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Five Steps to Delta Nu

byCharles Petersunn©

I want to thank all of you who have been supportive and encouraging. I enjoy very much writing these stories, but they do take quite a bit of time, and the positive encouragement is so very, very helpful. I hope you like this one. All persons within this story are at least eighteen years old. Any resemblance to any actual sorority or person is entirely accidental, as this story is just a satirical fiction. I classified it as Novella. It is relatively long and certainly broad in scope, as it covers a number of different themes across the five chapters.

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Bree Olson wanted so much to join Delta Nu. It was by far the most popular sorority on the Livingston campus. Every one of the sisters of Delta Nu was quite pretty; in fact, gorgeous. They had the bodies that men drooled over. More importantly, Delta Nu girls met and married the most desirable and successful gentlemen. "Any girl who wants a guy wants first to be Delta Nu," was their motto. Elle Woods was, of course, a Delta Nu. One of their most famous alumni. She naturally married a very successful lawyer. But, there were other notable graduates as well. Suzanne Somers was Delta Nu. Goldie Hawn was Delta Nu. Alicia Silverstone was Delta Nu. Desiree Cousteau was Delta Nu. Christina Applegate was Delta Nu. Carol Connors was Delta Nu. Claire Wellington was Delta Nu. Lorelei Lee was Delta Nu. The list just goes on, and Bree Olson wanted to be the next member of this illustriously eminent family.

But, it wasn't easy. Of course it wasn't easy. Anything worth anything isn't going to be easy. To be rushed by Delta Nu was in fact an honor. Delta Nu was the premier sorority.

Bree knew that she wasn't an obvious candidate for Delta Nu. She was quite confident of her appearance and presentation. If appearance alone was the basis for selection, she would be a shoe-in. She was 5'3" with long, wavy blonde hair, large brown eyes, creamy smooth skin, lovely dimples, a perky nose, and a wonderful smile that was always so readily provided. Her voice was itself a delight, so cute and feminine. And, her breasts were very full and prominent.

But, she had not always been this attractive. She was in fact a very late bloomer. She hadn't even hardly ever dated, much less have sex with guys. Much of her life until this point had been spent on studying and getting good grades. And, she knew now that this was largely time wasted. After all, she had no real interest in becoming a scientist, a doctor, a writer, a teacher, or anything like that. She wanted to marry a very wonderful and successful man who would care for her for the rest of her life. But, no such guy was available to a girl like her. When her body did finally develop in her last year of high school it was largely too late to reap the benefits.

Well, she wasn't going to make that mistake in college. She was eighteen now and she wanted to be, for the first time, finally, among the popular girls. She devoted her entire summer studying what it took to be a popular and pretty girl. She applied the time and effort that she had been giving to algebra and biology to learning how to dress well, how to select and apply make-up, how to choose the right perfume, and how to speak in a manner that was friendly and feminine. She watched all the right television shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl, The Hills, Laguna Beach, Falcon Beach, 8th & Ocean, Melrose Place, Beautiful People, Greek, Gastineau Girls, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, My Super Sweet 16, The Simple Life, America's Next Top Model, and so much more. It was really amazing how much you could learn on television. She knew that she had been wasting so much time in books.

She found the most helpful source for such guidance and instruction to in fact be the website of Delta Nu.

But, Bree soon discovered that it wasn't even just appearance and personality that Delta Nu was seeking. Delta Nu dug far deeper than that. It wasn't an accident that Delta Nu girls were the most successful. Their selection process was developed to evaluate and identify true Delta Nu potential, and it was here that she knew she might fail, and probably would fail. How could someone as inexperienced as she, as naive as she, really become Delta Nu? It wasn't realistic. She knew that. But, she did at least want to, have to, try.

Delta Nu provided a very stringent series of tasks, or hurdles, that pledges must surmount before they could become a sister. They certainly embraced the ban on alcohol advocated by the Panhellenic Council, the governing body for sororities. And, they eschewed the mundane trials employed by most other sororities. Sorority initiation should not be simply a polite reception, a soiree, or even a kegger. Nor should it be a mindless, cruel hazing. It was a matter of choosing the right girl.

