Flashed Virgin


From his high school days Jason Saemchenko was interested in the more serious, social, societal issues in life. He was odd, really. His parents put it differently

"Jason is just a bit more centred than most of his peers, the kind of student all of his teachers really enjoyed having in their class room."

It was however a little surprising to his parents that he wanted to become an ordained minister, they had figured him for a lawyer type or at least something secular. They were also quite sure that given his youth and based on their own life experience, he would change his career plans a few times before he got to retirement age. Jason was not deterred and with his Masters of divinity degree was now on his first pastoral charge just outside the city of Vancouver. It was here that the pastor and the sexy wife, Belinda would settle for the next few years at least that was his plan.

Belinda Vail was not quite as enthralled as Jason when they first met. Belinda had a classic apple bum with a set of firm full boobs, a strikingly narrow waist and those flaring hips made for an awesome picture in a bikini as a 19 year old university student. Even fully clothed when she chose to wear those summer outfits, comprised of sleeveless tank tops and wide skirts, with broad belts she was all girl. Her face was long rather than round, framed by strong fiery red locks which were bobbed now, with caramel eyes the perfect nose, broad sexy lips and full cheeks that always betrayed her when she was forcing herself to be demure but particularly when she was excited. She was very much a modern version of the flower child and liked the party scene. Even though it would be a stretch to call Belinda promiscuous, she was most definitely a tease.

Hers was not a standard childhood compared to most families in Westwood Heights where she eventually grew up. Her mother and father never married but were faithful to each other and lived a somewhat unorthodox life style. He was a naturalist and lived as much as he could in the nude. Since her mother loved her father she was sympathetic to his views and causes and always fiercely independent and opinionated. After Belinda was born she was no less comfortable with nudity but began to see life differently and taking the longer view sought more conventional influences for her daughter. When Belinda was 10, her mother decided to move to Westwood Heights. Belinda and her mum stood out only because Westwood Heights was a more upscale neighbourhood at the time and a single Mum on a nurse's salary were unlikely residents, unless of course the child's father was someone like Lester TeKamp.

Lester was a very talented writer who had the good fortune to be able to turn his chronic cynical view of the world into best-selling mystery novels. The occasional screen play resulting from these novels added to Lester's independence. Belinda loved her Dad and never saw his odd behaviour as anything more than just her father being exactly who he was, eccentric............


"Belinda ...you have got to be kidding!!" Jason's voice is almost a soprano high pitched squeal and Belinda recognizes this tone and sees his face becoming flushed. He is truly stressed. Whenever she was able to elicit this tone in his voice she knew she really got his attention. Mind you with the hottest temperatures on record for a July it probably would not take much this month.

"You are honestly seriously considering another jaunt with Julie when you know how I feel about her???"

"Jason just hear me out.....please. You know how I am. I have never pretended to be anything other than honest with you. You should also know that when my actions could affect you, I am always thoughtful about your feelings."

Belinda moves from leaning her athletic frame up against the door jamb of Jason's home office and strides directly over to where he is sitting in his office chair, tilted back slightly because of the conversation and the disparity in elevation between them. Belinda is dressed in a wide white patterned cotton skirt and in taking those long strides to get to Jason the hem rides way up her tanned thighs and immediately attracts her husband's gaze. Her full breasts are just barely contained in a sleeveless tank top that ties at the back of her long sleek neck, the single simple knot of cloth hidden by her blonde locks trimmed short, framing her face. She is trying to be comfortable and sexy and most times her husband has issues with her efforts and the success of those efforts.

Completely unintentionally she flashes her husband as she squats in front of him, spreading her knees because that was the only way to stop herself from falling over, trapping his own hairy legs dangling from navy shorts between her own knees. Even though it was literally a split second, it was long enough for him to notice she was wearing a pair of those sexy black lace Victoria's Secret Cheekies that he had gotten her for Valentine's Day. Jason swallows hard and clears his throat nervously; he is finding it tough to remain angry or upset and is hoping his cock does not further betray him. Belinda demurely slaps her skirt down between her knees to bring the show to an abrupt end. At the same time and in response to this action her skirt climbs along her thighs and the hem settles about midway up. As she squats in this subordinate position, her eyes travel from gazing at her husband's knee caps to look deep into his eyes she momentarily catches a view down the right leg of her husband's shorts and realizes he is going commando today. This discovery brings the flicker of a smirk to her lips.

