tagBDSMFlashing Lights Ch. 02

Flashing Lights Ch. 02


Authors Note: If you have not read the first chapter I would advise you to do so, just so you got the gist of what's going on. If you have no clue what the christian reference or tattoo look up the history of the bdsm emblem. Otherwise, enjoy. P.S. this also has no erotic scenes, still setting up my plot. Tell me what you think.



"Slave, come over here. Now." His tone changed as I turned and frantically rushed to my vehicle.

I ignored the man and yanked open my car door. Tumbling in and quickly staring the car once again, I hit the gas and sped down the winding road. I glanced up into my rearview and was pleasantly greeted with the most startled look on a grown mans face I'd ever seen. Smirking on the inside I boasted at the fact that I just got away from this overbearing man. Pa would have been proud, and Mama was worried I wouldn't be able to hold my own.

Mother Nature seemed to be against me, If I didn't slow down I would have crashed. The pouring rain made it completely hard to see out into the night, and the wind made it hard to stay in my lane. I glanced up and saw the red and blue flashing lights coming around the bend.

I had not thought about it but all I knew was that I did not want to be caught by this man. I gripped the steering wheel until my knuckles went white. If it were any other day I would have already lost him but in these conditions, he was gaining on me. I turned one more corner and saw a pair of distorted red flashing lights ahead of me.

"Fuck! No no no no!" I exclaimed seeing the railroad crossing bars begin to lower. I punched the gas seeing an opportunity.

The train wasn't far away but if I passed the train there would be no chance he'd catch me. The bars just finished lowering, the train was barreling closer every second that ticked by. My car hit 80 mph and I could no longer see anything bust a sheet of water and red lights. My body jolted to the side as I felt my car jerk from the impact. The bars broke and I flew over the flat railroad tracks.

It was like every high speed car chase you've seen in the movies, except this time it was real. The train passed through my rearview mirror and I felt a wave of relief flood over my body. When I arrived home that night, it was 1 in the morning and I was exhausted. Stripping out of my soaking wet clothes I plopped under my fluffy red blanket and fell into a dreamless sleep.


My alarm went off too early. I rolled over and hit stop on my phone. The clock read 5:30 am and I struggled to get out from under the warm covers. It was time to get ready for the hotel job that I quite despised. As I finished pinning back all my curls into a tight bun and tied my smock around my waist, there was a harsh knock at the door. No one ever visited me and I was instantly alarmed. I grabbed my purse and reached inside for my can of mace. I looked through the peephole and saw a man in uniform. I slowly opened my door and looked into the eyes of the older man standing before me.

"How can I help you, Sir?" I asked nervously.

"Are you Ms. Fae Jemerson?" The old man said gruffly.

"I am." I stepped out of the little apartment and locked it up.

I felt the old man step a little too close for comfort and I squeezed the can of mace in my purse.

"Sir, I'd like to inform you that I have a can of mace and my phone on me. The phone has been recordin' since you have made eye contact with me. Please do not step that close to me." I stated clearly knowing very well my phone was not recording anything.

The police officer scoffed and took two steps away from me.

"Can you explain why you're here? Or can I go, I'm gonna be late for work if you hold me here any longer." I said in a irritated tone.

"Last night we were radioed at the station that there was a car chase happening due to unauthorized roadside repair, disrespecting an officer, and leaving the scene without permission. We also have video footage of a light blue 1998 Toyota Corolla bashing through railroad track bars with the license place of HJM 2800. Do you own a light blue 1998 Toyota Corolla with the license of HJM 2800?" He asked as he was looking at a police report in his hand.

"Yes, I do. I was that person your fellow officer was talking about. I have an old car, the hazards do not work and that is not a law here. The car was still running so passerbyers could see my brake lights and I had a large flashlight shining slightly towards the road as a flare would if I had one. He tried to give me a ticket for being a woman out too late, because it was 'unsafe.' I used my fingers to air quote.

The officer was staring at me with a weary look.

"I told him goodnight and as I was walking back to my car he grabbed me, made unsolicited comments towards me, and I shook out of his grasp at hurried from the scene because he scared me the way he was acting towards me."

"Ma'am that doesn't warrant you braking government property. I am still going to have to take you down to the station." He replied.

I huffed out an angered breath.

"Can you give me a minute to call my boss, I ain't losin' my job over this."I asked.

He looked deep in thought for a minute and finally nodded his head.

"Make it quick."

I called my boss and told her I was not gonna be able to make it in that day due to a misunderstanding I had needed to clear up at the local police station. The older police officer looked at me oddly sad when I hung up and looked at him for further directions.

"You seem like a good kid. I'm not going to cuff you. Walk straight ahead of me and listen to my directions and we won't have any problems." He stated.

I nodded my head and walked past him. He told me to walk out of the building and take a right, walk down the sidewalk, walk to the police car and wait for him to open the back door. I followed his directions and watched as he opened the door. It wasn't the first time I was riding in the back of a cop car.

When we got to the station he let me out and we walked into the station. I took a seat where he directed me, and then I saw his face. He wore a seemingly cynical smirk as he made eye contact with me. The man made my blood run cold.

As they pulled me in for questioning I restated all I had told the older man. Pa always said never lie and when you're in trouble you best own up to those mistakes before you get yourself into more. They told me I was going to have to go to court and serve 10 days in jail while I waited for my day to come. I felt the heat rise to my face quickly.

"You can't do that. I have jobs to be at!" I yelled.

"Ma'am calm down." The younger officer cautioned me.

"The fuck I will! This is pure bull shit. This entire system is corrupted. I should be working and mindin' my own goddamn business like I was before that pig decided to give me trouble for no fucking reason." I stood up and threw the officers coffee cup against the wall and watched it break.

The officer grabbed me and slammed my body against the wall. He grabbed my wrists and yanked them harshly behind me and began cuffing me.

"You want to know what's bullshit little miss? You ruining my morning and my coffee."

The officers escorted me out of the room and down to the holding cells for misdemeanors.

I sat in the cell for about four hours until it was about 6 pm and they came and got me for dinner. I walked into the small cafeteria and felt instantly disgusted. The people there looked beat up and greasy. The food looked half cooked and bland. I picked up a tray and got a scoop of mashed potatoes and a bruised apple. Sitting down as far as I could away from all of the people and quickly ate my food wanting to be back in the comfort of my cell alone again.

They escorted me back to my cell and told me I had a phone call if I wanted to make one. I declined knowing very well nobody would care about me being in jail. Mama and Pa were in Tennessee and couldn't save me if they wanted to.

I laid on the bed and at about 1am I heard a rattling at my cell door. When I woke up I found the man from last night standing above me. I jumped up and pulled my covers towards me. He placed a finger at his lips as if silencing the screams in my head.

"What do you want?!" I whisper-yelled.

The man only laughed a little and began slowly pulling the covers away. I thought about screaming but I hadn't really known what he was doing. After taking away the covers he grabbed my wrist and made me stand up.

"You have been bailed out." The officer said.

Alarm sirens began going off in my head. No one knew I was in here, no one would bail me out. Something was wrong.

He escorted me to a small office with a single lamp lighting up the room. The officer placed a piece of paper in front of me and asked me to sign it.

"I don't understand. No one would bail me out, nobody even knows I am in here."

"Sign the papers and I'll explain."

I didn't think. I should have.

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