tagGay MaleFishing Trip Ch. 02

Fishing Trip Ch. 02


Ch. 02: The Hot Tub

I awoke to the sound and smell of hamburgers sizzling on the stove. Mark was still nestled in the crook of my arm. His soft steady rhythmic breathing was very comforting. I glanced over toward the kitchen and saw that Bob and Greg were happily preparing dinner. It seemed that the knowledge that we were four bi/gay men sharing the house had completely set them free. Before they noticed that I was awake I had the chance to observe them. They looked every bit the happy couple as they worked together to prepare the meal. Their body language and expressions conveyed a picture of serene marital bliss. There was an occasional touch and even a kiss. I wondered how two men so obviously attached to one another had managed to hide their feelings from the world for so long. I hoped Mark and I could do it as well. I knew my only hope for my new relationship to survive would depend on our ability to be as Greg and Bob had been for years.

"Mmmmmmmm smells good," Mark said as he lifted his head from my shoulder.

"Hey guys. It was our night to cook so we got started. Hope you don't mind simple. We just made salad and some pasta to go with Bob's gourmet burgers," Greg said followed by an oddly seductive wink.

I never really knew why but Bob had always made the best hamburgers on the planet. He always said it was due to a special ingredient. I think everyone had always been afraid to ask exactly what ingredient.

"Don't forget the desert babe," Bob chimed in.

"Oh yeah, my big linebacker stud baked some special brownies," Greg said with pride.

I was pretty sure what was special about the brownies. Funny thing was that Bob had not been a big pot smoker back in college due to football. By the time most of us had all but quit drugs he had become very much into pot. Being a health enthusiast he had always preferred brownies to bongs. He figured he could exercise away the extra calories.

"Maybe, we should eat desert first to build up an appetite for dinner," Mark jested.

"I was thinking that they might build up an appetite for something else. I already got the hot tub warming up," Bob said with a gleam in his eye.

"Damn are you this horny all the time big guy?" Mark asked as he grabbed us a couple of beers.

"Well the truth is I have been hot for you two guys since sophomore year. That is why I made Greg come and barge into your room last night, to be honest," he replied.

I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or angry over his candid admission.

"If you were so hot for us, why didn't you ever do anything about it?" I asked and took a long pull on my beer.

"Fuck, I tried like hell to drop hints. You guys were just too damn straight to get them. I couldn't just ask you to fuck me. Besides you wouldn't have done it anyway back then. Over the years you were both happily married and clearly straight city..or so I thought," Bob answered with a big shit eating grin.

"Come on let's eat before he gets on his knees and tries to suck your dicks right now," Greg said only half kidding.

Thankfully the talk turned to sports while we ate. I was nervous about the upcoming evening's activity and needed the distraction of what I considered normal male conversation. Mark's body language told me he too was a bit uncomfortable with the sudden openness on the subject of gay sex. When we finished eating Mark and I insisted on cleaning up and shooed the other two out of the kitchen. Bob went out back to check the water temperature and Greg busied himself selecting some music to play. By the time the dishes were done Bob and Greg were dancing to Donna Sommers's Love to Love You Baby. They were really hamming it up. Mark and I couldn't help but join them.

"Geez, I thought disco died over twenty years ago," I said happily as I awkwardly tried to match the beat of the music with my swaying body.

"Not in gay bars," Bob said and blew me a kiss.

I knew I was going further into the world of guy/guy sex than I intended. However, I figured the rest of the trip was going to be like one of those lost weekends. At that point I was pretty much up for anything as long as it wouldn't fuck up my chances for a long relationship with Mark. His smiling face told me that he was in a similar mood. After the song and a couple of brownies, Bob declared that he was ready for the hot tub. Without waiting to see if the rest of us were coming, he stripped naked and headed out the back door. The rest of us joined him still fully clothed. The star filled night and the view of the purple shrouded mountains in the distance was awe inspiring. The glimpse I got of Bob's semi-erect cock just before it disappeared below the bubbling water was almost equally as awe inspiring. Of course as stoned as I was watching paint dry might have been awe inspiring.

"Shit, you dumb fucks aren't planning to get in here with your clothes on are you?" Bob asked clearly disappointed we weren't naked.

