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Flat Tire Girl


I woke up in an unfamiliar room the soft skin of a woman pressed against my back. The scent of sweat and seminal fluid assailed my nostrils, a ray of sunshine peaked through the mini-blinds warming my abdomen. Groggy, it took me a second to recall the events of last night. I had fucked my best friend's mom. She was the woman spooning me this morning.

Ms. P was an attractive middle-aged woman. The first thing any man noticed about her was the flaming red hair that hung just past her shoulders contrasted with alabaster skin. Her body was dotted with freckles something that has always been a turn on for me. She was tall and thin with small, perky breasts. Her cunt was silky smooth with a cute patch of fur just above her clit, something that had tickled my nose for over an hour last night, while I licked my come from her succulent folds.

What would the daylight bring? Werewolves return to human form with the setting of the moon.

Or do they?

Overwhelmed with regret, Ms. P might unravel at the thought of her midnight deeds. I wanted to slip out of bed without arousing her. I wanted to leave the house, so she could put herself back together—alone, but I was on the wrong side of the bed. I needed to crawl over her to make an escape. My full bladder pushed blood into my cock, making it harder and heavier than normal.

Stirring, her hand moved from my chest to my stomach swirling the dust particles along the sunbeam.

"Mmm," she whispered in my ear, as her hand slid further down. "What do we have here?"

"It hurts Ms. P," I whined softly.

"Let mommy help you," she purred and I turned to face her, magnified light heated the small of my back. Ms. P's blue eyes gazed into mine our noses almost touching. Her breath smelled slightly of mint. "When," I wondered and swallowed the lump in my throat as her lips melted into my mouth. Our tongue's tender dance ignited sparks along my spine.

Ms. P broke our embrace and nibbled her way to my groin. Her teeth biting down on the tip of my penis forced me to stifle the need to urinate. She looked up at me with a devilish grin, my cock partway in her mouth, and shook her head; "No, no, no," she chided the vibration of her voice teasing through my shaft, "Mommy's baby better hold it."

I could feel her hand massaging more wetness into her cunt; satisfied, Ms. P snaked her way back up my torso and straddled my aching boner in the process. Poised at her dripping entrance, we made eye contact once more—she then rubbed my tip back and forth along her slit before plopping down on my swollen member in one swift motion.

She teased my chin with her nipples while clasping her pussy daring me to pee. "Uh, this is so good," Ms. P hissed and she began slowly grinding my erection. Her cervix bore down on my mushroom each time she rocked her hips backward; as her speed increased, the pain became excruciating, but so did the pleasure.

"Quit torturing me," I whimpered, "I have to pee."

"Not until I'm done fucking you," Ms. P groaned her fingernails digging into my chest. Her creamy, white skin began slapping harder against my stinging flesh. Using my cock like a toy, she bucked faster squeezing her cunt tight with each backstroke. I wanted to come but the weight on my bladder kept everything pent up. The closer she got to orgasm, the more frenzied her actions, until, finally, she sat up and started frigging her clit.

"So good, so good. God, Yes!" she shrieked between clenched teeth. As her pleasure subsided, Ms. P plopped off my still throbbing boner. "I'm done," she sighed. Annoyed and a little frustrated at being used, I let the pee flow in a golden arc across the bed. When I finished, the sheets were soaked and the pain of my erection gone. Too horrified to do anything, my friend's mom just lay there with a panicked expression.

"I'm done too," I laughed.

"I, I, I never...you asshole," she said and punched me in the arm.

"Ow," I squealed, "that makes us even."

"Not until you change the sheets," then maybe I'll forgive you.

"Fine," I replied. Ms. P tumbled out of bed and headed for the shower. I stripped the bed and carried the sheets to the washing machine. When I was done loading and starting it, I checked the dryer for my clothes from the other day. I retrieved these and headed back to clean up. On the way, I bumped into my friend.

"Hey," I said acting nonchalant trying not to make an issue out of my nakedness. For the first time, I felt a little ashamed by what happened last night.

"Hmm," Marc grunted and walked past me toward the kitchen without saying another word.

"Damn," I thought to myself, "he's pissed at me." I didn't feel like seeing Ms. P yet, so I stepped into the guest bath and cleaned up. When I was dressed, I walked out the front door to avoid my friend and went around back to retrieve my bike, a classic Triumph I had rescued from a junk yard.

