tagIncest/TabooFishing with Gail

Fishing with Gail


Matt Harris looked at his watch for the hundredth time as he drove over the narrow country road. It seemed to him like he was never going to get to his place in the North Georgia Mountains. He glanced over at the young woman asleep in the seat next to him. His eyes traveled the length of her long shapely body. Her long tan legs were stretch out across the seat as she leaned back against the door. The one good part about this trip was having Gail come with him. She had been pleasant company until a short while before when she finally fell asleep.

He and Gail had left before lunch that Monday to go to the cabin him and his wife, Tina, had on a large private lake. Gail was his daughter-in-law. She and his son, Todd, had been married about a year but they had been together since JR High School. He had known her ever since she was sixteen years old. He had thought she was a real beauty back then but now she had matured into a beautiful young woman. The thoughts he had about her wasn't the kind a father-in-law should have about his son's wife. Looking at her sleeping didn't help his condition much. His cock had been hard most of the trip.

They were going up early to do some fishing. Todd and his mother didn't like to fish but Gail was like Matt, she loved to fish. Todd had to work and would be up Friday night. Tina didn't like the cabin much at all. She would rather just stay in town and let them go fishing alone. Since Todd was not going until the weekend she was going to ride up with him. They had finally talked Matt and Gail into going on up and they would come later.

Matt didn't know about Gail but he was just as glad Todd and Tina had not come along. He got tired of them gripping about the rustic cabin and the fishing. Being with Gail for a week alone was a lot more pleasant.

He had taken advantage of her sleeping to observe her shapely body. She was about five seven and a hundred and twenty pounds. She had light brown hair that she had tied back in a ponytail, making her look even younger than her twenty-one years. Her breasts were full and firm and he was quite sure that a bra was not holding them up. The little bumps where her nipples pushed against it attested to the fact that a bra was not part of her outfit. Her dark brown eyes and ready smile was what made her beautiful, rather than just attractive.

Matt had watched as she filled out her clothes each year. The little bikini she used around their pool wasn't meant to cover up much when she was just sixteen. Now at twenty-one it had a whole lot more to cover. He was glad that she never bothered to cover it all up. He thought he must be a dirty old man to be attracted to his daughter-in-law. He found out that he couldn't help himself when she was around. Some how he managed to not make a fool of himself since Todd and Gail had married.

Gail could feel his eyes on her as she started to wake up. She knew that he thought she was attractive and went out of her way to look good when she knew he would be around. With her body and looks she had been stared at by men since she was a teenager. It didn't bother her to know men liked looking at her. She was glad that men found her attractive and that her father-in-law wasn't any exception.

She had noticed many times the effect she had on him when she would be in her bikini. At sixteen she wasn't nearly as innocence as she appeared to be. She and Todd started having sex about that time and were very lucky that she hadn't ended up pregnant. Once she had sex she was more observant of her effect on others. She had seen the huge lump in Matt's pants even back then.

Her eyes still closed, she let her body stretch on the seat before him. She was sure he had been looking at her all along. She couldn't help teasing him just a little more.

She liked her in-laws. Both Matt and Tina had always made her welcome in their home back before they married. Matt and Tina had married young and were just now turning forty. Both had kept in good shape and looked more like thirty than forty.

Her mother-in-law was a small petite woman with all the right curves. She was a blond that didn't have to use coloring on her hair. She still looked extra good in her swimsuit, which caused even Todd to notice.

Matt was tall, over six feet, with dark hair and dark eyes that had a way of looking at a woman that said he liked what he saw. Gail liked the way Matt was still in such good shape. She often wondered just how big the lump was in his swimsuit. Looking at Matt was like looking at an older version of her husband. If Matt was anything like Todd then she had a pretty good idea what made such a large lump in his suit.

