Fisher's Catch Ch. 02

byAlan D©

"He's right, girls," Kathy said quietly. "We have been very selfish. We want it to be a pleasure for Jeff as well, not just for us. So when he says we have to slow down, we have to slow down. What do you want, Jeff?"

He sighed. "First of all, please understand that this is every man's dream, and I don't want it to change. But maybe we can save up my orgasms a little, to maybe two a day. I love all the touching and fondling and teasing, and we can make love in so many ways, but if you notice me getting close to coming, you have to stop, unless it is agreed that we will see it through. We will only do that twice a day, once in the morning and once sometime in the evening."

"Can we still fuck?" asked Rebecca, in a worried tone.

"Yes, of course," he said, "but you have to stop when I get close, so I don't come. If I do, it's all over until then next time. Of course, you can always manage without me?"

They looked at each other. "You mean like Mom and me" said Elizabeth.

"Sure," he said, "or you and Rebecca." They both blushed. "Or all three of you," he said with a smile. "I'd enjoy watching that."

Kathy smiled. "I think I understand," she said. "I'll take care of it." That night he slept in Kathy's bed again, - alone. She slept with the girls, and their laughter and rustling went on for a long long time.


Without much persuasion on Jeff's part they found themselves heading for a dive shop the next day. Jeff had his Rescue Diver certification, and knew the owner pretty well. He quickly agreed to give the girls a 'resort course', and stayed with them as they went through the drill. Just before lunch, they went for the first dive. They went to a lovely reef at 25 feet with full tanks and excellent visibility. Everyone felt very comfortable, and had good fun. At that depth, Jeff could have stayed down forever, but the girls hit 500 on their tanks after little over half an hour, so they reluctantly came back up. The girls' happy faces and bubbling enthusiasm was contagious, and the dive master agreed to let the skipper take them alone to another reef for a second dive, about the same depth.

"I know you are a good, careful diver, Jeff," he said before he went back to the dive shop. "The next reef is very safe and you'll enjoy it a lot."

As they sped across the water, Jeff explained some more to the girls "If you breathe with long slow breaths, your air lasts much longer," he said. "Don't work hard at anything. It's just like snorkelling, kick slowly and steadily, and breathe long deep breaths."

That dive was even better, with better air use and better buoyancy control. Jeff was very pleased with them.

It was he who started it. He should have known better, but he couldn't resist running his finger along Elizabeth's pussy as she swam by him. She turned with a swirl of silt and stared, first spooked, then with a slow, wicked grin as she realized what had happened. From then on it was open season. Jeff suspected the skipper could see them from above, but he didn't care. This was a new and exciting game. The girls' breasts were hidden in their BCD's, but everything below the waist was fair game. The bikini bottoms were easily pulled aside for access, and Jeff's loose suit legs were no hinder. A trickle of air from the octopus gave an incredible sensation as it passed over his scrotum or an open pussy, and even if they occasionally did break the cardinal rule about not holding ones breath, some strategic tongue action was also possible. Jeff kept an eye on the air supply and signalled for ascent. They all went up slowly, smiling and holding hands.

They climbed aboard, Elizabeth and Rebecca just before him. Jeff stifled a laugh as he saw both pussies bare to the wind, their bottoms pulled aside and never repositioned. He managed to point it out to them in the boat, and he didn't think anyone noticed, but their farewell with the skipper was extraordinarily friendly, with entreaties to please come out with him again.

The night they all went to one bed. With the girls keeping him on the brink the whole day with teasing and fondling, they were ready for some unadulterated sex. "I want to go first," Rebecca said. "I have the most to catch up with." Jeff smiled tenderly at her and pulled her down to him. "Don't laugh at me," she pouted, "I'm not being funny."

"I know, pumpkin," Jeff said, "but you are so young and so eager that I can't help smiling with you."

"OK," she said, slightly mollified, "but I still want to go first!" He kissed her and held her tight. She squirmed around, sitting up on him and reaching down for his dick.

"Not so fast," Jeff said teasingly. "Slowly is much better." She slowed down her movements, but still reached down for him. She slid down until she faced his erection and slowly lowered her mouth over it. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Elizabeth and Kathy holding each other and looking fondly at the young girl with his prick in her mouth.

"She's a fast learner," he said with a smile.