It was late morning and I had plenty of time for a short ride before my afternoon date with Marc's sister Genie and her friend Jessica. The wind and the curves of the road are a great way to clear the mind. I had been riding for about twenty minutes when I passed a Honda Accord with a flat tire parked on the shoulder. A gorgeous young woman wearing a loose fitting blouse and miniskirt stared irritably at the car. I made a quick u-turn and cycled over to help.

"Good morning," I said, as I pulled off my helmet.

"Hi," the woman replied with a smile stretching across her pretty face, "I'm glad you stopped."

"John Lovetree," I introduced myself and extended my hand.

"Deborah," she said and accepted my hand in hers. Her fingernails were short and neatly manicured—the palm soft and delicate. I held her hand a bit longer than usual, as I studied her beautiful figure, my attraction growing with each passing second.

"A twenty something college babe for sure," I thought to myself. She had long curly brown hair that hung to the middle of her back. Her breasts were, without doubt, a D-cup, and she wasn't wearing a bra; something, I'm sure, was out of the ordinary. They were so firm. She had just enough buttons undone on her blouse to make me keep looking. The rest of her body was equally stunning: firm stomach, round ass, shapely thighs, and those calf muscles—tight knots of pure joy accentuated by her high heels.

"What seems to be the trouble, miss?" I asked. She looked down at the tire and said, "I had a little accident."

"How about I give you a hand with that," I replied.

"Normally, I'd change it myself, but I don't want to get messy," she stated while her eyes undressed me, "I have an interview in about thirty minutes."

"Pop the trunk and I'll get to work," I ordered. She complied and moments later I was jacking up her car. Deborah came around to watch and it was hard to concentrate, as I snuck peeks at her long legs. "If she shifts just right, I'll get a nice panty shot," I hoped to myself. Damn it, if she didn't read my mind, because, as I busted the last lug nut, she parted her steel thighs—a sexy thong bunched up between her pussy lips greeted me.

"You're such a sweetheart for helping me," she flirted.

"My pleasure," I replied, "you live around here?"

"Over in Meadow Ridge just down the road."

"We're in the same neighborhood. Maybe, we'll bump into each other again."

"I'd like that," she sighed starring at the bulge in my jeans.

When I was done changing her tire, she hugged me and kissed my cheek. Her tits pressed into my chest and her sweet scent left me dizzy and speechless.

"Let me give you my number," she said and fetched a pen and a scrap of paper from the car, "You should call me," and handed me an old receipt with her digits on it.

"I will," I croaked past the lump in my throat that seemed to match the growing lump in my pants. She sidled into her car and started the engine. Before she pulled out, our eyes met and she blew me a kiss. I felt like the luckiest man alive. I watched her Honda disappear around the bend in the road before I jumped on my bike and tore out.

I had experienced lust too many times to count in my short eighteen years, and, sure, thoughts of Deborah filled me with sexual desire, but there was also something more, a connection I had never felt. She had a kindred intelligence behind her green eyes—it was like we already knew each other...could this be love? I was determined to find out, but I wasn't going to let it stop me from satisfying all my fantasies. I was too young to stick with one gal. I looked at my watch and saw that it was near time for me to head over to Jessica's house.

Ten minutes later, I pulled into the Lake View Estates subdivision. The houses in this neighborhood were a lot nicer than the one's in mine. Jessica's place was at the end of a cul-de-sac. There were no cars in the driveway and the garage door was open; I rode inside and parked my bike. I walked up to the door and turned the knob; normally, I'd knock but wanted to surprise the girls—maybe even catch them up to no good. Slowly, I crept into the kitchen, went through the dining room, and into the den. Not finding anything, I decided to try upstairs.

The first room obviously belonged to the brother, as it was filled with all sorts of GI Joe paraphernalia. The room further down and on the other side of the hall was probably Jessica's. At the end of the corridor were a set of double doors—the master bedroom perhaps? I began tiptoeing toward the next room, when I heard a giggle and the word, "Careful."

I quickened my pace and found the second room empty. It was filled with posters of Cory Haime and Madonna—must belong to Jessica. Then, I heard a squeal followed by, "too much, too much." They had to be in the master bedroom. I ran quietly to the closed double doors and pressed my ear against the cold wood. "Hmm, that's perfect," I heard, then turned the knob in one quick motion and pushed through the entrance. In front of me was a king size bed and two naked girls.