Matt watched as she stretched. Her arms thrown back pulled the blouse tight across her tits and her nipples seemed to be larger than before. Then she sat up and drew her feet up under her. Matt's eyes had turned back on the road but he couldn't do anything about the lump in his pants. Gail's eyes dropped down below his waist and weren't at all surprised to see he was having trouble hiding his hard cock.

She looked back up. "How much farther to the cabin?"

"We are almost there. Another fifteen minutes should do it. I am ready to get out of this car for a while."

"Me too. I need to walk around and stretch my legs." He couldn't stop from dropping his eyes down to look at her legs. She just smiled and turned towards the window.

An hour later found them unloaded and their stuff put away. The cabin was just that, a cabin. It only had one bedroom and one bath. The other room was the den with the kitchen in one corner of it. Matt had built it himself when Todd had been just a toddler. Tina and Todd had never cared for the place as much as Matt had. They only came when he just made them.

Gail liked the cabin. She had been up once before with them when she and Todd were eighteen. That was the year before they married. It was on that trip that she found out she liked to fish. Matt had taught her how to bait her line and take the fish off. Before the week was over he had her cleaning them as well as catching them. She had been fishing with him around home several times since she and Todd married. Todd never went with them.

Matt told her to take the bedroom and he would sleep on the couch, which could fold out and make a bed. She insisted that he take the bedroom since he would need it when Gail came up later in the week. She knew that Gail wasn't about to sleep on the couch. He finally agreed to take the bedroom. The bath was opened from the bedroom and she would have to come through the room to get to it. Neither one considered that to be a problem.

The sun was going down by the time they had everything ready. Their stuff was stored in the one closet in the bedroom. The boat had been pulled out and put in the water. He filled it with gas and a few quick pulls and he had it running. He cut it off and tied it up for the night. They were ready to go at the first light of day.

He grilled the two steaks he had brought along for their first night. She worked up the salad and potatoes and had them all ready when the steaks came off the grill.

An hour and two steaks, with all the trimming, one bottle of wine later they set together on the porch swing and listened to the noise of the frogs and crickets. Matt touched her arm. "I am glad you came up with me. Just listen to the frogs and crickets; doesn't that just make the city seem so far away?"

Gail took his hand in hers and pulled it around her shoulders as she slid over next to him. She laid her head on his shoulders as she held his hand in hers. "I'm glad I came. I have only been up here once before but I remember how much I liked it then. I don't know why Todd and Mom don't like it here."

Matt was surprised when she slid over next to him and pulled his arm around her shoulders. Even thought she was holding his hand it was still laying between her breasts. He could feel the heat from her body touching him through her shirt. He found it hard to talk. "I guess it is too much peace and quit for them. They like the noise and lights of the city."

She squeezed his hand. "I wouldn't trade this for the entire city."

They set like that for the longest time. He slowly pushed the swing back and forth as she leaned back against him. The wine they had finished made the summer night that much better.

As much as he hated to have her move away from him he finally told her that it was bed time if they were going to get an early start the next morning.

She pushed away and stood up. "Thanks for such a beautiful evening. The food was good and the swing was even better. I am looking forward to the rest of the week." She moved away and went inside. "Let me get dressed for bed and then you can have the bath."

Matt waited until he heard the bathroom door open before he went inside. He met her coming from the bath. She almost took his breath away. She had on one of Todd's shirts that came only half way down her long lean legs. Her pointed nipples were clearly visible through the material of the shirt. He stopped and watched as she came towards him. "Todd never looked that good in that shirt." It came out before he could stop himself. He realized what he had said and quickly added, "I shouldn't have said that."

"Don't worry, and thanks for the compliment. I found that this sleeps better than a gown." She walked by him on the way to the couch. When she got even with him she stopped and turned towards him. She stood on her toes and kissed him softly on the lips. "Good night dad and thanks again for bringing me with you."

The kiss caught him by surprise. Here lips were soft and he could still taste the wine on her lips. The kiss shook him all the way to his toes. He finally said, "The pleasure is all mine. Good night"

He had a hard time getting to sleep that night.

