Fishing with Gail


Matt could feel her tremble under his fingers and her legs were not able to stay still. He knew that if he was ever going to make a move on her it was now. He didn't want to take advantage of her but he sensed that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

His hand on her stomach made larger circles as he moved closer to the bottom of her top. He could feel her trembling beneath his hands but she wasn't making any move to stop him. His hands moved from her head and body to the buttons that held her top fastened.

Gail felt his hands when they moved over her breasts to the buttons. She knew that if she was going to stop him at all it was now or never. She reached for his hands and caught them to her. She held them tightly in her hands but they were resting on her breasts.

Matt didn't push her. He stopped and let her hold his hands to her. He could feel her breasts pushing against his hands and feel the hard nipples. Her breath was coming faster and he knew she was at a cross roads in their relationship. If it was to ever go farther it would be now or they would have to go back to be just friends and father and daughter-in-laws.

The decision was all hers and Gail knew it. Matt wasn't the type to force her to do anything she didn't want to do. His hands against her breasts were feeling better with each moment. She looked up at his face and saw the love for her in his eyes. There was also lust but it was the love she saw that made her turn his hands loose after pressing them to her tits for a moment. Her hands fell to her sides as she gave up her body to her father-in-law.

Mat saw when she gave her self over to him. He didn't hesitate as his fingers moved to the top button and slowly slipped it open. He was staring in her eyes as one by one the buttons gave way until at last the last one was open. The love and lust he felt for her was mirrored in her eyes as she lay before him. He gently folded back the open top to expose her naked breasts to his eyes.

His hands moved slowly over the soft skin of her tits. Her nipples were standing hard and firm under the palm of his hand. Her eyes glassed over with lust as she reached for his hands and pulled them tighter to her tits. His thumbs moved over her hard nipples and caused her to catch her breath even more.

Matt slid his arm under her shoulders and lifted her up as his mouth lowered to cover her wet lips. Her mouth was wet and warm as she opened her mouth to his exploring tongue. He lifted her higher and her arms came up around his neck as he lifted her to him. Her naked breasts were pressed against his chest. The shirt he wore kept her from being skin to skin with him.

Matt continued to kiss her and she kissed him back. He broke the kiss and lay her back down in his lap. He reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. When he raised her back up to kiss her again her naked tits were pressing against his naked skin. Her hard nipples were burning a hole in his body. His hard cock was getting harder by the second.

He lay her back down in his lap. His hand went back to her tits. All the time he was touching them her legs were constantly in motion. His hand left her tits and trailed down her bare stomach to the top of her shorts. He could feel her take a deep breath but she didn't try to stop him. She lifted her ass up to give him more room under her shorts. Even this wasn't much help, as he didn't have much clearance to work with. He brought his hand out and reached for the snap. As it gave way he heard her whisper, "Yes, yes. Yes."

With this clear sign that he had her full permission to go ahead he pushed the shorts open and slid his hand back down. This time he had more room and his fingers went under her panties and down to her curly brown hair. In the dark he could not see very well but his sense of touch was wonderful. His fingers found the opening to her cunt. She was as wet as Tina had ever been. As his finger slipped through the lips of her cunt she pushed up hard against his hand, forcing them even deeper in her cunt.

Gail climaxed on his fingers. It was a quite scream that forced it's way out of her mouth as her hand grabbed his and held him tight in her cunt. Her legs pushed her cunt up on his fingers as her juice soaked his hand. She fucked up on his fingers several strokes before she could not stand it any longer. "OH god Yes! Yes! Yes! Then it was over and she fell back in his lap.

Matt didn't remove his fingers at once. He continued to stroke her cunt. Each move brought tiny climaxes to her young body.

When she finally calmed down he removed his fingers and lifted her head back to his for another kiss. For several minutes they kissed until he could tell that she was ready for more. He pulled her up and stood up. He reached for her hands and pulled her out of the swing. He reached down and as he had carried her that afternoon he carried her then. Only this time is was through the house and to the bedroom.

He set her on the edge of the bed and pulled her blouse from her shoulders. He lay her back and removed her shorts with her helping by lifting her hips. Her panties were the next to go. Soon she was completely naked before her father-in-law. She had never even given this a thought when she left to come fishing with him.

Her legs were hanging from the bed when Matt knelt down beside the bed on his knees. He moved between her legs as he separated them with his hands. His mouth kissed up her legs on both sides until he reached the junction of her thighs. Her naked cunt was beaconing him to come closer and he didn't hesitate. His mouth covered her wet cunt. He tasted the fresh juice of her recent climax.

