He had been trying to get me out of my clothes for the last hour. I finally decided to give him a peak. I pulled my T-shirt off over my head and held in in front of my chest.

"Donna, don't be such a tease," he said.

I let my shirt fall to the floor.


The beer and the light blinding me every time he took a picture was making me dizzy.

"Now the bra, Donna, come on, lets see your tits." He persisted.

Oh, what the hell I thought. I reach behind my back and unfastened my bra. I slipped it off my shoulders and, for the first time in my life, showed my boobs to a guy. I felt excited and exhilarated. I remember that I got wet that night. Very wet.

Flash. Flash.

The pictures of my naked 34B breasts were the talk of the campus less than a week later. The sorority I was trying to get into black balled me, and the college threatened to revoke my scholarship. I quietly dropped the rest of my classes and left school. I embarrassed the college and myself. Back then, good girls didn't behave like that.

Flash. Flash.

Why was I getting wet now, thirty years later. I excused myself and stepped into the bathroom. My hands were shaking and my panties were wet. It had been a long time since I had felt this way. Raising my daughter as a single mom and working to support the both of us didn't leave much social time. Why was this happening now?

Back at the party, my daughter Joanna brought me a soda and asked if I was ok.

"I saw you leave, are you feeling ok mom?" she asked.

"I'm fine dear, it's just a little warm In here is all."


I felt a stirring in my vagina. A tingling that made me shiver.

Somehow I made it through the rest of the evening and when my daughter and I got back home, I told her that I was tired and I would see her in the morning. In my bedroom, I sat on the corner of my bed and tried to relax. I must have laid back and dozed off because the next thing I remember, my hand was inside my panties, gently rubbing my clit. My panties were wet and I was starting to perspire. I was in my own little world, feeling a building pressure that would end in an orgasm. Evidently I moaned or made some other noise because my daughter's voice brought me back to reality.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Joanna said.

"Oh sweetie, you shouldn't see my like this, please go back to your room."

"I didn't know you masturbated mom, don't be embarrassed."

"Joanna, please." I pleaded.

"Take your panties off mom." Joanne said.

"I will when I go in to take a shower."

"No, mom, take then off now."

"Sweetie", what's gotten into you." I said.

My daughter has never talked back to me like that before. She seemed different somehow. I knew I couldn't let her continue.

"Mother, now." Joanna demanded.

I sensed that we were at a crossroad. My daughter was trying to control the situation. I couldn't let that happen. I sat there. Staring at her, daring her to do something.

Joanna walked over to the bed and stood next to where I was sitting.

"Mom, either you take your panties off or I am going to do it for you." She threatened.

I stood up and slipped my soaking wet panties over my hips and let them fall to the floor. I knew I had surrendered. At that exact moment, I had let my daughter take control.

Joanna stood there. Holding out her hand. I stooped and picked up my panties and handed them to her. Then she did something that I never thought I would see my darling daughter do. She held my panties up to her face and I could hear her inhale deeply. With one hand she loosened the robe that she was wearing and threw it on my bed. She stood there naked, holding my panties.

Before I could say anything, she had slipped my panties on her own body. I could see her dark pubic hair through the almost transparent wetness. She sat on my bed, and with me staring opened mouth at her, she started moved her hand over the panties and started massaging her own clitoris

"You do this." She ordered.

I sat down next to her and with trembling fingers, traced her slit and started rubbing her clit.

Joanna started moaning and moving her hips. She looked at me with a silent demand. Reluctantly I leaned forward and brought my lips down on her panty-covered pussy. Without being told, I reached up and pulled the panties down her hips and buried my face in her vagina. Her scent was over powering. It was like a drug. I couldn't stop. I licked and sucked her quivering little cunt until I felt her body tense up and then relax as she had a tremendous orgasm.

Flash. Flash.

I looked up started. Was I dreaming again?

"Mom, you remember my boy friend Ray, don't you?" Joanna cooed from the bed.

