tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlashing My Mother-In-Law Ch. 02

Flashing My Mother-In-Law Ch. 02


I will now continue the story of events that took place thirty years ago. Chapter One was a story of the three times my mother-in-law and I "accidentally" let the other see them undressing or naked. After these happened it was all I could think about, and when I thought about it my cock got hard. Remembering back to the sixties and seventies, television and movies were quite tame. No nudity and hardly a hint about sex. A young guy took whatever glimpse of female nudity he could get. So when I saw my mother-in-law naked, it really turned me on. Partly because this was a naked woman, but mainly, this was my wife' mother. Also, my mother-in-law, Stella, has twice seen me naked. So far we have made a game of it. When we see each other naked it must appear to be unintentional. We both know the other can see us but we act as though no one is there. So far it has been a lot of fun and as much as I loved seeing Stella naked, I am even more excited about her seeing me. After all, this is my mother-in-law, and she has been eyeballing my cock. So on to the next episode.

It has been almost a week since Stella watched me towel off after my shower so it is really her turn to perform for me. She did not disappoint me. I had to work late and got home after dark. I spent my time on the trip home thinking of some way to flash my mother-in-law again. It was Frank's (my father-in-law) bowling night so it seemed like there were some possibilities. I did not know that she was one step ahead of me. There was no driveway, so I always park on the street. Do you remember that Stella' bedroom was at the front of the house? I did not think about that until I stepped onto the porch and the light came on in her bedroom. When I looked over I notice the blinds are not all the way down and I had a clear view into the bedroom.

Holy Shit! I walk over to the window, bend down, and look in. Holy Shit Again! There is Stella. Did she plan this? Did she watch for me to get home and come up on the porch? Did she turn on the light just as I walked past? I think she did. I looked around, and it was possible for our neighbors to see me looking in the window. It didn't matter to me. I knelt down in front of the window and waited for the show I was sure would come. Looking in, I saw Stella was fully dressed and she was moving things around in her closet. This went on for a while and I feared that I had misread the situation. Stella didn't let me down. She brought her robe out of the closet and laid it on the bed. Then she looked over at the window. She didn't exactly smile or nod at me but a message was sent, "I know you're there."

This was going to be great. Stella pulled her blouse out of her slacks and unbuttoned it, but she did not take it off. Instead she went back into the closet, then over to the dresser. Damn, she was teasing me. I loved it. Eventually, she made her way back to the bed and leaving her blouse on, she took off her slacks. Damn, she was good at this. I was now looking at my mother-in-law in an entirely different way. I had never before noticed how sexy she was. Now she had also taken off the blouse and stood less then ten feet away from me in bra and panties. She looked very hot and sexy. I could not wait for the bra and panties to come off. Stella was in no hurry. She went back to the dresser, picked up a hairbrush, and brushed out her hair. Nice ass! I could see her face in the mirror.

Was she looking at me? With her back still towards me, Stella took off her bra. She turns and throws the bra onto the bed, her tits bouncing. Nice tits! The panties come off. My mother-in-law is standing naked not ten feet from me. She picks up the robe and I'm afraid the show is over. Wrong. She is such a fucking tease. Stella puts the robe down and goes back to the dresser and brushes her hair again. I can see her as cheeks flex as she brushes her hair. She gives me a wonderful show, turning sideways as she continues to brush her hair. My dick is so hard it hurts. Finally, she comes back to the bed, picks up her robe and puts it on. But she leaves it open and walks to the window. There is a nightstand below the window and Stella opens the drawer. Her robe is still open, she is only two feet away from me, and I am eyelevel with her pussy. I was a heartbeat from coming in my pants. If I had touched myself that would have been it. Stella closed the drawer, dramatically pulled her robe tight, turned out the light, and left the bedroom. Wow!

I thought it best to wait until my erection went down before going in the house. I knew my wife, Linda, was there and she might notice. Stella would notice too, but she would know how it got there. When I went into the house Linda and Stella were in the living room. I joined them and sat down. Stella said, "Well hi there George, I thought I saw you drive up ten minutes ago when I went into the bedroom." Stella is really getting into this game. Me too. I can't wait for the next episode. It's my turn to expose myself for her. I've got to come up with something good.

My turn came up that Sunday morning. And it definitely upped the ante. The four of us were in the kitchen having breakfast, reading the paper, doing normal Sunday morning stuff. Everyone was still in pajamas, robes, etc. I was the first to get up from the table. I told them I thought I might get dressed and do some yard work. I got a look from Stella. As I left the kitchen Stella got up and said she also should be getting dressed. I now understood the look. Going from the kitchen to her bedroom would take her past my bedroom door. I smiled to myself, went into the bedroom and left the door completely open. I had my back to the door as I took off my t-shirt and pajama bottoms. I thought I would treat Stella to a nice look at my ass. Surprise! When I turned around she was standing in the doorway, smiling at me. Stella took a quick glance out to the kitchen. They could not see her. We both just stood there for a few seconds and then she crooked her finger at me.

Holy shit! She wanted me to come over by the doorway. The only reason I hesitated was my wife and her husband were sitting twenty feet away. Stella kept smiling at me and waved me over again. I walked over to the doorway. She never stopped smiling as she placed one hand on my bare arm. We were looking at each other with what I can only imagine as sexual intensity. She moved her hand up to me cheek and pulled my face down to hers. She kissed me ever so lightly on the lips. Stella took another glance towards the kitchen. We could her them still reading the paper. She looked back at me again. She slid her hand from my cheek, along my back, and down to my ass. She whispered, "I've always liked your ass." I was speechless. This was great. Her hand gently rubbing my ass. It felt so good. And then she did it. Stella took hold of my cock with her other hand. Her hand was cool and soft, and it was on my dick. I wanted to touch her. I kissed her on the lips again. My mother-in-law started moving her hand up and down the shaft of my cock. I had gotten very hard. She looked down at my erection, smiled, and mouthed the word "Wow". Just when I started to make a move toward her tits or ass, or something, there was some noise from the kitchen. Someone was getting up from the table. My mother-in-law gave my ass one last squeeze and headed towards her bedroom.

I had to get dressed quick. What would my wife think about this hard-on. Turns out neither Linda nor Frank came out of the kitchen. By the time I got dressed and made the bed Stella was also dressed and back in the kitchen. I left the three of them and went outside to work in the yard. I know I did some work that morning, but don't ask me what. All I could think about was Stella touching me. It seemed as if I could still feel her hand on me.

Just two weeks ago Stella was my just my mother-in-law. Now she is a woman I have seen naked. And she has not only seen me naked, but has touched ass and cock. There is also the kissing. If only I could have put my hands on her bare skin. Feel her tits and ass. Maybe next time.

Later that day, while I was sitting outside reading a book, Stella came out and sat beside me. She smiled at me. Stella seems to be smiling a lot today. Suddenly her face got very serious. Oh shit, she's going to tell me this has got to stop. Instead she said exactly what I had been thinking about our little game. "This has been a lot of fun. I really get excited knowing you want to see me naked." Then Stella paused and once again I thought she was going to say we should stop. Wrong! She said, "You know, we can never go so far as to have sex together. However, I would like to give you a hand job some time soon."

This is where we end Chapter 2. Since this did happen long ago, I did get that hand job. As for how it came about you will have to wait for the next chapter. And about my mother-in-law and I not having sex, we'll see about that too.

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