Matt was soon busy with his tongue and she was pushing her cunt at him with each stroke of his tongue. Matt love the taste off a young cunt and a woman that really loved getting her cunt sucked. It wasn't one of Tina's favorite things so he didn't do it nearly as much as he would have liked.

For Gail it was something Todd seldom ever took time for. She loved the feel of Matt's tongue touching all around her open cunt. He was eating her like it was the most wonderful thing in the world. At that time it was for both of them.

Then she was climaxing again. It came on her so fast that she wasn't expecting it. She flooded his tongue with her juice. Matt swallowed every drop and continued to lick until she was clean.

He finally stood up and looked down at her naked body. Now it was his time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He reached for the belt of his shorts but stopped when she told him too. She climbed out of bed. "Let me do it for you."

Gail had felt his hard cock all evening and now she wanted to see it out in the opening. Any self- consciousness she might have felt being naked before him had long gone. She stood before him and reached for his belt. When it gave way she pulled the zipper down. She caught his shorts on each side and pushed them down. His shorts came with them. She had to reach in and push down on his hard cock to get his pants off. It was a big handful of cock she pushed out of the way.

He kicked the pants off and she was on her knees before him. His cock only inches from her face. It was huge. Much larger than Todd's. Thank goodness that he was much gentler than Todd was or he would tear her apart.

She pushed him back on the bed and moved between his legs. She had never sucked Todd but she had tried a few times but he just wanted to be in her cunt. Now was her chance to see what it was like to have a cock in her young mouth.

Her tongue reached out and touched the tip of his cock. Pre cum was dripping from him as she licked him for the first time. Her first taste of his man juice wasn't as bad as she had feared it might be. She licked her lips to taste him again and them opened her mouth and took him in.

He was so large she couldn't do much with it. A couple of inches were about all she could take at first. The longer she sucked the more she was able to take. For one so inexperienced she was making quite a good showing.

Matt was unable to hold back. She had not been at it long and he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold back. "I am about to cum. You need to stop or you are going to get quite a mouth full."

Gail wanted to taste him as much as he had wanted to taste her juice. She just never counted on him having so much. Her hands went to his hips to pull more of him towards her. Matt knew that she was going to take it in her mouth, something Tina would never do.

Then it started. She could feel him swell even more just before the first shot hit the back of her throat. She almost choked as shot after shot followed. She tried to swallow but it was coming so fast she couldn't keep up.

She swallowed what she could and the rest rolled down her chin. Finally he slowed down and she sucked until the last drop had been cleaned up.

She set back on her heels. "I have never seen so much cum before."

"I have never had this much before. It must be all your fault." He reached and pulled her up and onto the bed with him. He kissed her and tasted the remainder of his cum on her lips.

It was only moments until his cock was hard again. He lay her back in the center of the bed. His hands spread her legs apart. She didn't resist as she opened her body up for him.

She watched as he moved between her spread legs and over her open cunt. She couldn't take her eyes from his huge cock as it paused over her cunt as if waiting for her to say go ahead. "Be easy with me. You might hurt me with all that."

"I would never hurt you." True to his word he didn't hurt her. He took his time as he entered her and gave her all the time she needed to adjust to his size. It was her that asked him to move deeper after each stop.

Gail had never felt as full as she tried to spread wider to make room for his body between her legs. His cock was touching every part of her cunt as he slowly worked deeper.

Matt never hurried. The sucking she had given him earlier had taken the edge off and he knew that he could last as long as needed to bring her off. Each time she lifted against him he would push a little farther. As soon as she would tense up he stopped. He read her body like an open book. Her tiny actions let him know when to move and when to stop.

The next time he stopped he was completely in her. He could feel his balls as they touched her ass. Her tight cunt was squeezing his cock almost to the point of hurting. This was quickly changing as her fluid lubricated his cock. Then she was just hot and slick.

When she moved again he leaned down and kissed her. "There is nothing left to go. You have it all."

"I took all that?"

"Yes, how do you feel?"

"Wonderful! You didn't hurt at all."

Matt was propped up over her body with his cock buried in her to his balls. He glanced over at the clock on the table. "That only took about thirty minutes."

"You must be kidding. It only seemed like a few minutes."

"Time passes fast when you are having fun. Are you having fun yet?"

"Oh yes. Now move a little and lets see how much fun we can have before we have to get up to go fishing in the morning."

