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"Actually, Doctor Klein," Jessica Bainbridge said, "I'm not here for help in quitting smoking at all. I just said that to get an appointment to see you." She kept her voice level. She could do this. "I'm actually here to discuss one of your other patients, Roslyn Cole." She couldn't do this. This was a terrible idea. She should just leave now, take everything she had brought here today and walk out of the office with it, take it all to Dinah like she was supposed to and get this case out of her mind.

Doctor Thomas Klein fixed her with a level gaze. "Yes, I'm familiar with her," he said evenly. He wasn't going to crack easily, that was for sure. "She's been a patient of mine for several months. Although I'm not entirely sure what business it is of yours, Ms. Bainbridge...if that is, in fact, your real name. Do you have some reason for wasting my time?"

Jessica steeled herself. It was too late to go back now. This was the point of no return. "My real name is Jessica Bainbridge, yes. I'm a private investigator. Miss Cole's mother hired me to look into her recent activities."

It wasn't the point of no return yet, and she damned well knew it. The back of her mind was screaming at her, telling her to stop fucking around with this crazy, stupid, hare-brained scheme that could wreck her professional reputation, earn her some jail time, and lead to all sorts of disasters she wasn't even imagining yet. "Roslyn's mother, Dinah, has been worried about Roslyn for several weeks now. She claims that her daughter's behavior has changed since she began seeing you. That she pays less attention to her family, that she breaks off arranged social events on very little notice."

Doctor Klein didn't even blink. "As it happens, Roslyn has serious familial issues, stemming from a domineering and controlling mother who insists on attempting to run her daughter's life. Didn't you think it was more than a little odd that she hired a private detective to keep tabs on her daughter's whereabouts?"

OK, this was definitely the point of no return now. Well, almost the point of no return. Jessica wished she'd never come up with this idea. Klein was a tough customer. She had no idea how he was going to jump when she dropped the bomb on him. Jessica knew she was thinking in private eye cliches, but she needed to be the hard-boiled detective right now. She needed to be tougher than Klein to pull this off. And oh, God, did she want to pull this off.

"Let's cut the bullshit, shall we?" Jessica said, putting an edge in her voice. Good. Think 'tough as nails private eye'. Make him sweat. Don't think of him as a person, think of him as a means to an end. She pulled out a manilla folder from her handbag. "I've been watching you for the past several weeks. I've taken some pictures. Those are copies, you can keep them. I've also got some copies of audio surveillance of your office that make for interesting listening as well."

She handed the folder across the desk to Klein. He opened it up and looked at the photos. To his credit, he didn't crack even then. "I see," he said.

"Those would certainly make an interesting presentation to the AMA, or the ASCH," Jessica said relentlessly. "I wonder what they'd say if they found out that you'd been using your hypnotherapy practice to take sexual advantage of one of your patients. Or that you've been convincing her to transfer funds from her bank account to yours." She saw it there, just the little flicker of an eyelid. She had him, she knew it. "Oh yes, Doctor Klein, I've been doing my homework. You've turned Miss Cole into quite a good patient indeed."

Doctor Klein looked up at her. Jessica's blood ran cold at the expression on his face. He wasn't angry, or frightened, or even concerned. His professional life was on the line, and he looked like she'd just shown him the weather reports for Kuala Lumpur. "I presume you're interested in blackmail," he said, "or you wouldn't have bothered coming to me before showing this to the AMA."

OK, now this was officially the point of no return. This was the point where the stupid idea she'd had while watching Doctor Klein hypnotize Roslyn turned into a reality. This was the point where she made the deal with the devil. She took a deep breath. "That's right, Doctor Klein. I'm willing to turn a blind eye to your... relationship to Miss Cole. I'm even willing to let you continue fucking her, if that's what you want. I'll tell her mother that I haven't found anything conclusive, and I'll keep the evidence to myself. In exchange..." Jessica's mind was a chaotic jumble of panic and jangling nerves, but she didn't let any of it show. "I want you to hypnotize me."

Doctor Klein raised an eyebrow. "I'll admit, that wasn't exactly what I was expecting to hear. You want me to..."

"Do to me what you did to Roslyn Cole. Not the financial aspects, of course. Just the sex. I want you to hypnotize me, put me under and have sex with me. You can do whatever you want with me while I'm in this office, just like you have been with Miss Cole. But unlike her, I expect to have my mind to myself when I leave.

"I realize that's not exactly the kind of hypnosis you were thinking of doing when I walked into this office, but I've been watching you with Miss Cole for some time now. It looked..." Fucking hell. It looked unbelievable. Jessica had never really considered herself a voyeur, not even when she was doing a job that involved taking photos of cheating spouses mid-coitus. It was just business. After a while, she stopped even noticing that they were having sex.

