tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFive Bright Smiles

Five Bright Smiles


Those five bright smiles lit up the meeting room. One of them belonged to the girl who would become the twenty-third Miss Tru-Bolt. She would win a full ride scholarship to one of Mr. Breeman's favorite schools or the equivalent in cash. For one year she would meet with Tru-Bolt salesmen and customers around the country proclaiming the virtues of Tru-Bolt products. With the upcoming corporate expansion, there was even the possibility of international travel.

The remaining four would be designated as runners up and returned to whatever they had been doing before entering the contest. It probably meant they would be cuing up to enter yet another beauty contest. By now all of them had been entering such contests as long as they could remember. Cute little four year olds had become darling little eight year olds. By the time they were ten or twelve, little bumps and hips had begun to take shape. They had continued to develop from cute to beautiful, from little girls to ripe maidens.

Each beauty contest or pageant had been a learning experience. Today they showed themselves to be nearing the height of maturity for pageant entrants. They were able to smile unendingly. Their voices were properly modulated, their dresses, gowns, or swim suits had been fitted to show off their best features.

Now they waited, each smiling, each with a collection of butterflies in her stomach awaiting the outcome of the judges' voting. At Tru-Bolt, the judges were the five regional sales managers. It was one of their perks. They got to help select who would be in the pageant and got to vote at each stage of the pageant. Now they were voting on which of the girls would win the top prize.

The girls stood in an uneven row. Left leg slightly bent and slightly in front of the right. Even though this was the Casual Clothing Event, all but # 2, a twenty year old named Candy, had a slit in her skirt up to the waist permitting a breathtaking view.

There would be more great views as the girls changed from casual outfits to formal business attire, to gowns to swimsuits to casual business attire. But, the five bright smiles would remain. They would remain no matter what. Even when the winner had been announced, the losing four would retain their bright smiles.

No small part of the judges' voting was based on the fact that they would have to put up with the girl they selected as she attended sales meetings and met with customers. She could be a real asset especially with reluctant customers. "This won't be a time when we are selling our products, Mr. Customer. We just want you to meet this year's Miss Tru-Bolt." The pitch would go on about how the company was helping this girl make something of herself. Sometimes it would include a mention that the lass in question had shown real interest in the customer's business or industry.

Sufficiently lulled into accepting the invitation the customer would meet the girl at a company function. Perhaps it would be a dinner or a picnic. The girl would be sufficiently prepped on the customer and his business that she could converse intelligently with him. Her dress and posture during their meeting would show him that not only was this a bright girl who was interested in his business, but also a girl that was interested in him personally.

There was a good chance that the customer would have an opportunity to view her charms quite closely. At a second or third meeting it was very possible that the customer might even spend some very intimate time with her. Through all of this the girl could not freak out. Even if the customer was not physically appealing, she was expected to do her part to make the sale. The managers wanted to be sure that the girl they selected tonight wouldn't give them a hard time when they needed her to be her most charming and persuasive.

To that end each of the girls had undergone vetting they hadn't experienced before for any of the other pageants they'd entered. This was something so important that Mr. Breeman handled it himself.

Each girl was interviewed by him with her mother present. "Mrs. Pageant Entry Mother, we need to be sure that the girls have not had any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, etc., etc. Would you please have your daughter remove her clothing so we can be sure?"

If they packed up and left, that was the end of the pageant for them. If they complied, the interview went further. Mr. Breeman would praise the beauty of the young lady even as she was forced by her mother to strip naked in front of him. Once naked he would handle the girl running his hands over her entire body taking special interest in her breasts, lifting them, massaging them, and inspecting her nipples. He would look into her wrinkled rear entrance as well as checking to see that the more normal entrance was also well cared for. He would probe to see if she seemed to be a virgin. Though it was not essential, it was noted on her entry forms. A virgin could often bring in a sizable sale.

He would examine her other sensitive parts as well. Many mothers may have wanted to say, "What does her clit have to do with sales meetings and customers," but most knew what her clit had to do with sales meetings and customers. Those latter mothers were allowed to keep their girls in the pageant. Those who had questions were excused. A four year full ride scholarship had real value. Girls were not hard to find.