The look on Mark's face seemed to be saying that he didn't know he was still wearing his clothes. Pot had always had a heavy effect on him. Greg started to undress and Mark turned to me as if he was going to ask a question. Instead he pulled me into his arms and gave me a big, wet, deep kiss. The kiss continued for a few minutes to the appreciative applause and whistles of Greg and Bob.

"Damn that man definitely is in love with you, Jerry. I suggest holding onto that hunk," Bob said gleefully.

"So you wanna get naked with these hairy apes?" Mark asked when I finally managed to pull my mouth away from his.

At that point I wasn't really sure. I think I would have been happier to be going up to bed with just Mark. I had a feeling that the evening was going to involve anal sex. I had hoped that the first guy I fucked would be Mark. I thought that would make it special. I knew for sure I wasn't going to let anyone but Mark fuck me. When that happened it was definitely going to be just the two of us. Instead of answering him, I just grabbed the bottom of his tee shirt and pulled it over his head. As my hands went to his waist and began to open his belt he unbuttoned my shirt. It was almost like our friends simply didn't exist. We just stared into each other's eyes. Soon we were left with just our underwear. My heart was pounding. I knew once we removed the last pieces of clothing it would be time to jump into the deep end. We were both rock hard. I was excited and terrified at the same time.

Mark leaned forward and gave me a little kiss before saying, "Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, here goes!"

He slipped his thumbs into the waistband of my undershorts and knelt down as he pealed them off me. I was surprised when he began to lovingly lick my twitching cock to the appreciative comments of our friends in the hot tub. After a couple of minutes he stood up and mouthed that it was my turn. Somehow I summoned up the will to repeat what he had just done. I carefully pulled his underwear over his engorged cock and then down his legs. As he stepped out of his boxers I glanced over toward the hot tub. My little show had Greg and Bob's full attention. I leaned in and kissed Mark's balls before swirling my tongue all around his enticing cock. At that point I no longer cared who watched me suck my lover's cock.

"Are you two going to join us in the tub or just put on a show?" Bob asked after a few minutes. I stood grabbed Mark's hand and moved toward the hot tub. Our erections proudly led the way. It was a large tub that could easily accommodate a crowd. There was a set of steps on either side. Mark let go of my hand and we ascended separate steps. Bob was on the side where I was getting in. I didn't get past my ankles in the water before he moved in front of me.

"I got to have that delicious looking cock in my mouth," He declared in a tone that seemed to come from genuine lustful desire.

As he took my rod in one hand his other hand found my ass. As I watched Mark slip under the bubbling water, Bob began to bathe my excited cock with his warm, wet tongue. Soon he had me in his mouth. He moved his other hand to my ass and began to guide me. He was all but forcing me to fuck his mouth. He took me so deep that I could feel his chin touch my balls and his nose nestled in my pubic bush. Clearly all of his years of practice had made him a very accomplished cock sucker. I was feeling lightheaded from the combination of the amazing blow job and the steam rising from the swirling waters. I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating when I looked over and saw Greg and Mark making out. Just when I thought I was about to explode in his mouth, Bob stopped and stood up.

"Damn you have a great cock, Jerry. I want you to fuck me like a little bitch with it!" He declared before pressing his lips to mine.

I felt like clay in the hands of a master sculptor. I could not have denied his tongue entrance into my mouth for anything. Oddly I kept my eyes open as our tongue began the wild dance. I wanted to see my lover's reaction to me kissing another man. I had already felt my own mixed emotions over seeing him kiss Greg. There was a small bit of jealousy, but mostly I found it exciting. I had not imagined that the foursome would include kissing. I thought it would be all about sexual activity, just sucking and fucking. I could see that more than kissing was happening on the other side of the tub. Even with the bubbles it was obvious that Greg and Mark were jacking each other's cocks as they kissed. I thought for a second I saw a slight smile in the corner of Mark's mouth when he realized I was watching him.

As Bob and I kissed our cocks rubbed together. In my heart I wanted the first man I fucked to be Mark. However, in that moment I knew I would soon be fucking Bob. I also knew that making Bob my bitch would be a very different experience from making love to Mark. That realization made it ok. Before long Bob with Greg's help was orchestrating the ultimate all male four way. They got Mark to sit up on the edge of the tub so that his cock was accessible for sucking. Greg slid neck deep into the water between Mark's feet. Bob braced himself with his hands on either side of Mark's hips. His feet were wide apart exposing his ass for my cock. In that position, Greg could suck Bob while Bob sucked Mark. I was able to stand on one of the seats just behind Bob. In that position my cock was nearly perfectly aligned with his asshole.

