tagBDSMFlames of Necessity Pt. 05

Flames of Necessity Pt. 05


Horace could almost taste the spite of the women, especially that of the more mature women such as Frau's Luckner and Gessler, as they goaded his fate whilst he was paraded with smug pride by his new owner, and though snivelling due to the rigours of the sound whipping she'd awarded him, had been rendered keenly erect by it, and by his contemplation of being sold as a sex slave and cruelly abandoned with sadistic pleasure by his wife. Just the gentle brush of the soft fur upon Frau Luckner, and the whiff of leather from Frau Gessler as the two stood close to taunt the leashed pet, had his mind dreading, and yet yearning, the levels of sadism he'd be treated to now he was at the complete disposal of Gerda.

As the bulbous redhead stepped close and cast an ominous shadow over him, sneering contemptuously and lifting her skirt to have him study the broad expanse of her milky white thighs, the women laughed cynically as they watched his standing cock pulse and bob as his balls were stroked with the crop that had seen him spend the night before. Horace sniffed gratefully at the womanly bulges and the pronounced slot in her silky panties, wet with the arousal of seeing him hanged and then soundly whipped for spending in shame upon the rope without permission. Gerda smiled wickedly as the cock she now owned, continued to perk and pulse as Horace cowered in the flair of the skirt, daring to sniff hard at the perfumes which permeated from between those huge thighs, and lusting to know the whiff and taste of what lay between the fleshy globes of flesh behind them.

"It seems he favours some discipline from you, Agatha... he has quite the appetite for pain and humiliation, and he's going to have a rich diet of it here." The redhead pressed her thighs forward and flicked his balls with the crop, amid the pleased murmurings of the feminine crowd as they concurred eagerly with Gerda's thoughts, and added her own, which had Horace's cock pulse in the need to spend again.

"Yes... and he still has the impudence of the lord he once was, I can detect that... hanging in shame will have been a sweet aperitif for him, but his spirit needs to be broken completely, and by the severest of punishments... just look at how his cock lusts to know the taste of total defeat." Horace shuddered and nearly spent a second load, as Gerda handed her his leash, smiling serenely.

"Then you shall begin that process Agatha, I'm sorely in need of a celebratory drink with the ladies, especially after my initiation with the whip in welcoming him as my property." Gerda grinned as both the fur and leather Frau looked on jealously as the haughty redhead strode in suitable dominant pomp, down to the house with the Lord of Mannerly Hall leashed and following obediently on all fours to know punishment.

"Oh don't fret so ladies, he's here for good now, and you'll have plenty of opportunity to have him know the desires of your control...Agatha knows she's not to take her lust to the point where we'd all be left disappointed, as much as her spite for him will have him thinking he won't be around to sample your dominance." Greta and Eva slipped away while the others enjoyed glasses of fine wine in the shadow of the gallows Horace had been so pleasingly displayed upon; they followed the redhead and smiled as they watched the cheeks of her broad backside sway with some elegance in her skirt, noting how Horace's fixed gaze was mesmerised by its movement. They knew which room she'd go to, and the room next door had spy-holes through which they'd watch the formidable woman impose chastisement on the deserving male, in between comforting each other as they reminisced on the pleasures of leading a male to be hanged.

To say that Prudence was in a state of euphoria as she left in the cab alone, was an understatement. Her feeling of general elation, blended deliciously with the tart sexual arousal that selling her husband had given her. She had demonstrated her absolute authority over him, and the buzz it had given her in confirming his worthlessness, seeing him crushed by her indifference to his fate, took her ego to a victorious and spiteful high. The look on his face as the whimsical pleasure of her decision cut through him, and he having no choice in the matter, would stay with her forever... and it would be the last time she saw that face.

The special significance of her hanging him at that point, brought her clitoris up hard; he might just as well have been left to dance on the rope until it's full purpose had been achieved as far as she was concerned, he was nothing to her but a name which would bestow it's wealth upon her, and knowing the rigorous and acutely sadistic practices of Gerda and her friends, it would probably only be a matter of time before he spent his last to be disposed of in secret. She had thoroughly enjoyed taking control of his life, assuming his property, dominating him, breaking him... she wanted to masturbate there and then at the wholesome pleasure this final act of supreme dominance awarded her.