"And she has a great teacher," said Kathy, also smiling. She gasped as Elizabeth reached down and slid her finger down the crack of her ass.

Rebecca had got into a slow languorous rhythm with his prick, stroking, sucking, twirling and licking from crown to base and back up again. Every so often she would sink his prick as deep as she could, leaving just a few inches outside. He could sense her efforts in trying to get him all the way in.

"Take it easy," Jeff said. "It will come, don't try so hard." He lifted her and turned her around, still attached to his prick until she was facing his legs. He lowered her until he could reach her pussy with his lips. As he made first contact, her mouth contracted and he was afraid she would bite him. She soon settled down again and they licked and sucked each other with great contentment.

"I want it in me," she said suddenly, lifting her head.

"Stay there," he said, sliding out from underneath, leaving her on her hands and knees. Jeff lifted her ass up a little, to get better access and positioned his prick at her cunt lips. "Are you ready? One, two..." and on two he slid straight into her, bottoming out at the first stoke. Her breath went out in a whoosh and she almost fell down.

"No fair!" she exclaimed. "You didn't count to three."

"I never said I would," he retorted and started fucking her. This was what she was built for. The dimpled, baby-soft ass was covered in fine hair, and her swayed back shone with perspiration. She moved with grace and precision, meeting his every stroke at precisely the right time. He feasted his eyes on her ass, as he fucked her. Her pussy was pulled alternatively in and out as they moved, and her small, rosy asshole winked in time with their fucking.

Jeff reached under and grasped her breasts hanging down, full and soft like cream puffs. He teased her nipples as they moved, making her breath ragged. He looked at Kathy, "Join us," he mouthed silently. Kathy slid down under Rebecca and moved her head towards their middle. He knew she was in place when an agile tongue started licking his balls. Rebecca also got attention, her head jerked and he knew Kathy had found her engorged button with her tongue. With unfocused eyes, Rebecca looked down at Kathy's pussy just beneath her. Slowly she bent her head and kissed her mother's cunt. His throat was constricted with emotion. They were so beautiful! Kathy and Rebecca were locked in an embrace, with him as the extra leg on the stool. Still, they fucked on, in a steady pace and with increasing muscle tension.

Jeff felt Elizabeth beside him. She reached for his hand and put it on her pussy. "Please," she said hoarsely. "Make me cum, too." He placed two fingers in her gaping cunt and pushed in, his thumb on her hard nubbin. She reached out blindly for him and found his ass. Kathy, seeing the finger sneak down, was ready to receive her. She moistened Elizabeth's finger with Rebecca's juices from her mouth, licked Jeff's ass and nudged Elizabeth's finger to his asshole. Slowly Elizabeth pushed it in. Rebecca's asshole winked at Jeff still. He moistened his finger and pushed it into the second knuckle. Rebecca reared her head, but Kathy pulled her back to her aching pussy.

Kathy' s tongue and Elizabeth's finger compounded the hot clasp of Rebecca's pussy and Jeff finally let go. The long day's accumulated lust boiled over all at once. And once again he was the trigger for them all. Rebecca came noisily and happily shouting out in ecstatic joy, her face still in her mother's pussy. Elizabeth stiffened on his finger and came with a shake and a shudder, biting her lips to keep the cry in. Kathy was last, humping frantically for a few seconds before she too went over the cliff, soaring in glorious pleasure until she landed with a last lick at their combined juices, now flowing all over her face. Elizabeth cried out at the sight, and fell on her mother's face, licking and kissing until all trace of juices were gone. Rebecca and Jeff looked on in awe.

"That was...." Rebecca started, but obviously couldn't find words to describe it.

"The best yet?" Jeff asked.

She sighed happily. "Exactly" she said.


Jeff awoke refreshed, to face a breakfast served in bed by three naked ladies. They took turns. One was feeding him, one was fondling or gently sucking on his dick, the third was in a chair facing the bed, legs wide apart, stroking her cunt for his enjoyment. Two mouthfuls, then change. By he time he finished the food, he was stiff and twitching, but hadn't come. He was getting the idea. They were clearly determined to keep him hard and aching all day. "Too bad it is all ending today," he thought.