Delta Nu's initiation was a true test of the capacity, the capabilities, of a Delta Nu pledge. Once admitted to the sisterhood, a Delta Nu would become privy to the secrets known only to the sisterhood for how to find and land the perfect guy, the most desirable husband, and they did not want these secrets to be wasted on a girl who lacked the motivation, the dedication, or the talent to use them effectively. They wanted a girl who would not cringe at what was needed to be another successful Delta Nu, a girl who would carry on the tradition and glory of Delta Nu. The five steps were therefore specifically designed to test her true commitment to the Delta Nu dream.

Bree was apprehensive but terribly excited when she got the word that she had passed the initial phase of interviews. She wasn't even so sure that she would get this far. She had not been entirely honest in the interviews. Frankly, she had been quite dishonest, indicating that she had a very active social life as a high school student and had dated quite a few boys. She was at first a little surprised that they would ask such questions, but given the mission, the ambition, of a Delta Nu, she realized that she should not have been.

She felt quite bad about being dishonest with respect to her background, but she also felt that a true Delta Nu would do what was necessary to become a Delta Nu. She imagined that someday, when she did eventually confess her duplicity, her sisters would understand, and may even applaud her motivation, her zeal.

She was now just a few steps away from becoming a Delta Nu. Many girls did not even get this far. She knew the subsequent trials would be difficult, even demanding, but she also knew that she would do whatever it took to be a Delta Nu.

She was introduced to the five steps by her sister-in-training, Candy Christian.

"Bree," Candy explained, "You are about to embark on the most important journey of your life. The steps you will take will not be easy, but they will determine whether you have what it takes to be a Delta Nu, whether you truly want to join the sorority of every girl's dream."

Bree was on pins and needles. "I will do my best, Candy, I promise. I have never wanted anything more in my life."

Candy had heard that before and, regrettably, quite a number of girls failed to complete the journey. "Well, it will not be easy, Bree. I must warn you of that."

"I can do it, Candy, really I can."

"Well, be assured, Bree, that the steps are not simply to have you do things that are difficult, or to embarrass you in any way. We know from our own experience, our own success, that there are attributes that are integral to the success the sisters of Delta Nu have achieved, and these steps you are about to take will demonstrate whether you have the right stuff to be Delta Nu."

Bree's heart was fluttering with anticipation and excitement. There was simply no way she would fail. She would complete all five steps, or she would die. Well, that was a bit dramatic, but she was determined, very determined. "Let's get started."

Candy smiled at her eagerness. Perhaps this young lady would succeed where so many others had failed. She surely hoped so. She did at least look like a Delta Nu.

"Excellent. Come back to the house this evening, at 7:00PM, and you can begin your first challenge."

It would obviously be nice to know what would be asked of her. "What will it be? What will I have to do? Will it be a test? Perhaps I could do something to prepare?"

Candy though just shook her head. A pledge was never told in advance what the next step would be. "Just be sure to dress well."

"I always dress well." No Delta Nu girl needed to be told to dress well. Bree at least knew that.

Mounting the Throne of Delta Nu

Bree was so excited to find out what her first challenge would be. She spent a considerable amount of time on her make-up, her hair, and her outfit. In fact, that is all that she did since her meeting with Candy.

She decided, of course, to wear one of her more flattering outfits: a clingy summer dress that draped well across her breasts, yet also clung tightly to her waist and bottom. It was so nicely tailored. It clung to her body in all the right places, but without any slutty implication. It conveyed an innocent sexiness.

In addition, she wore matching heels. Learning to walk in heels had been one of the more difficult tasks of the summer. They were at first quite uncomfortable and awkward. But, Bree realized that if you really wanted to look presentable, you should wear heels. They did wonders for the perkiness of your bottom. It was at times difficult to keep up with persons when wearing heels, but one should never be in a hurry to go anywhere anyway. As she had read on the Delta Nu website, what was the hurry? No one who was anyone arrived on time for anything, and arriving late for a class was a most outstanding way to make an entrance.

But, she did arrive on time for her first challenge. There were some schedules that were in fact important to respect.

