tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlashing Around Town & Home Ch. 03

Flashing Around Town & Home Ch. 03


This is the third installment of my adventures with my mailman.

I heard a loud bang, bang, bang at my door last Saturday morning. It was early, about 9 o'clock, and I seldom answer the door when I'm naked. But I've heard that particular bang, bang, bang before and I was pretty sure I knew who it was even before I got out of my computer chair to go look.

The pups were barking so shrilly in the small hallway entrance, I couldn't think. Trying to quiet them down, I peeked through the barely open door and sure enough the mailman was standing there. Telling the pups to be quiet and to get back, I opened the door enough to speak to him to see what he wanted as he normally delivered my mail around 2:00 in the afternoon. I had a queasy feeling in my stomach, wondering what he wanted and I thought I already knew.

At this point, all he could see was my face and naked shoulder. When I said, "Yes?" he started stumbling all over himself trying to assure me he was making a legitimate stop. Quite frankly, I haven't heard anyone stumble that badly since I was in high school and some of my male classmates tried to convey how much they wanted to fuck me. Maybe I should have taken someone up on the offer. Anyway, I digress . . .

The mailman stumbled and stuttered as fast as his mouth would move, so it only took a few seconds for me to decipher his meaning. He had a package I needed to sign for. As soon as he finished explaining, he thrust out his hand with the receipt for me to sign, but in his agitation, he didn't give me a pen to sign with. Asking him to wait a minute, I pushed the door slightly closed, to keep the cold winter air from blowing in, but didn't completely shut the door. I walked into the living room to find a pen to sign the receipt with. When I found the pen and signed the paper, I walked back to the front door and opened it wider this time, making sure all of my body was in view this time. My attention was diverted in shooing the pups back away from the door. Taylor, the little Chihuahua, seemed hell-bent on getting close enough to the mailman to sniff him, and I had to bend way over to physically push him back.

As I was rising to stand straight, I quickly glanced up at the mailman, and his mouth was wide open as he stared at my huge titties as they jiggled and swayed with my body movements. I wouldn't doubt he was salivating, but I have no evidence to prove that theory. What I know for sure was that his cock was rock hard and making a tent in his pants!

Handing the receipt out for him to take, he didn't seem to notice. For several seconds, I continued to hold my hand out with the receipt in it, and he just stood there with his eyes wide and staring, moving from my big titties to the clean-shaved pussy he saw only a couple of days before. The way he was staring, I got the impression he was making sure his memory hadn't played any tricks on him.

When he finally snapped out of the daze he was in, he took the receipt and handed me the registered mail. Stumbling over himself again, he explained he had pulled out my regular mail as well, so I wouldn't have to go out to the mailbox later and get cold. Handing all the mail to me, his words slowed to a stop and he was again staring at my huge 44 DDD titties just two feet in front of him.

Only when I said, "Thank you", did his eyes look into mine for the first time. Telling me I was welcome, he gave me a shaky smile and turned to go back to his truck. When he turned in profile to me, I saw his cock was still hard and pushing excitedly against his pants. Recovering from my panic at finding him on my doorstep so early in the morning, I smiled a little at his unmistakable arousal. Still smiling softly, I closed the door against the frigid air.

I had to make myself cum again after I told my boyfriend what I had done. He is the sweetest, sexiest man I have ever known, and I'm not whistling "Dixie". He supports my newfound desire to show off my body to excite other men.

When I went to write the next part of this story I became so horny it was impossible for me to get right to the computer to tell about the encounter with the mailman . I had to cum first and I did, in fairly short order. My boyfriend had devised a plan for me to take things a little further.

I stood at the bedroom window wearing the short, black, slinky robe from the first story (without the belt) and a pair of deep pink thong underwear watching for the mailman. The garage door was already opened and all I needed to dash outside was the sight of the mail truck. Playing with my wet pussy through the panties, thinking of all the stories I have read that morning, and all the hot things my boyfriend had said to me, was making sure that my panties would be saturated enough to absorb the flowing juices and scent of my sex. It would be my Christmas present for the mailman.

I was standing at the window with the curtains pulled wide, my titties in view of any cars going by, playing with my pussy and clit for about 40 minutes when I finally saw him come in sight. Grabbing the zip-lock bag off the bed, I dashed out to the opened garage door to wait for the mailman to come a little closer. Even though the high temperature was supposed to be in the mid-40's, the light wind made it feel a lot cooler than that.

With my robe opened to expose my huge titties and wet panties, I walked, in a way to make my tits jiggle, down to the end of the drive to meet the mailman. When he drove up to me, I smiled and asked him to give me a minute, that I had something for him. With the games we've been playing these past weeks, I still doubt he had any idea what the 'something' was I intended to give him.

Reaching out my left hand to support myself against his truck by his window, I slowly moved my right hand down to begin working my pussy juice soaked thong off. No, the mailman's eyes weren't about to fall out, but the surprise on his face was priceless. Here I was, even closer than the time at the door, only inches from him! Slowly, slowly I worked the panties down. The cool air whipping all around me and touching my wet pussy when the panties were low enough caused chills all over my body. The wind teased my robe and the slinky, silky material sliding against my naked ass also caused the chills. Of course, my nipples were so hard I thought they might just poke him!

My titties jiggled from side to side when I bent over to step out of the panties. I wasn't looking directly at the mailman, but could feel his eyes feasting on my nipples. I was too busy looking at his hard cock straining against his pants. His cock was so hard!

When I had the panties off, I slowly stood up and slowly put the thong in the zip-lock bag I had with me. When the panties were inside, and the bag zipped, I handed the bag to the mailman, telling him this was for him and Merry Christmas! He didn't say anything, just sat frozen in the exact position he was in when I gave him the present. I HAD to smile at that!

Asking if I had any mail, he realized his hand was still in mid-air, with my present dangling in the air. Flushed, he reached for my mail and handed it to me. I smiled at him again and turned to go back to the house. The wind freely played with my robe, blowing it up and away from my now naked body. No doubt, the mailman got a good, long look at my naked ass as the robe whipped around me as I slowly walked up the drive. When I was in the garage ready to lower the garage door, I looked behind me and the mailman was still sitting there, still staring at me. So as a parting gesture, I reached down between my spread legs and started to play with my throbbing pussy. I then waved good-bye and hit the button. I ran inside to the bedroom just in time to see him drive off. I was so horny, I lay down on the bed with my pussy facing the window, only three feet away, and rubbed myself to a wonderful orgasm.

This story is true. It is not a fictionalized account.

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