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Flasher's Humiliation


Now that I am a prisoner in my own home, having lost my wife, a good job and my pride with my only joy now is starting another beer. Let me explain to you how I got into this sad and pitiful state.

Until a couple of months ago I was employed as a regional sales manager, with a company car and expense account. But like all men, I suppose, I wanted something better. So I went for a new job that really I had no right to go for and even though I got it I was so out of my depth that within a week of trying my best, it became all to clear that I was not the person that was needed and so I was sacked. I remember that day all to clearly.

I just drove round not knowing where to go, not thinking too clever either, when I pulled into a picnic site carpark. I noticed that there were a couple of cars there but I could not see anyone so I got out my latest copy of penthouse, which I keep in the glove box, and I started to read some of the letters and looking at the photo spreads. I remember getting very hard and horny while looking at a spread of a brunette called Samantha, who was aged 22? and loved to be fucked in all holes, according to the caption. I thought to myself that it was time for me to have a wank over samantha, so I left the car and walked over to the toilet block as I needed a piss first.

While I was stood there at the urinal having my piss a guy aged about mid 40's came in and stood next to me, I noticed that he had undone his trousers and was showing that he was wearing what looked to be a pair of dark blue ladies panties with a lacy front. This started to get me hard, the guy noticed this and he started asking me whether I liked men wearing panties and what sort of things did I like doing. He then started to wank himself through the panties. I am ashamed to say that the sight of him wanking turned me on so I started wanking as well.

I asked him whose panties were they and he replied that they were his 18 yr. old daughter Emma's panties and he had got them out of the laundry basket where she had put them last night and they had some dried cum stains in the gusset. All this talk had now got me close to cumming and I was wanking myself quite rapidly. Then the guy asked me if I would like to cum into the panties, I nodded yes so he quickly dropped his trousers and pulled the panties down so I could now see the gusset. He told me to stand in front of him and wank off. It didn't take very long for me to cum and I shot a load of cum into the panties.

After I had cum I started to zip myself up when the guy told me to stop as he hadn't cum yet. To be honest I couldn't care whether he had cum or not so I went to leave the toilet, but as I turned away I felt him punch me in the back and I was knocked to the ground. the guy then stood over me and forcfully stripped me naked, ripping my shirt to shreds and dragging my trousers off me. When I was naked he dragged me up off the floor and by pinning one arm behind my back he pushed me outside and made me walk around the toilet block and into the ladies section. As I entered the ladies I caught sight of a young woman there with her back towards me washing her hands. I felt like I wanted to be invisible, but then I heard the guys voice behind me say "is this the pervert?". the young woman turned around and I wanted tI curl up and die, for I recognised her. I vaguelly heard her say "yes dad he is the one" as my mind went back to when I saw her.

She was walking home from college one evening about 2 weeks ago, I had had a big row with my wife and I had stormed out in a temper fit. I don't recall planning it but I had got in front of her by about 200 yds. I then turned and slowly walked back towards her. I had unzipped myself and got my dick out of my trousers and I was hard. luckly I had a jacket on so it was unclear what I had done, but as I got to within a few feet of her I opened my jacket and flashed my hard dick at her, stroking it and I said something like "how would you like this fucking you up your ass". That was the only time I saw her until now.

I became a mumbling wreck, not knowing what to say or how to say it. then the girl spoke and said that she would like to see me be fucked up the ass like she thought I was going to do to her. I felt myself being pushed to the ground and something wet being rubbed around my asshole. What followed was a few minutes of blinding pain and agony as the guy pushed his dick into my ass, just when I thought it was over he would pull back and then push his dick into my ass hard and quick. while he was fucking me I nearly passed out a couple of times with the pain but the girl was there to slap me about the face. After about 10mins of being fucked I dreamily heard him say that he was going to cum and I felt him push his dick into my ass as deep as it would go and I felt his cum shoot out and wash my insides.

After he had cum, he dragged me onto my knee's, the girl then said that she had a special punishment for me. She stood astride a toilet pan and with her facing the wall she started to squat down but stayed about 2ft above the seat. She then reached behind and pulled her ass cheeks apart so I had a view of her hole. She then started to poo, first a short turd came out then she just blasted her poo out like she had the runs or something. When she had finished she got down on all 4's in front of me and ordered me to lick her clean. she tasted horrible and I nearly puked a few times but I did clean her up.

As soon as I had finished they both left me in the ladies, so I quickly went back to find what was left of my clothes.

I then got into my car and drove back home, but when I got home I saw that there was a police car outside the gate waiting for me, as I got out I was arrested because someone had reported that they were being followed and the brief description they had sounded like me so I was led away.

After a few hours in the police station it emerged that the complaint had been dropped and I was free to go. On getting back home I found a note on the front door from my wife informing me that she was leaving and that divorce papers would soon follow.

My advice to anyone who thinks about flashing at women is DON'T DO IT!!! you never know when you might be found out...

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