tagGay MaleFishing Trip Ch. 03

Fishing Trip Ch. 03


The next morning was filled with the usual last day activities. We had fallen back into being four old friends on a fishing weekend. The beds needed to be stripped. We had a quick breakfast and then cleaned up the kitchen. Greg very carefully stashed the porn DVD's back where we found them. Once the cars were loaded up we had a quick hug. Mark was taking the first shift driving and didn't make any move to follow Greg and Bob's car down the long driveway.

When they were out of sight he turned to me and said, "I wanted a minute alone with you before we returned to the real world."

"You can have all the minutes you want," I replied candidly.

He leaned toward me and put his hand on the back of my head. I didn't offer any resistance as he pulled my face to his. The kiss was tender and sensual. I felt more loved than I had for a very long time. It was at least ten minutes before he pulled back.

"Wow you are some kisser babe!" I exclaimed.

"You too," He said through a brilliant smile. "I wished we had more time and I promise to find a way to make this all work out."

"Once I separate from Jill it will be easier. I will have a place were we can be alone," I said as he turned the key in the ignition.

"I am truly sorry about your marriage man."

"Yeah well, I should have done something a long time ago, By the way so you don't worry, I am not going to tell her anything about being bi and the thing between you and me."

"I wasn't worried; I know you would never hurt me."

We both fell silent. After a few minutes I turned on the radio and found a classic rock station. For the next hour and a half we sang along to old songs. At the halfway point Mark pulled into a rest stop. He pulled around to the auxiliary parking area. It was a light traffic day so we were the only ones in the area. There was a park adjacent to the rest area with several hiking loops.

"Want to take advantage of the hiking trail?" He asked.

That question had a whole different meaning then it would have on the way up to the cabin. I had hiked on that trail a couple of times. The terrain was fairly level and the surrounding woods thick enough to conceal activities from prying eyes. It was obvious that it was not a walk Mark was interested in.

"Sounds good, I need a stretch," I answered not committing to any extracurricular activities.

We walked about a mile of the four mile loop when Mark stopped. We hadn't seen any evidence of other hikers. We were alone in the woods.

"Shall we walk off the trail a bit and find a private spot to make love?" Mark asked.

He didn't wait for an answer and I followed him into the tangle of bushes. Luckily we found a small clearing before we had to fight through too much underbrush. Looking back I could not see the trail and knew that anyone walking there would have a hard time spying us. Unfortunately the ground didn't look too inviting. Instead of a nice bed of grass there was a combination of rotting leaves from the previous year, moss and vines. I was hoping not to end up with poison ivy on my ass.

I don't think Mark cared about anything but sex at that moment. As I looked up at the beautiful canopy of green over head, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply. Before I knew it he had my pants were around my ankles and he was stroking my hard rod. He stopped me when I tried to undue his jeans. Instead her knelt before me on the damp forest floor and began to lick my balls. His hunger was evident when he took my cock into his mouth. The excitement of my lover deep throating me while we were surrounded with such natural beauty had me shaking.

"Oh fuck babe I am going to cum!" Was all the warning I could manage before spraying his tonsils with my seed.

He swallowed every drop and stood up licking his lips. This time I wasn't going to let him dissuade me from lowering his pants. When I knelt before him I didn't even care that my knees were nestled in the damp leaves. I sucked him with the same vigor he had used on me. It is amazing how quickly I had become adapt at cock sucking. The combination of my lips and tongue on his shaft and my fingers fondling his balls soon coaxed him to cum. I still wasn't good at holding a spurting dick in my mouth and got the last globs on my lips and chin. I quickly licked my lips and used my finger to capture the rest of his seed. I couldn't get to my feet for a minute because my wobbly lover was using my shoulders to keep from collapsing.

After that we quickly pulled up our pants and kissed for a minute. I wondered what he would tell his wife about the muddy knees of his jeans. I didn't have the same problem since my mud stains were on my skin. I would have a chance to shower before Jill could spy them. It took us a few minutes to reorient ourselves. During our passionate encounter we had lost track of the direction we came from. Once we got the right direction we returned to the trail and headed back to the car. As I drove the rest of the way to his house we once again fell into a radio sing along.

