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Fit to be Tied


Valentine's Day. For some reason, it always seems to spring upon me. I am a romantic at heart and each day I try to do something to remember her and to give her some idea that I am thinking of her and still want her to be mine. It's just that this day always comes to me with ideas of girls trying to get you to love them and be romantic for them by this day every year. They begin the end of January, hinting and flirting and by the next week, just into February, they appear to me desperate for someone to suddenly love them in a way that takes years to come true.

So what do I give her? Well each year I try to send flowers about the right time. I give a card (alright so sometimes I forget). I try to give a bigger gift, but we get pretty well tapped out through Christmas and barely back on our feet by then. A couple years I gave jewelry and she definitely appreciated that. She gives me romantic things like books on sex and games and even a toy to use on her one year. This year, though, I actually planned for this day. I actually thought it through and saved enough from December to give her something she's been wanting for a little while. A limo ride (with sex).

Sex with my wife is a wonderful experience. She has a way of gasping and looking surprised when she cums especially hard or in a way she hasn't before that sets me into another world. She has these stuck up tits, full and delightful, pouty lips and deep glacier pool eyes. She gets a lot of attention when we are out - and I do for being with her. She's aging and beginning to show a maturity that looks so beautiful on her that sometimes I ache to look at her.

We've enjoyed a decent array of sex over the years. Every position, massage, candles, romance, talk -- especially talk. That most delightful of foreplays, deep innocent conversation about the most heartfelt subjects and truest ideals. We've seen some ups and downs over this but the friendship that comes of regular soul searching talk has pushed us ever closer and deeper in love than could ever have been with anyone else. We know that absolutely.

Our journey into bondage began innocently enough. One day, I started making her wait to cum. Pulling back just before she went over the edge and she would shiver and quake. It was driving me wild. I would slip my tongue over her clit, slowly licking up and back, flicking at it with the tip and slurping at it with the length until I could feel her start to spasm, then abruptly pull off. Tease and nibble at her nipples. Then plunge my cock into her, hard and fast until I could feel her at the edge again. She would grab my ass and rub herself against me as I pushed. I could feel her just about to start to cum again when I'd pull back out. She was soon begging me to let her cum, she would give a shudder and whisper "please finish". Hearing this softly into my ear would cause my cock to give a lurch and threaten to blow and I'd have to pull out to keep myself from cumming too soon.

I'd give her my cock to suck and then kiss the juices from her luscious lips. This had gone on so long I was shaking every time I pulled back from her. She was squirming and her gyrations and pleadings had just sent me so over the top that I was unable to hold back anymore. When we came, together, it was so incredibly mind blowing that we've really never gotten over that one time. This began our thrill with restraint and eventually discipline. We're no longer novices, but it still gets both of us completely turned on when I pull out the ties or she notices that I went to the bed ahead of her and tied them onto the headboard.

So. What to give her for Valentine's Day?

You return from your errands to find a card on the table with a large envelope. Peeking inside, you find a number of pages. You love my stories and one for Valentine's Day sounds like just what you wanted. A smile forms and you put away your things before walking upstairs to open it. You walk into the bedroom and see the restraints tied to the headboard. A warmth tingles you and a wetness flows involuntarily as you view the open manacles lying next to the pillow. The envelope intrudes upon your senses, rough and distinct in your hands.

This is how I find you. Standing there, a little shocked and unmoving. A thrill moves itself through me and I move directly to you, placing my hands on your arms. I feel the shiver through your body and when you melt against me I feel a need for you as great as I've ever had. Your shirt and pants disappear so quickly I can't believe that you had them on coming through the door. I lift you and press you to the bed. Your wrists slip quietly into the shackles and as they're tightened around you, I feel you sigh from deep within.

As I settle next to you, my thoughts running rampant and flying back and forth between chaste delicious teasing and bald sexual exclamation, I begin to read to you. A story of an adventure. Just for us. It tells of you tied to the bed, spread eagled (I take a moment to tie your feet -- we've never done that before). One of my hands on you while I read and the pauses for deep, passionate kisses. It tells of the electricity shooting back and forth between us in ever increasing jolts. How the nearness and the story has us so completely turned on it would take just moments of touching to orgasm.

It tells of how my hands massage you before my mouth begins moving over every bit of your body, nibbling and kissing. I bypass your groin, moving down one leg and back up the other. Just as I reach my way back up -- you know what comes next -- there is a long pause with my cheek resting against your upper thigh so that you can feel my warm breath moving over your swollen and open pussy lips. The moisture growing more pronounced and beginning to pool under your ass.