Jeff's three nymphs got up on their hands and knees on the bed, side by side, with Kathy in the middle. He watched them as their hands came down and played with their pussies, stroking them, opening them to his gaze and dipping a finger in every now and then. He stood there almost helpless to move, staring at the sight before him. The three red pussies were looking back, and each anus winked at him. He kissed Kathy's cunt softly, then Elizabeth's and Rebecca's. He went back in the cycle, touching, licking, probing, one after the other, spending maybe 30 second on each.

Their differences became clearer as he got to know them more intimately. Kathy's cunt lips were full and dark in color, with a bright coral inner gash and a ruby red clitoris. The size and color was more subdued in Elizabeth, but although it was very tight, her pussy gaped open more, with a beautiful layered channel disappearing deep into her. Rebecca's was almost pink in comparison, but with edges that were still a little red and puffy from the day before. He kept doing his rounds, and slowly extended his area up the perineum to their assholes. Kathy and Elizabeth reacted with deep moans of pleasure, but just like the other two had done in the days before, Rebecca hesitated and pulled away a little.

Jeff held her hips, firmly but gently and spent more time on her. She relaxed and started pushing back. He then dipped his finger in her pussy and slowly pushed into her anus. She gasped, but kept still. When he withdrew, she made a small protest sound, but stopped when she heard the other two respond in turn to his anal probing. He went back to his cycling, his prick jutting straight out, a dark red spear of flesh, dripping and twitching. Suddenly he had to do something more. He moved up to the pussy he was at and slid his dick in to the hilt with one stroke.

Elizabeth jumped as if she had been skewered and let out a sharp cry. He pumped in and out five or six times, slowly and deeply, then moved one over. Kathy reacted the same way when Jeff once again slid to the full depth of his hard prick. She accommodated him with ease, yet held his prick like a hot glove. He gave her the same few strokes, then moved to Rebecca. She knew what was coming by then and had her tail in the air, inviting him in. It wasn't quite so easy getting all the way into her succulent cunt, but what a feeling, gripped tight in a velvet vice, bottoming out, then sliding through into her womb.

"Aieeee!" she cried out with passion and perhaps a little discomfort. "You are ripping me apart!" Jeff pulled back and slid in, again five or six times, then pulled out.

Jeff looked again at the three, their hands were now holding open the deep channels he had just probed, and their secretions were dripping down their legs. Back again he went. Dipping in one for a while, then another, and another. The pace increased, and he now had his finger on each clitoris as he pummelled each cunt. Elizabeth came first, with a crying, wailing sound from deep within her. He rode her until she calmed down and went back to the other two. Rebecca was next, a sudden spasm overtook her and she threw her head back, neck muscles rigid, and clasped his prick so tight with her inner muscles that he was unable to move. She shook and cried out, then just as suddenly collapsed.

Kathy was waiting patiently for her turn. She turned her head and looked at him for the first time since she got into position. Her expression was one of deep joy. "Take your time," she whispered. – "if you can." Jeff smiled back and entered her, slowing down the pace once again. She sighed with contentment and fucked him back with a slow, steady rhythm. He reached under her arms and held her heavy breasts in his cupped hands, not squeezing, just gently jiggling them and sliding his palms over her rock hard nipples, then held her gently again. She reached under and cupped his balls, feeling them and sliding her hand all over his sack, holding with gentle pressure. He kissed her neck and she turned her head again. Their tongues entwined as they kissed with abandon, necks straining with the awkward position.

"Touch my ass. Please, - my ass," she whispered. Jeff kept stroking her pussy, while he dipped his fingers in her nectar and started circling her anus. She was impatient, and raised her ass to encourage him inside, and he obliged, his finger slipping easily inside, - then another.

Jeff felt another hand on his balls. Rebecca! She pressed against his back and kissed it. Her hard nipples pushed against him, and he twisted around for a kiss. Her eyes were moist and wide open. She kissed and breathed in his ear, staring at his prick, disappearing and appearing from her mother's cunt, and at his fingers deep in her mother's ass. She breathed harder, aroused once more.

"It's so beautiful," Elizabeth said in his other ear, also kissing him. "So beautiful..." She stroked her mother's back and the globes of her ass. She dipped her fingers in Kathy's pussy and moved them to her mother's ass, pushing his hand aside. Her fingers slid into the willing asshole, and she began a slow stroke, in time with his plunging prick. Rebecca was suddenly in position by her mother's side again, back swayed and with her hands busy in her own cunt. They came out dripping, and with just a little grimace, she quickly slid them into her own asshole. After a few strokes, however, she went back to her own pussy, pinching and pulling. Kathy suddenly pulled away, and Jeff's dick stood swaying in the open. She reached down and positioned it at her asshole.