In the midst of this conversation between Belinda and Jason, Belinda remembers the last escapade with herself and Julie. That singular event was momentous for Belinda and the memories come flooding back with a reality that surprises her............


Julie Barnhart is a really good looking woman. She is one of those fortunate people who never had a doubt about what she wanted, to be, a photographer. One of her trademarks has become Flash Nude Escapades; shooting nude models in perfectly normal out door settings, typically with the general public completely unawares. She had gotten so good at this that her exploits were becoming famous, making her somewhat of a cult type mini celebrity. There was never any warning. When the word had gotten out to the general public the shoot was over. She constantly harassed Belinda to be one of her models but she consistently refused. It wasn't a modesty issue, Belinda knew how Jason would feel and she really was only thinking of him when she would turn Julie down. Belinda's resolve for making excuses was weakening and Julie felt it would only be a matter of time before she gave in. Belinda was also bothered by the conflict produced by refusing her friend when she weighed her husband's comfort against her own sense of real adventure. Julie could not see Belinda's point of view. Julie felt that it was certainly worth one more try to get her friend onto one of her Flash Shoots as she called them. It was becoming an obsession. The potential drama and resulting chaos was just too much to pass up.........


"Hey girl is this really you?" Belinda picks up the receiver to hear a familiar voice on the other end. It was her girl Julie.

"Look I am down town, why don't you catch the sky train down to the Market Square. I am staying at the Hyatt but I got this real interesting person I want you to meet."

"Is this someone in the business or a real close friend?" Belinda's curiosity is always on alert with Julie. Working as a professional photographer, there was no end of interesting people Julie liked to introduce to her friend. She enjoyed the psychological double bind she would place on Belinda in certain circumstances. This was not lost on Belinda who was increasingly cautious because she knew her friend so well. However, upon occasion, she would slip up.

"Sort of," came the answer.

"That's hardly an answer."

"Look," Julie continues, "Can you get down here tomorrow evening? I know you need warning so that you can apply for permission so that the great Lucifer can pray on it."

"Julie...that's hardly fair. Jason's conservative stance is totally understandable."

"Ok Ok look just call me on my cell and let me know where I can pick you up."

Belinda smiles as she hangs up the receiver. Belinda and Jason never could agree on where or how Belinda's friend Julie could fit into their lives. For Belinda it was easy, she was a best friend, there was no question as to where, when or how she should fit in. Jason had tried to explain that it really was not jealousy or even him being over protective. It was just being practical and savvy and smart about protecting the life they were now leading. In his role as the minister he had an obligation to set an example and be a role model and so it was vital that their life style be exemplary. As far as Jason was concerned, Julie represented a significant threat to their relationship and he did not take this lightly.

"Why don't you come shower with me?" Belinda catches Jason off guard with this playful request as she begins to get ready for a couple of days away from her husband.

" No... no... I have some work I just have to get to and I really should look over that report from the Synod on budgets. It is that time of year." Jason avoids Belinda's gaze and heads down stairs to his office before she can tease him any further. She shrugs her shoulders and heads off to the bathroom.........


"Wow ...you look hot!" Julie greets Belinda as she exits the subway with her pull along suitcase in tow. "The Rev did not dress you that is for sure. In fact did he see you leave?"

"No ...he didn't, he had to be out on church business. We talked though and by the way he does not dress me." Belinda's voice has playful indignation in its tone as she frowns, looking directly at her friend.

"I am right here," Julie points to her vehicle in the parking lot, just a block from the station. After closing the trunk lid with her case safely inside Belinda goes to the passenger side and hops in. Julie pulls out into traffic and navigates her way out onto Burrard Street.

