tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlashing Around Town & Home

Flashing Around Town & Home


My boyfriend has gotten me from being a shy wallflower to a brazen exhibitionist, walking around my house in the suburbs naked during the day. I have driven around town completely naked and enjoyed it. I have done quite a few things for him while he is at work and talking to me on my cell phone. I was surfing the net and rubbing myself when he called one morning and asked what I was up to. He said he was horny and wanted me to make him cum while showing off my huge 44DDD titties and shaved pussy. I asked what he wanted me to do; knowing whatever it was would get my pussy flowing.

He asked if I needed gas in my car and I said, "Yes." He said that he wanted me to get gas naked. It was cold outside so I told him that I would put on a short silk robe and expose myself on the way. He agreed and I was off. When I got in the car, it wasn't only the brisk air that had my nipples so hard. I was so excited by the idea of my boyfriend cumming for me while I fulfilled his fantasy, had my pussy so wet, it threatened to stain my silk robe.

I know of a full service gas station, which is a rarity these days, and I chose it to get someone up close but still be safe in my car. I drove to the service station with my robe open and my titties in plain view of anyone who looked. I had my boyfriend on the phone as I drove up to the pump. The attendant, a middle-aged man came up and I told him to fill the tank. My boyfriend told me to make sure my robe was all the way open and to spread my legs. The attendant had started the pump and came up to wash my windshield. I relayed this info and was told to rub my pussy and make sure my legs stayed apart. My heart was racing at this point, with my sexy boyfriend masturbating for me on the phone and this stranger ogling my hard nipples and soaking pussy through my windshield while he cleaned it. He kept going back and forth, cleaning the same area, and intently watching my fingers going in and out of my steaming pussy. He finally had to leave when the pump shut off and take my money. I purposely gave him a large bill so he would have to make change. As he handed me the change he said, " Thank you and come again anytime!" with a big grin. I thought it strange he said no other comments as if he seen naked ladies all the time at his pumps.

I then drove to a park to finish with my boyfriend, who was really worked up but hadn't cum yet. I had been here many times before, sitting naked at the picnic shelter during the light of day, teasing the grounds workers and path walkers. I was telling my boyfriend how I would love his cock in me and how much I wanted his cum in my mouth. I could tell he was close by his heavy breathing and what he was saying to me. I seen a walker coming up the path by where I was parked and told him so. I told him that I would get out of my car as the walker neared. My nipples hardened to the idea of another stranger seeing my naked body. I opened the door and slowly slipped out of the car making sure my titties were hanging free. My boyfriend told me to drop the robe and start playing with my pussy. I looked up the path at the walker and started to finger fucking myself and heard my boyfriend cumming over the phone. I smiled at the walker, picked up my robe, slowly sliding it over my shoulders. I returned to the car and drove home.

On the way, I asked what he had in mind next. He told me an idea involving the mailman. I told him I would do it the next day. He called the next afternoon to ask if the mailman had come by yet. I said, "No, not yet." And we talked about what we would do to each other when we got together. After his call, I was so hot; I wasn't able to even get out of bed. I was so excited; I had to play with my pussy. I was still playing when he called on his way home. I was so close . . .so close. When I heard his voice again, I was able to cum.

I knew it was very near time for the mailman, so as soon as my legs were steady enough, I grabbed my robe and ran for the front door, yanking the slinky material over my very hard nipples and still pulsing pussy. Yes, the mailman was coming down the street, very close to my mailbox.

I intended to step away from the house and accidentally let my robe fall open. I could see how steady the rain was, and how hard the wind was blowing. I thought the wind could help with the accidental showing of my naked body. Just as I stepped even with the front of the house, the wind whipped my robe wide open and the mailman, now arriving at my driveway, saw everything.

This isn't quite the way I planned it, but I tried to smile at him as I frantically reached for the flying edges of my robe. I slowed a bit, letting the edges get away from me again and again. Even when I caught them and tried to pull it over my body, I didn't try too hard. The gusts of the wind made it impossible for my big titties to be covered more than a second, and surely the wind was playing games with the loose edges of the bottom of the robe. At no time was my pussy out of the mailman's sight. When I finally caught the edges, I half-heartedly attempted to close the robe, but he saw everything as I walked out to him to get my mail.

If I weren't so nervous, I would have laughed at the open-mouthed mailman. I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head. He was staring so hard at my huge tits. Valiantly fighting the wind for control of the robe, I walked down the driveway to the open-mouthed mailman. It took him a second or two to close his mouth and remember to hand me my package and letter. I was trying to hold the edges closed with one hand as I reached for the small package. The rough wind snatched the robe away from me and it flew open again. When he delivered the items, he clasped the steering wheel in a death grip. It was funny! But I was too nervous at the time to appreciate it all.

He never said a word to me, and I didn't say anything to him. When he handed me the materials, I gave him a small smile and turned to walk back to the house. The wind still whipped at my robe, and I felt the air touch my naked ass and pussy when my robe blew up and away from my body.

Even with the wind blowing, I knew I hadn't heard the mailman leave yet. When I reached the holly bush, I turned to see what the mailman was doing. He was still staring. I decided to give him a good view of my pussy as I bent over from the waist to pick up the belt that flew out of my hands as soon as I walked out of the house. Fortunately, the belt was tangled around the bush by the front door. I bent all the way over to pick it up. Dead silence behind me. When I slowly stood up, I looked at the mailman again. He still sat there watching me. I don't think the hard thing between his legs would allow him to drive! I smiled at him again and walked into the house.

If the wind hadn't been blowing so hard, I'll bet he could have smelled my scent. I wonder what the mailman's going to dream about?

While this story doesn't involve direct sex, it is entirely true. It is not a fictionalized account.

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