Since our little stop had put us behind schedule, I didn't have time to visit with Mark's wife as I normally would. I quickly moved my stuff from Mark's trunk to my car. Instead of the kiss I wanted I had to settle for a goodbye handshake with Mark. Even a hug might have seemed suspicious to Suzy who already looked puzzled over Mark's half-assed reason his knees were muddy. He told her he had tripped at the rest stop and landed in a wet spot. I hoped his breath didn't smell like semen when they kissed.

As I was getting into my car Suzy said, "You will have to come over when you have more time."

Her seductive smile made me wonder what she had in mind. It was very much like her come hither look I remembered from when I had dated her. Mark had said she grew wilder with age. I wondered if a threesome might be possible. Her next line quashed that thought. "We should plan something with you and Jill. The four of us haven't been together in ages."

I agreed that it was a good idea before pulling away. My drive home was sad and lonely. I knew that there was nothing waiting for me but a cold relationship. I still loved Jill, but not enough to deny my happiness any longer. The kids were old enough to understand. I decided to take a week to think about things and then talk to Jill the following Saturday. The kids were going to be spending the weekend with my parents so it would give us plenty of time to talk. As I expected when I came in the house I got a perfunctory kiss on the cheek.

"Geez you stink! Don't you guys bathe while you are at the cabin?" Jill said as she grabbed my laundry duffle. "Good thing the maid is in tomorrow. I am sure as hell not washing these fishy clothes."

That exchange cemented my resolve to end my marriage. Funny thing was I was horny and really wanted to fuck her at that moment.

"How about joining me in the shower and washing my back for me?" I asked playfully.

She smacked me as she answered, "Damn, just because you been out in the woods talking sex with the boys for a week, don't mean when you get home I can drop everything and spread my legs for you. Now go wash that stink off ya."

I went on upstairs and took a long hot shower. By the time I came out, my skin was red from the pounding hot water and the bathroom looked like a steam room. I knew that I was going to hear complaints about messing up the bathroom. I also knew that Jill was going to fuck me whether she liked it or not. I had had a taste of a caring willing partner and wasn't going to let her deny me that night.

After dinner the kids went out giving me the perfect opportunity to seduce my wife. As she was putting away the last dish I slide up behind her and captured her in my arms. I began to kiss her neck and tell her how much I wanted her.

"Come on cut it out, Jerry. I haven't been on vacation like you."

"Baby, please, we got the house to ourselves. Let's get wild like we used to when we were young!" I said as I slid my hands up and started fondling her tits while pressing my body into her still voluptuous ass.

"Damn, Jerry, I said no. You aren't a kid anymore. Grow up!"

I whipped her around and spoke sternly as I stared into her eyes, "Jill I am tired of this shit! You are my goddamn wife and that implies certain things. I think asking you to fuck me every now and again is definitely my right. You want to just lay there fine, but you are coming up to bed now!" She looked shocked more than anything as I grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward the stairs. She didn't really resist me. I am not certain if she was scared because I was so obviously angry or maybe she liked the idea of me forcing her to have sex. When I threw her onto our bed and began to undress myself she just laid there wide eyed not moving.

"Damn it, take your clothes off or I will rip them off you, bitch!" I barked as I tossed my underwear aside and approached her wearing only an erection.

"Jerry, please, why are you doing this?" She asked almost convincing me she was actually upset.

However, there was not a single tear in her eyes. I was certain she was just play acting.

"Because I am sick to death of having a frigid bitch for a wife that won't even fuck me. Maybe you think only young people should like sex but that is bull shit. If only half of what my friends tell me about their sex lives is true, you are the abnormal one!" I yelled as I grabbed a hold of the fabric of her skirt.

As I tried to tear the cloth from her body she protested, "Wait, please don't rip up my clothes. I will undress for you."

