tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlashing My Mother-In-Law Ch. 03

Flashing My Mother-In-Law Ch. 03


Have you been following along through chapters one and two? If so, then you know that my mother-in-law, Stella, and myself have on several occasions "accidentially" left the other see them undressing or naked. These events took place thirty years ago when I was 25 and Stella was around 50 years old. I won't completely rehash what took place in the two previous chapters, so I would suggest reading them before continuing.

I had never thought about my mother-in-law in a sexual way during the three years I have been married to her daughter, Linda, even when circumstances caused us to move in with my wife's parents. But since the time she peeked into my bedroom as I was undressing everything changed. I had never felt so sexually excited. Later that day, when Stella left her bedroom door open allowing me to watch her undress I started seeing my mother-in-law in a different way. Seeing Stella naked made me aware of the shape of her body, the slightly sagging tits, nice rounded ass, in a way that I had not noticed before. And even more then seeing my mother-in-law naked was the thrill I was getting when she would see me undressed.

At the end of the last chapter my mother-in-law had come out in the yard where I was sitting alone. She looked quite serious and I thought she was going to tell me we had to stop. Instead, Stella told me how much she was enjoying our "games" but, they could never lead to us having sex. She smiled and said, "But I would really like to give you a handjob." Stella walked away, leaving me sitting there. What did she say? Quite honestly, I had not even considered sex with my mother-in-law. I will admit to jacking off a lot while this was going on, but I was always thinking about seeing Stella naked or knowing that my mother-in-law had seen my cock. Handjob? From my mother-in-law? Holy shit. Now that's something to really make a guy jack off.

A couple days later, when I got home from work, there was a note on the kitchen table from Stella.


Your dinner is in the oven. Help yourself.
Linda went to the movies with her sister.
I told Frank I needed the car so I am
dropping him off at the bowling alley.
I might stop back home before running
my errands. Hope to see you then.


If I understand this message, My father-in-law is gone, with no car to get home, my wife is at the movies, and Stella will be here soon. Just the two of us. Am I getting the signals right. Holy shit! The hell with dinner. I grabbed some clean clothes and went to take a shower before Stella got home. I went down to the basement and quickly got into the shower. I got all soaped up, paying extra attention to my cock and balls. I considered jacking off, I wanted to take the edge off so the handjob I was anticipating would last longer. I had my dick in my hand when the shower curtain was pulled open. There stood my mother-in-law. She smiled and said, "I see you started without me." Holy shit! I took my hand off my dick. Stella was still smiling when she said, "Don't stop. Keep doing that while you watch me undress." Holy fuck! This was going to be some handjob.

This was also very dangerous. What if someone came home. Visitors. A lot of things could go wrong. At the time neither of us gave a thought to any of that. So as my mother-in-law undressed I went back to stroking my dick. Stella took off her bra and panties and joined me in the shower. God, this was great! Stella stood under the water with me behind her. I did not know where to put my hands first. Her tits, her ass, or maybe her pussy. I know this seems like a cliche, but my cock had never been this hard. I reached around, cupped her breasts, Stella turned her head and we kissed. It felt so good. A naked body pressed up against mine. And it was my mother-in-law's naked body. My cock was pushing against Stella's ass. My worse fear came true. I couldn't stop from coming. Stella kept kissing me and pushed her ass harder against me. My come was on her ass and legs. I was embarassed from coming so fast, but hell, it felt wonderful.

Stella was amazing. She turned to face me, took my face in her hands, and said, "I'll take that as a compliment," She started laughing until I had to join her. She looked down at my cock and said, "You aren't going to cheat me out of giving you a handjob." She used the soap to clean herself off and then turned her attention to me.

Her soapy hands found my cock. I watched as her hands caressed my cock and balls. It was a wonderful sight. My arms went around Stella and I pulled her tight against me. Her bare tits, the soap and warm water, wow. She put her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply. Stella tucked my cock between her legs. It was happening. My cock was up against my mother-in-law's pussy. Stella moved back and started stroking my cock. I'm starting to rethink Stella's comment about how we could never have sex. At that moment I really wanted to fuck my mother-in-law. I decided to get more aggresive.

