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First You Test


Marcus smiled at Carla and Mark sitting on his sofa. It was pretty easy to guess they were newly married, they seemed unable to take their eyes off each other or to resist touching for more than a few seconds. They were just what he was looking for he thought.

"Its really very simple," he said. "You need somewhere to live. I have a spare house and I would love to help you get a good start in your married lives. You seem a pretty special couple."

"That's very nice of you, but let me get this straight," said Mark. "You will rent the house to us for 500 a month, if Carla comes and helps you out with some cooking, cleaning and general housework each Thursday?"

"Yes," said Marcus, "we have talked about it, haven't we Carla? You are happy to with that idea, right?"

"If it gets us a house on this wonderful estate, sure I am" she said.

Marcus held out his hand and Mark hesitated, then shrugged, and shook it.

"Thank you. You have found an expensive way to hire help, but for us it's a great deal," he said. It was a fantastic offer, but he still felt uneasy about it, although he could not say why.

"Well I feel I can trust Carla and that is the most important thing. Congratulations you two, you have a house. Now how about some champagne, new neighbours?" Said Mark, and after disappearing into the kitchen, he returned with three glasses. They all drank to the newly weds and happiness in their new home. The conversation pretty soon ran dry; small talk wasn't Marcus's strongpoint, but they partied happy with the arrangement they had made.

Mark and Carla were laughing and being rude about their landlord long before they returned to Carla's mother's house where they were living. He is such a geek they said and so awkward with people, still we have a bargain for a house and he seems harmless. Carla's three-day job at the school meant she was free on a Thursday anyway. So it was no problem to be paying some of the rent through working. The best thing was a nice place of their own and an escape from staying with Carla's mother. The house and the area was better than they could ever of imagined affording.

It was half an hour later when Carla was in the bathroom that she began to feel a growing sense of liking Marcus. When the clock reached eleven, and it was bedtime, she realised Marcus was all she had been thinking about that evening. It was that same night that the newly weds had their first row. Mark found to his shock his amorous advances were rejected. Carla telling him she had a headache, which he didn't believe, and so he became angry. She became angry with him and it all got very fraught. They had been married three weeks and had made love every night. He turned his back on her, cross at the rejection and eventually fell asleep. Carla shut her eyes, praying Mark would leave her alone, and accept her refusal for sex. Carla wanted to be left alone to explore her growing fantasy about being with Marcus. She wished she was in bed with Marcus not Mark, and telling herself that was ridiculous only seemed to make it worse.

Meanwhile Marcus was worrying about how it was going with Carla. He was also thinking it had been a very smart plan to invest the fortune he had made from his scientific work in property. He now lived at the centre of the estate his money had built. He wondered if in his subconscious he had thought of his gated community as being central to his future plans, but not even he could take credit for being that bright. It had not been his idea. The investment company he used had dreamt the whole thing up for him. The fact they had accidentally built him his own "people" laboratory to work in had occurred to him only recently.

Apart from his large house at the centre, the twelve other houses were equally split into two, three and four bedroom ones, they now earned him enough that work wise he could do what ever he wanted. He picked and choose the research projects he wanted to work on. Increasingly he worked on his own ideas and most of the time even those made him a lot of money. A two-bed house had been vacant a little while and so had become another piece in the jigsaw, as he planned this new project. It was without doubt the biggest and most dangerous project of his life.

It took a couple of weeks for Carla and Mark to move in and he waited anxiously for that first Thursday when she would come to work. She turned up on time, wearing jeans and a tee shirt. He couldn't blame her for that; he had suggested she would be cleaning. When asked, Carla claimed she was fine, but she appeared anxious and nervous. She sat on the sofa and looked at him, her hands were shaking as she waited for Marcus to tell her what to do.

"Carla," he said sitting down beside her, "I have some instructions for you." He was pressing a button on the face of a watch-like device he wore on his arm.

"When you come here for work you will always wear a dress or skirt, no trousers. It must be knee length or shorter. I also want you to wear nice underwear, heels and to have bare legs. No tights or stockings. Do you understand?"