Candy ushered Bree into the inner sanctum of Delta Nu. It was the traditional party room of a sorority: very tasteful, very neat, very well decorated, very pink. The walls were a bright pink, covered with pictures of past Delta Nu classes and notable visitors (Bree was particularly impressed with the picture of Alison Kilgore). It was also furnished with a state-of-the-art sound system, a very large CD collection, as well as a really humongous high-definition plasm TV mounted on the wall, facing it a quite luxurious pink leather couch and deep, soft easy chairs, all naturally pink. In between the couch and the television was a hard-wood coffee table and, in the center of the deep, plushly pink carpeted room was a pink silk cloth, draped over something. As she looked more closely, Bree could see that the silk was embroidered with the Delta Nu initials. Bree could feel her heart beating through her dress. Just imagine someday being here, in this chamber, as a Delta Nu girl.

As soon as Bree entered, in strolled the current sisters of Delta Nu. They were all really quite distinct and unique. Most, of course, were blonde, but some were brunette and a couple were even redhead. Delta Nu did embrace diversity. Some were tall, some were petite. Delta Nu did not discriminate. Delta Nu didn't even require that one's breasts be large. That would be terribly prejudicial and also missing the point. Some guys do like them little. However, all of the girls were clearly very attractive, if not beautiful. That was to be expected at Delta Nu. Delta Nu supported diversity, but they were not stupid. Well, they weren't all the brightest bulbs in the lamp, but they knew enough to get what they wanted, and no Delta Nu failed to be successful in college.

Boys who were invited to a Delta Nu soiree tended to get erections just thinking about it, and they certainly got them when they arrived for the party. Delta Nu girls were all so pretty, and they presented themselves very well. Their breasts were always so perky and proud, even the little ones. And, their skirts were always short to display their lovingly curved legs, which were now lined up against the wall.

Candy picked up a small leather book resting on the coffee table and held it out toward Bree. "This, Bree, is a copy of our sacred guidelines. Come here, stand before us and beside the throne of Delta Nu," she gestured toward the object hidden by the silk cloth. "Place your left hand on the book, your right on your heart." Bree followed her instruction, feeling her heart pounding beneath her dress.

"Repeat after me. I, Bree Olson, do solemnly swear to uphold the traditions, laws, and customs of Delta Nu." Bree repeated the oath. Candy continued, pausing after each sentence to wait for Bree's recitation. "To be a true and loyal Delta Nu; to always maintain my appearance in the keeping of a Delta Nu; to keep silent all actions that are within the sisterhood; to follow without hesitation all commands and orders of my elder sisters; to provide all comfort, understanding and support to all sisters of Delta Nu; and to dedicate myself to the growth and future success of Delta Nu."

Bree felt like she was going to faint. "And, finally, to do my best, as a Delta Nu pledge, to complete the five secret steps toward sisterhood."

Candy smiled as Bree completed the final sentence. She so hoped that Bree would succeed. She was growing fond of the girl. She did really want her to become a sister. She laid the book back down on the coffee table. "Alright then, Bree, your first step you will complete here, tonight, in the bosom of our most secret chamber, our sanctum, our womb."

Well, that didn't sound so bad. How hard could it be?

"First, Bree, you must remove your panties."

Bree's face went red. Whose face wouldn't when asked to remove her undies in front of a line of strangers? But, these really weren't strangers, were they? These were her sisters, or at least her future sisters. They were strangers now, but by this time next year they would be her truly most closest, special, and best of friends. Bree did not hesitate. She reached up, under, her skirt, grasped the waistband of her panties, and pulled them down and off her ankles, and then handed them to Candy.

Candy further instructed Bree. "Alright then, Bree, if you wouldn't mind, lift up your skirt."

Bree's face naturally turned a deeper red. She hesitated. Not a very good sign. Candy looked concerned.

Nancy, the elder sister, explained. "Bree, most sororities only consider outside physical appearance, how the pledge appears in her blouse and skirt, certainly in an evening gown and perhaps even casual sweats. We would not disagree. But, Delta Nu is not so superficial. We all know that well tailored, expensive garments can mask flaws and failings. At Delta Nu we consider as well a young lady's inner beauty, how she appears beneath her garments, where her true self is revealed."

