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Fledgling Slave


I sat by the wall perpendicular from where I ordered her to kneel. Exquisite was the first word, the only word, I was able to string together in comprehensible english. I lifted my drink and drew a relaxed mouthful from the crystal glass, carefully replacing it inside the ring of condensation it left behind. I unraveled my tie and left the two strands hanging down over my neck, and then opened my shirt. I couldn't slow my mind from the whirlwind of commands, images of how I needed to watch her suffer. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, listening to the sound echo in my ears as if listening to the shore in a shell. The red velvet curtains on the opposite wall to her were open, allowing the closed white netting behind it to flap in the breeze which cooled me and diffused the light from the moon.

The room had not much in the way of standard furnishing, but enough places were available for a body to be tied. An iron bed stood alone in the centre. The head and foot of it were made of vertical iron rods with four horizontal thick iron beams and simply housed a mattress with a fitted sheet. A mahogany cable drum was fixed to the floor in the corner between she and I, and in the opposite corner, a small oak table.

I sat and watched her intently. Her elbows against the floor and forearms raised off the ground, legs widely parted, on her knees and bum raised high. Her silky skin, highlighted by a soft light from the window, made her look even more elegant than she naturally was. Her breasts hung down from her chest, the hard flesh of her nipple almost kissing the oak wooden floor. She hadn't moved unless to breathe; I admired her greatly. She wore only the leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and her collar, beautifully crafted in black leather with four platinum 'D' rings and a platinum identification tag with her identification engraved: 'Slave'.

I moved to the edge of the bed and sat directly behind her. The moon lit her sex perfectly, highlighting the infinitesimally fine blond hairs peeking from the otherwise smoothly shaven surface. I knelt behind her and put my nose at the opening of her anus, breathing in her smell.

"Rest your head on the floor and spread apart your cheeks," I commanded. Her puckered little opening twitched as I spoke and I couldn't help but smile at her immediate obedience. Her vagina, nicely pink and marinaded in its juices, hugged itself tightly and smelled musky and sweet. I licked my finger and slid it fully inside of her rectum. She breathed in deeply, allowing a groan to betray her silence. Instantly her body rippled with tremors.

"As you are a fledgling," I said, "I will castigate you only lightly for such an offence but know this: if you ever make a sound without consent you will pay dearly. Do you understand?"

And as if each word were dipped in contrition, she replied "Yes, my Lord."

"At ease, Slave, I want to look at you."

She slowly straightened her back and turned, still on her knees, to face me. Her face was soft and cheeks afire. Her short, jet black hair framed her beautifully and gave her a look of innocence. With a deftly swipe, I struck her hard across the face, at which she gasped.

"Legs wider apart. I expect not to tell you again."

She said nothing, returning her gaze to the floor as a tear crawled along her cheek and rested in the corner of her mouth.

"Now, tell me why you're here," I said. Her mouth moved but hesitantly quivered as if searching for the answer. I pinched the taught nodule of her right nipple until I saw her wince, and attached to it a metal clamp, and then another, joined by a metal chain, to her left nipple. I pulled down hard on the chain and watched as the flow of her tears thickened.

"Why ... are ... you ... here, Slave?" I repeated, chugging the chain with each syllable.

"To ... serve you, my Lord," she replied sheepishly. I stood up and took the chain in my fist, ordering her to follow me on her knees, and languidly led her to the cable drum.

"On your fours," I demanded, "forearms go here, legs here. I want your bum high, your back arched and your head against the wood. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

I strapped her in place and retrieved a wooden paddle from the wall behind me, returning to her rear. Her vulnerability was stunning. She now knelt fully shackled atop the drum at a perfect height and at my complete mercy. Her open sex cried like a chickling awaiting its feed, but it first needed punishing. With my tongue out, I softly licked her wet lips from bottom to top, resting slightly when I reached the opening to her bottom, and rimmed the puckered flesh around it.

I thundered the paddle on her thigh and watched as they blossomed to a stunning hue of pink. I had tasted the drug and needed more. I relentlessly brought the paddle to her thighs and her bottom without pause. Her cries vied with the cracks, leaving little pools of tears resting beside her tortured face, as her skin became a bright blanket of red. I didn't stop for the want of welts atop the fire. I replaced the paddle with my bare hand and with each slap I felt the warmth of her skin glow like a furnace. Her hands shook uncontrollably; her tears a guttural cry.

I was hot and breathless and my cock was captive in my trousers, throbbing in pain. I stripped bare and took my drink, holding a cube of ice in my mouth as the whiskey trickled back and down my throat. How nice it felt to be free of the restraint of clothing, yet so painfully trapped within the need of my own release. I held the ice in my hand and let the cool drips of water fall on her skin to momentarily dampen the blaze.

As I watched the water trickle down her naked flesh, I remembered how it felt to be subjugated. Humiliated and punished to mould me into what I was to become. And I mused, from what motive might her desire for humiliation be derived? After all, emotions are synonymous in all people are they not? But what gives them substance are the reasons behind them.

"I want you to speak freely," I said, "and answer me when questioned."

"Yes, my Lord," she replied.

"Other than to serve me, what is it you seek?"

"My Lord?"

"Why is it you are here, shackled and sobbing, raw and with pain?"

How easy it would have been to giver her the answers, to save her some slight hardship. Yet what masterpiece do you see of which the artist cheated himself of his own art? Nothing of substance comes without endurance and sacrifice. Not even the simplest of work.

"You are my Lord. I'm here because you commanded it of me," she replied softly. Her beautiful luminous blue eyes shone brightly, silently imploring for me to grant the very freedom she longed for.

"Open your mouth, Slave," I ordered, "and ensure your eyes do not leave mine."

