tagRomanceFirsts Ch. 05

Firsts Ch. 05


Author's Note: Once again, sorry about the wait! Chapter 5 was supposed to be the last chapter, it turns out there's going to be at least two more. Go figure. Check out my blog for updates and excerpts of coming chapters and stories. Thanks to coloryourworld and warrior_wolf for editing, and to TangledinYou for loving Gabriel almost as much as I do. Thanks to everyone who gave reviews and feedback on the last chapter, it's always appreciated! Enjoy!



I was having one of those days. Those super-horny, sexually charged days where it seemed like everyone was getting some...except me.

It had started last night. I'd been on a date with my first boyfriend since Ben. It had been the much anticipated third date, and after dinner and a movie, we had gone back to his place for our first time together. It had been awful. Just like with Ben, I'd been aroused, but I couldn't reach my climax. Unfortunately, we had actually had sex, and I wasn't experienced enough to fake it. He had known, and things had been awkward. Really awkward. I had made some lame-assed excuse about having to get home and split. I knew I wouldn't hear from him again.

When I got home, I told my waiting brothers that the date had gone fine, but that we had decided not to see each other any more. My brothers, of course, had been immensely pleased to hear that, and went to bed grinning. I went to bed feeling...empty, hollow and a little unclean. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, but it felt like it.

The next morning I was up early, and knowing my brother's would still be an hour or two, I decided to watch some TV. I pressed the power button and was immediately greeted by the moaning sounds of some Barbie-looking porno queen being taken from behind. I watched for a moment, shocked, before quickly switching it back off. Obviously, one of my brothers had been watching this last night and had forgotten to switch it off.

It wasn't the first time I had stumbled across their porno collection. It was one of the joys of growing up with three brothers, but I had not been expecting the shock of desire that shot through my body. For a moment, I pictured myself in the women's place, with Gabriel pounding into me from behind. I could feel the wetness pooling in my panties just from the thought.

Deciding that I needed to get rid of some tension, and knowing that masturbating would only add fuel to the fire burning inside of me, I decided to go for a run instead. I'm not generally a Runner, I prefer lower impact workouts like Tai Chi and Yoga, but I decided now was the time to start. Not my best idea.

I had changed into sweat pants, a sports bra and a loose fitting tank top in record time. Grabbing my keys, I opened the door, only to be greeted with a wall of oppressive, sticky heat. I managed to get all the way to the end of the block before I decided to turn around and go back home. Feeling like the biggest idiot on the planet, I retreated to the air-conditioned haven of home.

After a very cold shower, I put the coffee on and woke my brothers, wishing once again that I owned a foghorn. After a quick breakfast, I grabbed my sketchbooks and left for work.

The parlour I work at was the nearest one to us, but was still a ten minute drive. Our neighbour hood was mostly working class, not quite poor enough to have a sleazy parlour on every corner, but not rich enough for some of the upmarket places that were popping up everywhere. Somehow, we had been missed out. I always figured that someone could really corner the market if they knew what they were doing.

Once I got into work, after nearly melting from the scorching heat outside, I was greeted by our overly cheerful 'receptionist', Mandy. She was the younger sister of one of the artists. She wasn't really into tattoos much, she just needed a job, but the customers, at least the male ones, seemed to like her very perky...attitude. Blonde, petite, big blue eyes, little button nose, perfect cupid's bow lips: she was hot and she knew it. Fortunately, she was actually a genuinely nice person, if a little ditzy. Fortunate for her, because otherwise I would have throttled her already.

But she was good at her job, answering the phones, keeping track of our appointments, ordering supplies. To be perfectly honest, she was a godsend. The rest of us were useless at that kind of stuff, much preferring to sit at the desk and draw new designs than answer phones when we had a spare minute.

But today, as soon as I had walked into the place, she started gushing about her latest boyfriend, giving me very vivid details about just how good he was in bed, causing me to have more Gabriel-flashes.

I tried to tune her out as I went about my early morning jobs, giving her the appropriate monosyllabic responses when they were expected. Then suddenly there was silence. Thinking I had given her the wrong response, my head shot up, only to find her looking at me expectantly. Trying to remember what she had asked me, I drew a blank.