Exposing your personal private part to someone the first time can be really very difficult. Who is that confident about that part of their body? And, what part of the body is more important, more revealing, more telling?

Well, it was then doubly worse, doubly difficult, to have that part be presented for inspection, and especially so if the inspection was being provided by a line of very, very attractive ladies, evaluating if your inner beauty did indeed measure up. With a deep breath for courage, Bree leaned forward, grasped the hem of her skirt, and lifted it up.

Bree was very confident about her outer beauty. It was very clear what constituted an attractive appearance. She was not so sure of this. What did in fact constitute a sufficiently attractive cunnie?

The pussy though was, of course, the most feminine part of a woman's body and, therefore, warranted particular consideration in a Delta Nu evaluation. It wasn't so much that Delta Nu had particular standards as to appearance. Diversity was again fully embraced, as the sisters of Delta Nu varied tremendously in the precise nature of their slits and lips.

What was important was that this impromptu, surprise inspection not reveal a lack of due diligence and attention on the part of the pledge to the appearance of her cunnie. Some postulants for Delta Nu were revealed here as obvious imposters, as they provided no consideration as to their feminine coiffure.

Bree passed the test, and with flying colors. She had a very naturally attractive feminine slit. Most importantly, there was no sign of any body hair.

"Bree," Nancy observed, "You shave?"

"Well, yes, ma'am."

"And why?"

The truth was that she just didn't like body hair anywhere, except, of course, on her head. She shaved her legs, she shaved under arms, she plucked her eyebrows. Why have all that ugly hair down there? She just considered it so gross. But, she was not at all sure that this explanation would be received well by the sisters of Delta Nu. For all she knew all of them liked their hair, and liked to have lots of it. When in doubt, be dishonest. "I just think boys like it this way."

Nancy smiled. That was a very good explanation, indeed. She certainly had the right priorities. "Excellent."

Bree breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Candy resumed her instructions. "Very good. Alright then, Bree, if you would, please take a position standing over the Delta Nu thrown, your back facing the girls."

Bree did not hesitate taking her position over the silk cloth.

"Lift up your skirt and present your bottom to the sisters."

Bree had been expecting this. She had heard that many sororities and fraternities did still do a paddling. It was a bit demeaning, presenting yourself like this, exposing yourself in this manner, and then receiving a paddling like you were just a little girl. In fact, perhaps it was really very demeaning, but that was all part of an initiation. She bent over, and raised up her skirt, up over her thigh high nylons and past her bottom.

Bree so hoped that the sisters would approve of her bottom. Bottoms can vary tremendously in attractiveness, but Bree wasn't really that worried about that part of her anatomy. She worked hard on her butt, doing lots of squats, lunges, step-ups, and four-way hip extensions. She knew it would be firm and perky, particularly when presented this way. And, she had worn her heels. She turned her bottom left and right to be sure that all of the sisters in the line would have a good view for inspection.

The sisters were indeed pleased. Bree's bottom was well within the expectations, the standards, of a Delta Nu.

Bree placed her hands on her knees and braced herself for the paddling, the muscles of her fanny tightening.

"Bree, at Delta Nu we have modified the traditional spanking in a manner that offers an opportunity to evaluate a pledge's attributes, her potential, to be a true Delta Nu." She pulled the silk cloth away, revealing that the Delta Nu throne resting beneath and in between Bree's spread legs was a large realistically looking male erection, mounted on a small platform that was itself screwed into the floor. "It's already been well lubricated."

Bree now really blushed. This she had not been expecting, not anywhere near expecting. Bree had certainly masturbated before. She had even used her mother's vibrator once or twice, being careful to thoroughly wash it afterward, and before. But, she had never mounted something like this. Actually, she had never even mounted anything before, not even a real penis. And, now, they wanted her to mount this big penis-looking thing? Her mother's vibrator was at least just a smooth, pointed cylindrical plastic. The Delta Nu throne was a rather abnormally large, angry looking cock. The sisters of Delta Nu did not spare expense when it came to penises.

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