"The only fishing I want to do now is right where my cock is buried."

The movement started slowly but soon picked up speed as she grew to except his huge size. Each stroke he pushed at her found her pushing back to except him. He never got very fast but he moved steady with full strokes of his long cock in her. Each stroke caressed her cunt from her clit to the bottom of her cunt.

Gail climaxed first. With Todd he usually was first and would have to go again to get her off. Matt brought her to one climax after another. One would hardly stop before another would be on its way. Her legs were around his waist and her arms held tight around his neck. Her mouth was smothering him with kisses.

Finally Matt knew that he had to cum. "I have to go now, or you ready again?"

"Yes! Fill me up and let me feel your hot juice in me."

For the first time he really speeded up. His hands slid under her hips and lifted her tight to him. He drove his cock as far in her cunt as it could go. He lifted her ass up as his cock unloaded in her again. This time it was deep in her body that the hot cum emptied in her.

Gail felt him swelling and knew that the time was at hand. Then he lifted her cunt tight against his body. She could feel his cock farther in her than ever before. The hot juice drove her over the edge as she felt him fill her body with shot after shot. Her final climax came from the feel of him shooting off in her.

Then it was over. Unlike Todd he didn't roll away. He only lifted his weight from her chest, leaving his cock buried deep in her cunt. He bent forward and suck first one and then the other tit in his mouth. He soon had them hard again. He rubbed his body against her clit and he felt her tremble deep in her cunt. She was much to tired to climax again but it still felt good to feel him so deep in her.

Matt alternated kissing her and sucking her tits for several minutes. He could feel his cock as it slowly softened. He didn't want it to come to a stop. He liked the feel of her cunt still holding him deep. As he grew tired of hold himself up off her he rolled over and brought her with him. His cock still buried in her. Both of them satisfied to keep him there as long as they could.

Gail laid on top of him her cunt full of his cock and her tits flat against his chest as they locked lips again. It was only when his cum started running from her cunt that they separated. Another glance at the clock and she saw they had been together over two hours.

They took a bath and changed the bed sheets. It was a waste of time as they soon had the clean sheets wet with their juice again and again that night. No fish was caught the next day.

It was the middle of the afternoon before they finally came up for air. Gail woke first and eased out from under Matt's arm. She made a trip to the bathroom for a shower and clean up. Drying herself off with a towel she walked back in the bedroom still naked to find Matt setting up in the bed watching her. Any embarrassment she might have felt with him looking at her naked body in the full light of day had long since gone.

"You are even more beautiful this morning than you were last night," said Matt. "Drop the towel and let me see all of you."

Gail let the towel drop down by her side. She stood before him naked, and happy that she could please him this way. He had satisfied here so many times during the night that her body was still tingling from the many climaxes he had wrung from her body.

"I will never get tired of looking at you like this."

"Well, how about you get cleaned up while I cook up something to eat. Somehow we forgot to get up for breakfast this morning."

"My mine wasn't on food last night or this morning." He watched as she pulled on her shorts and top, not bothering with a bra or panties. He considered this a pretty good indication that she didn't figure she would be dressed much longer anyway.

After a bath he joined her in the kitchen for sandwiches she had waiting. She was turning from the table as he came up to her. He took her in his arms and gently kissed her sweet lips until her mouth opened to his and her arms came up to pull his mouth even closer to hers.

She finally broke the kiss. "Lunch is ready, you can have desert later."

Later that afternoon they went out to fish again. Matt could tell she had something else on her mind. She had missed a coupled of strikes she would have normally have landed. He rolled up his line and lay the pole down in the boat. "Want to tell me what's on your mine?"

She looked at him and smiled, "You read me like a book. Just like last night you knew just what made me feel good. I am not use to that. I love Todd but with him it is just sex, sex and more sex until we both cum and then he goes to sleep until the next night. I am not complaining about all the sex. After last night you know that I like a lot of it myself. I just like the way you made love to me so gentle. Over and over, never getting in too big of a hurry, my body is still tingling from your touch."

"Is that all you were thinking about?"

"No, I was wondering where we go from here?"

"Where do you want it to go?"

"I love Todd but I can't see us never being together again."

"My thoughts exactly. Why don't we get out of this boat and back in bed for the rest of the week. I bet a phone call to Tina would convince her that she doesn't need to come up this weekend. She and Todd had rather stay in town anyway."

"What excuse would you use?"

"The fish are really biting and we need help cleaning and cooking them. That should really made her thank twice about coming.

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