She stood and quickly shed her skirt and blouse. I wasn't sure if she was shaking from excitement or fear. I didn't much care. I was going to finish what I had started. I impatiently grabbed her panties and they tore as I tried to pull them down. I was certain I saw just a hint of a familiar lustful look in her eyes. Though she was fighting it, she was turned on by my rough aggressive actions. She quickly removed what was left of her panties and then shed her bra. I told her to get on her knees and suck my cock. I was rather amazed when she actually complied without further protest.

As she knelt before me naked doing her best to pleasure me it felt almost like the old days. I guess it isn't always true that if you don't use it you will lose it. She definitely hadn't lost her cock sucking ability. As she sucked me I began to think of Mark. I definitely did not want those thoughts. I pushed her back and ordered her to get up. Again she complied without protest. When I bent her over the bed I thought about doing her ass instead of her pussy. But I had nothing to lube her up with and despite my rage I didn't really want to hurt her. So I just grabbed her hips and slammed my cock deep into her cunt. She was wetter than I remembered her being in years.

"Oh god, yes!" She screamed as I began pounding her suddenly willing pussy.

It was only due to cumming in the woods hours earlier that I did not cum right away. After about ten minutes of fucking her from behind I pulled out and flipped her over onto her back on the bed. I practically pounced on her. Her legs wrapped around my torso as I entered her again. We rocked on the red for five or six more minutes until we came together. I couldn't remember the last time I had heard her cum. For the first tiem ever I had forced someone to have sex with me and in the process given my wife pleasure she hadn't allowed herself in a long time.

I don't know when she left the bed. But I woke up alone cuddling my pillow the next morning. On my nightstand was a note written in her meticulously perfect handwriting.

Jerry, Last night made it clear that our marriage is over. I am sorry I have not been the wife you need for awhile. I want you to know that I love you and believe that you love me. I am not angry over what you did. I can't lie, in the end I have to say I enjoyed it physically. But it made me realize that I can't go back to being who I used to be. I had thought that as I changed you had changed too. Clearly, I have just stifled your true self. I got the kids off to school and then went to a hotel. I need to sort out my feelings before I talk with you more. Please do not tell the kids yet. I will be back in a day or so and you and I can figure out what to say to them together.


I felt like I had been given a get out of jail free card. I also felt bad that it had happened the way it did. I will never understand what came over me that night. I guess that frustration and desire grew into rage. A rage I was powerless to control. The next day Jill returned and we talked. It was all very civil. She had been feeling like there was a wall between us for some time. We both knew that for whatever reason we had simply grown apart. After we spoke to the kids that night, I moved into the guest room. We had agreed that she would keep the house and the kids would live full-time with her. Our son was already sixteen, his sister thirteen. They understood as well as any kids do when a breakup happens. I was going to get an apartment which would have bedrooms for them to visit me.

The last time I made love to Jill she was the aggressor. Three weeks after the fishing trip our kids went to my parents again so they would not have to be around when I moved on Sunday. I had spent the day making up missed work on Saturday and ate dinner out that evening. I only saw Jill briefly when I got home. After a shower I had climbed into the bed in the guest room and was reading. Since there was no chance of kids barging in I remained naked as I lay in bed. It never occurred to me that Jill would pop in. She just opened the door and came in without knocking. She was wearing a very sexy, sheer nightgown that I had never seen.

When I reached for the sheet to cover up she cooed, "Don't."

I stopped cold and stared at my still voluptuous, youthful and very attractive wife.

"Jerry, I know you are leaving in morning and this is the last night we will spend together. I want you to make love to me and sleep in your arms one more time," She practically moaned in a demure fashion.

I don't think that I could have denied her anything at that moment. Even if her sexy outfit and demure pronouncement that she wanted to fuck me hadn't turned me on, I would have still consented to her request. I slipped from the bed and went to her. I kissed her cheek as I took her hand in mind.

"You are beautiful," I whispered as I led her to the bedroom we had shared for almost seventeen years.

