tagIncest/TabooFishing with Dad Ch. 02

Fishing with Dad Ch. 02

bySean Renaud©

Chapter 2: The Hike

Lila narrowed her eyes to stare at a tiny mud speck on her nose giggling as she tried to focus on the tip or her nose. "Daddy?"

"Yes princess?" Mark asked rolling onto his side to stare at his daughter's naked form.

"How are we going to get back to the car?" Her eyes were hungrily roaming over his chest again memorizing the paths his veins took. Lower she was tracing over his toned stomach and below that his now flaccid cock. Even soft as it was he was still as big as her boyfriend had been.

"I don't know honey. It isn't really what I'm thinking about right now though." Mark rolled over onto his hands and knees crawling over to his daughter. "We have to get you cleaned up. I mean just look at you. You're all dirty. You have mud on your nose." He reached up and ran his hand over her cheek and down lower over her breasts. "And on your breasts and smeared all over your stomach too." He said as he continued to run his fingers over her flesh painting her brown.

"Daddy!" She squealed pushing him over onto his back and slinging mud over his chest at the same time. Lila started to get back to her knees when he pushed her back down into the mud.

"Relax princess. I don't mind that you got a little dirty. In fact it's kinda cute." Mark gripped her by the hips flipping her easily onto her hands and knees. "I like the way you look with all that mud on you." He started running his fingers over her back leaving clean streaks in the mud.

A smile crept over Lila's face as she looked over her shoulder at her father. Her nipples were brushing against the wet grass only inches above the mud. Her hands were already caked in filth sinking into the soft earth to support her weight. She could hear the mud squishing beneath her knees as she spread her legs for her father.

With all the mud coating his hands and his daughter's hips Mark could barely get a grip on her flesh. Finally he managed aiming his cock into her warm folds and thrusting. Lila gasped as her father stretched for the second time driving deep into her womanhood. A second thrust forced a squeal from her lips and a third forced her hands from beneath her plopping her face down in the mud.

"Princess?" Mark asked starting to pull out.

"No Daddy, don't stop. Fuck me." Lila groaned turning her head enough to speak. She started grinding her hips back against him dragging her face and tits through the mud as she did. Mark moaned as he stared down at his own daughter naked, covered in mud and fucking him. There were streaks on her upturned ass from where he'd tried to grip her firm body. "Daddy!"

Air rushed into his lungs as he took a breath he hadn't been aware he was holding. Gasping for air he started returning his daughter's thrusts pumping steadily into her tight pussy. Lila was trying to form words, trying to beg him to go faster but she couldn't seem to form words. Instead an unintelligible string of vowels continually poured from her lips.

"Princess!" He shouted still trying to grip her hips as his rhythm was lost in his climax. A few rapid shallow thrusts followed by one final deep push that ground his daughter through the mud painting her belly brown.

Lila squealed as she felt her father's cock throbbing inside her and the warm splash of his cum between her thighs. Her own orgasm crashed over her locking her pussy down like around Mark's cock. Lila rested her head on her arms smiling like an angel with her hair forming a halo on the muddy grass.

"That was great Daddy. If I'd known this was what fishing was like I would have come sooner!" She giggled looking at him over her shoulder. His arms were trembling to hold his weight before he collapsed on her.

"That was great honey." He searched for a moment for a clean spot on his daughter's face and gave her a soft peck. "Well I guess we need to clean up again." With a grunt Mark pulled free of his daughter and started to stand up.

"Wait Daddy!" Lila said quickly turning over to sit in the grass. When her father stopped she took his hand and got to her feet. Once there she took a mud covered finger and wrote "Daddy + Lila" on his chest with a heart around it. "I love you Daddy."

Mark would have been laughing at the ridiculous thing his daughter had written on his chest but instead he wrapped his arms around her. He gently pressed his lips to her forehead before whispering. "I love you too my princess. Now come on." He scooped her easily up into his arms and walked back out in the water. Once it was just past his waist he lowered his daughter. "Now hold still." He smiled down at his Lila remembering the last time he'd bathed her. It had been so innocent then when he wasn't taking extra time to scoop water over her nipples. When he hadn't caressed her buttocks and even spread them a little as he rubbed the mud from her flesh.

Last time she'd been in this position she hadn't cupped her father's balls either gently kneading them with her fingers. She certainly hadn't started stroking him hoping to get another performance out of him so it brought a disappointed pout to her lips when he pushed her gently away.

