tagRomanceFlames of Desire

Flames of Desire


The flames dance along the wall as the fire flickers. Sending waves of warmth around us as we stand illuminated in the soft glow of the burning embers. You gently pull me to the floor. The fire flickering off our bodies as a lover's touch would caress the soul. We gaze deeply into each other's eyes and recognize the burning desire within their depths. With the cool soft fur of the bearskin rug caressing us as we lay there surrendering to the touch of each other. I hear a sigh escape your lips when I glide my fingertips down your neck sending shivers of need throughout your body. I endure the sweet ache of want building within. Wetting my lips my mind is crying to taste. Letting go to the pure need of knowing, my tongue gently strokes across your skin. Reveling in your scent I nibble and stroke overloading my senses. The smooth strokes of your fingers running through my hair, as you bring your lips to mine. Gently parting our lips meet, deepening our kiss.

Stroking and petting until there is a deep dark need building. All that can be heard is the crackle of the fire as the heat explodes. Until a soft low moan escapes from the quiet of the room. I realize that you brought it out of me. Simultaneously making me wetter with the knowledge of what you do to me. I feel your mouth wrap around my nipple teasing it. Flicking your tongue over it then gently blowing stimulating every nerve. Then the brush of your hand as it slides down my body affecting every nerve ending. You send electricity across my skin with each tender stroke.

Our skin glistens as the fire catches the moisture from the effect of our love making. Running my hand down your heated flesh and sliding it across your chest, tracing that velvet path. Tentatively I slide my hand around that thick shaft of manhood. While I greedily lick my lips knowing what is to come. Intentionally sliding down your body and allowing my breasts to graze against your skin seductively. Caressingly licking the path my hands already took. To take the tip of your hard cock in my mouth; gradually flicking my tongue over the tip. Circling it and gently sucking on it, as I begin to trace along the veins with my nails. Making my sweet spot deliriously wet from the pleasure that I see on your face. As I take you deeper letting you hit the back of my throat. I suck harder while I work my tongue over it, stroking my hand playfully up and down as I do. I look into your eyes as I withdraw your thick hard cock from my succulent mouth; nibbling and tracing my tongue along its length. The sensation of it pulsing under my tongue and hands causes me to start to vibrate. Slowly I begin rubbing my clit as I nibble on it. With my need mounting I start to stroke your cock faster, triggering a moan as your manhood starts to throb.

No longer my gentle lover; your growing need is beyond control. Groaning, you pull me up and roll over on to me. Your rough hands move down my body stroking and massaging flesh in your hands. I arch up to meet your hand as it presses on my mound. The feel of your fingers progressing further along my lips sending tingles of joy. You kiss me and stroke me hungrily. I begin to moan as you slip your finger in finding me wet and hot for your touch. The climax builds higher and higher as you slide your fingers into me. Slowly sliding them in and out, causing me to tighten around them with pleasure. I am so wet and slick as you replace your fingers with your mouth, flicking your tongue furiously over my love button. Causing a sweet aching as your tongue glides down slipping into my pussy. Eagerly devouring every last drop of juice as it drips. Flicking your tongue over and over; till I'm moaning and trembling with every stroke. Your tongue sliding in and out of my wet pussy as you would guide your cock in and out. Filling me with its wet slickness and soaking up all the sweet nectar that is dripping. The sweet torture I feel from every gentle caress of your tongue. Slipping into my juicy wet honey pot as it reaches deeper. Taking me just to the edge of reason and driving me beyond.

Your own need overtakes to feel your thick hard cock inside that sweet spot. Deeply kissing me as you plunge in, filling that desire as you slide in and out. The taste of me on your lips as we come together, seduces a shudder of ecstasy from my already quivering body. Exploring each other as our hands glide across heated flesh the fire sizzles in our ears. Rising up to meet your thrusts, grinding hips to hips, with every drive. Your excitement builds as I drag my nails across your back. Nibbling on your neck moaning your name over and over, I beg for your sweet torment to never stop. Even though searching for that release, that only you can bring.

You drive harder and harder with each stroke, filling me up full and stretching me more with every thrust. The heat of my wet pussy surrounds you like a wet hot cocoon. The heat seeping into your cock spiraling into a carnal need, it drives you over the edge. As waves of lights dance before my eyes like the flickering of a dying flame, a growl escapes your lips. My eyes beg you for my sweet release. As my climax assails my senses, I feel your throbbing hard on shudder in my love slick pussy. While my sweet honey pours all over you I feel you begin to cum. I hear myself moaning your name as my body descends from the heights of passion.

Lights dance in my mind as my orgasm awakens me. I awaken curled in my blankets instead of my lovers embrace. The fire has died and all that lingers is the dying embers. Just as all I am left with are the last shudders of a dying passion. Realizing it was only a sweet dream that brought me into your arms for a moment in time. The flames of desire burning deep within a passionate dream the only source of my sweet release.

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