Her thoughts went to how she'd be received in smug and contented triumph by Anthea and Thelma, on returning to Mannerly Hall without the wretch who once owned it, and how the deed would instill in her new pet Barker, just how ruthlessly dominant she was, and how all males were expendable when owned by her. She giggled to herself as she toyed with the idea of even telling the taxi driver of her exploits, thinking of the thrill it would give her, but that just wouldn't do. Her carnal thoughts were interrupted for a moment, as the cab swept round in arc in passing a vehicle which come to a sudden halt ahead; it was something that pointed to the fragility of Horace's new circumstances, and indeed, the entire country he was in.

As they approached and passed, a small open topped lorry dropped its tailgate, and about ten youthful males in matching brown uniforms and black boots, descended from it carrying clubs and other blunt instruments. As the cab passed by, Prudence heard the shrieking of people from within the shop they'd entered, and the sound of breaking glass. The taxi driver just stared fixedly ahead, and said nothing, but Prudence could see he was shaking. He would not report the incident, there was no point; the perpetrators of the incident they'd just witnessed, and the authorities to whom such an event might be reported, were merging into one and the same. Her brief moment of shock at the incident, soon turned to a callous smugness on thinking what Horace might be in for; either way, he wouldn't escape to see her again, or Mannerly Hall.

Prudence's sense of total liberty, and her sexual elation at the way she'd achieved it, grew with every mile that elapsed between her and her abandoned husband as the train sped closer to home. She glowed with the aura it gave her already sharply honed dominance, having her view every male she saw with a suitable air of superiority, and every occasional glance from other women as she sat in proud pomp, seemed to show their understanding that she was a woman who bowed to no male. As the train stopped at the first station after passing into France, she watched a woman click her fingers and point directions at her obviously henpecked husband, after giving her just such a knowing glance, demonstrating the control she had over her male; the casual but potently indicative incident showing the true order of things, and having Prudence retire to the toilet to masturbate, over the covert but inevitable ascendency of womanhood.

Left behind in Berlin, Horace wriggled in fear of his life, gasping in air to ready himself for the further torture to come, as Agatha's curt smile told him she was ready to descend on his face again. Bound by the ankles and with a strap holding his arms to his sides, his wriggling in vain excited her no end, as her thick thighs straddled him to lower the huge globes of flesh upon his face. There would be no escaping from the slippery folds of the ginger tufted slot, and the creamy brown pucker which stood out from the all enveloping flesh, the lush scents from both, bringing his cock up rigid despite his fear.

Agatha laughed softly as she worked herself back and forth on his face, enjoying his spluttering and snorting as his nose sought fresh air, but received only the fetid tangs of her sticky anus. Horace heard that laughter as she began to milk his cock, and he knew there'd be no release until he came; it echoed the distant laughter and chatter he could hear through the window, from the women who now owned him, and from whom there would also be no escape. His tingling anus clenched hard at the plug as he shot his mess in utter submission, Agatha laughing spitefully as the cream spat from his owned cock, drawn from him in a shameful admission of the masochism that had earned him his lot. She pressed her ample weight firmly down, as his balls surrendered to her anal scent, emphasising that total capitulation, and the perpetual and stringent dominance that he'd now suffer eternally.

The fresh coastal air which breezed up across the Dorset cliffs, had Barker shiver initially, as he was made to unload the van in the state of nakedness preferred by his feminine mentors; he in the shade most of the time, whilst Thelma and Ruby took full advantage of the sun as they marshalled him with whips, both thoroughly enjoying the glorious pleasure of their own exposure, as Barker was given a further taste of the sexual decadence that prevailed at Gallows Hill. Whilst it had become very much the norm for Ruby, taking advantage of the isolation to expose her flesh so regularly in the open, it always gave her a thrill to do so before a fresh male, and express her dominance as he was belittled by his own exposure. But for Thelma, the opportunity to show her broad hips and breasts in all their glory, as she strutted haughtily with her whip, was always a delicious thrill and a welcome removal from the tightly clad drudgery of her agency position.

