tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFKK at Wellness Hotel Eifel Star 04

FKK at Wellness Hotel Eifel Star 04


Third Day: A Nude hike to the Lake

They were not alone. They were talking to the woman I'd seen on my first arrival to the sauna. The smoothie lady with the very short hair cut.

"Glad to meet you, I'm Danny." I said.

"Lara, nice to meet you too." she said.

We exchanged kisses on the cheeks the way Europeans do when they meet.

"We have already met. I remember you from two days ago when you just arrived and looked puzzled what to do with your robe." Lara smiled. "We may seem to have strange habits when viewed by non Germans. In any case, you picked up quickly. Elsa had told me all about your nude swim in the pool. Thank you for that. I really hoped somebody would take the initiative. When I came this morning to the pool and saw the three of you nude in the water, I was relieved and joined the nude scene immediately." Lara said.

"Well, thank you too for showing me the way upon my arrival to the sauna. I also noticed you were one of the people who joined us nude in the water this morning." I told her.

Each of us carrying a small backpack, we started walking, taking the path that led through the forest over the hill to the small lake.

Elsa walked by my side explaining to me that they had already known Lara from previous vacations at our hotel. They met in the corridor after breakfast and Lara took the opportunity to thank them for the nude swim they just had. One word led to another and Manfred invited her to join us for the day by the lake, saying that she would find me as a suitable companion, since we were both on our own and seemed to be open minded and friendly persons. She accepted the invitation happily and was ready to go in no time.

A few steps after we had entered the forest we stopped and stripped our clothes off and stuffed them in our backpacks. We continued walking; now wearing only shoes and sheepish smiles.

Manfred and Elsa were in the lead, Lara and I followed a short distance behind. Once in a while Elsa and Manfred would bend down to inspect a flower giving us a full view of Elsa's cunt and Manfred's balls. It was clear they were doing that in order to tease us and they did succeed. My cock was at constant half mast. Whenever it gave signs of boredom Elsa made sure it gets excited again. Once in a while when they would bend low, I would brush my fingers on Elsa's cunt, sometimes inserting a finger inside her, just to keep it lubricated. She would squeeze my finger once and releases, letting me know it didn't go unnoticed. Lara was doing her part with Manfred keeping him at least at half mast and on some occasions bringing him to full erection, but never letting him become too excited. After all, we had a mission to complete; getting to the lake!

We changed roles and got the same treatment back. Elsa new perfectly well, how to keep a man's erection at constant attention. She would caress my balls; rub my glans to give me instant full erection. She would surprise me with quick massage behind my balls and once in a while even gave me a wild rush by inserting a wet finger into my asshole.

Lara had also been held at high level of sexual energy by Manfred, who was skillfully taking advantage of her exposed smoothly shaved cunt. She seemed to love the attention her cunt was receiving, as she gave Manfred more and more chances to keep her well wet and ready for action.

We continued walking. Sometimes people would pass us from behind or come in front of us. They mostly greeted us cheerfully and we greeted them back in a loud "Guten Morgen" as is customary in Germany. Some would stop and talk to us expressing their approval of the fact we enjoyed a nude walk. Only once an elderly couple expressed loudly their disgust of our nude appearance, but this was the exception. It was a lot easier to walk nude in a protective group than alone like I did earlier.

Later on we changed positions. Now the women took the lead and the men following closely behind. We were teasing their cunts as before, when I got another idea. When the women bent to smell some flowers, I brushed Lara's slit and clit with my Cock head getting a deep sigh back from her. Manfred followed suit with Elsa who imitated Lara's sigh in an overplayed manner, which made us laugh. As we continued walking and stopping for "flower watching" we would switch women, sometimes entering their cunts slowly, while rubbing their clits. Other times giving them a few surprising wild thrusts, that put all of us into the sweet danger of reaching our orgasms sooner than we wanted to.

It was getting more difficult to walk, as the men were bearing permanent erections and the women being soaking wet. We were happy to reach the lake. The view was breathtaking. The water was smooth and pristine clear. Around the lake shore were several small glades separated by thick wood, which made them into private like semi secluded beaches. We could see that some of them were already occupied by people in various stages of nudity, enjoying the sun and the cold water.