Elizabeth's eyes opened wide as she pulled her fingers out. "You can't..." she started, but by then it was obvious that he could, - and would, His prick already moving firmly into Kathy's ass. Rebecca could tell that something was happening. She sat up and looked as well, with a look of astonishment, rapidly turning to fascination and sheer lust.

Elizabeth was equally fascinated. "Me too," she said hoarsely. "Oh god, do me too!" Jeff gave Kathy's ass some more strokes, then placed his prick at Elizabeth's inviting anus. She pushed back, but was still too tight for entry. He used three fingers, then four and told her to relax her sphincter. She did, and he quickly put his dick at her back door again. This time it popped inside and he continued with a slow, steady shove. She was incredibly tight in that virginal hole, too. The texture was so different, with a different slickness; the ring of her ass held him in and her internal muscles spasmed around him. He pulled out and pushed in once, twice. Then back to Kathy's ass. Rebecca had watched in fascination as Elizabeth was opened and finally allowed him inside. She looked at Jeff uncertainly, half wanting to try it as well, but unable to bring herself to do it.

"Jeff, - I don't think I want to..." She trailed off with an unhappy face, as if she felt she had let him down. Jeff slowed down his action and smiled at her. That's OK, little one," he said tenderly. "Do you just want to watch or do you want me to do your beautiful pussy some more?"

She laughed happily, and took her place again by her mother's side. "Yes, please, some more in my pussy would be nice."

"Can we do that, too, Jeff?" asked Elizabeth, "I am getting a bit sore back there..." Jeff pulled out of Elizabeth and looked questioningly at Kathy. She said nothing, but the way she grasped his prick and stuffed it back in her ass needed no words to let him know her desire.

Once again Jeff did his duty to the three red-tailed dears in front of him, keeping each of them panting for more as he switched. Every hole was wonderful, every woman straining and reaching for a mounting orgasm. He had reached a plateau where he was indefatigable, He felt like he could fuck like this for hours, always on the brink, but never going over the edge. It didn't last of course. Rebecca came with a rush, then Elizabeth, each dropping down on the bed as the aftermath of another intense orgasm shook their bodies.

Kathy and Jeff were left by themselves again, and he kept switching from one hole to the other, Kathy's hand helping the transition eagerly. "I want your seed in my womb," she gasped. "I am on the pill, so don't worry, but I want to feel it spurting in my womb." He came, she came. They both stiffened in every muscle and almost rigidly he pulsed inside her while she grasped him inside and sucked it out of him. Then they fell to the bed, their limbs tangling with the others as they lay there.

"Oh my God! That's only number one for today," he thought dreamily. "And they are going to keep teasing me all day, I just know it."

The girls and Kathy decided they were at least going to set him up with supplies for the coming week, so after lunch they went shopping again, piling into the jeep as usual. The drive to town became one long sex-show, as they drove through the uninhabited area from the remote house. Kathy wore a loose long skirt and a shirt, buttoned down the front. Elizabeth wore loose shorts and a t-shirt as usual, and Rebecca a short skirt and a halter top, also buttoned in the front. Kathy opened her shirt as they drove away, her breasts happily sticking out from underneath. Her skirt fell apart over her legs, showing that she wore no underwear. Spreading her legs, she lazily stroked her pussy, looking at Jeff the whole time. She came with a shudder, dipped her fingers in her pussy and brought them to his lips. "Just an afternoon snack," she said mischievously, leaving her damp cunt open to his eyes.

"Hey, Jeff," said Elizabeth from the rear. She had her legs on the back of his seat and looking in the mirror, he could see up her loose shorts to her equally red, equally aroused and equally bare cunt. She too began to masturbate for him, but then Rebecca's hand came sneaking down to take over the stroking. She opened Elizabeth's cunt lips for him to get a better look, and pushed two fingers deep in her hole, leaking juice all down her legs. Jeff was struggling with the driving and the mirror. The mirror won, and he slowed down at the side of the road. Elizabeth was soon at her climax, and watched his eyes in the mirror the whole time. Her taste was equally intense when Rebecca offered him some from her fingers.

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