Though Barker made good progress in offloading paintings and other valuables from the van, the two mature women could not resist asserting their authority over him, their dominant egos boosted by the pertly stimulating air on their flesh, he received the flick of their whips whenever the whim took them. Each woman seemed to unconsciously wish to out dominate the other, or so it appeared to Barker, as they padded barefoot on the soft lawn and flicked his flesh with their whips, just for the pleasure of it, careful not to use them in such a manner which would hinder him or have him drop whatever he happened to be carrying, but enough to inflict an encouraging sting and bolster their sadistic arousals. The hoard of goods were placed in the scullery to await the arrival of Prudence, who would decide where the item's would be displayed in their new home, but she'd mentioned to Thelma that certain items could now be secreted away in the attic, and it was with a certain pleasure that the curvaceous woman would introduce Barker to it.

Barker gritted his teeth as he lifted two suitcases filled with carefully packed ornaments and trinkets, on being pointed to the stairway by Thelma's whip, Ruby's face wearing a sneering smile as she watched him struggle toward the stairway; she'd let her female guest explain the delightful alternative purpose of the attic room in which the item's would be stashed, sensing the erotic novelty it held for her, but she'd have an equal share of the submissive service he'd provide when up there. Ruby's breasts jostled wonderfully as she flicked her whip, Barker catching a glimpse of how hard the nipples stood, aiding his erection as much as the sting of the whip.

"Up you go, and be quick about it!" Barker hesitated slightly at the foot of the stairs, being unsure of which way to go on reaching the top, earning him a flick of Ruby's whip.

"Oh he's such a cur... I can see he needs to be led in every task... you'll follow us." Barker felt the rigidity of both pairs of those nipples against his flesh, as the two women brushed past him with arrogance, and began to ascend the stairs before him. His cock stood high and as rigid as those nipples, as he watched the two naked and whip bearing women ascend the stairs with dominant elegance, both knowing just the sight of their mature bodies held him in total obedience to their superiority. He gasped as his eyes took in the lush movement of broad thighs and the exquisite quivering of mature feminine cheeks, guessing he'd soon be made to lick what lay within the folds of those graceful crevices. Ruby sneered back at him over her shoulder, on hearing the vocal expulsion of air from him, having him feign that the audible gesture was due to the burden he carried... but the sneer told him she knew it was an admission of his pleasure of submission, and his welcome viewing of her body would be matched by the pleasure of her dominance.

Thelma had her own delightful sneer at him, on turning after ascending a second set of sturdy stairs at the end of the upper hallway, and turning the doorknob to the room in question.

"You'll have noted that one of the dormer windows sits higher in the roof than the others... this is the highest room in the house... and it's provided the lowest point in the lives of many a male entering it." The two women smiled wickedly as they saw his curiosity after he was pointed to where he could deposit the cases, and the perking of his erect cock, at what lay within. His eyes took in a stout chair on a raised plinth, the straps and shackles which adorned it, making it look like a replica of the electric chair in which convicts met their doom across the Atlantic. It faced the window, and as Thelma led him to it with a curt smile, he could see that its raised position would give it's occupant a good view of the secluded cove below, and the quay which received ocean-borne visitors to the house of feminine rule and decadence. At a right angle to the chair, just a few yards back, was a large and luxuriantly attired double bed, in complete contrast to the stark order of the chair. Thelma's cunt tingled as she extolled the virtues of the furnishings.

"Many a once arrogant and chauvinistic male has spent his last hours on this island strapped in this chair, their will and spirit broken completely, taught total obedience to womanhood, they're given the pleasure of seeing their new owners arrive to take possession of them... having been taunted with the knowledge of the fate that awaits them..." She grinned as she slipped her hand over his standing cock, enjoying feeling it pulse as she used it to turn him to face the bed.

"...and of course, the wife or Mistress whose pleasure it has been, in bringing the no longer required male to be processed for disposal, enjoys her final pleasure of him, by having him treated to the delights of cuckoldry... fucked to satisfaction by a favoured pet, while he watches and waits... bound, helpless, and worthless, as he awaits being put to good use by a new owner..." Barker came ever closer to spending as the grip of Thelma's hand led him to the bed, while Ruby slipped her body across the silken sheets to assign the homage of his tongue.