Within 15 minutes they have pulled into the hotel underground parking and are heading for the elevator. Belinda takes a look at Julie, whose hair is pulled up onto the top of her head and with a see through top and form fitting jeans and gorgeous decorated designer pumps this girl is hot.

"We are here at the Hyatt Regency, this is a weeklong assignment, so the room I took is one of those two bedroom all-inclusive suites, so who better to share it with than you? I know you think I am impulsive and always have an agenda but you are here, that's the most important thing. Look, I really want you to meet Sam." Julie is absolutely gushing as she opens the door to her cavernous suite on the tenth floor; the pent house level is just above them.

"Why is it so important for me to meet this Sam?" Belinda enquires. Julie looks at her friend and suddenly grabs her and embraces her in tight hug while saying,

"It just is, it's important to me.....it will.... broaden your horizons" Julie seems a little loss for words.

"So I need to be somehow.... educated?"

"Yes... that is exactly it."

Belinda switches gears abruptly, "When do we eat? I am starving."

"By the way, Sam will join us for dinner. You will meet her then."

There was a little flutter of discomfort in Belinda's nether regions but she chose to put it down to her hunger. They get freshened up and head down to the dining room area. They were just sitting at their table when Belinda hears her name from behind her.

"So this is the hot Belinda I've heard so much about." The voice coming from behind them is a warm deep sexy voice that immediately gets Belinda's attention. She turns to see a very athletic woman dressed in a micro skirt with a large silk shawl draped over her shoulders with her lower back left bare. She strides over to where Belinda is sitting, leans over to press her breasts onto her neck and shoulders as she hugs her from behind with her still sitting in her chair. Julie rises and there is no mistaking what happens next. The two women embrace and kiss each other hungrily.

"Meet Sam." Was all Julie said directly to Belinda while still holding onto Sam and licking her top lip with her tongue. The two women take their seats at the round table and began perusing the menu. A waiter hurries over and the ladies place their orders.

"Well, Belinda, I hear that you are going to do a shoot with us tomorrow." Declares Sam to a scandalized Belinda, who now understands the ill comfort she had in the pit of her stomach.

"Whoa...just a minute....I never agreed to any such thing."

"The way I heard it, if I saw you here tonight, that meant that you were doing it and in my mind there is no doubt that you are here." Sam shakes her head for emphasis and at the same time pulls on one side of her shawl and removes it from around her shoulders revealing her glorious orbs to the subdued lighting around them.

"Julie has the location scoped out already and it is not far from here." Belinda is like a cornered animal knowing that she is trapped but desperately looking for an escape. If she goes through with this she knows her marriage is in jeopardy and she is not ready to push that hard to test her relationship with Jason. At the same time she is so turned on by the thought of being part of this adventure. She is quivering as she sits chewing on her bottom lip. She looks straight at Julie, pleading for mercy with her eyes. Julie, like a cat playing with its mouse prey picks up her goblet with a flourish while staring back and throws back a gulp of wine. Belinda is sure she hears the metallic clang of the trap closing in on her. She knows she simply cannot get out of this. The noise is real, but it is the server bringing their food to the table. He notices the topless Sam, without missing a beat he slides over and repositions the shawl around Sam's shoulders.

"I do apologize but our Manager has very strict rules about our dress code."

The waiter is properly officious and obsequious enough that it defuses what could be a more tense and embarrassing situation and even though Belinda expects Sam to resist she does not. Inexplicably Belinda's pussy begins to pulse and throb the way it does when she is getting horny and Jason is actually seriously interested.

After their meal the girls rise from the table and Sam removes her shawl this time defiantly and strides through the restaurant topless daring another intervention from hotel staff. It does not happen and apart from the occasional double take from a guest, their trip back to the suite is uneventful. Sam and Julie begin to get ready for their episode and Belinda to continue to freak internally.

