tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFKK at Wellness Hotel Eifel Star 02

FKK at Wellness Hotel Eifel Star 02


Second Day

I woke up early, went out jogging in the valley enjoying the cool air. When I came back, it was just eight o'clock, and the pool was opened. A nude swim sounded like the right culmination to my morning activity. I went to my room took my clothes off, put my robe on, took my towel and went down to the pool. I peeped into the pool area from the corridor and saw Manfred and Elsa swimming in the pool, both naked.

I used the common shower to wash the sweat from my body and entered the pool area wet and naked, greeting the couple in the water and heard them greeting me back with a welcome smile.

"Come enjoy the water," Elsa said to me.

I joined in and enjoyed the warm water soothing my tired muscles.

While Elsa and Manfred were swimming, I took the liberty stare at them. Elsa had a well toned body for a woman around fifty years of age. A nice well proportioned hourglass figure. She had a round firm ass and equally firm breasts, nice smooth auburn hair, green eyes and a pair of inviting full lips.

Manfred was medium height, a little extra weight like most men our age, but had a well toned body as well and nice broad shoulders.

I was under the impression this couple was taking good care of their physique. They also seemed to be complementing each other in their physical appearance.

When we took a break from our swim, we engaged in small talk. I found them to be a very nice and friendly couple, with a good, witty sense of humor. I was glad; I had some people to talk to and no longer felt alone.

I spent about half an hour with them in the water. There was nobody else coming in. Then I told them I had to get out and asked if they'd like to have breakfast with me before I attended the fair in Cologne. Manfred and Elsa said they should get out as well and would love to have breakfast with me.

I went to the common showers and stepped into the hot spray. While I was soaping myself, Elsa and Manfred entered the shower room and showered with me. While I was meticulously soaping my body, purposefully lingering a bit longer than needed on my ass, shaved balls and penis, enjoying being glanced at by Elsa and Manfred who were performing the same ritual and even soaping and shampooing each other in front of me, including a short soaping of their genitals and Elsa's breasts. They acted like it was nothing extraordinary, and I felt we were having a type of latent conversation between us. Were they suggesting? I'll certainly have to find this out!

We dried ourselves and went to our respective rooms, before meeting in the glass covered breakfast restaurant.

We had an informal chat. I told them I was going to Cologne for the day to take care of my obligations to my company and that I was looking forward to the remainder of my stay in the hotel. They planned on hiking to the small lake over the hill and to have lunch in the neighboring village on the lake shore.

We made our farewells. I excused myself and walked to my car.

My day was busy and exhausting, as I expected. The drive to Cologne and the city itself were beautiful. The Kölsch beer at lunch was delicious as always, but that did not prevent me from returning tired. I grabbed a bratwurst at a Schnell Imbis (German fast food stand), as I didn't want a big meal in the evening.

When I parked my car at the hotel parking, I noticed that I could see the people coming out of the sauna naked through the glass walls. Since it was already dark outside, but well lit inside, I had a great view of naked men and women walking around the sauna complex. Again, it appeared that they either didn't mind or just didn't care that they were exposed to the parking lot and to practically everyone coming in and going out of the hotel. The hotel management had made no obvious effort to hide the nudity of people inside the glass walls. Even the roof was made of glass and people standing on the balconies of the rooms above the sauna, could very clearly watch those below.

I went up to my room, stripped off my clothes, put my robe on, took my towel and went to unwind in the sauna complex.

I showered in the common shower, joining a woman who welcomed me when I stepped inside. While I was drying myself, she wore her robe to walk pass the pool and then saw her take it off again in full view of the swimmers in the pool, and in full view to the people who were sitting in the hotel lobby. She hanged her robe on the hanger and entered the sauna. All the swimmers were wearing their swimsuits.

Amused and puzzled I followed suit, covering up before stripping again to step into the sauna, thrilled that so many clothed women and men could actually see me naked and yet show no obvious interest in the public display of flesh surrounding the complex, It somehow felt they were playing a type of childish game; where the clothed people are supposed not to show any obvious interest in the frontal nudity happening right in front of them. I fought my instincts to stare, and have to admit that it wasn't easy.

The excitement at the possibility that I was being watched by others, and my careful glances at the nude bodies around me, combined with the radiating heat, made my member slightly engorge. It felt pleasant, without being fully erect, so I could play the "innocent", even though I felt sexually energized.

I glanced through semi closed eyes on nipples, tits, sweaty labia, ass cracks, inner lips, protruding clits, excited nipples, semi hard cocks, all from my disguise as a totally non sexual, innocent, nude, sauna participant. When I and the rest of the sauna users went out nude, we could be and probably were watched by those in the pool and the hotel lobby, and perhaps even new guests arriving in the parking lot. What made me even more perplexed was the fact that people, who was nude in the sauna, in the showers and at least partially nude in the rest area, bothered to put on swimsuits when they entered the pool. Whilst not wanting to judge the Germans, even today, with the benefit of hindsight, I do not think I fully understand their nude behavior.

I made some more small talk with other guests while cooling out in the open garden or in the cold water shower after the sauna. In the sauna and in the rest area, silence was prevailing.

I didn't see Manfred and Elsa and hoped to see them tomorrow.

After several sessions in the sauna, caldarium and Turkish steam room, I decided to call it a day. I put my robe on and walked to the common showers to take a good soap and shampoo before going back to my room.

I skipped dinner and went to bed early, falling asleep like a baby.

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