tagNon-EroticFlambeaux & Staug Ch. 08

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 08


Nick, shaken, managed to follow Matt to the Nova. Matt checked the ignition, the keys were in. Nick stood next to Matt as Matt testily turned to him. "What, did you want to drive?"

Nick backed up, not saying a word. Matt was a tad puzzled. "What the hell?"

Nick shook his head and walked over to the passenger's side. He opened the door and sat, never making a sound. He'd been pushed over the proverbial edge. Matt got in and turned the key, giving Nick a hard look. "You okay?"

Nick's face began to color up a bit more as he nodded carefully. "J-j-just get us out of here.."

Matt smiled as he spun the car around. As he completed the U turn the glove box fell open and a pack of Marlboro reds fell out. "Score!"

Matt happily picked it up and eagerly jammed a cigarette into his mouth. He offered one to Nick and he gloomily accepted. "Things are looking up," Matt beamed, smoking pleasantly. Then they heard the sound in the trunk. The two men exchanged glances, and Matt stopped the car.

They both got out and walked to the back, eyeing the trunk carefully, and keeping watch on their surroundings as well. Down was still a ways up the road, and they'd passed the mountain and bridge. The scenery had slowly become all desert. Taking into consideration that they both knew the cities neighboring Aftersun to be of nearly metropolis size, driving into a deserted area was somewhat unexpected. And the sudden noises in the trunk didn't help.

Keys in hand, Matt opened the trunk and they both backed up. As the trunk sprang open, a woman fell out onto the concrete and vomited at their feet. They backed up, startled but not suprised. Obviously she was being toyed with the same way Nick had been, just a step further along.

The woman pulled herself up on the side of the car and leaned back onto it, breathing heavily and looking at Nick and Matt suspiciously. She wiped her mouth as they puffed calmly on their cigarettes, almost in perfect unison. Had the situation been different, it would have been quite comical.

"Who are you," the woman asked, half suspicious and half fearful. Matt threw his butt to the ground and stomped at it. "Well," he started, "since the uniform isn't any indication, I'm a police officer in Hillton."

He cracked his knuckles as he spoke. "This is Nick, he's from... where are you from again?"


"Yeah. He... well, he woke up in this town down that street called Aftersun and -"

"Okay, I get the idea," the woman cut in. "My name's Michelle. I live in Down. I woke up in my room at Four and the whole town was empty. Then this guy picked me up in this car, pulled a gun on me and hit me with it. I came to in the trunk a couple minutes ago, and here I am."

Nick shook his head as he tossed his butt aside. "You woke up at Four?"

Michelle shrugged. "Party last night."

Matt closed the trunk and walked over to the driver's door. "Well, then, Michelle," he told her, "we're going to Hillton through Down, do you know how to get there?"

Michelle climbed into the back seat as Nick sat in front. "I know how to get there," she muttered. "It's all farmland and hills, then all of a sudden you're in this big city."

Nick stifled a chuckle. "What, is Down a timy little village or something?"

"Actually yes, it is," she replied dryly. "There are two main streets in Down, both about two miles long or so."

Matt scratched his head. "So do I just keep going down this road?"

"Yeah, I'll tell you when to turn."

Michelle was a rather attractive girl when you hadn't just witnessed her vomiting all over your shoes. Her hair was long, blonde, and flowing, cascading down her shoulders in a ridiculously eloquent manner as she lay in the back seat. Her face seemed chiseled, as though much work had been put in to the way she looked, every cleft and smooth surface precise and in just the right place for just the right reason. She was adorned in a solid black shirt with dark blue jeans, but she somehow managed to make it an appealing ensemble. She raised her arm to her cheek and rubbed her emerald eyes, scratching her slender stomach with the other.

Nick, in an effort to implement conversation, turned to Michelle. "So, how old are you?"

Michelle laughed a little laugh that almost said "fuck off". "I'm Nineteen," she answered in a slightly annoyed tone. "Why, were you going to start asking all about me so you could tell me all about you?"

Nick laughed. He liked girls with bitchy attitudes. "I could care less if you know about me," he smiled. "I was just curious."

Matt rolled his eyes at the exchange of words unfolding. Then he noticed the sign. "Welcome to Down," it read. Underneath the letters was a slew of impaled and eviscerated bodies sitting on the ground leaning against the sign. "I think we're here," Matt said to them unnervingly.

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