Back in the City

Tina was glad when Matt finally finished loading the car. She kissed him bye and told him she would see him Friday night. She had to do a lot of talking to convince Matt and Gail that they ought to go on together since she liked to fish as much as Matt. It was only after Todd told her he was all right with it for her to go on that she agreed.

Tina had a good reason for wanting Matt to go on ahead. A couple of years before Tina had an affair that had gone on for about a year before it had to stop. It wasn't her idea to call it off but the young man was getting married and he didn't want to be cheating on his wife. Tina tried to talk him out of going but he insisted. She couldn't see the difference with him and her fucking before he married and after. She had talked to him several times since then and she thought he might change his mind now that he had been married for a while.

Matt was barely out of sight when she picked up the phone. "Matt is gone for the week, why don't you come over after work? We can have this week to ourselves. He can't even get a signal on his cell phone up at that old cabin."

All she got from him was an ok. "See you about six."

"I'll be waiting; you know where the bedroom is."

She could not wait until six. She loved Matt and sure didn't want to lose him but this young man took her back to her younger days when sex with Matt was fresh and exciting. She showered and started to dress when she decided to just strip and be in bed waiting when he got there. He might put up less resistance if he saw her waiting for him naked. Even thought he was twenty years younger than she was, she knew that she had the body to attract any man she wanted. So far only Matt and her young lover had been the only males to sample her sexy body.

Shortly before six she dimmed all the lights and unlocked the front door before turning back the sheets on the bed. Only the dim bedside light kept the room from being completely dark. She heard the front door open and close. The steps were slow as they moved up the stairs towards her open bedroom door. He moved as if he was doing something that he didn't want to do but could not stop himself. The memory of the year he had been to bed with her at every available opportunity was the driving force that kept him moving towards the room and her.

He moved to the door not knowing just what to expect after so long apart. His breath caught in his throat as he saw the naked woman lying in the middle of the bed. Her long blond hair spread out on the pillow beneath her head. He only paused for a second before she raised her arms up to him. All thoughts of cheating on his wife were gone in that instant.

He undressed in record time. As he moved up on the bed she pulled him to her and their lips met in a totally sexy kiss. Their mouths opened and their tongues were warring against each other as if to make up for the year apart. His naked body came down to cover her nudity as the kiss went on and on.

Finally without breaking the kiss he raised up on his knees between her spread legs. With one hand he reached down to grip his rock hard cock and guide it to her hot wet cunt. She had been waiting hours for this moment as his cock found her opening and pushed forward.

She raised her hips as he lowered his body. Her legs leaned farther apart as his body came down between them. At long last she was full again with his beautiful cock. Unlike him she had never worried about cheating on Matt even back when it first started. Matt was the farthest thing from her mind as his cock came to rest in the depths of her welcoming cunt. Her legs came up around his hips to pull him even closer.

She pulled her mouth away from his as his cock moved in and out a couple of times before stopping to feel her cunt sucking the cum right out of his balls. He had never been able to resist her from the very first time.

Her arms went around his naked shoulders as she squeezed him with her arms and legs. His cock was buried in her body as his naked chest rest against her naked tits. He couldn't wait any longer. He started fucking her slow at first and then faster and faster. Soon he was driving her hard against the bed on each stroke. She answered him move for move. Her hips were flying right along with his. His big hard cock was rubbing her cunt from the open to the bottom with each stroke.

It wasn't going to last long this time for either of them. His hips were driving like pistons as his cock was pounding away in her wet and soaking cunt. Tina was on the verge of her first climax and couldn't be quite any longer. "OH YES! FUCK ME, FUCK ME! Do it like you use to! Don't stop until you fill me with all your juice! OH Honey, why did you wait so long?"

With that she came. When his hot cum hit her cunt she almost blacked out from the feeling. It drove her over the edge again and she was cumin the second time as he finally came to a halt. His body collapsed down on her, completely worn out from the best sex he had ever had. It was even better than when they were first together. He finally managed to roll off so she could get her breath. His cock leaving her cunt sounded liked a stopper in a bottle of wine. His cum poured down her thighs and onto the bed sheets.