As I stood there not really knowing how to fuck a man or any anus for that matter, Mark smiled at me and gave with a quick wink. It felt like he was saying it was ok for me to fuck Bob. I managed to guide my cockhead to his puckered entrance. I had assumed that some kind of lube would be involved but Bob assured me the hot water had him lose enough. Greg told me to fuck Bob good and hard before engulfing his cock.

"Come on show me how you treat a bitch!" Bob demanded before starting his oral worship of Mark's cock.

I held onto Bob's hips and pushed my pelvis forward. For a second I thought I my cock would lose the battle with his anal sphincter. Then he pushed back and I popped inside him. I had never felt anything so tight on my cock before. Even with a cock in his mouth, Bob's erotic groans were clearly audible. I continued pushing my cock slowly into his rectum until I felt his wet ass touch my body. When I stopped he pushed back as if trying to capture more cock. I was amazed that he so easily took every bit of my shaft into his ass. He released Mark's cock and looked back at me.

"Come on baby, give my cunt a good fucking now!" He cooed seductively before returning his attention to Mark's cock.

I could see Mark's eyes were fixed on me as my gaze was fixed on his cock being sucked. I pulled back until just the very top of my dick was inside Bob. Then I abruptly slammed forward going ball deep into him.

"Argggggggggg, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fueuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" He moaned around Mark's cock.

Since he didn't try you stop the assault I assumed that he wanted more. I began pounding his ass which had somehow loosened up so that it felt like he had a pussy. I was fucking him so hard at that point that I could feel a slight pain from my balls bouncing against him each time I hit bottom. Watching my lover being sucked by the same man I was fucking caused an indescribable erotic feeling. I saw that Greg had to grip the base of Bob's cock to keep from being chocked by the monster as I fuck the big jock. Just as my cock's crashing into Bob's prostate sent him over the edge, Greg pulled away. Bob's cock spewed cum all over Greg's face and into the bubbling hot water. When he came Bob's rectum clamped onto my dick. I exploded sending a torrent of cum into his bowels.

Bob's muscles had such a hold on my dick that I couldn't pull away. He didn't release me until I felt as if every ounce of fluid inside me had been deposited inside him. When he finally let go of me I staggered back and collapsed onto a curved seat. The warm swirling waters felt good. Then Bob, let Mark's still ragging hard on slip from his mouth.

He looked up at Mark and said, "Your turn."

Mark moved behind Bob and Greg took Marks place on the ledge. As Bob's ass was wide open and well lubricated with my cum, Mark had no trouble going ball deep in the big man's ass. He demanded that Mark fuck his bitch cunt the same as he had demanded me to fuck him. As Mark began his assault, Bob went to work with his mouth on Greg's cock. Mark seemed like he was possessed as he rapidly pistoned his cock in and out of Bob's ass. After the blow job he had just received it was not surprising he didn't last long. Mark added his cum to mine and was soon sitting on the sidelines cuddle up with me while Greg took his turn in Bob's ass. Greg had amazing staying power. It must have been at least fifteen minutes before Bob got a third load of cum in his ass. When Greg fell away panting, Bob hauled himself up onto the ledge.

As he set there with his monster erection standing proudly on display Bob asked, "Who wants to help me with this?"

Mark and I both wanted to taste that foot long hot dog. As we moved toward him, Bob pulled his feet up onto the deck. He spread his legs wide and planted his heels giving us room to get at his cock and balls. We took turns trading off between sucking his balls and his cock. Neither of us could get much more than half of his big prick into our mouths but we both gave it a mighty effort. With all the dildo practice Mark was the better cock sucker and ended up getting the first taste of Bob's cum. Surprisingly Bob's second orgasm of the night seemed to produce as much cum as the first. After a couple of spurts his cock jerked free of Mark's mouth and I managed to get my own taste.

After spraying both our faces, Bob leaned back panting, reveling in the sensation. Mark and I licked Bob's cum from each other's faces and then kissed for awhile. I was hard again, but decided that I had had enough of the hot tub and the foursome. When Greg climbed out and tapped Bob on the shoulder I was very happy.