We had made our daughter in that room while our son who was conceived in our first home together slept in the adjacent nursery. Now we were going to put an exclamation point on the end of our marriage. When we entered the room she steered me to the side of the bed. She kissed my lips softly and then sat down. With her hands on my ass she guided my already hard cock to her mouth. She used her tongue to bath my cock from the tip to the base and back. When my cock was shinny with her saliva she moved to my balls. As she nudged my legs apart she slipped down to the floor and got her mouth directly under my sack. She licked and sucked my scrotum for a long time the way she had when we were dating.

She moved back further and I felt the tip of her tongue tease that oh so sensitive spot between my balls and anus. She hadn't put her tongue on my asshole in over ten years. But suddenly she was urging me to bend over the bed. She spread my ass cheeks with her fingers. I could feel her perfectly manicured nails press into my flesh. I cried out when her tongue touched my anal rim. She lapped at me with more enthusiasm than I could ever remember her showing. She even pushed her hot wet pink tongue inside me a couple of times. I was glad she didn't put her finger inside me because I was so excited I am sure it would have made me explode all over the bedspread.

I have no idea how long she rimmed me before sliding her still silk covered body up my body as she turned me around. We kissed with my hard throbbing cock pressing into her through the sexy nightgown. I gathered the silky translucent material in my fist and began to pull the fabric up. She backed away from me for a moment to allow me to pull the sexy garment over her head. I tossed it aside and began to suckle her supple breasts. After a few minutes I lifted her off her feet and laid her on the bed. The look in her eyes said she thought I was going to take her right then. But I had other things on my mind. I wanted a last taste of her sweet pussy. She pulled her knees up and opened her thighs as I crawled between her legs. She squealed when my tongue found her clit and my two-day growth of stubble brushed her wet pink labia.

I sucked and licked and fingered her until she screamed for me to stop. I have no idea how many times she came. But I was sure it was likely more times than she had in the last few years combined.

"Please, fuck me now!" She cooed as I looked up at her with my face covered in her juices.

I crawled up her body and was shocked when she actually allowed me to kiss her. She had always told me that tasting pussy on my lips was a turn off. It didn't seem to be that night. She welcomed my kisses as her pussy welcomed my cock. It was a slow long gentle fuck. I slid in and out of her as she encouraged me to give it all to her. We came together and were left gasping in each others arms for several minutes. As we cuddled and caressed one another enjoying the afterglow, I started to make a mistake.

"Baby, maybe, we made our decision too fa..........."

She cut me off before I could get too far down what we likely both knew would be a disastrous path.

"Baby, that was wonderful and I think we both needed it. But if we don't go through with our plan we will soon be as unhappy as we were. I want the end of our time together to be happy. I want you to be happy from now on. "

"Oh god, you are right. I am sorry. I will carry the memory of this night in my heart always. I will never not love you, but I sincerely hope we can both find what we need to be happy."

We kissed and were soon happily sleeping in each other's arms for the last time.

The next morning arrived and I saw Jill naked one last time before going off to the guest shower. It was moving day which was now both a sad and happy occasion. I had talked to Mark on the phone about what was happening and he had enthusiastically insisted on coming to help me move. Besides my clothes, I was only taking a few pieces of furniture and other stuff to get me through until I did some shopping. Our basement had held our old living room furniture and bed in storage. I was taking those along with some old kitchen stuff and the television from my den. I knew I had to go shopping soon as I had no furniture for the kid's rooms. I wanted to make sure that they had a place all set yup so they would come visit soon and often. Not seeing them every day was going to be the hardest part for me.

Mark arrived promptly at nine as he had promised. He seemed almost giddy when I greeted him. I was pretty sure that we would be having sex once the moving was completed. We quickly loaded up my car and his old pickup truck. We both hugged Jill and were off. I had chosen a nice apartment complex about halfway between my house and Mark's house. Being closer to my lover wasn't my only motivation for choosing that location. It was close to work so my commute would be drastically reduced. Something I had wanted and Jill had resisted for years. I figured it wouldn't be too far for our son to drive to see his friends if he was sleeping at my place. I stopped for some beer to have on hand and met Mark at the new place. He was already carrying stuff up when I arrived. We made short work of the unloading and headed in together. I wondered if any neighbors that saw us might have thought that we were a gay couple.

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