She nodded and flushed red as she replied.

"I'm sorry I didn't know those were your rules, I can nip back home and change for you. If you would like me to?" She asked. "I'd like to dress the way you want me to."

He had not considered sending her back, but found himself turned on by getting her to dress up for him before he seduced her, so he told her to go home and change.

However, when she returned, looking perfect in a plain blue sleeveless dress and cream heels she was even more nervous. She had stood with her back to him, ever since he had let her back in. Marcus watched her fidgeting with her hands as she clenched them behind her back. He looked her up and down admiring her bare legs and perfect ass. A voice in his head said focus, concentrate; do not get ahead of yourself.

"What is the matter Carla?" He said, trying to use as gentle a voice as possible. There was a need to manage her carefully so he was trying hard to keep a lid on his eagerness to succeed.

"I don't really know why I'm here. It was inappropriate of you to ask me to change. Why did I allow you to talk to me like that?" she said very deliberately, as if realising for the first time how confused she was. Marcus wished she would turn round, but she remained where she was, staring out of the window. Hopefully Carla would carry on if he just listened, so he stayed quiet and waited.

"I co-operated... I co-operated because... Oh god," she wailed. "This sounds so stupid. I knew I should not of come."

"You co-operated because?" He asked quizzically, wanting her to continue.

"The truth is... The truth is I did what you wanted because I think about you all the time," she said, "God this is embarrassing and so wrong. I can't believe I am saying this." He could see her body gently shaking as she sobbed into her hands. "We have only just met," she sobbed, "and you are all I think about."

He spoke before really thinking; "From now on Carla you will always do what I want you too and you will find it confusing sometimes, but remember you must do what I say. Remember you want me more than you have wanted anyone in your whole life." He again pressed the button on his wrist. "Well I want you too. I want you to be my mistress and you want that too don't you Carla?"

"Yes... No!...I am married, newly married." she wailed, "I love Mark not you. I shouldn't be thinking of another man."

Slow down, he told himself, you know you won't get this right on her first visit. The program will need tweaking. Touch was important too in creating control, so he decided to see if she would allow him to move nearer her. Maybe even touch her. He moved cautiously, knowing she would probably see his reflection in the window, it was important not to spook her. First Marcus placed his left hand on her left shoulder and when there was no reaction he put his right hand on her other shoulder. He lowered his hands to touch the top of her bare arms, her skin felt so good against the flat of his hand. His palms slowly make circles as he enjoyed the sensation of touching her.

Very gently he turned her round so she faced him.

One of the things that attracted him to Carla was her oversized blue eyes and she looked at him now, more wide-eyed than ever. She stared at him unblinking, her look saying to him, "I don't know what to do."

He slowly led her to a seat. Carla allowed herself to be led to the sofa. She was neither willingly or resisting his direction. Marcus sat down and pulled her down beside him.

"You are so beautiful," he said.

"Thank you Marcus, she replied quietly. "It means a lot you saying that. I need to know you like me."

He began to stroke her hair with his hand, when she did not react; he ran his index finger down her cheek. Her cheek pushed against his hand and she smiled.

"Is that nice?" he asked and she nodded in response. "You are so soft and so lovely. Would you like a kiss?" When she nodded again, he slid his finger under her chin, and lifting it slightly, kissed her gently on the lips. Her lips hesitated and then responded, kissing him enthusiastically back.

"Lets go upstairs and make love," Marcus said, immediately realising he had over stepped the mark, as this only seemed to snap her out of the daze she was in.

"No!" She said in shock. "You are joking right?" Shaking her head and putting her hands up to try and push him away. "Please, please don't touch me again."

"Its ok, darling," he said, his heart sinking as he tried to find a way to calm her down. "Talk to me." He pleaded. "Tell me some more about how you feel." She moved her head away from him, as he tried to stroke her face. He realised the moment was gone and knew he had messed it up. Marcus was left unable to think of anything to do other than try to control his frustration.