"...Of course, he'll have had a good indication of the coming pleasures afforded his wife through her cuckolding him, having spent several nights in the box on the lawn, she having openly taunted him with her pet... and his ears open to the revelry and debauchery being enjoyed in the house close by." Barker's yearning to spend reached a lushly submissive high, as his mind went to the ominous structure on the lawn, and the revelation of its purpose, as Ruby slipped a finger through the wet slot of her cunt, unable to resist adding a comment to boost her dominant needs.

"There's nothing quite as pleasing as welcoming a cocksure male to one of our little parties, feigning our servility to his arrogance, he aware that it's to be a risqué event, but never dreaming that it'll be to the strict terms of the women attending... the intimate familiarity of the wife or Mistress with another male, after the cuckold has been suckered into naked bondage, is always so thoroughly stimulating. The whip and leash are soon applied by the plethora of eager women, as the enjoyment of the full shaming sends the party on its erotic course..." Thelma tugged him to the bed and sat on it next to Ruby, spreading her broad thighs with a smile, and pointing him down to her anus with the whip.

"Of course, you'd never be privileged enough to sit in the chair... such an elaborate disposal is reserved for males freshly taught the pleasures of submission, not committed arse licker's like you...' Barker proved the truth in her words, as he eagerly sniffed at the savoury tangs of her sweaty pucker, and brought a lusty sigh from her as he eased his face into the warmth of her folds and indulged her dominant ego with the obedient service of his tongue. Ruby wore a contemptuous grin as she lay on her side, nursing the wetness of her cunt as she watched and awaited her turn in receiving his more than willing gesture of admission to feminine superiority, stroking his quivering cheeks with her whip as she indulged his mind further.

"...but though you won't know the chair, I expect that as a favoured pet, Madam Prudence will allow you to indulge in a token gesture toward the cuckolding on this very bed... she always likes to fully oblige the women who rest here in triumph, and being licked clean by the hostess's pet after the favoured stud has unleashed his seed in willing obedience, is always a preference and something of a tradition... the misery of the chair-bound male, made complete... and the humiliation of the hostess's pet adding a little extra spice." Barker thrust his erect cock at the sheets, in the depths of a submissive fantasy of things to come, his probing tongue darting deep into the heated grip of Thelma's anus as she lifted her legs high and moaned in an exquisite orgasm. His excited eyes just caught the sneering smile from Ruby across the quivering bulk of Thelma's flesh, as she deftly lifted a towel which lay by the bed, and lay it upon the sheets below her.

"Oh that we could have seen that cur Horace suffer a humiliating public exit like that, ridiculed and shamed by a crowd of spitefully satisfied women, on being led on a leash down to the quay by his new owner... every stumbling step as he contemplated his fate at the hands of the proud and dusky dominatrix leading him to the harsh pleasures of another world, cheered and taunted at him..." Thelma sighed as she eased his head away, clutched at her whip, and gestured him toward Ruby with a contented smile, as the mature housekeeper spread her legs to show him the soft brown destination of his tongue's next duty, as she continued her pleasured dialogue on the fate of the Lord of Mannerly Hall.

"...but the riddance of that pathetic cur required a somewhat more covert execution, so public a departure would have inevitably incurred the gossip of someone, despite the general secrecy of our many members... such a pity, I would have loved to have acquainted him with the whip and seen the defeat on his face as he was led away so..." A further deft gesture of the pointing of her finger, was all that was required to command the obedience of Barker in eagerly sampling the whiffs and taste of her anus, a satisfied Thelma readying herself for further satisfaction, as she gripped the whip which would ensure the towel received the required gesture of his surrender, as the housekeeper sighed gratefully at the adoring application of his tongue to her sticky anus.

"...Ooooh... yes... still, I've heard that the nursing home that Horace now convalesces in, is most suitable, if just a little strict, those Berlin women so thorough and vigorous in their methods of reforming the needy... and Lord Horace was so in need..." She tensed her thighs and sneered through the pleasured stokes of her fingers at her budding clitoris, as Barker sampled the delicious tangs of her lower passage, spiced with the juices from her cunt, while Thelma began to stroke his quivering and thrusting cheeks in turn with her whip.

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