It had begun as a simple ride to the mall - both had had some errands to run, and he'd offered to drive when she'd mentioned it. He was more eager to spend the time with her than he was to go shopping, but was willing to make the trip. For her part, she could have postponed the shopping, but had an idea that she'd been wanting to try on for a while.

They bantered and laughed on the drive over, both finding it less awkward than they'd guessed. He managed to drive and talk despite the distraction of her scent, and she kept twisting in her seat to face her body more fully toward him. She watched his face as he watched the road, noting each small smile and deep breath as they spoke. Adding detail to her plan, working up the nerve.

They agreed, walking in, to meet in front of a particular store in a half hour after they'd each checked off their lists. Surprisingly, they both were on time, him smiling and holding up the CD she'd been recommending on the drive over. How sweet - he'd really been listening. She tried to radiate innocence as she asked if he could help her make some choices.

He followed her in, past tables and racks of clothing, nodding to the lady on duty as she worked to straighten the stock. His friend explained that she couldn't decide about some outfits as she led him toward the fitting rooms. He winced internally - they'd not even really dated, it was a little early for the "does this make my butt look big?" conversations - but what the hell, he liked her, and he might as well pick up some nice-guy points.

She was biting her lower lip slightly as they rounded the corner and arrived at the "waiting area" - one chair at the end of the short corridor, which fronted the fitting rooms themselves. She felt his eyes behind her as they walked, and couldn't wait to try her plan. She left him sitting there, and promised to be quick.

He sighed quietly to himself as he waited, resigned to the too-small chair. Remembering the way their eyes had met when she'd seen the CD, he started glancing around for clocks - the mall was about to close, and he wanted to get her out of there. On to better things, right?

When she popped back into view, he started and sat up straight - she'd caught him thinking of her body, and he wasn't quite prepared to be polite. His gaze lingered on the curves of her, and almost too late he managed to meet her eyes. She seemed to be unconcerned and smiling, though, as she asked whether he thought it would work for her at some dreary function she needed to attend the next week. He took the question as permission to look again...

He smiled into her eyes when he was finished, and pointed out the ways the outfit suited her. Her lips parted involuntarily at the flattery - she didn't expect him to notice why it was working - and she turned it into a grin, thanking him for his obviously tasteful opinion. She pouted just a bit as she asked if he'd look at another outfit for her, and genuinely smiled as he agreed.

Hastily she returned to the fitting room and shimmied into the next outfit, wondering why she'd said "don't go away," when it was perfectly clear that he wouldn't. Her thoughts raced as she primped as quickly as she could - the next outfit had better have its full effect, or she was going to have to just jump on him anyway. She hoped her excitement was as obvious as it felt, because she didn't want him to miss his big chance.

She tried to catch him staring again, but he was determined to look her straight in the eyes on her next trip halfway out, standing where she was visible only to the corner with his chair. The pout came back for just a moment - look at the rest of me, dammit! - but she carried on with her explanation, that she was looking for a fun outfit to drive men crazy in the clubs, and asked with her best mock innocence if he liked it on her.

It was time for his mouth to drop open - he almost said "yes" before even looking. But he caught himself in time, and played along hard, telling her he'd try to give her a full opinion. He was quite frank in staring at her, and she tried to control her breathing as he made her wait just a little too long before he spoke again.

Her grin was quick to answer him when he did - he'd asked if she could turn around so he could see the rest, in the tone of a little boy who suspected he was going to get a present. She wore the grin through the slow turn, enjoying how his low and quiet voice praised her and the outfit as she did. Her plan was doing just fine by her, and she was ready to move on to the wildest part.

She finished her turn with a giggle, and caught his eye once more, looking up from his tiny seat. She told him she wanted to try one more, the outfit she didn't know earlier if she'd dare, but one she was sure he'd enjoy. Her gaze trailed off to his lap, and her smile was wicked as she again disappeared.

He sat there somewhat over-trumped - there'd been no way to hide his growing erection, given the way he was sitting, the way she was standing. The way she was smiling, though, told him he was in for a treat, and he licked his lips as he glanced around instinctively. He found the store still empty - why he checked he wasn't sure, just preparing for whatever. In doing that, however, he missed her grand re-entrance, so much quicker than either time before.

When his eyes returned to the fitting rooms, she was standing there - feet somewhat wider apart than hips, arms behind her back, jacket fallen open. Denim, faded in but brand new. Its collar framed her throat, accentuating the lines of the muscles there, the ones designed to guide one's lips. By itself, the jacket was an excellent accessory.

Her smile, and his, and the light their eyes shared, sprang from the fact that the jacket was... well, by itself. The only stitch she had on, in fact, as she stood two steps away from the full view of the mall.