"Don't do that and don't call me darling, Marcus," she snapped. "I shouldn't be here, let alone dressing up for you or kissing you, or telling you about my feelings." She paused, took a deep breath and then seemed to decide what to do. "I am so sorry! Its all my fault," she cried and ducking out of his reach she fled his apartment.

He sighed, resisted the temptation to run after her and faced up to the fact he had a lot of work to do.

"A good start Dr Windsor, but not there yet," he told himself and he thought back to the first moment he had met Carla.

"Having trouble?" he asked walking over to a lady in a smart little hatchback car, she was turning the engine over and over without it actually starting.

"Yes," she said getting out. "It won't start. Just my luck, when I am short of time. My mother is waiting for me. Shit, now I am going to be late on top of everything else."

"Hi, I am Marcus, Doctor Marcus Windsor," he replied and held out his hand.

"Carla," the girl replied. He loved the feel of her soft cool hand in his. "Carla Wilkinson, nice to meet you. Are you a GP then?"

"Good grief no," he laughed, looking into her overlarge blue eyes and thinking how pretty she was, "I have a PHD, but lets not talk about that, nothing turns people off faster than theoretical science." He laughed. "Pop the bonnet for me."

"Bonnet?" she replied, looking confused.

"The car." He said. "Let me take a look."

"Oh wow, would you?" She said. "Thanks so much."

Carla dived back into the car and that was when he first saw her wonderful ass. He had also noticed the "just married" cards on the back seat and the brochures for new houses. He suddenly knew this woman would be perfect for his needs. Carla was very attractive, but also presumably very much in love with her new husband and that was crucial. His target needed to be a perfect test for his idea. The fact she was very pretty was just a deserved bonus.

She rummaged around briefly, before the bonnet of the car went pop and was released. Carla did not notice Marcus remove a little black box from her wheel arch while she was in the car. He fiddled around in the engine bay, as she watched, before announcing he had fixed it. He pretended it had simply been a loose lead. Before he let her go he managed to give Carla a business card and agree they would chat about her house hunting.

His mind returned to the present. The revise to the program was written and he pressed the button to upload the new instructions to the cloud and then from there it would download into the device overnight. It would then go to work on Carla's conscious mind during the day and her unconscious mind while she slept, before she (hopefully) returned next Thursday.

"I am sorry I ran out on you the other day," she said having turned up on the right day for work. Marcus was relieved. His fear was she would not come again or worse she would tell her husband what had happened. The device should stop her being able to do either, but he still worried. It was after all just the testing stage. Anyway how would she tell Mark she was already thinking about sleeping with another man?

He was very happy to see her and very happy that she was dressed in a sweater and short skirt. "Please forgive me. I lost my courage, but I think about you so much I had to come back. Do you like my outfit?"

"Yes I do. You have incredible legs Carla and of course you are forgiven. I understand its hard, but you must obey me at all times," he said, "You know what I want from you don't you?"

You want... You want me to be your mistress," she said so quietly he could barely hear. "I know what you want," she continued still sounding like she was talking to herself, "and its crazy, but it's all I want too, that's why I had to come back." At this point she lifted her head and those huge blue eyes stared at him, he could see the fear in them still.

She grimaced. "I've kept thinking of reasons to leave the house, hoping to bump into you and I haven't seen you, it's been so frustrating. I've missed you so much. That must all sound nuts! I guess I am nuts but..." And she slumped back into the seat and put her head in her hands. She began to quietly sob.

"My darling, you are not nuts, he said, "Its just that strong a connection between us. This kind of instant connection is very scary, but that's the way it is, we both know we are not going to be able to resist each other. Mark will have to understand you want me not him. Carla I want us to make love today. Its all I think about." Again his hand was pushing the button on his wrist.

She slowly and reluctantly nodded.

"Talking of Mark. I don't want you having sex with him anymore. Do you understand? You are mine not his," he ordered, still holding down the button on his watch-like device.

