tagInterracial LoveFit a Bus Through a Window

Fit a Bus Through a Window


I was a petit girl. I was little older than 19. I had brown curls covering my head and big innocent brown eyes. I was little more than a child. The first time I realized how big they could get, I wasn't really ready to know.

Okay, so I was about 19, with B breasts and a short thin figure. I looked sort of like a child's toy doll. I was on summer vacation away from school, when I had my first interracial experience. I lost my virginity on my 18th birthday, and had sex multiple times after, but I wasn't prepared for what would happen next.

It all started when I woke up to a beautiful morning. I got ready for the day, showered, brushed my teeth, you know, it was like any other day. Then my friend Tiffany called, "Hey Brenda. I'm having a party Saturday, wanna come? There’s going to be crowds of hot guys there!" I was definitely not one to turn that down, so I obviously said "Hell yes!" but I still wonder if I should have.

The party started, and we were all dancing, drinking, having a good time. I had made out with around 6 different guys at about 10-o-clock, and I was getting horny. I expected to go home with someone, but I hadn’t decided who would be easy and enjoyable at that point. Little did I know, someone had already decided to take ME home!

A big meaty bald black guy and his shorter friend with dreadlocks started hitting on me. They gave me some punch and sat down with me on the couch. After a while, the bigger one began rubbing my leg. I hadn’t ever thought of a black man before, I never thought they would be attracted. Now that they were, however, I was getting really hot. I had heard black men had enormous cocks. I had no idea.

Eventually, I decided to make a move. I left, but 'accidentally' dropped my keys on the way out. As I expected, the beefy black man showed up soon after, and got in the driver's seat. He opened the passenger door for me, and let me in. Then I told him where I lived and we started out.

While he was driving, I began stroking his cock. Up and down over his jeans I went. I proceeded to undo his fly and continued stroking over his boxer shorts. I whipped out his gigantic cock, even bigger than I had imagined, and began stroking it expertly. I lubed each hand with my pussy juice and jacked it off, until I felt him tensing up.

He came all over the car. The dashboard, my hand, some hit my boob, and mostly, all over himself. Then we pulled into the driveway. He jumped out, and carried me romantically to my bedroom. He threw me on the bed. Through all of that, his big dick was hanging from his pants.

He pulled my panties down around my ankles and began eating me out. His tongue went up and down my sopping slit and played with my clit. He expertly tongued my cunt until I screamed out in ecstasy, letting my liquids flow freely.

Then, came the part that I really wasn't ready for, the gigantic rod began pushing into my now well-lubed pussy. The big fat head of his monster pushed past my defenses, entering my hot sex hole. I was already ready to explode, and I tried to fight it. I suddenly began a long and powerful orgasm, containing much fluids. When I was done cumming, his beast of a cock was inside me as full as it would go.

He continued thrusting his cock into me, making me cry out with every thrust. He kept pushing it back in, and I felt as if I might not be able to take it. He seemed to grow inside my exhausted pussy and then he blasted his hot seed deep inside of me, causing me to again let my own juices leak, and then, both exhausted and drained, we fell asleep with his now limpening cock slip partway inside of me.

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