We spread our beach towels to form one big sheet, on which we laid ourselves. A bottle of sun tanning oil was passed among us and we started oiling and massaging one another, not living a tiny bit of skin uncovered in oil. Tits and nipples were rubbed till loud sighs were let out. Fingers inserted, exploring, demanding, into love boxes and ass holes. Cocks and balls were rubbed with oily hands. Inner thighs, tits and asses, caressed and massaged. We body massaged each other for a while, till the tension was too much and dicks were led by female hands into hungry wet pussies. I felt on more than one occasion a finger inserted into my ass curving inside me to gently massage my prostate. This was giving me extra stiffening while I was fucking a cunt. Bodies' positions changed once in a while. It was of no importance who was fucking who, who was licking what. We were so highly charged that there was no need to get permission for anything done among us. I felt two fingers rimming my ass hole and than I felt Manfred's impressive dick searching his way through my ass hole, stretching me in a way I never felt before. I never had a man fucking me before. Probably, on another occasion I wouldn't allow it to happen, due to my male pride. Now, I was so excited and horny that anything could be done to me. It was an awesome experience. I had fingers massaging my prostate by female partners in the past, but having such a thick dick massaging my prostate in a steady pace was driving me wild. I felt on the edge of blowing off and went into frenzy, starting to fuck Elsa's pussy mercilessly. My thrusts were driving her mad, making her speeding the pussy & clit treatment she was giving Lara, who was leaning on Manfred's shoulders, over me, for support. Manfred was controlling the pace. When he slowed down, we slowed down. When he sped up, we followed suit. The tension was too much to bear. Manfred signaled me in a raging thrust that our happy end is arriving. I passed the signal to Elsa with one long thrust that started at her G spot and landed forcefully at her womb opening. Elsa's hands did their miracles on Lara's cunt and we all entered into a long orgasm, trembling and releasing our love nectars. I felt Manfred's cock jerking inside me and felt the strong squirts that his thick dick discharged. Elsa was milking uncontrollably my shooting spear with her trained pussy muscles and Lara was shooting her cum in long streams, wetting me and Elsa with her love fluids, while her face contorting in her sweet agony.

We couldn't control our tired trembling muscles and fell in one big mass, holding each other trying to recover ourselves.

"Wow, this is a fuck to be remembered. I'll drink to that. Prost!" I said and indulged myself on Lara's cum off her cunt and thighs.

While I was licking Lara I felt Elsa sucking my dick clean and saw Manfred drinking Elsa's cum.

I was too tired to move. While I was falling into a sweet nap I saw the three of them getting into the freezing water to clean themselves.

"Too cold for me." I thought and dropped into the relaxing darkness.

I had no clue for how long I napped. I was dreaming I was fucking a huge smoothly shaved cunt that occupied all my dream view. Through my dream I couldn't understand how my cock felt so tightly squeezed inside this huge cunt while I have only average size dick. I didn't find a solution to that in my dream. This dilemma didn't last long. When I started to open my eyes I saw Lara kneeling on her knees, fucking me. My only body part that was being in contact with her body was my cock, wrapped by her hot pussy. She probably did it so as not to disturb my nap.

"I hope you do not mind I was using you as my human dildo?" She asked, knowing I would approve.

"I couldn't hold myself. This horny couple next to us was extremely impolite to fuck each other in front of me." She was smiling in direction of Elsa and Manfred. Elsa was riding Manfred's cock. Both deeply engulfed in their desire, not seeing anyone else.

I smiled at Lara and spread my hand to pinch Elsa's nipple.

Elsa and Manfred were close to their orgasm and we both took the time to look at how nature does wonders with our bodies. Elsa and Manfred were having a loud duet, growling and shrieking with each grinding Elsa was having on Manfred's cock giving her clit the rough treatment she liked to have.

I looked beyond Lara's body, just to see we had a nude audience, watching us from the glade on the other side of the lake. Lara followed my gaze saying: "I like to be watched. It makes my cunt drip."

I am quite a bit of an exhibitionist myself. It was good to be with like minded people.

We continued fucking in slow pace, just to keep us aroused while watching the duo next to us, who were getting louder and louder, till Elsa gave a long last shriek, that traveled across the small lake, to the satisfaction of our applauding audience and collapsed on her drained partner.

