like this for the first time was amazing, and she was strong! We pushed back and forth, I don't think either of us was sure what to do next despite the rather detailed and lengthy conversation we just had. Here we were, near-naked on her bed bringing to life my most favorite fantasy ever! We alternated between looking into each other's eyes and at each other's now straining bodies. I was already thinking of when and how I was going to rip that pretty lace bra off of her then realized, she might be thinking the same thing about my briefs! Slight panic set in with that realization. One good tug or tear and I would be completely naked!

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