tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlashing My Mother-In-Law Ch. 01

Flashing My Mother-In-Law Ch. 01


This is something that happened thirty years ago while my wife and I were living with my in-laws. I had lost my job. We moved back to our hometown and settled in with my wife's parents. It was going to be just temporary, until one of us found work and then a place to live. My mother-in law, Stella, was a fun person to be around. We had always gotten along well. She did not work outside the home and was glad to have someone around even if was only going to be just for a short while. My father-in-law, Frank, was just an ordinary working guy. Went to work every day, came home to dinner, went bowling twice a week, that was about it for him.

It was an older one story house that had been remodeled so there was no real plan as to how the rooms were laid out. My wife and I had a bedroom off the dining room in the middle of the house. My in-laws bedroom was in the front of the house off the living room. The layout of the rooms is important because it contributed to what took place between Stella and me. Just as important was that since the rooms were all relatively small, the bedroom doors were an accordion style. I was around 25 years old when we moved in. I don't know Stella's age exactly, somewhere around 50.

Stella was not a beauty, but she was attractive and enjoyable to be around. Her figure might have been called a plus size. She was not fat, rather pleasantly plump. In the six years I had known her I can honestly say that I never had any sexual feelings toward her. The most that had happened between us was some mild flirting, the kind that passes between a lot of outgoing older women and younger men. I have such a vivid memory of what took place and at that time it was the most sexually arousing thing that happened to me.

It was just a normal weekday afternoon. The three of us were home, my wife, mother-in-law and myself. We were all in the kitchen talking when I got a phone call about a possible job. We made arrangements for me to come in that afternoon for an interview. I went into our bedroom to change clothes. When I sat down on the bed to take off my shoes Stella walked past and I noticed that she glanced into the bedroom. I had not pulled the door all the way shut, in fact there was about a 10 inch gap. Why had she done that? Was she hoping to see me undressed? I immediately started getting an erection.

The thought that my mother-in law might be trying to get a peek at me naked got me very excited. I had two quick thoughts. One, she will most likely be walking past again on the way back to the kitchen, and two, I really wanted her to see me naked. I quickly undressed, and as I was taking off my white t-shirt I noticed I could see through it. I left it on, thinking I would take it off as she walks by. That way I could see her and make sure she was looking. I was getting really turned on at the thought of doing this. I started playing with my cock. Then I figured I really shouldn't do this with an erection. I wanted my cock to look good to her so I kept it soft. Then I took one more step. I pushed the bedroom door open even further, so there was now a 2 foot gap. I did not care if she noticed that the door was open wider. I just really wanted my mother-in-law to see me naked.

And then it happened. The whole thing did not take three seconds. As Stella came past my door, I pulled my t-shirt up over my head, and saw her look in at me. She paused just for the briefest of moments and then she was gone. God, it almost made me come. I stepped away from the door and started jacking off. I needed relief. I could hear Stella and my wife talking. One of them started to walk out of the kitchen. I wanted to flash my mother-in law again but I had this hard-on. Screw it, I'll turn my back to the door and give her a view of my ass. I can only hope it is my mother-in-law and not my wife. That could take some explaining. It was Stella and even though I could not see her I could feel that she slowed down and took a good look. If only she knew about the erection.

I felt that I had taken this about as far as I could. I moved away from the door got dressed. Tucking my hard-on into my underwear wasn't easy. I really wanted to jack off, but I did have this job interview. When I finished dressing I went into the kitchen to say goodbye. Linda, my wife, and her mother were sitting at the kitchen table. Linda, with no clue of what just took place, and Stella with a lot of color in her face, looking some what flushed and overheated. I said my goodbyes and left. I do not remember much about the trip to the interview or even the interview, but I must have been all right, I got the job. The four of us had supper that night and I'm thinking, just like always Frank, except your wife has been looking at my dick.

Later that night we were all sitting in the living room. I was reading the paper while the other three watched TV. Stella got up and said she was going to take a shower. I was holding the paper in front of me and when Stella walked past me she gave it a playful smack and asked me if there was anything interesting in the paper. Then she went into her bedroom, remember it was off the living room, and holy shit, she didn't completely close the door. Was my imagination going crazy? Did Stella deliberately leave the door open. God, I hope so. This was just too perfect to be true. Linda and Frank were sitting on the couch facing away from the bedroom door. I was sitting on the only chair facing the bedroom door with the newspaper in front of my face. The door was open 8 to 10 inches and the light was on in the bedroom. I could see perfectly. Now unless I have misread the entire situation, is my mother-in-law about to turn the tables on me? And did she know that this afternoons incident was intentional?