I turned Stella around so her ass was again pushing against my cock. God, that feels good. Once again my hands went to her tits. Only this time they did not stay there. I slid one hand down to her pussy. She grabbed my hand, maybe to pull it away I don't know, but my fingers got inside her and any resistance fell away. She turned her face back to me so we could kiss. My fingers were inside her but I really wanted to replace them with my dick. Stella was onto my plan. "Oh George, this is feels wonderful but we just can't......." She just couldn't say fuck. I did not say anything. I kept my hand on her pussy. If we were not going to fuck I wanted to make her come with my hand.

My mind was racing as I continued to finger fuck Stella. Was I missing anything? If we were not going to fuck was there anything else. Her breasts. I needed to use my lips and tongue on her breasts. I turned Stella around and immediately went to work on her tits. I think she liked it, my hand went back to her pussy. Very quickly I accomplished my goal of making my mother-in-law come. It was quite an orgasm, and she had to lean against the wall to support herself. She opened her eyes and saw me smiling at her. I was quite proud of myself. Stella continued to look me in the eye as her hands returned to my cock. She had one hand stroking my cock and the other on my balls. I was there. As my come shot out, Stella aimed it toward her pussy. It was my turn to lean against the wall. She left her hand on my dick, gently stroking it. And then she did this incredibly sexy thing. With her other hand she rubbed my come into her pussy. Maybe I didn't fuck my mother-in-law, but this was pretty damn close.

We were both grinning like idiots as we rinsed each other off and got out of the shower. It had been such an intense experience, neither of us had thought about the possibility of someone finding us in the shower together. We did hurry as we dried off and got dressed. That doesn't mean we stopped grinning. We went upstairs and sat in the kitchen. Suddenly, Stella started laughing. "Damn," she said, "I can't believe what I just did. And with my son-in-law." There was no sound of regret in her voice so I told her that it was the most incredible sex I ever had. She laughed even more and said, "Me too, and I'm fifty years old. Not to mention we didn't even ........" Once again she could not say fuck, so I helped her out. "We didn't fuck. Is that what you wanted to say?"

Now she was laughing even harder. "At my age, I shouldI be able to say that word." I agreed with her and told her to give it a try, just go ahead and say it. So here I am, sitting at the kitchen table with my mother-in-law when she lets loose. "Fuck, there I said it and I like the sound of it. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, that felt good." Was this my mother-in-law? I thought I would tease her a little bit so I asked her if there were any other nasty words she would like to say. "Hell yes," she said, " I know them so why can't I say them." I sat there while my mother-in-law really let loose. She covered almost all I had ever heard or used. Fuck, cock, pussy, tits, dick, cunt, were just a few. In fact, fuck got repeated many times. Stella really got my attention when she said, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, and cocksucker too."

I looked at her in amazement. Stella said, "What? You think I never heard that word." I could not help but laugh and that really got my mother-in-law going. "Yes, that's right my young son-in-law, I know all about cocksucking, blowjobs. And then she froze, as it suddenly occured to her what subject she was talking about. A smile spread slowly across her face. "I know what you are thinking George but it's not going to happen." She was almost right. I was not thinking about what might happen in the future, rather about what didn't happen during our shower. I had a mental picture of us in the shower with my mother-in-law on her knees. Stella brought me back when she stated, "Forget it George, it's not going to happen." But the image was there and not likely to go away.

Stella got up from the table. She said there were some errands she really did have to get done. She gave me a soft kiss on the mouth and headed towards the door. Before going out the door, Stella turned back to me and slowly shook her head. "God, we really did that," was all she said and then was out the door. Yes we did! And it was fantastic.

Later that evening, the four of us were seated in the living room. My wife and father-in-law have no idea about what has been going on between Stella and myself. The flashing that had been taking place before today had been "fun and games." But what happened today? WOW! I keep glancing over at Stella to see if there is any hint of regret, but she is her usual playful self. Talking, joking, and carrying on as normal. Me? All I have been thinking about since Stella left me sitting at the kitchen table is oral sex. In particular, oral sex with my mother-in-law. My first thoughts were about Stella kneeling in front of me, but they eventually got to where I was kneeling between Stella's legs, performing oral sex on her. Imagine that. My face buried in my mother-in-law's pussy.

So now we reach the end of chapter three. Linda has suggested that we start looking for an apartment. That is what we have always intended to do and it would be very difficult to now tell her I really like it here. Could this be the end of the story. Remember the saying, where there is a will, there is a way. And I will continue this fantastic adventure. It is really entirely Stella's fault. If she hadn't said those word (cocksucker, blowjob) I would not be considering oral sex with my mother-in-law. As it is, that is all I can think about.

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