When she was finally able to talk she looked over at him lying next to her. Her hand went down his body and found his soft cock. She stroked him slowly as she looked into her son's eyes. "Oh Todd, why did you wait so long? I have thought of you every day ever since you quit."

"Mom, I wanted to come before, but I would think of Gail and it seemed so wrong for me to cheat on her. I guess I was worried about cheating on Dad as well. Not to mention that you are my mother as well. If Gail or Dad ever found out we would be ruined."

"I know, but I can't stop myself from wanting you. The year we were together was the best year of my life. I don't know how we managed to not get caught back then. Some of the times Matt was even in the house. We took a lot of chances but to me it was worth it."

"I knew that today would come again. When I am with Gail I think of you. I love her I sure don't want to lose her but I can't give you up again."

"I knew the first time I saw you with her I knew that I was going to have to have you."

"I remember you walking in on us and just watching. It was then I knew that I had to have my own mother."

A Year Earlier

Gail had been invited to come along with Todd and his mother and father to the cabin. Todd didn't care about going to the cabin at all but since Gail was going he didn't put up much of a fuss. He and Gail had been fucking for over two years then. He figured if he got her up there he was going to be able to get a little pussy sometimes.

The second day there he had his first chance. Matt and Tina had gone to town for more gas for the boat. They had barely left the house before they were on the bed fucking like nothing could ever come between them.

Tina had forgotten her purse and Matt backed the car back up to the house. While she went inside to get her purse he went back to the dock for another gas can.

Tina opened the cabin door and heard them at once. The sounds they were making didn't leave any doubt what was going on in the next room. She knew she should turn and leave but her purse was on the table in the bedroom. If by some unknown force she was being pushed towards the open bedroom door. At the door she saw her son pounding his cock in his naked girl friend. It was easy to see that this wasn't the first time for them.

Tina could not tear her eyes away from her son's cock as he fucked his girl. She could feel her cunt getting wet just watching them. Then in her mind it was she on the bed and he was fucking her. She climaxed with her eyes shut.

When she opened her eyes Todd was looking straight at her. He knew what had just happened to his mother. He never slowed down from his fucking of Gail as he watched his mother. He had never been so turned on as he was with his mother watching him fucking his girlfriend. He speeded up as his hips drove his cock faster and faster in and out of Gail's cunt.

When Gail climaxed he rose up and pulled his cock out and let his cum shoot over her body. It was a first time for him to do that to her. At first he wondered why he did it. Then he knew that he wanted his mother to see his cock as his cum shot from it. He collapsed on Gail, trying to catch his breath. When he looked back Tina was gone. Her purse was gone from the table next to him

Tina couldn't get the sight of Todd and Gail out of her mind as they drove into town. Even Matt asked her what was wrong.

Back at the cabin Todd acted like nothing had happened at all. Tina did her best to stay away from him. It worked until Matt and Gail left in the boat to fish some more before dark. If the boat had been bigger she would have gone with them just to keep from being alone with Todd.

Todd watched until the boat was out of sight on the lake before going back in the cabin. He knew that his mother had seen them and that she had climaxed while watching them. He was surprised that it hadn't upset him for his mother to see them. Gail never knew she had been in the room.

Todd had always thought his mother was a beautiful woman. All his friends were often telling him how hot his mother looked. At first it upset him for them to talk about her that way. As he grew older he found her being the center of his masturbation fantasies. Even after he and Gail stared having sex it was his mother he thought about during these jack off sessions.

Tina was reading a book when she heard the door open. At least she was holding the book; she hadn't turned a page since she set down.

Todd moved in and set down on the couch next to her. "Mom, we need to talk."

"Talk! You need more than a good talking to. I should tell your father what I saw. How long has this been going on?"

"A couple of years. Its just sex."

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