I read on. The story Tells how my lips take your delicate pussy lips between them and my tongue slips inside you. How the nibbling moves up onto your clit and drives you to the edge of orgasm before stopping suddenly. My cock slamming into you makes you gasp out loud and I pound you until I feel you building back up. Back and forth I take you to the edge. I turn you over onto your stomach at one point and massage your back slowly and sensuously. You're still on the edge and beginning to quiver inside as my mouth once again takes your silky lips between them. This time I spank you sharply when I take my mouth away just before you can cum.

You're moaning steadily now and when you realize I am pulling on my underwear next to you, you give an outraged noise and tug at your restraints. I tell you "I'll be right back. I need to get something from downstairs. Your present. You stay right here."

You can barely talk as you tell me "no. Not right now." I spank your ass again, open a drawer and pull out your vibrator.

I lick your clit gently as I insert it inside you, move to your ear and whisper "I'd turn it on but I want to see you cum." I will be right back. You're moving your hips and trying to press against the vibrator so I lift your hips and push a pillow underneath. "Just to keep things interesting and fair," I say.

I'm back within ten minutes and by now, your hips are bucking as you work to push yourself over the edge. I spank you as I enter the room and you gasp so loud I know you were close to cumming. I gently remove the vibrator and shove my cock in you -- hard - you gasp again and I ram it in and out of you until I can feel you nearing orgasm. I move around in front of you and you hungrily take my cock in your mouth, licking the length and sucking the head in before taking it all. My hands are massaging your scalp and I tell you how close I am to cumming and how I'm going to make you cum so hard the neighbors will hear (we have 27 acres). You whimper "please do," around my cock.

I shove my cock back in your little pussy, feeling the juices slip over my balls and soak my pole. I push them right against you until you're whimpering steadily and beginning the little shivers that mean you will soon cum. I slide my hands along your back and sides until I reach your face. Kiss you deeply and slide my hands all over you, I begin telling you how much I want to see you cum. How it will look and how I will so get off. You can barely manage "yes. Please."

I take a tie from the closet and blindfolded you. Tell you how you deserve to be fucked over and over. You're squirming so hard it's driving me absolutely crazy. I slide my cock into your mouth and you hungrily suck at it. I pull out, walk around you and shov it in your pussy with my hands on your taut little ass. You gasp and squirm even harder against me. I tell you how it's making me want to shoot inside you. I stop, bend and gently stroke your pussy lips with my tongue, pushing them apart -- they're swollen so much they are nearly touching though your hole is open and dripping!

I suck your clit until I can feel you building to orgasm again and again pull away and shove my cock in you. This time I can feel you grasping at my cock like you're about to cum when I pull out and push it into your mouth. I start fucking your mouth slowly and you wriggle your ass and moan around my cock, driving me insane.

That's when you get the first taste of your Valentine's Day present. That's when my friend Rob's cock buries itself into your pussy and the gasp you give around my cock letting out the sweetest whimper I'd heard yet, drove me right to the edge. I had to stop any movement before I shoot off. I know your eyes are open wide in surprise under the blindfold and the squirming becomes more spasming as you are cumming harder than I'd ever seen from you.

You're whimpering in a rhythm around my member now and it's way too much watching you cum like this. Rob's tool ramming you from behind, your lips around my cock. I start to cum like I'll never stop. You're into your second orgasm as I pull out of your mouth and kiss you deeply and passionately. You show no signs of stopping. I'd certainly picked the right man for the job in Rob as well as he just keeps pounding away. I slide my semi hard cock over your lips and you nibble at it hungrily, making it hard again as you cum yet again and Rob cums with a loud yell. I motion for him to switch with me and as I grab your ass and shove, you cum yet again.

This time I fuck you as hard and as fast as I ever had. I don't care if you are going to cum or not and I'm not going to hold back regardless. I can see you sucking on Rob's dick like there would not be another for you and it's hard and getting harder when I shoot another huge load up inside your sweet and dripping pussy. This time I untie your legs and turn you over for Rob to fuck while I hold your head in my hands and kiss you, crooning how incredibly sexy I find you. When Rob cums again, he dresses and leaves. I realize he hasn't said but four or five words the whole time and you have no idea who he was or what he looked like.

I wake holding you later in the afternoon and as you come around slowly, I walk you into the bath, lit candles are all around, placed there earlier and I bathe you sweetly. What a beautiful sexy woman! Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

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