Jessica, a blond cheerleader type, was lithe with small breasts and a round bubble butt, which I had a perfect view of at that moment. She was hunched over Genie's pussy, working it with a vibrator.

"Good morning," I said, as I closed the door. Both girls jumped with surprise.

"What!" Jessica yelped.

"Hey!" Genie protested, "Don't stop."

"But," Jessica started to answer.

"He's the guy I was telling you about. Wait until you see his cock," she said with a lascivious grin. Genie was my best friend's younger sister and a senior in high school. Her beauty was taken from her dad's genes, as she looked nothing like her mother. Genie was short and voluptuous. Her ample breasts matched her thick hips. Her golden tan contrasted nicely with Jessica's alabaster skin. She had brown hair cut Paige boy style. "Why don't you get more comfortable," Genie commanded, the vibrator still up her hairy cunt and buzzing away at medium speed.

I undressed in a flash and jumped on the bed my boner leading the way.

"Wow, it is nice," Jessica said salivating over my eight inch manhood.

"I told you," Genie replied with a sigh, "It's so thick." And I began pushing the toy further into her pussy.

"Much bigger than Ian's," the blond added, as she rolled over next to her friend and spread her legs.

"Who's Ian?" I asked scanning Jessica's bald pussy.

"Her boyfriend," Genie grunted, as I increased the speed of the vibrator to maximum.

"Ex-boyfriend," Jessica chided while watching my cock bob up and down. I then began leisurely massaging her clit. I pushed Genie's legs behind her head giving me access to her tiny, pink asshole. She bucked her hips when my tongue made contact.

"Is he licking your asshole?" Jessica asked.

"Oh, God," Genie said between a sigh and a giggle; her friend sat up to get a better view. "Damn, that's hot!" Jessica exclaimed, "He's French kissing your butt," and slid a second finger up her cunt.

"It feels so," Genie paused, "fucking good," and she started coming. "Ooh!!!"

I kept the pressure on through her orgasm and when she finished, I rolled over onto my back.

"Girls, I could use a little help," I said. Jessica was the first to reach over and touch my cock. Her fingers were coated in pussy juice and she rubbed it into my velvet skin.

"Suck it," Genie coaxed.

Tentatively, her friend tasted the tip of my dick. She giggled and said, "It's salty," then slipped it deep into her mouth. While she methodically bobbed up and down on my cock, Genie crawled behind Jessica and began playing with her friend's juiced up snatch. Before long, the blond girl began to moan and the vibrating hum on my erection caused me to fuck her mouth in earnest. Sensing that I might be near orgasm, she let my dick plop out of her mouth with a resounding pop. The girls began kissing and fondling each other while I lay back watching. After a couple of minutes of making out, Jessica broke their embrace and turned to me with a devilish grin and said, "Would you lick my butt too?"

"Love to," I replied and she quickly straddled my face. Delirious from the musky smell of her crotch, I began to flick my tongue against her inviting pink hole.

"Wow, that is nice," she groaned and started working her clit with her middle finger. Genie, meanwhile, grasped my boner and kissed it. In moments, she was deep throating me like a pro.

"Oh god, oh god that's so amazing," I grunted and Jessica protested, "Don't stop tonguing my asshole; I'm almost there." Not wanting to disappoint her, I pushed my tongue deep inside her nether hole.

"Uh, uh, uh," she began barking like a poodle, "fuck it, fuck it, fuck it."

As Jessica climaxed my seed erupted and filled Genie's mouth. When we were done coming, the blond rolled off of me and lay next to me in the bed breathless. My friend's sister looked up at me with semen leaking out the corner of her full lips and then she swallowed.

"If you keep sucking it, I'll stay hard," I advised and both girls decided to test the theory. There's nothing like two girls giving you oral sex. While one of them licked my ass and balls, the other worked my mushroom like it was a lollipop. Soon, my flagging erection was back to full strength and I wanted to fuck these two randy vixens. As if on cue, Genie bounced around on all fours wagging her ass at me. I jumped behind her and pushed her head into the pillows, which raised her butt into perfect position. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it along the length of her dripping pussy while Jessica shifted around to get a better view.

"Stop teasing her and do it," the blond said with anticipation. She got no arguments from me, but before I could do anything Genie slammed her ass back engulfing me with her pussy. Luckily, she was incredibly wet otherwise my large cock would have shredded her tight hole.

