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Fisted Out of Control


I was known as the blowjob queen in high school. Even without the title, I knew that I had a special gift for sucking cock. I loved the feeling of control and I had intense orgasms just from the exhilaration of bringing a man to climax simply with my mouth. However, this same need for control kept me from enjoying sex when I was not in charge of the situation. This problem continued to plague me into my twenties and I knew that I needed to confront my issues with the loss of control.

A platonic male friend of mine, who of knew my proclivity for kink, invited me to go to an underground erotica club that he had visited a few times. As he described the interactive displays, voyeuristic scenes, and the opportunities for participation, I felt my nipples harden and my pussy moisten. He casually glanced down at my obvious state of arousal beneath my shirt and said, "No need to answer, I can see that you are anxious to go."

The next night, I prepared myself carefully for our planned outing. I take pride that the only hair on my body is above my neck, so I shaved myself smooth and then rubbed baby oil all over to make my skin glisten. I put on my favorite blood red matching bra and thong. It is my favorite because the bra has no cups and shows off my natural 34DD breasts and large, pink nipples perfectly. Then I put on a short, white lace dress that hugs every curve tightly. I love the combination of the red thong and that lace dress because it accentuates the fullness of my ass and hugs it all the way down to my thighs. I finished my outfit with thigh-high white boots and in the mirror watched my nipples almost poke through the dress at the thought of being ogled by everyone at the club.

At 10pm, I met my friend outside and we drove to the club. I told him that I had masturbated several times during the day while fantasizing about the club. I told him how I suck a dildo into my mouth while playing with my clit. I described how I ram the dildo deep into my throat to the point of choking and then cum hard at the thought of sucking cock so well. He joked that I must be the only woman in the world that sticks a dildo in her mouth to get off. He was right. I so desperately wanted to be able to orgasm without a cock in my mouth. It was then that I decided that tonight I would confront my fear of losing control.

As we walked into the club, I could feel eyes on my tits, which were covered only by the sheer white lace, and my ass that was so deliciously separated by the thin red strip of thong under my dress. Although I had imagined that hired professionals were performing in the live sex shows, it seemed that patrons of the club were volunteering to participate in the events. I anxiously downed the martini that my friend purchased for me and told him about my decision to relinquish control.

He handed me another drink and said that he knew of the perfect opportunity for me. He grabbed my hand and led me down a passage and into another room. My stomach knotted at the thought of actually confronting my fear, but I unexpectedly began to get wet at the thought. I hurried to keep pace with my friend and felt my nipples get extremely hard from my tits bouncing against the lace dress with each step. Again, I could feel many eyes trying to peer through the lace of my dress for a better look at my ripe nipples and firm ass.

We stopped in front of a cubicle of some sort. It had four walls that were about seven feet high and several men and women were lined up at each wall. So many people surrounded the cubicle that I couldn't see why everyone was lined up. As I was trying to get a better look, a club employee announced that it was time for a new volunteer. My friend grabbed my arm and thrust it into the air and I asked what he was getting me into. Everyone around me began to cheer and I protested that I did not know what was going on. The man next to me commented that someone as sexy as me HAD to participate. Other voices in the crowd shouted that they would love to fuck me. I was so turned on by thought of so many strangers wanting me, that I didn't notice that my friend had released his grip from my arm and I continued to hold it up high by myself. The employee yelled that he had an extremely willing volunteer, grabbed my arm, and pulled my through the crowd.

We walked to the back of the cubicle and he opened a small door to the inside. Inside there was a chair of sorts. He asked me to completely disrobe and sit in the chair. He was young with an athletic build and I thought that perhaps the purpose of the cubicle was to allow voyeurs to watch volunteers have sex with the employee. I could feel my pussy tighten at the thought of sucking his cock while others watched my expertise in action. I realized that I was wrong when I sat in the chair and he strapped in my wrists and ankles and flipped the chair back.

I noticed then how small the cubicle was. The side walls were very close to each side of the chair. My knees were pinned back almost to my chest and the wall in front of the chair was almost touching my pussy. The chair had no headrest and my head dropped back so that I could see the back wall almost touching my face. Then I heard the employee announce that the exhibition was open and I heard a sound not unlike car windows opening.

I noticed a hole open above my upside-down mouth and before I could guess the purpose of the hole, I felt a hand grip my left breast. I screamed that I wanted to get out of here, but the crowd began to cheer as I felt another hand begin to stroke my shaved pussy lips and I knew that my screams could not be heard. Then another hand began to pinch my right nipple hard and twist it savagely. I yelped in pain, but another hand entered the hole above my mouth and forced two fingers inside. Then I realized that I was strapped in and that no one would be releasing me soon. I panicked - I WAS NOT IN CONTROL.