Now, the two of us had the stage left for ourselves. I asked Lara to take it slowly. She stopped grinding on me and resorted only to her inner muscles. They massaged my cock from the root to the tip and reversed their way down my cock. Whenever her cunt muscles squeezed my tip, I would contract my cock, which gave her cervix a good rub she enjoyed with a deep sigh. Once In while, I would hold her ass cheeks in my hands and gave her a deep thrust to surprise her. On other occasions, I would put my heels closer to my ass and bent my knees, holding them close together, supporting her weight on my thighs. This way I had absolute control on the depth of my penetration. I would alternate between a few very shallow penetrations, where only my cock head traveled in and out to one where I opened my knees and let her full weight slide down on my cock entering deeply till the hilt. She loved it. Maybe it was the fact she needn't do a thing to get this great love box inner rub. Or maybe, it was the fact she was unable to control our love making, like she did before. I took control from below, unexpectedly, to give Lara the chance to concentrate and attain greater heights of pleasure. This change put her into a continuous quiet Trans and I felt her little orgasms coming one after the other, shaking her whole body gently once in a while. I loved the way I was pleasuring her and couldn't get my eyes off hers. We were focusing our stares into each other eyes, exchanging unspoken reassuring joy messages. I was in a position I new how to hold my orgasm back perfectly. I would slow down or even stop completely my movements, when I was reaching my point of no return. Then, I would start again our sexy game. I was having these little uncontrolled spasms in my cock that felt like mini orgasms. Manfred and Elsa joined us lying on both our sides, caressing and massaging our bodies, while we were surfing our orgasmic wavelets.

After we had our quiet pleasures for I don't know how long, Lara commanded in a husky voice: "Give me the big one, lover."

I sat up and with the help of Manfred and Elsa we laid Lara on her back. Elsa and Manfred helped me stand on my knees and put Lara's legs on my shoulders. Manfred started massaging Lara's nipples and Elsa supported my ass cheeks helping me gliding into Lara's soaking cunt. Her ass was in the air held by my supporting hands. I was thrusting strong shallow thrusts pressing into her G spot all the time. I felt Elsa's finger entering my ass, pressing my prostate and started to follow her increasing pace. Lara's muscles started to tighten like a vise and I kept thrusting as hard as I cloud to overcome her resistance. She came like a volcano. Her body convulsed, her cunt juices sprang and flooded us and her eyes rolled like she was having a seizure. I didn't have a long time to watch this nature's wonder and exploded into her cunt, giving her my essence, with Elsa making sure from behind me that nothing was left inside my balls.

Dizziness fell over me and I lied down next to Lara holding tight each other, panting together. Elsa was lying behind me and Manfred lied behind Lara. Both of them warmed our tired bodies, giving us their silent affection and helping us prolong this intimate moment. We thanked each other for the wonderful lovemaking we just had and kissed.

When we recovered, we looked around the lake to see what other people were doing. Some were splashing in the cold water, some were sun tanning and some were being intimately touching and sexing each other in their semi private glades.

The sun was getting low so we packed our stuff, put our shoes on and walked back in silence. Me and Lara hand in hand and Elsa and Manfred leading the way hand in hand as well. This time there was no teasing and no sexy touching of one another. We were so deeply sated; we just needed a simple human touch. I was reliving the day all the way back to the hotel and I am quite sure the other three were doing the same.

As we reached the place where we stripped in the morning, we stopped to dress and continued into the hotel. We agreed to meet in the sauna before having dinner together.

We met at the common showers, showered together, soaping each other. We wiped each other dry and went naked together to the sauna, not bothering to check if it was proper to pass naked by the pool. We enjoyed our sauna sessions touching each other once in a while just to show we are still connected.

When we entered the pool to cool down and relax, there were a few people there, all wearing swimsuits. A few minutes later, some of them followed our example and took off their swimsuits to enjoy the pool in the buff.

I reminded my friends that I have a flight back home tomorrow noon, leaving from Frankfurt. I said I was sorry to leave so soon and that I already miss them. They shared my feeling and we hugged each other.

We had a lovely dinner together. The local trout in white Mosel wine with almonds was delicious. We had some schnapps after dinner at the bar and had a long chat getting to know each other in more ways than we had till now.

When it was time to go to our rooms, Elsa used her deep wisdom and said she needs Manfred in private tonight, winking at me and Lara.

"She is going to kill me with sex tonight." Manfred followed his wife's suggestion laughing loudly.

We kissed Elsa and Manfred good night, agreed to meet for a morning swim in the pool and left to Lara's room.

We had an intimate sensual love making, expressing our feelings and respect to each other and fell asleep, me holding Lara from behind, my dick parking for the night between her warm thighs, next to her wet cunt from our previous love making.

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