"Oh fuck," Genie whimpered, as the head of my penis collided with her cervix. I held it all the way inside her and we both began to grind our hips. The subtle pressures of her clenching cunt inspired me to stab faster then faster until our skin was slapping together making the all too familiar sound of two people fucking like dogs.

"Oy, oy, oy," Genie squealed as we pounded against each other. Jessica fingered her own pussy while watching the action

Breathless, I leaned forward and grabbed Genie's boobs in both hands. She clenched and unclenched her pussy—I was in heaven—and she began to orgasm.

"uhhhhhhhhg," she moaned. While I enjoyed her pulsing snatch, Jessica slipped behind me and began messaging my balls and tickling my anus.

"Are you ready for me yet?" Jessica teased and I slowly pulled my cock from her friend's still quivering honey pot. Tired, I rolled over onto my back and said, "Climb aboard."

"God I love fucking," Jessica said, as she covered my dick with her hairless pussy. These girls were tight. Every inch of my cock felt touched by her velvet glove, as she undulated on top of me. I just lay back and admired her young beauty. Her pointy tits were crinkled with arousal. She was going slow, mincing her clit against my lower abdomen. Her little button tickled my smooth flesh. I reached my hand around and massaged her butt cheeks, slowly pulling them apart. Before long, I snaked a finger into her second hole. I loved feeling my dick through the soft tissue separating her two openings.

Genie, meanwhile, was working her snatch with the abandoned vibrator. "Help me," I said to her. Without removing the sex toy, she rolled behind us and observed my handy work. She began kissing the ring pressed around my finger and Jessica held perfectly still savoring the abundant sensations.

"Why don't you put a finger in too," I asked? She did. Our fingers wrestled around inside Jessica's asshole and she loved it. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to fuck her in the ass. I rolled us over missionary and pounded into her like a wild horse. She was almost ready to come when I pulled out and pushed her ankles to her ears, making her butt vulnerable to my attack. I hacked a gob of spit into my hand and wiped her crack with it. And before she had time to say no, I forced my boner into her rump. Our skin smacked, and I pushed as hard as I could, trying to go farther inside her than was possible.

"Oh my God," she whined, "It hurts so good!"

I held still and she flicked her twat to tickle her clit.

"Hand me that vibrator," I said. Genie plopped it out of her cunt. I teased Jessica with it before getting down to business. It took some doing, but I finally got it up inside her. The pressure on my cock was tremendous. Slowly, I began to saw in and out of her tiny rosebud. Anyone who has ever fucked an ass knows the subtle difference in pleasure that the sphincter brings to the party. Those puckered lips kissed the hilt of my dick with a beautiful intensity and when I turned the vibrator on—my mushroom absorbed the pulsing tastiness of the toy with each of my hard thrusts.

Not only were the sensations delectable, but so was the sight of my member violating her bottom. The audacity of the sight made me shudder and shove harder into lithe teenage cheerleader.

"Oh, God damn! God damn. I'm coming," Jessica squealed. To my surprise the girl's pussy started to leak ample juice. I yanked the toy out and a river of slick juice shot out. I bucked twice and shot rope, after gooey rope of seamen into her rectum. When we were both done, I rested on top of her for a couple of minutes, my dick still a buried treasure.

"We better get cleaned up," Genie said, "Your parents will be home from the ball game any minute."

I pulled out of Jessica and admired the thick jizz seeping from her ass. Genie squatted down to examine it too and we made eye contact.

"Go ahead," I beckoned and, as if she had read my mind, Genie stooped down and licked her friend clean. "You are one nasty bitch," I paused, "And I love it." My best friend's sister smiled and smacked her lips.

"You better believe it me bucko," she replied with a look of angelic innocence. I could have died happy. What a couple great pieces of ass these girls turned out to be. We tidied up quickly and when Jessica's family arrived, we were sitting in the living room nonchalantly eating chips and playing Monopoly.

Her parents were a stunning couple in their late 30s. Fit. They were fit to fuck. I smiled when I introduced myself.

"John Lovetree," I said as I took the father's hand. He tightened his grip like a vice and I met him with equal pressure. Our joints popped from the force and my smile turned wry. "If you only knew where my hand had just been buddy," I thought.

"Ted Smith," her pop said, and we released one another. I turned to the mother and took her hand lightly, then raised it to my lips for a gentle kiss.

"Delighted, Madame, to make your acquaintance," I said with an air of civility. She giggled and revealed her name: Maureen. "Damn," I thought, "I'd love to get into her pants too."

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