tagBDSMFlashing Lights Ch. 01

Flashing Lights Ch. 01


Authors Note: This is the first chapter to a short story that began budding in my mind earlier. This is a non-erotic chapter, but will hopefully transform into a well thought out story with erotic moments. If you like a story with a nice plot please stick around. I love feedback, please comment or send me an email. With that said, I must go do my exhausting college homework. Enjoy.



"No. Noooo. Shit." I whined and pouted as I felt my car jerk to one side and lose speed.

I was on my way home from the diner I worked at. It was just my luck to break down a half hour away from my cozy apartment on an eerie night like so. I pulled my car slowly to the shoulder out of the way of any passersby. Luckily I had an extra coat, along with an umbrella, in the backseat. Stepping out of my little light blue 1998 chevy corolla and walking around to what I suspected was the problem.

Sea Biscuit was a beater and everyone knew it, but she was my prized possession.

I was 17 when I finally scraped up enough money to buy her. The year after resulted in my Pa' teaching me everything there was to know about a car. I spent more than enough hours on repairing her to just give her away for something shiny and new.

Squatting down as the rain poured over my umbrella and I, I found that my tire was indeed popped. I groaned inwardly knowing it really only was a fifteen minute job tops, but I was not going to be able to avoid the pouring rain. As I began pulling out my spare donut, my lug nut wrench, and my excessively heavy flashlight, a car's headlights turned around the bend and blinded me. To my best ability I ignored the passing headlights as I set everything I needed onto the ground.

"Bastards." I huffed under my breath, slightly annoyed that they didn't even slow down or check if I were alright.

The hospitality just wasn't the same in Los Angeles as it was back home in the little town smack dab in the heart of Tennessee. At least back home almost everyone would stop to ask 'how're ya doin'?' or 'You need any help, Sugar?'

I huffed a stray golden curl out of my face and started cranking the jack up. At least I wasn't a weakling like every coddled woman I knew who grew up in the bustling city. Perks of growing up on a farm and helping with bailing hay every season, I guess.

I was halfway done with getting the lug nuts off of my tire when another car came barreling around the corner. This one flashed its lights at me and when I hadn't reacted, a set of red and blue lights flooded my vision. The police car came to a stop right behind my car with its color still filling the clouded night sky.

The police officer's foot steps were loud on the crunch of the gravel from the little back road I always chose to ride on. Soon a large figure stood over me but said nothing as I continued my handywork. I kept my calm and ignored the bothersome shadow looming over me, I could tell it was getting on their nerves as they shifted their weight from foot to foot. I would have been delighted if it had been anyone else stopping, but I hated cops, from tennessee and L.A. They were all the same to me.

I let out a strangled breath of air as I finally popped off the last nut and yanked the rim off of the car. Picking up the tire and walking past the figure that I hadn't given a second glance, I went to place the hunk of rubber and metal into my trunk. Stepping backwards and towards the tireless part of my car once more, the figure stepped into my path. I sighed.

"May I help you?" I asked in a sickly sweet tone as I looked at this annoyingly masculine figure.

"Would you like to tell me why you're performing a roadside repair without your hazards on?" The policeman asked in an accusatory voice.

I laughed and brushed past the man, kneeling on the ground to place the donut tire onto the little pegs.

"Well?" He suggested.

"Don't got'em." I replied.

"You also know being out this late, a woman like you, messing with this piece of shit? It's dangerous. My job is to ensure safety. You've violated this on two levels now."

"Thanks for your concern, Officer. All due respect, I'm flattered, but I don't need you worrying 'bout my safety." I replied as I started replacing the lugnuts.

"I'm going to have to give you a ticket."

"Can't do that." I replied simply.

He scoffed and I had to hold in a laugh. This guy and his nerve, 'HA!'

"And why not?"

"Can't afford it. Next." I added.

"Okay. Then you'll have to come to court and get charged with community service." He stated the next option as he started flipping through his notepad.

"Nope. Can't do that either."

When he remained silent I glanced up at him and saw a bewildered look plastered to his face. This time I did laugh out loud. I imagined that if it were daylight his face would not only be red because of the flashing lights.

"Excuse me?" He asked with a hint of anger budding.

"I said 'Nope.' Clearer?" I asked with feigned innocence.


"Too much of my time would be wasted. I work two jobs, I got bills to pay. I don't have time to pick up roadside trash cause' you city people throw your trash out you're windows." I grunted out when finishing tightening the last lugnut.

Lowering the car jack I looked at the man and smiled.

"What. Can. You. Do. Then." He gritted out his teeth.

"I can change a tire." I winked at him as I threw the rest of my stuff back in the trunk.

As I turned my back and went to go get back into the car I felt a hand on my wrist. It wasn't a bone crushing grip, just enough to stop me in my tracks. I slowly turned my head towards him and glared but instead of meeting his eyes I followed his gaze to my wrist. Quickly I yanked my hand out of his grip and slid my sleeve over the tattoo I got when I first arrived in L.A.

"You a passionate christian?" The police officer said with a smirk growing on his face.

"No." I spit out with a sulky venom. I suddenly felt vulnerable and exposed.

"No. I didn't think so." He laughed out loud.

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Brilliant start

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