"Come on big boy, I think it is time for bed," he said almost dreamily. "It was great guys. I know you made one big fag very happy, right babe?"

"Yeah I am one delirious mutha-fucking homo right now. You guys are two hot fuckers. Don't forget my ass is always open for you," Bob said as he slapped Greg's ass playfully.

Greg helped Bob to his feet and we all said our goodnights.

"So you ready to go to sleep too?" Mark asked after they were gone.

"Not ready to sleep, but I sure as hell want to get out of this water. I am so pruned up I can't believe I am still hard," I said and guided his hand to my crotch to show him my condition.

When we climbed out of the water I saw he was in the same condition. We rinsed off in the outdoor shower and headed to our room. We sucked each other off serenaded by the sounds of Greg fucking Bob in the other room. Afterwards we cuddled up and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. It had been an amazing week. But as I fell asleep I was bit sad knowing that there was only one more night before we had to return home.

The next morning felt a bit odd to me. There was no discussion of the previous night or anything to suggest we were now a group of bi guys. However things were clearly different between our little group. Bob had come down wearing just a pair of boxers which he had been known to do on rare occasion. However, that morning when his long dick slipped out of the opening he didn't bother to put it away. I also noticed that Bob was only sitting on half of his ass as he drank his coffee at the kitchen counter. I didn't have to wonder why. Mark and I were done with breakfast and ready to get out to the lake for our last day of fishing by the time Greg stumbled down the stairs. He had at least bothered to put on pants, though he was shirtless and barefoot. We told them to join us later if they liked and headed out with our fishing gear.

As Mark and I sat by the lake waiting for a bite we talked about the future. We both very much wanted to find a way to continue our new relationship once we got back home. We also both said the dreaded L word. We meant it in more than just a love for a friend way as we had when we said it two nights earlier. In a short time we had gone from nearly life-long best buddies to romantic lovers. I wasn't all that sure I hadn't felt that way for a long time and just not let out.

"I know it will be easier for me since Jill doesn't care about having sex anymore and I am sure she would be happy if I got it elsewhere," I said after a bit, "But still I hate the idea of lying to her."

"It isn't going to be easy for either of us. But I think it will be worth whatever it takes. If I thought I could be honest with Suzy that would be my first choice. But I know she would never understand," He replied.

"Yeah, damn shame that, because I have all but decided to talk to Jill about separating."

"Man, you can't fucking dump your marriage over this. We are not gay and we can never have a full time thing!" Mark objected.

"It isn't only over this. Maybe it isn't at all over this. I don't expect that you and I will ever be a full time couple. But these two days with you have shown me that something more than I have is out there. Fuck maybe I can find a nice girl like Greg has that understands and accepts bisexuality."

"You think you can have it all?"

"No, because I can never do this in front of anyone," I answered as I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply.

"Yeah, I never really thought about how hard it is to be outside what society says is the norm," He said sadly after the kiss broke.

Just then I got a strike on my line. As I was reeling in a big trout, Bob and Greg showed up.

"Damn, are we actually going to have fish for dinner?" Greg said wide eyed over the size of the trout I had caught.

"Not unless you two get busy fishing, this fucking trout is a whopper but still not enough for four," I said as I removed the hook from my catch.

As it turned out the fish were biting like mad and we ended up with a half dozen good size keepers. We actually could have kept a dozen more but there were only four of us and one night to eat them. After a couple of hours we headed back to the cabin. We decided that a celebration cigar was in order before showering. Mark and I were the last to come down after the showers. I am sure that Bob and Greg figured we were fucking since it took so long. But we actually were just enjoying a little quiet alone time. We knew no matter how the future played we wouldn't often have the luxury of just being together.

Greg in addition to being the clown of the group was the only one who could cook fish worth a damn. That night both attributes came into play. He had really loosened up and embraced the idea of being with a group of bi guys. When we came down he was wearing an apron emblazoned with the slogan "Kiss the Cook!" Since he had his back to us we saw that he was completely naked underneath. It was a sexy look on him. Bob was relaxing in the living area drinking a beer. It as a bit like he was playing Ward Clever to Greg's June. Of course the pearls were missing. When Greg turned and saw us he played the galloping gourmet to the hilt.

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