"Um, can you repeat that?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes, "How was your date last night, silly?"

"Uh, okay, I guess," I replied, reluctant to discuss it with her. We had never really been that friendly before. My only real female friend was Jeanie, and I had tried talking to her about guys in the past, but she always gave me the same advice. Give up on men, they're all dogs. I know this great girl I can set you up with. Come over to the Dark Side, Kes Skywalker. She was a good friend, but knew even less about guys that I did, since she had known she was a lesbian since she was like, six.

"Okay, you guess?! That sounds very not okay! What happened?" she demanded, sounding as though I had just announced the coming apocalypse. I just shrugged, going back to work, sorting the equipment. "Come on, no one will be here for ages, I promise I won't tell," she assured me.

I signed, knowing she could be like a dog with a bone when she wanted answers. "Awful. We had sex but I didn't come and he knew and we're not seeing each other again," I rushed, wincing at the memory.

She paused a moment, blinking, then she nodded decisively. "Good."


She nodded again. "Good. I met him when he picked you up last week. I just didn't see the two of you together. It didn't work for me," she stated. That was how she was. 'It didn't work for me'. She never meant it selfishly; it was just how she was. She was usually right too.

I just shrugged again. "Yeah, well, now I'm stuck with no boyfriend, a porn trap set by my brothers and the biggest heat-wave the city's had in years! And you..." I wave madly in her general direction, "...are not helping matters with your talk of your oh-so-big-and-perfect boy toy!" I collapsed in a nearby chair, glaring sullenly at my sneakers while she laughed.

"Okay, I promise, no more talk of amazing, almost religious sexual experiences. At least not today," she allowed. She put her index finger to her lips in a perfect 'thinking' pose, then grinned. "I don't suppose you have an ex you could call up for a little light relief? You know, causal?"

"My only nice ex was Ben, and we never slept together," I answered.

"What?! You went out with him for ever!" she exaggerated. Then she frowned. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen, nearly nineteen, why?" I answered, puzzled.

"How many guys have you slept with, not including last night?"

I paused for a moment, knowing that if I answered, it would open up a whole can of worms. "One, only once," I sighed.

Her eyebrow shot up into her bangs. "No shit! Who?"

I looked at her intensely. "You have to promise not to tell anyone, ever."

She nodded solemnly, making an 'x' over her heart.

"Gabriel Demachi. You drooled over him and my brothers when they came in a month or two ago, remember?"

She nodded dreamily at the memory of all four of them crowed around her small desk, flirting outrageously with her. "Lucky you. But damn girl! Why only once?!"

I began to shrug again but stopped, worried about repetitive stress injury. "We're not like that. It's...complicated," I replied. At her expectant look, I sat back, resigned to my fate, and began to explain.

After I finished the whole sordid tale, she looked at me assessingly. "So Gabriel is the reason for you and Ben breaking up?"

"Sort of. Ben thinks I'm still hung up on Gabriel," I replied.

Ben and I were okay. We still talked, never about Gabriel or dating, just about simple stuff. It was still a little awkward, but I think we both realised we were better as friends; there was less pressure on both of us.

But with Gabriel, things were...different. After the apology at his mother's house, we had gone back to normal, whatever that was. But there had been this, I don't know what the word is, maybe...friction? An awkwardness perhaps. I still felt drawn towards him, and ever since we slept together, I had been having those flashes whenever I was confronted with sex. I was beginning to wish I was psychic, then I could convince myself they were visions of the future, while in reality, they were just the results of my very vivid imagination that had been recently shown the joy of sex.

I was beginning to wonder if I'd always be like this, desperately craving Gabriel, destined to be an old maid like my late aunt. Feeling myself begin to spiral into a bottomless pit of self-pity, I pulled back and focused on what Mandy was saying.

"Well, if you are, maybe you should try and make it more serious. Ask him out," she replied.

I burst out laughing. "Come on! You met Gabriel. He's not the steady-date-settling-down kind of guy," I said, wiping my eyes. "Anyway, I don't feel like that about him, he's just a friend," I added quickly.