I realized that I was at the mercy of the anonymous hands groping and probing my body through the holes in the cubicle. I began to moan as hands caressed and tortured my nipples, played with my dripping cunt, and explored my mouth. Just as I began to enjoy the attention, the hand on my pussy disappeared and a new one immediately rammed two fingers into my soaked cunt. A different hand then appeared above my mouth and I reached to suck all of the outstretched fingers. There was a distinct taste of cunt juices on them and I sucked and licked hungrily. Although I crave the feel of a hard cock fucking my face, I have been with two women in the past and found that I also love the taste of pussy.

A huge hand grabbed my entire left breast and squeezed it hard. I tried to scream as I sucked all of the pussy juices off the hand in my mouth. It was then that I realized that the hand in my mouth was small and probably belonged to a woman. I wondered if she had been fucking herself in line or if it was another woman that she had been fingering. My pussy clenched down hard as another hand touched my right nipple with wet, cold fingers. I imagined that the owner had been stirring his drink with his fingers. I tried to arch my back to keep my erect nipple within his grasp. Again I realized that I was at the mercy of these anonymous hands and, surprisingly, my pussy gushed at the thought of it. But I knew that I would not be able to cum without a cock in my mouth.

Just then, another hand began to rub my clit slowly and I strained to push my dripping cunt closer. Then the hand above my mouth disappeared and a beautiful, thick, long cock pushed through the hole. I screamed as the hands at my sides simultaneously twisted my nipples hard and I sucked the huge cock into my mouth. Now, I would be able to cum!

I pulled the cock deeper into my mouth using suction and massaged it gently with my tongue. I thought that I could hear the owner of the cock shout, "YES! Suck that cock, bitch." I relaxed my throat as the cock began ramming deep into my mouth. I knew that I would cum soon with a cock fucking my mouth and a hand teasing my clit. I squeezed my pussy tight and felt the heat deep inside. Then, before I got my release, all of the hands disappeared - I heard one, two, three (how many?) new holes open, and the hole with the cock above my mouth closed.

Damn! Without the cock in my mouth, I knew that I would never cum. I felt two new hands begin to massage my tits and finger my nipples. I admitted to myself that this did feel very good and another hand rubbed against my moist pussy lips. Then I felt that hand slide down and a finger pressed against my asshole. Although I consider myself to be a very kinky girl, I have never allowed anyone to penetrate my ass. I clenched at the thought of an anonymous stranger opening my ass for the first time, but my body shivered in ecstasy as it slid into my tight hole. I felt more fingers slide into my cunt. My juices began to drip down to my asshole and the owner of the finger there used the opportunity of the new lubrication to slide in another finger. Was it only one other finger? My ass felt stretched impossibly wide. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard someone shout that the whore's ass must be virgin because it was so tight around three fingers.

Then I felt more fingers in my cunt and others began to rub my clit. How many holes were open in the cubicle down there? I began to panic at the thought of being at the mercy of so many strangers. The fingers in my ass disappeared and more began to touch the juices flowing out of my pussy. I think that my juices were used to slide more fingers into my ass and I screamed out in pain. These were either huge fingers or I was getting fisted in my ass. I begged to be released from the chair, but then I felt more hands begin touching me. Hands were probing every inch of my body and all I desperately wanted was to have a cock in my mouth.

As I started to panic, I felt several more fingers penetrate my soaking cunt. How many fingers were fucking me? How many PEOPLE were fucking me? I pulled my head up as far as I could and saw four holes open in front of me. The lowest hole had only a forearm sliding through it and I knew then that I was getting fist-fucked up my ass. The sight of this made me shiver in ecstasy and my pussy clenched around the fingers ramming into my drenched hole. I noticed two other hands above the forearm in my ass and each had three fingers sliding in and out of my cunt. I moaned at the thought of being stretched so wide and then screamed loudly as another hand through the top hole massaged my clit.

I finally resigned myself to the complete loss of control and begged to be fucked harder. I felt my pussy stretched even more and I knew that I was getting fisted in both holes with yet an additional three fingers widening my cunt. More hands pulled hard at my sore nipples and the crowd began to chant, "Cum, slut, cum!" I shrieked louder than I thought that I could as my cunt spasmed uncontrollably and squirted my cum juices onto all of the hands that were ramming my holes. Someone shouted that the whore came hard and the crowd erupted in cheers.

The employee opened the door and flipped the chair back up. My knees wobbled as I tried to stand and I dressed quickly. When I exited the cubicle, my friend grabbed my arm and pulled me through the crowd rapidly. We jumped into his car outside the club and drove off. I was still dazed by the events of the evening and asked if he was near the cubicle when I finally overcame my fear. He only replied, "So it seems you like a fist in your ass more than you like a cock in your mouth." I knew then that our friendship was no longer platonic.

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