I could see her moving around in the bedroom, passing in and out of my view. She was still fully dressed, maybe I had misread the situation. Maybe not. With her back to me, she pulled her blouse out of her slacks and was began to unbutton it. Shit, how long has it been since I turned a page. Linda or Frank could get suspicious. Plus my hands were starting to shake. Was my mother-in-law really going to do this, undress for me. Maybe not. She moved away from my view. What seemed like 10 minutes but was really 10 seconds she was back. Blouse still on but completely unbuttoned. I knew it was going to happen when Stella starting unbuttoning the cuffs on her blouse while facing me. And I watched as she slipped her blouse off. Turn a page dickhead! How far was this going to go? Damn, Stella moved away from the door again. Was she having second thoughts about doing this? Definitely not! She's back, and she is facing away from me as she makes that classic one-handed, behind he back female move to unclasp her bra. She turns sideways as she slides the bra off. I can see her tits. I hope Frank and Linda don't notice my hard-on. Stella spins toward me and I get the full frontal view of my mother-in laws tits. Damn, she moved away again.

I turn the page again, I hope they don't notice I am now reading the paper backwards. She is back again, this time facing me as she unzips her shorts and steps out of them. Now there is no hesitation, she pulls off her panties and stands there completely naked. Stella has never looked out at me and I'm wondering what I would do if she did. She turns around to pick her robe up from the bed. Funny, I never noticed what a nice ass my mother-in-law has. Just before putting on the robe she turned out the light. So she could look out to make sure I was watching? Hell yes I watched!

Stella came out of the bedroom and headed for the shower. The robe was primly wrapped around her and she was carrying her nightgown. I still had the paper in front of my face and once again she smacked it on the way past. This time she said, "you must have found something pretty interesting." I certainly had. That ended a sexually exciting day for me. I bet Frank got laid that night. And did he wonder what got his wife so fucking hot. I know that Linda and I had some hot sex. Do you think a wife would be upset to know that as her husband was fucking her he was picturing her mother, naked.

The next morning Frank went to work. I did not start my new job until next week. That left Linda, Stella, and myself home for a few more days. We spent the day together, the three of us, including a shopping trip. Neither Stella or myself referred to want had happened. We had both intentionally let the other see them naked. We made it seem like it was an accident, even though the one watching knew it was not accidental. Was that weird? All I knew is that I wanted it to happen again. As much as I enjoyed seeing my mother-in-law naked, I really want her to see me naked again. That thought stayed in my mind all day. I had to find a way to do it. My wife was a problem, since she is going to be around the house. Also, going to work would limit my opportunities since Frank and Linda would both be home in the evening.

Wishes do come true. I got to be seen naked by my mother-in-law again. In fact it was the next day. I had spent most of the day working in their yard. When I finished I definitely needed a shower. The house has two showers, one in the bathroom and one in the basement. I always use the basement shower because it was bigger and a better shower head. I had a great shower because I continued to think about Stella seeing me naked. Soapy hands and a stiff dick make for a good shower. For some reason, I did not finish jacking off. Instead I turned off the shower and started drying off. I heard Stella yell something to me from the top of their stairs. I did not hear what she said so I walked over by the stairway to ask her what she said. Looking up I could see her from the waist down. Holy shit, she can also see me from the waist down. What a perfect situation. I told her I did not hear what she said. She did not move from the top of the stairs. My mother-in-law was looking down at my bare ass body. She told me to bring the clothes up that were in the dryer. I said OK and since she was still there I decided to put on a good show. Once again it seemed to be important that this seemed to be unintentional.

I turned toward Stella and continued to towel myself off. Going very slowly, and as I dried my back I made sure my cock was swinging. When I bent down to dry my legs and feet I turned away from her. This gave her a good view of my ass. When I turned back she was still there. I thought, should I go for broke? Hell yes! I made quite a show of drying my cock and balls. I could feel myself getting hard. I wasn't ready to jack off in front of my mother-in-law so I moved away from the stairs. Stella called down to me again, "don't forget the clothes." Was that to let me know she had seen everything? She had to know I saw her at the top of the steps.

Anyway, I got dressed, took the clothes out of the dryer and took them upstairs. Stella was waiting in the kitchen with just a slight smile on her face. She asked me to help fold the clothes and took them into her bedroom. This was very creepy, but Linda being home excluded anything happening. So my mother-in-law and I folded clothes on her bed. I suppose it would have been even better if we had been folding her underwear, but it was just sheets and towels.

That night after dinner Linda's aunt came over for a visit. The four of us sat around the kitchen table, Frank was bowling. During the evening the aunt asked Stella if she enjoyed having her son-in law hanging around. Stella's answer almost knocked me out of my chair. She said, "Oh, it's been a lot of fun. In fact, George and I have been seeing a lot of each other recently." She looked over at me with the sweetest smile on her face. I don't know where this is headed, but right now I am certainly enjoying the stay with my mother-in-law. I know I want to continue this little game we have going. It's her turn to get naked where I can see. I hope she comes up with something good. There will be another chapter since this happened long ago and I know how it turns out.

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