Mandy gave me a 'yeah, right' look, which I pointedly ignored. Even if I did feel...more...for Gabriel, I wasn't ready to think about it yet. "Well then, if you're both not looking for a real relationship, why don't you just continue with the casual sex thing, 'cause it sure sounds like you need it, and he obviously has no problem helping you out. Just give him a call!"

I gave a very un-ladylike snort, "What, like a booty call?"

She grinned salaciously, "Well, the man does have a mighty fine booty! I'm not so attached that I didn't notice y'know."

I just shook my head disbelievingly, getting back to work as Jeanie and our boss Rose arrived. The day was long and difficult, as every time someone came through the door, we'd be hit with a wave of heat, one of the downsides of the open-plan studio.

I was progressing with my apprenticeship quite well, and Rose was even letting me do some basic block colouring on a few of her regulars, although I was still mostly practicing on fake skin or pig's meat. Rose worked me hard, getting me to do all her little jobs, but she wasn't one of those teachers who spend years hazing me and making me fetch coffee. She seemed fairly confident in my skills, although I was still nervous about messing up. I mean it's not like you can just say 'oops!' and grab the eraser. If you fuck up, it stays fucked up.

For most of the day, my mind was too busy to even think on what Mandy had said, but just after lunch I was doing inventory and my mind started to wander. As ridiculous as Mandy's proposed 'booty call' had sounded at the time, I had to admit, the thought intrigued me. And if I were being perfectly honest, I would admit that the thought had occurred to me before, more as a fantasy than anything else, but I had dismissed it because I didn't know how Gabriel would react.

But although I definitely wanted to call him, I didn't think I had the nerve. I felt like the Cowardly Lion, dreaming of big things, but too chicken to see them through. I hated how my bravery would come and go.

Finishing with the cupboard I was looking through, I turned and bumped into Mandy. She didn't say anything, just handed me the cordless phone and gave me an expectant look. I guess I don't need courage when I've got an annoying receptionist on my side, huh?

Sighing, I punched in Gabriel's cell and waited, breathing a sigh of relief when it went to voicemail.

"Hi! It's, uh, me. Kes I mean," IdiotIdiotIdiot "I need to talk to you, privately. I get off work at three, so if you could call me then or something, that would be great. Um...bye," I hung up, mortified.

Mandy was shaking and biting her lip, struggling not to laugh.

"Don't you dare! This is your fault, you know," I glared at her.

"That was the worst seduction I've ever heard!" she gasped, losing the battle.

I just growled at her and went back to work.

A Friend In Need

As I turned onto my street, I saw Gabriel's truck parked outside, next to one of those super-low, super-fast, super-shiny cars that just scream 'I've got more money than you, nyeh-nyeh'.

Gabriel was wearing faded jeans with an oil-stained white t-shirt, obviously just off work himself. He was leaning against the hood of his car, strong arms crossed over his chest, shaggy black hair shadowing his eyes. A thin sheen of sweat coated his body, thanks to the stifling heat, and I had the sudden desire to lick it all off. Yum.

But as I pulled up into the driveway, a tall willowy blonde stepped gracefully out of the sports car and walked toward Gabriel, hips swaying temptingly. I tell him I need to talk privately and he brings a date?!

I cheered me up a little to see him gently but firmly push her away as she tried to wrap her arms around his neck.

"Gabriel," I greeted, a little unsure of what to say, especially with the blonde bombshell standing right next to him, giving me a curious look.

"Hey Babe, I got your call, and figured we could talk now, since you're brothers will be working for a good few hours," he smiled, making muscles clench in my belly.

The blonde gave me a dirty look as soon as Gabriel called me 'Babe'. Looking back at Gabriel, I asked, "Who's your friend?" still a little pissed that he'd brought her along.

"Rebecca du Monte. I was just in the area when I saw Gabe's car and I just had to say hello!" she purred, wrapping her arm around Gabriel's. In the area, my ass. Nobody drives cars like that around here. "And you are?" she asked, her voice dripping with false friendliness.

Gabriel gave me a pained look and removed her hands, pushing her gently away. "This is Kes Ramirez. And as you can see, we're busy so..." he answered for me, turning his back on her, clearly suggesting that she leave. "What was it you wanted to talk about?"

Rebecca just laughed, obviously refusing to take the hint. Irritation shot through me, so I decided to give her a reason to leave.

