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Flat Sister


My sister, Brook, walked into the house slamming the door behind her. Brook headed straight to her room and slammed the door again. Brook and I are pretty much on our own since mom and dad divorced two years ago. Dad has a new wife and a one year old son. Brook and I live with our mom, although mom always seems to be off somewhere with a new boyfriend. Mom was somewhere in Europe with the latest one now. I being three years older than Brook was in charge of the house and I would have to see what Brook's problem was.

I knocked on my sister's door, and Brook shot out, "Who is it?" I might add at this point that Brook is not overly bright. Sometimes I wonder how she finds her way home without getting loss.

"It's Tom, your brother." I answered back. Brook opened the door, then walked back and sat on her bed. "What's the problem little sister?" I asked.

Brook sat there and stared at the floor. Finally I sat next to her and put my arm around her. "Those assholes at the park made fun of me! They said I have a flat chest and looked like a boy."

I started thinking. Brook was pretty, but she was very flat. I had to give her some hope or she would stay in this mood forever. "Brook, I know how to make you're chest bigger." Her eye's got big and asked. "How, how can I get bigger boobs?"

"First little sister, I want you to understand that this might not work for you, but there are several things you can try, until you find the one that does work. Brook you need to have someone massage your breast, they would have to know the correct way and must do it everyday." I said.

"Tom, do you think it might work? Who could I get? I can't just put an add in the paper. Would you do it Tom?"

I acted like I was in deep thought, and glanced at her eyes, before saying. "I would." I wanted to get her comfortable and not rush things. "Brook, you need to wear a tee shirt during our sessions, without a bra and in a place where you can relax."

"I can change and we can start now. I think my bedroom would be the best place, ifs that's alright with you." She was pulling off her blouse and bra as she was talking.

I had her sit in front of me and I reached under the tee and cupped a breast in each hand. I was gently squeezing and pulling on them, pinching the nipples erect and getting myself aroused at the same time. I had no resistance from Brook as I played with the little buds that weren't much more than nipples.

After a week of doing our routine, every night for thirty minutes, Brook said they were still small, so I suggested we add a little suction to help pull them out. Brook now removed her tee and I would fondle and suck her nipples for the thirty minute session. Both of us were getting worked up and Brook wanted to have longer workouts. I told her we were doing enough for now, but really, I just couldn't take much more.

Brook wanted me to do more to make her grow. I told her, "Brook, the next step would involve special hormones that I possessed. In order to get these special hormones you would need to extract them from my penis, by sucking them out." Brook shook her head yes and wanted to know what to do next. I pulled down my pants and told her to undress completely. With both of us naked, I went to work on her tiny tits, and soon had her hot and ready.

Brook took my cock into her wet, warm mouth and started to bob her head, sucking me hard. I told her how to use her hands and tongue and to put it in her mouth as much as possible, so as not to waste any juice. She kept sucking more into her mouth until her nose was tickling my cock hair. I was surprised at how much she seemed to be enjoying this, until I saw she was fingering herself. I came at the sight of her driving her fingers into her little cunt and blew my load deep into her throat. She sucked me until she finished her orgasm

I told Brook, "That was perfect, but next time I'll show you how I will suck your juices at the same time, so we can recycle them." I was anxious to sixty-nine my sister. The next time we had a session I again started with the fondling and when we both were moaning, I rolled Brook on top of me in the sixty-nine position. I dived into her cunt in a passion. I sucked and played with her clit driving her wild. Brook was gushing so much cum; I couldn't lick it all up. She flowed so much that the bed was wet around my head. I stuck my tongue in her ass just to see what she would do. I heard a muffled scream and felt her teeth scrape my dick. I buried my tongue as deep as I could and Brook flooded my chest with her cum.

We kept the sixty-nine routine going about two weeks when Brook announced that she thought her tits were bigger, and I think she was right. I knew that Brook was on the pill and I hoped she wasn't a virgin. I told her I knew one more thing we might try. I told her it was a straight injection into her vagina. She jumped at my suggestion to try it. Brook jumped on the bed and fell on her back, spreading her legs. She was wet already, I easily entered sweet hole. I felt the heat and moistness, the muscles pulling at my cock. I fucked her like a lover. I fucked her like a whore. I fucked her like she wanted.

I came first, Brook followed when she felt my cum shooting into her. She kept working my cock until it was hard enough to fuck her again. I came again, this time it was my sister's moaning that that made me unload, Brook came with me. She rolled us over and kept rubbing her cunt against my now soft dick, until she came again. Brook was a true fuck machine, willing to do anything sexual. We sleep in the same bed now, when we sleep. Brook is a thirty four b cup, and we don't worry about her size anymore. I asked Brook what she would do if mom found out. Brook said she couldn't care less what mom found out. I believe she's right, I don't think mom would really care either. Anyway, I found out my sister wasn't as dumb as I though. It seems she had wanted to fuck me for a long time and had made up the whole story about being teased. Go figure.

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