It was not unusual for Mr. Breeman to examine the mother as well. Often this examination occurred in another room. Occasionally, however, the prospective pageant entrant was required to be present.

Those who were selected for the pageant met the regional managers who explored further their willingness to help with a sale. Each of these men had their own ideas of what this interview would entail. The five who were found to be the crème de la crème became the finalists.

Those finalists stood in front of the sales managers and the sales force now. One would be selected.

From their seats the judges marked sheets on the table in front of them.

"The next event is the Ballroom Gown Event," Mr. Breeman said into his mike. Feedback from the mike was so sudden and intense that even a few bright smiles faltered.

Just finished had been the Formal Business Attire Event meant to show what the girls looked like when they were in formal situations with customers. No other pageant required a costume like this. Each of them had thought hard about what type of dress would win over the judges. Should it be a suit, a skirt and blouse, a pantsuit, like Hillary wears. Without any direction they had chosen different wardrobes hoping theirs would be the most appealing. Most focused on thin blouses that provided enchanting views. This might have been accompanied by a skirt short enough that it provided its own view as she sat or bent over.

The ballroom gown event was one with which they were far more familiar. Their escort, a young man materialized and escorted the girls back to a dressing area. He left them there to change into the their ball gowns.

They all jumped into action as soon as the door closed trying to make the change without damaging hairdos, requiring too much make-up repair, or getting make-up on their clothes.

In what felt like record time the the young man returned materializing as a head stuck in through a suddenly opened door. He opened it just enough to stick his head into the room and announce, "OK, come on back."

When he saw that they were all dressed, he was disappointed. He had hopped that when he suddenly opened the door at least some would be in their underwear if not totally naked. He had been overly optimistic, but young men often are.

He opened the door all the way and waited as they lined up. He led them back to the stage. He wished he could have been behind them to watch as their gowns swished with the movement of their hips. It was cruel that he had an assignment which brought him so close to these lovely girls, but didn't allow him to touch.

The judges were settled back at the judges table. They looked up at the girls, smiling as they lined up on the stage. They were no longer asked questions designed to demonstrate their knowledge and insight. There were no problem solving exercises. And there were no women either in the audience or as judges. All that was required of them was that they display the most appealing and, perhaps, available tits and ass. They were used to it and they did everything they could to present the requisite charms.

Chapter 2

Mr. Breeman picked up the mike and began directing the girls. Turn this way, turn that way, walk, stand, etc. Wendy looked at Mr. Breeman as he spoke remembering her initial meeting with him.

They had met in the beautifully appointed office Mr. Breeman used when he interviewed young lades. The interview seemed to have gone well when Mr. Breeman took Wendy's mother aside. Wendy watched the whispered conversation. She saw her mother seem to swallow hard several times. Finally her mother turned and said, "Honey, Mr. Breeman needs to see more of you." Wendy had started to turn to let him view her from other angles. "Actually," her mother interjected, "he needs to see you without your clothes."

Wendy had looked at her mother, then at Mr. Breeman. Her mother was trying to look non-committal as though this was neither unexpected or unusual. And, true, there had been other incidents so it wasn't completely without precedent. It was just so blunt.

She looked at Mr. Breeman. He was openly leering. Others had been coy trying to hide what they were asking for. Once when asked for something like this, her mother had just pulled her out of the room and left. That wasn't happening now. Wendy knew there was a lot of money at stake here.

"I'll help," Mr. Breeman had said as he began to pull her blouse from her skirt.

"I can do it," she'd stammered.

"I insist," he'd said. He continued pulling the blouse up forcing her to extend her arms upward. It came off over her head, still buttoned. He tossed it to Wendy's mother. Wendy stood still realizing that she was about to be stripped naked. And that he wanted as much to strip her as he did to see her naked. There was little point in her doing anything.

He continued. Her skirt was next. "Step out of your sandals," he'd said. She did pushing them aside.

She wore no socks. She stood in panties and bra while he assessed her. She knew this was only a pause. He would remove everything. She'd have to stand naked in front of this man and her mother. She knew he would grope her perhaps hurting her as he pinched her nipples and inserted a finger in her pussy. She waited as he looked her over.

