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Flashed By Liz


This is a brief story and 2 letters I sent to a lady I met on line who loves to flash men in adult stores. I kind of figured she was putting me on when we first started to chat but she had me IM a few other men who she had flashed and they told me what they did to get her to do it and what she showed. It sounded too good to be true but the talks were hot so why not. Well we chatted for quite awhile and I occasionally sent her some MPG’s and AVI’s of things she linked and she send me some pictures of her.

She is posting her story here about flashing and I know a few other men are also posting stories about seeing her flash. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed watching Liz.

If you ever get to chat with her, be open and honest and act like an adult. If you want it to go further and you want to be flashed get to know her real good. Ask questions of her and send her an occasional e-mail. Find out what she likes and good luck. She is an older woman but well worth it.

Then one day she actually asked me if I was free on a certain Friday evening and she would be out flashing. We set the date and I went hoping this was not all a put on. Well it sure wasn’t and it was a very exciting experience. I have gotten to view her twice now and here are the two e-mails I sent her about them after.

Liz likes to have the men she flashed send her a letter about what they saw that night and how they liked it. Crazy but for what I got in return it’s worth it.

Somehow I knew it was you when you stepped out of the blazer. I notice your sexy legs right away, with those sexy black stockings. I watched as you walked in the front door, and then I went in that back and looked for you. I saw you and Jerry walking around by the sexy underwear and looking at the leather bars and panties.

I walked around nervous, not wanting to be too close. As I followed you I watched with great anticipation of what was about to happen. Then you went to the back corner of the store and started to bend over to look at the movies. Then I saw what I was waiting for, your hot, sexy, smooth ass bare as can be staring me right in the face. I did not get to see your pussy but got a great shot of both your ass cheeks. INSTANT hard on! You bent down again to put the video jacket away and I got to see that sweet hot pussy. I was in a bit of shock, I was actually looking at a bare pussy in a public place and a lot of this was arranged just for me.

I followed you some more the very next time I got a great look at your sweet pussy. I could not believe that I was actually seeing your sweet pussy right before my eyes. I thought the guy next to me was going to have a stroke. Every time you bent over I saw parts of you hot ass and pussy. I wanted to jerk off all over your ass as you were bent over. Watching you show your hot ass and pussy are many of the reason for many of my hot jerk off sessions now. Thinking of your long sexy legs and hot smooth ass, saying eat me!! Damn it was a hot experience looking at your sweet bare cunt in a public store. I was not real good at following you around as this was my first time and I did not know what to do exactly. But I did as best I could and I did get to see your bare ass and pussy a few times.

I know you said never to approach you but we could say something to your husband and I tried. I tried to say something to jerry but you moved out of the place so fast when you were done I never got the chance. But next time I will tell him what a hot sexy woman he has.

Now every time we chat on line I remember that evening and get all worked up again. I till have trouble believing this all happened. A Slutty Lady (I know you call your self that) actually set it up with me to see her show me her bare ass and pussy in an adult store.

Second letter:

Friday night I went to the video store waiting for you I walked around in anticipation of your coming. Then there you were. Pretty print top and a short sexy black skirt and the thigh high stockings. I wandered around waiting for the first shot of your sweet pussy and then you bent over to look at a movie and there it was beautiful, bare and smiling at me, got a good shot of your hot ass as well.

I walked around a bit more following but not to closely, and a guy nodded to me (I found out later it was Chris the guy I chat with on line about you). I followed you around more and watched you bend over and show us your ass and pussy was great. You seemed to be doing it a bit more then before or I was more comfortable and followed better.

I noticed a white haired guy watching me and Chris follow you around I know he knew what was going on and started to follow us. The second shot of your pussy was really good as I was a bit closer and I noticed the white haired guy kneeling down and actually looked up your skirt he got a GOOD view of your pussy.

I followed you around more watching you, your sexy ass in that skirt and your HOT legs in those stockings MMM-MMM. As you walked to the toys section the counter person was getting curious. He came out from behind the counter and I am not sure if he got to see anything but he sure tried.

I noticed about four of us watching you, all trying to get a look under your skirt. Chris and I watched and got one more good shot of your pussy and ass before you left. The white haired guy got a last shot as well as did some other guy that was watching as well. Chris and I talked in the parking lot after about how awesome it was that you flash us. We talked about how hot your ass and your pussy are. Love your legs too so sexy in those stockings.

All in all I saw two really good shots of your pussy and your ass, The white haired guy saw two shots and my last shot of you was more of your ass than your pussy but HOT just the same. The counter guy may have seen your ass but not your pussy. Chris and I talked at length about how hot it is to see you flash, and are thankful you let us see you. The first shot of your pussy was the best. I could see all of it, just smiling at me, the lips and everything. You had quite the captive audience that night and it was awesome.


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