"Not yet princess. I'm not young like you're boyfriend. I need time to recover. Besides we should start heading back to the car. I figure it's probably a good two maybe three miles." Mark shielded his eyes from the sun peering in the direction of the parking lot. "Yeah it shouldn't be too far." He pointed to the horizon. "See that's the park sign we parked next to."

Lila nodded dumbly in response staring at her father's naked body. The water glistened on his skin giving him an even more chiseled appearance that sent her heart fluttering. "Can I get a piggy back ride?" Her finger slipped between her lips sucking it seductively as she skipped over to her father leaping up into his arms. Pressing her lips against his cheek just beneath his ear. "And maybe a pony ride after we get to the car?"

A hot blush lit Mark's face as he looked down into his daughter's shining eyes. She was just staring up at him fluttering her eyelashes at him with a beautifully coy smile. With an indulgent sigh he turned around and squatted down waiting for his daughter. "Thank you Daddy." She whispered huskily leaping onto her father's back and wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he started to walk.

There wasn't even the slightest stutter in his stride as he carried his daughter through the woods. Strong legs easily strode over the grass as his beautiful daughter clung to his shoulders occasionally laying a soft kiss on his chiseled flesh. "Daddy?"

"Yes princess?" Mark replied gripping the backs of her knees and hiking her up higher on his back.

"How was your first time?" She could feel literally feel the heat coming off his neck as he thought about it.

"It wasn't with your mother if that's what you're asking."

"No silly, I just want to know. I'll tell if you tell." Lila replied nipping playfully at his earlobe. Her tongue teasingly glided over the captured flesh before she stretched it again. "I want to know all about it."

"Her name was Karen, a black girl with the most amazing green eyes. I still remember her eyes to this day and her hair. It was bright red when I met her but it was naturally more of a maroon shade and it matched her caramel coloring so well." He smiled at the memory still walking along the lake.

Lila was staring out ahead of them watching families of ducks scamper out of their path. "Tell me more Daddy." She whispered gently rubbing her toes over the tip of his cock.

Mark jumped beneath her a half smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth as he remembered more about her. "She and I worked together and blah blah blah all that stuff doesn't matter. The point was that she and I went out the train tracks. There's a 7-11 there now but when I took her out there, well she took me I didn't have a car; it was nothing for at least a mile. Not even a streetlight. Karen was a bit of a slut and once my friend fell asleep she pulled me out of the car and started sucking my dick."

"Mmmm. Was it good?" Lila had managed to get both her feet around his shaft now, just playfully stroking at the tip as she begged for more details.

"She was amazing, she could deep throat, told me her boyfriend made her do it all the time. When it was happening I thought it was great because it was my first time. I wish I had never broken up with that girl, she could suck. Well eventually she started licking my balls and jacking me off." Mark squirmed slightly under his daughter's attention feeling blood pumping back into his shaft.

"Tell me how you fucked her Daddy." Her hot breath poured over his ear with each word.

"It wasn't anything special, she leaned herself over the hood of my friend's truck and lifted her skirt. She didn't bother to take off her thong she just pulled it aside and let me slide in. I remember hearing her nipple shields dragging back and forth over the hood." A shiver went up his spine partially from the memory and partially from his daughter's attention. "I came in a second. I was so embarrassed. She smiled and told me not to worry about it. She thought it was flattering that she got me off so fast."

"She was a nice girl." Lila mused staring out the lake. Most of the ducks had escaped onto the glassy green surface swimming in little circles now.

"Yeah she was, she got back on her knees and started sucking me off again. I've never met a girl since her that would do that." Mark stopped for a moment as well to just stare out at the water and admire the beauty of the outdoors. His gaze turned upward to the fluffy white clouds lazily floating across the sky.

"Do what?"

"Suck me off after I've been inside her. She just kept sucking and sucking till I was hard again. Then she climbed up on the hood and spread her legs for me to go again. That was much better. There really isn't much more to tell, I came I think she came and we called it a night. What about your first time?"

Lila sighed playfully kissing along her father's broad shoulders. "Well Chad was my first. Prom night it was so funny. I knew he wanted me just by the look in his eyes when we got to Prom but he wasn't sure how to put it so he kissed me and started fumbling with my dress. Do you remember that dress?" Mark grunted in response. "Well I can tell you it was hard to get into but it was nearly impossible to get out of. I think we tried for half and hour before giving up and just wriggling my hips out of it."