He knelt in front of her. He found the elastic of her panties and pulled them slowly past the entrance to her pussy. She had taken care to shave it knowing that if this were to happen, the man stripping her would want to see a pussy that was clean shaven. She was. Her lips were a bit puffy and reddened from his attentions. She was already quite nervous and this was making it worse, much worse.

She held her breath as he moved her lips apart. He moved the little hood that covered her clit. She looked away. She felt him move closer. His warm breath felt obscene as it enveloped her pussy. Then was startled to feel his tongue on her clit. She jumped. He grabbed her ass pulling her into his face. She stumbled awkwardly into him. He held her tightly by the ass pulling her into his face.

She steeled herself against having any positive feeling, but was not totally successful. He knew what he was doing.

He stopped before her hips gave her away. She was a bit wet, but at least she wasn't dripping.

He stood wiping his face. He turned her around and found the catch for her bra. It fell away. His hands were immediately on her breasts.

As he explored her breasts and then the rest of her body, there was only the sound of his breathing in the room. He turned her around and around slowly as he touched her everywhere. She tried to look straight ahead through it all.

"Molly," he said suddenly, "look in that drawer and bring me some lube and one of the smaller devices." He was pointing to drawer in a walnut cabinet, a fine piece of furniture, obviously lovingly cared for.

Hesitantly Molly got up and opened the drawer. Wendy could hear her as she sorted through the drawer's contents. She looked as her mother handed the items to Mr. Breeman. He looked at what she brought and asked for another in addition. She found another and handed it to him.

"OK, Wendy, lean over this table. Just put your hands on it like this." He demonstrated by putting his hands flat on the table and leaning until his back was parallel with the floor.

With concern she did as she was directed. "Molly," he said, "let's put some lube on her. Let me know when you think she's ready." As he said this he spread her cheeks apart revealing the small wrinkled opening.

"You want me to do it," Wendy's mother said surprised.

"Sure, why not," he responded jovially. "I'll keep these cheeks apart for you."

Wendy felt cold fluid on her asshole. "Use your finger to get it well worked in," he advised her mother.

"Just relax honey," her mother had said, "so I can get my finger in."

She'd relaxed as much as she could. Her mother had added more and more lube until it ran down her legs. She worked her finger in but as she did, Wendy heard Mr. Breeman say, "Work it in further, further."

Wendy struggled wanting to get the finger out, but her mother kept pushing it in. Finally, she stopped.

"Now," said Mr. Breeman, "see how easily that small device goes in."

Wendy heard her mother take a deep breath then felt a cold, blunt object at her entrance. Molly pushed and the dildo slid in without effort. "Twist the base and it will turn on," Mr. Breeman advised. She did and Wendy's eyes opened wide as the device created a sensation she'd never experienced before.

As her hips twisted in reaction to the dildo, Mr. Breeman began to massage her clit. No longer was she able to appear uninvolved. She opened her mouth wide and sucked air rapidly into her lungs as the feelings mounted. He continued until her head hit the table accompanied by a series of small cries.

A few drops fell onto the carpet.

"Very good," Mr. Breeman murmurred.

Molly gently extracted the dildo and turned it off.

"Great," Mr. Breeman said, "now put a couple of fingers in there."

"Put two fingers in there," her mother had said in disbelief.

"Sure," he'd responded.

Without argument she pressed two fingers against her asshole. "Relax," said her mother pushing harder and harder until they slid inside. Wendy squirmed. She wanted to complain that it hurt, but she figured that nothing would end until the finger was all the way in, so held her peace.

Mr. Breeman released her cheeks. He found her clit and began to stimulate it again. "Molly," he said in a low voice. "Fuck her ass with your fingers. She's really going to like this." Her mother began to move those two fingers in and out while Mr. Breeman stroked her clit with one hand and her breasts with the other. As she bent over the table her body twisted and jerked again. The discomfort was giving way to arousal. As her hips twisted and bucked in response, her breasts swayed appealing.

Five minutes passed, then ten as they worked together. Wendy's breathing became deeper, then more rapid. When she could hold it no longer, she once again began a series of short cries. The cries grew longer and louder until her legs would no longer support her and she collapsed on her knees on Mr. Breeman's luxurious carpet, panting.

