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Five Bollywood Babes & Akshay


Raveena Tandon was pissed as hell. Oh yeah! That son of a bitch Akshay Kumar had taken her for a ride. Not just her, he had even bed Shilpa Shetty, Pooja Batra and Rekha and forgotten. The nerve of him to marry Twinkle Khanna!

OK. Twinkle was a great lay. Raveena knew that. After all, it was Raveena who had first 'coached' Twinkle on the art of fucking directors to get a role. She was very fair in colour, almost white like milk, with big boobs and a great big ass. Raveena loved women with big asses. It gave her a tremendous rush to strap her dildo on and do big-assed women. Those white moons, as they shone upon her while she shoved in them, gave her an orgasm like nothing else - except Akshay.

Akshay was great in bed. He had a huge, almost humongous, dick - all of 9 inches, and so thick that her fingers could not get around it. He was not circumcised - just the way she loved it. She loved penes with foreskins intact. She liked looking at the head, while she masturbated them, going in and out of the foreskin. His head was pink, and foreskin light brown. Just perfect.

Oh damn! Raveena suddenly came back to reality. It was not fair for Twinkle to have him exclusively. So, she came up with a plan. She knew that the other three women were as fond of Akshay-fucking as she was. All she had to do was get them together. It was not very difficult. She just gave them a call, and they all agreed instantaneously.

All four of them - Ravs, Shilpa, Pooja, and Rekha - called Akshay and Twinkle for an evening at Ravs' place. Ravs opened the door, dressed in a red evening gown that was slit at the front almost up to her crotch, and at the back till the crack of her ass almost showed. Rekha was dressed in a white Silk saree that was tied three inches below her navel, and a sleeveless deep neck backless blouse. Pooja had on the tightest of mini skirts and the skimpiest of tank tops. Shilpa might as well have been naked. She only wore a Sarong without panties and a band of cloth across her breasts.

If Akshay and Twinkle were surprised to see them dressed this provocatively, they did not show it. Twinkle was looking hot, as well. She wore tight black jeans and a matching tight top to go with it. Akshay was dressed in a black suit.

As the evening progresses, the four women managed to get Akshay and Twinkle drunk enough to not realise what was happening around them. Taking this as a cue, Shilpa undid the knot of her Sarong and stood bottom naked. Twinkle's jaw dropped to the floor. Man! Shilpa was hot! Her pussy was clean, and when she bent over to give everyone a better view Twinkle saw the most beautiful pink anus she had ever seen, and she had seen a lot of anuses.

Shilpa proceed to Akshay and brought his cock out of its confinements. Twinkle did not protest. Hell, she was horny and she wanted to see what this nymph had in store. She engulfed his manhood and slowly it rose to its glorious size of 9 inches. Looking at the bare bottoms of Shilpa as she gave Akshay a head was having its effect on Ravs. She took off her gown. That is when Twinkle realised that Ravs wore no underwear - just like she had not worn any. But, then Twinkle never wore underwear. She did not like to have to go through with the additional effort to get naked when she got back home. Yeah, she always remained naked at home, even in front of the servants.

The naked Ravs caught hold of Rekha and planted a kiss on her mouth. Twinkle could have melted there. These women knew how to kiss. It was a fascinating sight - two women, one naked one clothed, kissing passionately. Her eyes moved to Pooja and she saw that her clothes were already on the floor and she was masturbating her beautiful pussy. Twinkle could not let her be by herself. Quickly she dropped her clothes and soon her mouth was on Pooja's cunt.

The smell of sex filled the room completely. The six of them were totally naked now - five itching cunts and one hard cock! This was a man's fantasy. But, Raveena threw in the catch.

"Alright, stop!" Raveena said.

Akshay and Twinkle could not believe these bitches. They were almost on the verge of cumming and they stopped!

"Here's the deal" Rekha continued, "We can all fuck each other but with the condition that whenever any of us wants to fuck Akshay, Twinkle will have no objection to it - even if it means that Twinkle has to go without him for the night. Agreed?"

By this time, they were so horny that they would have agreed to anything. So it was decided that Akshay would become their unpaid slut. Rekha bent over and invited Akshay in. Akshay was only too pleased to oblige. But as soon as he had entered Rekha, a sharp pain shot in his ass. He turned behind to see that Raveena had put on her strap-on and was violating his anus with it. Her face was contorted and her eyes shut as she said:

"Here slut! Take this in your ass. This is for letting go off all of us! Her you bastard. Motherfucker! Take this!"

Ravs shoved the didlo in and out. Soon pain gave way to pleasure and Akshay shot his load in Rekha's cunt. Rekha gave a scream of orgasm shortly. But, Raveena was not through. She was at it with her didlo. Shilpa knew that Ravs needed a good fucking tonight. She strapped on her dildo and went behind Ravs. She shoved it deep in her ass. That drove Ravs wild and she came big time. The carpet was drenched in her juices.

Pooja now took Akshay's soft cock in her mouth and it slowly came back to life. Rekha thought that Twinkle was getting ignored in all this. So she started eating her out. Twinkle had never had a woman as experienced as Rekha go down on her before. It was as if Rekha had a hundred tongues and all of them were lashing her at the right places. Twinkle lost track of her orgasms before she passed out.

Akshay wanted another cunt. Pooja offered hers. It felt so good. She had forgotten what it was to have a huge cock in her. It had been so long. This time, the women did not want Akshay to waste his load by shooting in her cunt. Rekha, Raveena, and Shilpa opened their mouth for Akshay to use when he felt ready. That sight drove him to great heights, and he quickly withdrew his cock out of Pooja's pussy and let go - a little in each mouth.

By this time, Akshay was pooped. He had nothing more to offer to the constant encouragement the women gave him. Even a double blowjob by Rekha and Ravs did nothing for his shrivelled manhood. Good thing that Salman lived just in the house next door. The four women walked across the street naked and tapped on Salman's door. Salman was busy with Ash. He opened the door naked, with his 8 inch cock supremely erect.

The five of them moved to the bedroom and found that Ash had slept. That whore! She was the most selfish they had ever seen. Just before the door bell rang, she had had an earth-shattering orgasm. Now that it was Salman's turn, she conveniently went off to sleep. Shilpa felt pity for Salman as she saw his cock softening. She engulfed him before it could happen and restored him to his former glory.

Then they had another orgy. I shall tell you about that in the next story.

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