"I got some good ones Joanie." He told my daughter.

My daughter didn't try to cover her nakedness. Evidently she was quite conformable in front of Ray. I was still dressed, except for my panties.

"Both of you, get out." I told them.

"For now." Joanna said. "I need Ray's cock, but we'll both be back. I suggest you take that shower."

About two hours later, Joanna and Ray walked back into my bedroom without bothering to knock on the door.

Just thought that you'd like to see some of the pics." Ray said with a sneer.

He tossed a small stack of color prints on the bed where I was sitting. I didn't want to look, but I did. I saw myself rubbing Joanna's pussy through the panties. I saw myself leaning over her. And, I saw myself with my face pressed against her cunt.

These are going to look good on the wall of your office lunchroom." Ray said.

"You wouldn't dare." I said. "You couldn't."

That depends on you." Joanna said.

My daughter looked at Ray and asked. " Wanna fuck my mom?"

"Sure do." Ray said. "She still has a good bod and her boobs are bigger than yours."

I couldn't believe my ears. My daughter was offering me to her boy friend. This had to stop now.

While I was trying to find the right words, Ray unbuckled his jeans and slipped them off. He was very confident in what my answer would be. Ray was big. Bigger than my late husband was. He cock must have been nine or ten inches long and thick. It had been several years since I had been to bed with a man.

"Get undressed mom," Joanna said, we haven't got all night.

That was the moment that I surrendered to Joanna's dominance.

I took off my robe and stood there, naked, in front of my daughter and her boy friend. My fifty plus year old body was still in pretty good shape. I no longer had the 34B's that I had had in college. Now my breasts were a 38D. I looked over at Ray, and he must have approved because his cock was getting stiffer by the second.

Without a word, I walked over to where he was standing and reached out to hold his cock. As we stared at each other, I slowly started pumping my hand up and down his shaft.

I closed my eyes and felt his hands on my breasts. I heard the quick intake of his breath as he felt my nipples harden as he pinched them.

I led Ray to my bed and as I stretched out, I pulled him on top of me. I pushed his head down and he began kissing my breasts and with only a little urging, began sucking my nipples. I put my head back and signed with pleasure. It wasn't hard to push his head further down, and as his mouth found my aching clitty, a moan escaped my lips.

Flash. Flash.

I saw the flash as Joanna took picture after picture.

As Ray moved up again, I raised my hips, ready to accept his cock. He teased my pussy with the head of his cock. Rubbing it up and down my slit. His mouth covered mine and as his tongue slipped into my mouth, his cock slipped into my cunt. I locked my legs around his hips, holding him inside me, pulling him deeper and deeper.

Flash. Flash.

Ray started thrusting in and out slowly. He didn't hurry. When I could pull my mouth away from his, I whispered in his ear.

"This is what a woman feels like Ray." I said.

Ray lasted for several dozen strokes before he pulled out and unloaded his hot, sticky cum onto my stomach. While he was still on top of me, I pulled his head down and kissed him again. And then I whispered into his ear.

"Ray, how would you like to see Joanna lick up all this cum?"

He looked at me, and after a few seconds, he nodded and smiled. He rolled off of me to the side.

Flash. Flash.

"Hey babe, put the camera down and come over here."

"Your mom has a great idea. How about you get down here and clean up this mess." And he pointed to the small puddles of cum on my tummy.

"I don't think so Ray." Joanna said.

"I do think so," he told her, and he reached up and pulled her down on the bed.

He forced her head down towards my tummy and I felt her small tongue start lapping up the sticky mess. When she was done, he pointed towards his cock and made her lick him clean as well.

While my daughter was working on Ray, I slipped out of bed and picked up the camera. In just a few seconds I had deleted all the pictures from the memory chip.

Flash. Flash.

But I did have time to snap a few pics of Joanna. And I carefully removed the memory chip and hid it under my mattress.

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