She nodded again.

"That's my girl," he said. Marcus reached out to her, gently stroking her cheek with his hand. Carla did nothing to resist so lowering his head he kissed her, his hand moving to rest on her shoulder as she began to kiss him back. Carla moved her hand up and held the back of his neck as she began to kiss him more enthusiastically. He loved the sensation of her soft warm lips on his. Marcus wondered if he should try to touch her chest. He tried to imagine what lay beneath the wonderful bulge in her sweater; its stretched material suggested a pair of largish breasts ready to be discovered. He wanted so much to see them, to touch them and to kiss them.

Suddenly something seemed to snap and she pulled away. She struggled to get off the sofa and as soon as she had, she fled again.

He heard her wail a "sorry" as she ran out of his house.

This time his frustration boiled over and he got angry, kicking the nearby bin so hard it flew across the room coming to rest against the wall. Its side dented and contents strewn across the floor. Marcus annoyed at losing control tried to calm down as he picked the rubbish up and push the dent out of the bin.

Seeking further distraction, he walked over to his computer and began to surf his e-mails. He opened one mail and read it. "Dear Dr Marcus Windsor." He loved the way his PHD meant he was called "Doctor", but with disappointment he saw that it was just another university asking him to come and lecture their students on his knowledge of Nano robotics. In his frustration, he began to role play what he wished he could say.

Nano robotics he said out loud to his empty study, in his empty house, is about building tiny computers, so small you can barely see them, to fulfil tasks where incredible accuracy or in the case of my "Addiction Suppressor" being small enough to enter the human body is required.

He was standing now, waving his arms, talking earnestly to his imaginary audience and imagining their amazed faces looking at him. We found a way using Nano robotics to influence someone's brain waves so they lose the desire for alcohol, drugs or any other addictive behaviour.

No desire, no addiction he said pompously.

He mimicked clapping and made a noise like applause and fantasied about people in the audience saying how wonderful he was. He had saved so many people from lives of misery they would all be saying.

He was angry the world would never know of his achievements. He would never get the credit the way other pioneers had. His non-disclosure agreement with the drug company that had funded the project saw to that.

It had started so well convincing the Drug Company to support his Nano robotics work had been, well genius. He knew the research director had initially thought him a joke, but over time the project showed good progress in developing a Nano robot, which could enter a human body safely, and then slowly he found ways to measure and modify brainwaves.

His paymasters had decided a great application of this technology was to build something to help people with addictions, and in the end that was what he did. Marcus delivered a machine, which did exactly what they asked for, expecting fame and fortune to follow. However, then came the company's slow realisation that they would only sell a device once, where as drug sales was revenue coming in continuously. Marketing a machine, which damaged their own revenue was stupid business and bad for their shareholders. So then all they wanted was both his silence and the device to be forgotten. The necessary patents were taken out so they were in control, and they dropped the bombshell that all work must stop. Marcus trapped by his contract with them was side lined. He was told to do nothing until they decided to make his device or they found him another job. A letter from the company's solicitor's told him exactly what would happen if he told anyone about his achievement.

Occasionally they allowed a university to approach him to speak generally about his field, but all that did was to underline he was unable to tell his real story. The money from the company kept rolling in, as did the funds from his many other projects, but this should have been his life's greatest moment and it had been taken from him.

His preoccupation with the past over the last couple of hours had not stopped him writing more revisions into the program to run over night on the device. It was so hard to do, but then all there was to do was sit and wait for it to work on Carla's brain.

It seemed to take forever, but eventually another Thursday came round and Carla arrived in a low cut sweater and a different short skirt. This time she launched herself at him and began to kiss him before he could close the door properly. Marcus recovering from the shock, spun her around, and pushed Carla up against the wall.

The sweater was black and white with a V-neck collar, showing more than a hint of cleavage. His guess had been right, her breasts were both large and beautiful. Their heads nuzzled together for a few moments, both of them smiling at each other, before Marcus kissed Carla on the cheek.

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