"Thought you'd like that," Mr. Breeman had said. Then he'd leaned over and turned her on her back. She lay down only to see Mr. Breeman pull his cock out. Before she could gather her wits enough to move he knelt between her legs and fell forward on her naked body.

"Molly," his voice was muffled as he nuzzled the curve of Wendy's neck, "work my cock into your daughter's pussy."

Molly complied and Wendy felt Breeman's cock slide in her pussy. Her mother watched as Mr. Breeman fucked her daughter.

He whispered as he lay with his face against her ear breathing in her aroma after he shot his load deep inside her, "You are one fine piece of ass."

He lay still for several minutes then struggled to his feet working his pants off in the process. Once standing he stripped the remainder of his clothes. Naked he looked at Molly. Not so long ago it was Molly who was paying the entrance fees as she or her daughter was measured up to be queen or this or that. She was older now, but no man missed the charms that had earned her prize after prize or her daughter unquestioned pageant acceptance.

She was ready to do what had to be done to get Wendy this prize. Returning his gaze she made a tentative move toward the first button her blouse. Wendy watched wide-eyed. Mr. Breeman smiled and nodding moved behind her. Stroking her breasts through her blouse, he softly spoke into her ear encouraging her.

Still lying on the floor naked Wendy had watched as Mr. Breeman nuzzled her mother while she unbuttoned her blouse. Her blouse fell open. Mr. Breeman stroked her flat belly and her breasts. He slipped the catch on her bra, but she caught it before it fell from her breasts. She turned her head and said quietly, "Let's not have Wendy watch."

"Oh, I want her to watch," he said with finality. Molly's face fell. She stiffened. He continued exploring her body without urgency. Finally, conceding, Molly allowed the bra to fall. He removed the blouse and Molly stood half naked in front of her daughter while Mr. Breeman continued his explorations. Each knew it would end with Breeman's cock deep inside Molly filling her with his seed.

"Honey," he said after a bit, looking at Wendy, "strip your mom down so we can all get a good look at her pussy."

Without enthusiasm Wendy rose to her knees and crawled over to where her mother stood. Her back was pressed against the naked Breeman. Breeman's hands molded and stroked her breasts. She found the catch and zipper. The skirt dropped. Wendy lowered the panties with respect. They joined the pile of clothing along with her shoes. Molly stood naked still pressed tightly to Breeman.

Breeman let his hand slide from her breast across her nipple and down her belly until it was exploring her clit. Molly opened her legs further as if to facilitate his search. With a thumb on her clit and a finger inside her he began pumping and rotating. She lifted her head resting it on his shoulder as he stimulated her breasts and pussy. She arched her back.

Wendy watched no longer concerned for their situation. She watched him prepare her mother to be fucked.

Wendy's mom's hips undulated as Breeman's fingers kept up the assault on her body. Wendy watched her mom's nipples swell and harden.

"Lie down," he whispered helping her to the carpeted floor. "Wendy, it's your turn. Take my cock and guide it into your mom."

On her knees Wendy took Breeman's cock and guided it into her mom. It twitched as she took it in her hand directing the head toward her mom's widely splayed pussy. As she inserted the head Breeman's hips crashed forward trapping her hand between his body and her mother's pussy. She extracted it and lay on the floor watching as Breeman's cock pumped in and out of her mom. She found her own clit. She stroked and rubbed never taking her eyes off the sight of her mom being fucked.

Chapter 3

Her reverie broke as she heard Mr. Breeman call the escort over. During their short conversation he could be seen waving his hand toward the back of the stage. At this the girls' smiles broke. They began to turn as if to follow the escort. At the same time the moms began to stand.

"Girls are going to the back. Moms stay here, "Mr. Breeman called out his voice level obviating the need for a mike. The moms sat as the girls lined up facing the stage exit behind them. Their escort who had been seated near the judging table crossed the stage and took the lead. "Be sure they have drinks and something to eat," Breeman called after him. "Bring the moms something as well." He went back to his conference with the sales managers. One was left to wonder why he ever used a microphone.

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