"Well if it is any consolation, you don't need to worry about wardrobe." Julie is honest and stone faced in her delivery, for about 10 seconds then both Sam and Julie break out into shrieks of laughter at Belinda's expense. This goes on for a good 5 minutes and finally Belinda realizing that she can't beat them joins in the laughter at herself.

In between taking breaths because of her own hard laughter Belinda manages to choke out, "Ok here I am Julie, you won, I'll do it, without you having to tie me to anything." Before Julie can respond to refute the statement Belinda carries on.

"I know you, Julie, whether you admit the truth or not you would have had a plan B, which probably would have included drugs of some sort and possibly shackles. So I am just playing it safe as ironic and contradictory as that sounds, given the circumstances."

Julie begins rubbing her palms swiftly together, exclaiming, "Ok we are heading to Granville Market. It's right near here. It is the perfect venue for my type of theme. There are great natural props; I am talking trees, people, so I think this is going to be fantastic."

Julie is beaming and more than a little pleased with herself to have Belinda right where she wanted her. She looks directly at her and says,

"D-Day is tomorrow morning we start to shoot at 8:00am so you'll have to be prepped a couple hours before. I'll tell you everything you need to know as we go. Sam has done this with me before so she will most likely be doing her own thing and I will concentrate on keeping the shoot on target and worrying about you, but everything will be fine."

"She is the best, you are in great hands." Sam chimes in looking at Belinda with genuine concern, Belinda is comforted by the honesty she sees in Sam's expression.

Belinda becomes more unsettled as she realizes that Granville Market is as public as you can get and doubts about her resolve creep in as she understands the implications of her decision to go along with Julie's little escapade. She hears a conversation in her head complete with pros and cons. She constantly runs up against her own emotional baggage in the midst of her thought process. She is so into herself she is unsure if the knock she hears is real. When Julie opens the door and walks in she knows it is.

"We have a slight change in plan." Julie looks at Belinda really looking for a reaction of panic or pleading relief but Belinda is now into the game and refuses to give Julie the satisfaction. Julie continues and now gets her hands into the conversation to assist her explanation of what she is saying.

"In order to get the best most honest reaction that's feasible from these events I think we need to do this a little later than first thing in the morning."

"Ok so when were you thinking?"

"Well here's the thing. There are a few key aspects of any of my shoots of this type. One is the shot itself and there can be a few before we get the right one but believe me there is always one that says it all. Also, in this case there will only be the two of you as the subjects so it's the mass shock effect that I am going for as opposed to a mass nudity thing. So the concept is a slight shift from the norm." Julie ponders for a moment then carries on.

"What that all means is, I need to have you at a specific spot. One of the entrances, is one possibility, where I can get the big sign in the shot. It is just an obvious aspect for me as the artist. Secondly, although I don't want them featured prominently in the shots there must be an obvious on looker component. The least interested the better but sometimes that is difficult to achieve and obviously we don't want the other extreme where there is too much interest as that completely spoils the effect I am going for."

Lying in bed Belinda hears Julie's voice, Belinda suddenly gets it, the other side of this adventure she has been roped into. She feels her anxiety turning ever so slowly into anticipation and actually to her own amazement feels her emotional involvement peeling away to reveal a more passive objective point of view. She transforms to being a cog in this underground creative process of procuring a visceral reaction from life. In doing so she actually sees the various mechanical components that are necessary to make this experience a totally successful one. She drifts off to sleep.

She is the first one up, she takes her shower and waits around in her bath robe until the others wake. When Julie strides out Belinda greets her.

"Ok I am ready."

"Good." Julie is not convinced and still thinks in her heart of hearts that when they get into the real nitty gritty her friend will bolt on her and she'll end up with a less than stellar experience.

"We will have you at the Johnson Street side, there is a large sign right there that I need in the shot. To go inside we run the risk of getting trapped or worse, knocking something over, we don't want to do any damage or create a costly accident. There are also quite enough natural props right there; I will have you strike a number of poses using them. If the situation allows and we can pull it off, I would really like to have you either swing from that overhead decorative bar that's there or maybe drape yourself on it as people walk underneath. Ok... Sam, Sam?"

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