He stood immediately, in every sense. Eyes traversing her crinkled nipples, taking in curves; lingering between her legs in delight and disbelief. Nostrils flaring to catch the scent of whatever was beginning to glisten on her inner thigh. She let him stare until his eyes returned to hers... then her left index finger went to her lips to shush him, and her right hand waved urgently to beckon him to her.

Four quick steps and he was to her spot, but she had retreated into one of the rooms themselves. Two more steps and he was standing very close to her... and abruptly he sat on the low bench provided. Knees far apart, slacks under serious stress. It was his turn to beckon to her.

She stepped to him, legs coming to rest against his. Hands stretched up, breasts swaying beneath the jacket. Palms pressing against the wall above his head as she bent forward, lips locking on his upturned face. Her pulse pounded - she'd done it all perfectly, she was right where she wanted to be, and eager for whatever came next.

Tongues meeting, light growling from someone. His hands sliding under the jacket to her spine, then around to her front. His lips tracing that path down her neck as his fingertips found and sampled her nipples. Only moments spent before she leaned into him, physically insisting that his tongue keep traveling.

He went quietly berserk exploring her body. (What was she going to do, scream?) Lips tugging her breast into his mouth, head tented in the brand-new jacket. One hand going to the small of her back, sliding down, squeezing her ass. Other hand insistently sliding up her inner thigh, finding room, cupping her soaking mound.

He had to push the pace, had to judge how ready for him she was, because he was going to shoot gallons of sperm any second, and wanted it to go wherever she liked. His hand slid to place strong fingers over her labia, and insistently he spread them. One finger slipped into her, rubbing, probing, slipping toward a spot that should let him know what her body wanted.

Suddenly her face was buried in his neck as her body shuddered, and his hand was being soaked in the juice he'd scented earlier. He gently supported her while she panted and muttered about how good it all felt. One of her hands left the wall as soon as it could, to grab at his lap and paw at his belt. His free hand helped, then four hands were fumbling, then his bare ass landed back on the too-cold, too-low bench and she was swarming onto his lap.

Grasping, stroking, positioning. He felt a hint of warmth and wetness surround the head of his cock, and then she sat down all at once.

Their eyes went wide, and met, and each knew how badly the other wanted to scream.

He bucked to move her, and her elbows levered against his chest as she pulled herself up to slam down onto him again. They negotiated quickly and silently a rhythm, that mostly left his legs to support them, and her squirming body to do the rest.

She watched his eyes intently for the moment, and collapsed against him as it came. The brass buttons of the jacket bit into their chests unheeded as she felt him swell and burst in her cunt, as she ground herself against him to get all of the moment she could. She tingled from every nerve, thrilling at how every muscle of him strained to merge them together. Exactly as planned - except better.

She realized the escape was up to her, as he had used it all up for the moment, and reluctantly she pulled away. Whispering urgently about how they needed to go somewhere else, she slipped her panties back on (as best she could, with the mess), and watched him stir reluctantly to re-clothe himself. He preceded her out after one quick, thorough kiss, concealing his damp hand in his pocket as he stood by the chair. He was the picture of someone who wanted to be a picture of innocence, and she grinned ear-to-ear to see it as she rejoined him.

He grabbed the re-hung jacket from her with his dry hand, and strode toward the register. No reason they couldn't both pull surprises. He thumbed the right denominations out of his wallet before arriving, so he could keep his happy hand somewhere subtle, but he wanted them both to have the souvenir. He sensed her following slowly behind him to the counter, wondered whether she'd rather just run, and decided this was no time to turn back.

The saleslady was back behind the counter, intent on some paperwork, and distractedly rang up the gift. Finished signing something as he tucked his change away, paying no apparent attention to them as he was joined at the counter. He leaned slightly back against the woman he'd just fucked, who was standing mostly behind him. She was desperate for him to be cool, because she was far too flushed and sticky to seem an angel just then, and she didn't want any long discussions slowing down the way to his car.

Suddenly, though, the saleslady was speaking to him, handing him a piece of paper that he glanced at curiously. Her gaze searched around him to his new angel's eyes.

"That's a layaway check - I'll put those other outfits aside for you, no charge. I work this shift again next week - you can come in then and have another look at them, because I really appreciate your business."

Puzzled, he glanced past the saleslady, and looked at the ceiling and grinned as he noticed the discarded outfits. They were laying where they'd knocked them to the floor, clearly pictured on the security monitor underneath the shop's counter.

The intensity of the look the two women shared let him know that his friend was figuring it out too, and was not yet quite able to speak.

He turned to look expectantly at her, as she blushed for many reasons while returning the stare. He held out the piece of paper in his hand for her to take, his cock twitching slightly in the hopes that she would.

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