Her cunt was starting to get wet again as she spoke. Not that memory of her first time with Chad, it had been awkward for them both. It was the thought of having her father again that had the teen dripping like a faucet. She continued her story though grinding her hips against the small of his back. "Anyway it was in the back seat of his car. I couldn't even see because my dress was in the way and he didn't warn me before he stuck it in. God it hurt for the first minute or so. Least it only lasted a minute since it was his first time too. Almost ruined my dress though." She rolled her eyes and kissed him again.

The fading afternoon sun was glistening on glassy lake coloring the whole world a glorious orange hue. A single white cloud floated idly across the sky dragging its shadow across the pair before the light faded completely. Lila pressed her soft feminine form against her father her hardened nipples grinding against his shoulders. "It's pretty huh?" She swooned staring out at the fading sunlight.

"Not nearly as beautiful as my baby girl." Mark replied staring back sliding his hands up along her thighs and pulling her farther up on his back. "It is breathtaking though."

"Daddy." Lila breathed into her father's ear nipping at his shoulder leaving a light red mark behind.

"Yes princess."

"One last time before we get in the car?" She slowly ran her foot down over his cock again before stretching for the floor placing her dainty feet on the soft grass. Mark spun around in her grasp and gripped her hips lifting her up to the tips of her toes as they kissed. "I want to..."A blush colored her face as she started nervously chewing on her lower lip kneading his cock between her fingers.

"You want to what?" Mark asked pressing his lips to his daughter's cheeks then to her forehead and over her eyelids. One by one he covered her face in gentle kiss to pry the answer from her sealed lips.

"Suck you off Daddy. I've never let anybody do that I want you to be special." She whispered pleading with him through batted lashes.

The words to argue with his daughter just couldn't form. There was no chance for Mark to disagree as she slid gracefully down to her knees and wrapped her fingers around his cock stroking it steadily.

Lila took a deep breath as she stared at the piece of meat in front of her. The tip was already glistening with pre-cum that she spread slowly with her thumb. Her Father was huge; she hadn't realized how big he really was until she was staring at it. Only inches from her face she knew he had to measure at least seven inches. By comparison her boyfriend had just over five and nowhere near the girth of her father. It took her a moment to get over being intimidated by her father and just open her mouth letting him slide past her lips.

Mark's fingers popped as he clenched his hands into a fist then relaxed then clenched again trying to find something to do with his hands. More than anything he wanted to grab her pretty head and guide her up and down faster but he didn't want to hurt her. His fingers finally wrapped around a low tree branch squeezing for all he was worth as his daughter bobbed up and down.

It was harder than she'd imagined taking her father completely. It had been so simple to press her boyfriend's belly with her nose. It hardly made sense that she kept almost gagging and having to back away. Her tiny fist pumped furiously over his shaft as she stared up at him desperately swirling her tongue over his creamy flesh. "Cum on Daddy." She smiled up at him just dragging her tongue around the crown of his cock. "Let me swallow, let me be a naughty little girl." She kissed the tip of his cock still stroking as she looked up into her speechless father's eyes. "Can't speak?" She teased playfully running her tongue over his hairy nuts.

He nearly leapt out of his skin at the touch of his daughter's tongue bucking his hips forward against her hand. The mischievous smile on her face was almost too much to bear. As soon as Lila realized she'd hit a nerve her tongue went to work rapidly lashing back and forth as she jacked him off. "Just tell me when to swallow Daddy." She punctuated the last word by sucking his balls into her mouth. Mark's hips bucked again as his entire body tensed up.

There was the sound of the tree limb being torn from the tree just before he came for the third time that day. The entire first blast landed on his stomach, the second dripping down onto his daughter's hand before she could close her lips around the tip sucking the last tiny blast down her throat.

Mark's legs started to tremble as he saw his daughter finish swallowing what little cum he had left. The branch hit the floor with a thud bouncing in the leaves just before his legs gave out from beneath him dropping him down on his rear. "I've got you Daddy." Lila whispered wrapping her arms around his chest and supporting his weight. As badly as he wanted to collapse Lila wouldn't let him. Instead she clutched him to her breasts their rapidly beating hearts matched in pace. His chest heaved against hers as he struggled to regain control of his limbs.

"I can't feel my legs." Mark said weakly wriggling his toes.

"Don't worry, the car isn't much farther. I'll help you." Lila gripped his hand between both of hers and struggled to pull him to his feet. She pulled one of Marks arms over her shoulder and supported him as they walked the last few yards to the car.

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