I stepped quickly up to Gabriel, my body grazing his. Sliding my hand around his neck, I pulled his head down to mine, and whispered in his ear, "I want you to fuck me." I know Rebecca heard, because she gasped at the same time I felt Gabriel's body tense against mine. I only got a brief look at his shocked face before I turned around and walked back to the house calling out over my shoulder, "Lovely to meet you Rebecca!"

I didn't look to see if he was following, I didn't need to, as I heard Rebecca calling out plaintively, "Gabe? Gabe!"

As I stopped momentarily to unlock the front door, I felt him behind me, the warmth of his body burning through me, his hot breath teasing my neck. I pushed through the door, and heard it slam shut behind me as an arm looped around my waist and Gabriel pushed me none-too-gently against it.

He crowded in close, not actually touching me, but near enough that I could feel the heat radiating from his body. His large palms were flat against the door on either side of my head and his talented lips were bare inches from mine. He was so close, I couldn't look at him without going cross-eyed, which made me giggle. I never giggle.

"That better not have been a trick to get rid of Becca," He growled, his voice dangerously low.

This was it. Make or break. Did I have the guts to tell him what I wanted?


Of course not.

So I kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him close, putting every ounce of passion and desire into it.

His response was immediate. As soon as my lips touched his, he closed the distance between us, burying one hand in the damp hair at the back of my neck and using the other to pull my hips towards his, letting me feel his rock-hard erection.

His return of my kiss was just as heated, just as desirous; and it sent my head spinning. Before I knew it, he stood back, tossed me over his shoulder in a classic fireman's carry and began walking up the stairs.

"This is not dignified," I complained, although the close up of his butt was pretty nice. He just grunted and swatted my ass, continuing his journey towards my bedroom. "Caveman," I muttered under my breath, although apparently he heard as I felt silent laughter shaking through his body.

But all amusement was gone as soon as we got to the room. I found myself once again pinned against the wall, Gabriel's lips fused to mine, his hands tugging at my clothes. Suddenly, I was wearing only my bra and panties, and I decided that Gabriel had too many clothes on.

I pushed against him, turning us round 'till he was against the wall, slipped my hands under his t-shirt and pulled it slowly up, following my groping hands with hot kisses. Gabriel moaned, and lifted his arms long enough for me to remove his shirt. I had to stand on tiptoe to get it over his uplifted arms, and when I did so, my whole body rubbed deliciously against his, causing me to shudder.

As soon as his hands were free, Gabriel twisted, switching places and grinning. "My turn."

He dropped to his knees, hooking his long fingers in the waistband of my panties and slowly drawing them down, doing as I did and following the path of his hands with his mouth. Once the panties were free of my legs, he kissed his way back up my legs, gently kneading my thighs and stopping to nibble on the delicate skin of my inner thigh.

His mouth was so close to where I wanted him, he'd only have to move an inch and I'd be screaming. But instead, I whimpered as he stood up slowly, his hands still on my thighs. My protest stopped as soon as I saw the burning fire in his eyes. What ever was going to happen next would be worth the torment.

He dipped his head, claiming my mouth almost savagely, and I felt his right hand leave my thigh. A moment later, I heard the sweet sound of his fly being unzipped. Before I could react, he lifted me up and plunged me down on his hard cock, driving the air from my lungs. I immediately wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him in even deeper.

He didn't give me time to adjust, but began thrusting hard, fast and oh-so-deep. There was no pain like our first time, although I did feel very stretched, but it was all pleasure. I could only cling to his shoulders as he pounded me into the wall. I knew I would be bruised in some very interesting places, but to be honest, I just didn't care.

His lips moved from mine, tracing down my neck, nibbling at my collarbone. Still holding me up with one large palm cupping my ass, he reached behind me and began fumbling one handed with my bra.

"Stop!" I demanded. He immediately stilled, his worried eyes searching mine. "Not that, idiot!" I groaned. Reaching between us, I unsnapped the clasp of my bra. "Front loader."

He grinned, and immediately began thrusting again, his warm mouth capturing my scream as I exploded a few moments later, Gabriel still pumping into me, drawing out my orgasm until he joined me, moaning low and spilling inside of me.

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