"Yes, my Lord," she whispered.

I held my thick cock by the base and fed it inside her open mouth, pushing slowly forward. I reached the back of her throat and her eyes welled instantly, magnifying their brightness into pools of blue light. I pushed further to entrench her inability to breath and found myself in a helpless state of euphoria. Her face reddening, streams of tears engulfing her eyes. It wasn't until I was satisfied with her struggle that I allowed her to breathe and removed myself from her mouth.

"Do you have something to say, Slave?"

"Thank you, my Lord," she said, between gasps for air.

"For what?"

"For letting me breathe, my Lord."

"Slave," I replied, "your insolence will not save you here." I gagged her with my cock once more until she was unable to breathe, holding it slightly longer until her eyes widened to a panic before my retreat.

"Answer," I said.

"For your grace," she said breathlessly, "and being worthy to serve you, my Lord."

"Very well, Slave," I said with a grin, "you have pleased me. Tell me, why is it you serve me and no other?"

"Because you chose me, my Lord." Her eyes grew wide as she saw my face grimace. I thrusted deep inside her mouth with a sudden blast, her breath having already left her and I remained until I saw a hue of purple in her face. Her tears flowed endlessly from her swelling eyes and her hands quivered violently against the restraint. When I saw she had had enough, I remained my position and held still, to not only teach her a lesson, but to emancipate myself of my own boundaries before relinquishing my cock.

As she lay trussed, gasping for air in a state of panic, I retrieved from the wall a large black rubber torpedo with small nodules around the tip and placed sporadically down to the the middle of the shaft. Afterwhich was the base for me to grip with, and at the end of the base a compartment to house the power source. I had never used such an implement before and found myself full of vigor to do so, however history saw that I knew of its capabilities from being the receiver of a similar device from my Mistress. The thickly shafted device had been based on a design for a rod urging cattle to move should they prove stubborn, sending sharp currents of electricity through the nodules to stun its receiver. A button on the base of this shaft allowed the control of when exactly these currents were deployed.

After lubricating the instrument, using the excess on my throbbing length, I slid it inside her sex and for a brief moment allowed her to enjoy the pleasures which ensued. Still breathless, she moaned softly in appreciation, and from pleasure, of having her sex filled, although I believe more for the former. I slid my tongue inside her rectum -- the bitter taste tingled on my tongue but was a welcomed sensation -- and upon hearing the pleasure in her voice made me all the more hospitable. I fervently sucked the little wrinkled hole, reaching in my tongue as far as my mouth would allow. As she trembled and neared her passion, I stopped. The throbbing pain between my legs was now at a distressing level, to which she would have to pay dearly.

Upon seeing her flushed expression of subdued frustration, I repeated my question, "Tell me now, why it is you serve me and no other?"

"You are my only true Lord," she replied, "and any other would not eloquently tend to my teaching as well as you ... my Lord".

I couldn't help but smile. She was learning well, but her teachings were far from over. "You please me once again," I exalted, "but for the earlier offence you must pay. I did say I would castigate you softly but I have since changed my mind."

I had been showed how to punish, as I too was punished by my Mistress. As is true of emotions, all Master's and Mistress's, Lord's and Lady's have their own reasons, their own meaning for retribution. I was chastised by a firm hand to correct my faults until I was pliable enough to be reshaped into what pleased my Mistress. And it was with my first slave I continued this line of thinking until want subjugated need. It was the moment I liberated myself from ignorance and embraced my true destiny as a Lord.

"I will punish you harshly," I continued, "because it pleases me to see you suffer. Because in suffering you climb the biggest mountains and I enjoy watching you grow under my command. Open your mouth as wide as you can and make sure your gaze do not wander from mine." Once open, I filled her mouth with the flat of my right hand until I reached the back of her throat. As she started to gag I calmed her with a slight pause before continuing to push further. Gripping her hair with my left hand I became relentless. Her eyes streamed once more, imploring me silently to be merciful to which I denied her. The tops of my fingers were touching her throat as she struggled to breathe. Still impaled by the large black phallus, her naked bottom in the air raised high and her face saturated with tears and saliva, her humiliation emanated the room. It was this humiliation which sent a stabbing pain through my cock which, if left any longer, would have surely reach passion by itself.

"Do you remember why it is, dear Slave, that I do this to you?" I asked. She nodded as best she could. The symphony of her suffering filled me and I could take it no more. Momentarily renouncing my position as torturer I removed my hand, replacing it with my burning shaft. She closed her mouth tight and sucked me hard as I thrust. I gripped the black thickness filling her sex and thrust it inside her relentlessly.

"That's it my Slave'" I said, "look at me. Look only at me." With no warning to her I pressed the button on the base of the device and sent a shocking blast of electric current between her legs. Her eyes, no longer imploring but wide and filled with contrition, suffused with tears. With the shock, her teeth nipped at my cock delivering a wave of urgency through my skin. I blasted her again, feeling a nip of the current passed from her mouth to my thick shaft. My vision momentarily turned a shade of dark grey; I didn't hesitate to send another blast, continuing to thrust my cock into her mouth. She tightened her lips around me and I could contain myself no longer. I released my hot juices into the back of her throat. Having thrust deep and holding my cock in place, she swallowed all of me as she reached her passion against the electrified phallus impaling her sex.

I looked down, her eyes still fixed on mine and swollen with tears. I Sat beside her and stroked her hair, kissing her lip softly, taking it in my mouth.

"You have pleased me," I said, "but you are capable of more."

"Yes, my Lord," she replied, "May I implore your graciousness to allow me another chance to succeed?"

I smiled. "You are my Slave, as I am your Lord."

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