But when she was spying on Doctor Klein and Roslyn Cole, when she looked through the telephoto lens at the woman's face as she slipped into a hypnotic trance, when she listened to them through the directional mike as Roslyn gasped out mantras of obedience and rapturous bliss... Jessica had been masturbating herself stupid after every night she'd spent watching the two of them. It had become the centerpiece of her every sexual fantasy, it had seeped into her dreams. She had to find out what it was like. No matter how unethical, how dangerous this turned out to be. She wasn't at the point of no return right now. She'd been at the point of no return from the moment she took this case, from the moment she watched Roslyn Cole get hypnotized. "It looked nice," she finished lamely.

"And you're not worried that once I've put you into a hypnotic trance, I'll simply make you give me all the evidence against me and do whatever I want with you anyway?" The tone of his voice made it clear that Doctor Klein knew perfectly well that a little part of Jessica quivered at exactly that notion, that something of Jessica wanted to surrender herself to him as completely as Roslyn had.

Fortunately, that wasn't the part that had been planning this for weeks. "Not a bit. The evidence is in a safe deposit box at my local bank--and before you ask, I don't actually have a key to it. A friend of mine who works at the bank is keeping it for me. I've asked her to keep an eye on my financial transactions, as well. If I ask for the key to the box, if I start behaving strangely, if my bank account starts doing anything funny, or if you even so much as say hello to her, she knows what to do." She didn't know why, of course. But Cassie trusted her well enough not to ask. "We play this game on my terms, or the evidence goes straight to the AMA."

Doctor Klein sucked in his breath through his teeth. "So let me see if I understand this correctly. My choices are as follows. I can either face professional ruination, civil and criminal charges, the end of my practice and indeed my life as I know it...or I can continue to use Roslyn Cole as my personal sex slave, and also enjoy regular sex with you as well?" He shook his head slightly. "It's a tough choice. But seeing as my back's against the wall, here, I suppose I'll have to do as you say. Would you like to start now?"

"Please," Jessica said, trying to filter out the naked longing in her voice.

Fifteen minutes later, and Jessica was reclining on Doctor Klein's couch, staring at a metronome as it ticked back and forth and getting increasingly frustrated. "I thought you were supposed to be good at this," she snapped. "I mean, you had Roslyn under in about five seconds."

"I'd been working with Roslyn for six months, and she was a much better hypnotic subject than you are to begin with," Doctor Klein said from the chair next to her in a tone that betrayed no small amount of frustration of his own. "You're anticipating trance too much. Every time you wonder if it's starting to work, you're pulling yourself back out." He stilled the metronome. "Tell me," he said. "How do you learn?"

Jessica crinkled her forehead in confusion. It sounded like he was insulting her. "Is this some sort of weird Zen question?"

"No, it's quite serious," Doctor Klein responded. "I'm asking you how you, personally, learn things best. Do you read them, listen to instructions, walk through them yourself perhaps?"

"I...I suppose I walk through them. I can't just watch someone do something, I have to try it for myself." It felt a little weird, discussing learning styles with someone that she planned to have wild, uninhibited sex with.

"I see. Yes, that does explain a little. The metronome's not going to be of much help because you're a naturally kinesthetic person, as opposed to auditory or visual. You tend to respond to sensation." He paused for a moment. "Normally, this would be a very unethical way to perform an induction, but I think we're probably past that by now. Go ahead and take off your clothes for me."

Jessica frowned. "I thought...I thought we'd wait until I was hypnotized for that." In fact, that had been a waking dream for the past three days running. She'd imagined her eyes going blank and glassy, her hands moving of their own accord, peeling off her outfit slowly and sensuously...

"In future sessions, we will," he said. "But this first time, I'm going to be using your sense of touch to help put you into trance. Please. Take off your clothes for me."

Jessica stood up, and began unbuttoning her blouse. She felt distinctly unsexy doing it; she knew she had a nice body, but she felt like she was undressing in a doctor's office, not for a lover. Doctor Klein's expression didn't help any. He wasn't showing arousal or interest any more than he'd shown fear or panic before. He looked at her as though she was a vaguely interesting clinical discovery, like he was already thinking about writing her up for some medical journal. 'Patient shows distinct signs of hypnophilia,' or some such jargon.

Finally, completely naked, she returned to the couch. "Very good," he said. He rested his right hand gently on her stomach. "What you need, Jessica, is to focus on something that you can't ignore. You've been trying to focus on the metronome, or the pendant, or my eyes, but none of those things attracted your attention enough." His hand began to move in slow circles on her belly. "That's why you haven't been able to fall into trance yet, Jessica. You haven't been focusing on one thing, and letting my words just ease into your mind."

The circles began to widen, each time moving down a little more, a little closer to...Jessica shifted position, just a little. "That's right, Jessica. It does feel good, doesn't it, when my hand moves over your body like this? You like being touched, being stroked, being rubbed. Tell me, Jessica," he said as his hand dipped down below her waist, just a little at first. "How long has it been since you've been touched like this?"

"About...ooh..." Jessica sighed, and let her legs fall open just a tiny bit. "About six months."

Doctor Klein reached out with his other hand, and traced the swell of her breasts with the tip of his index finger. "It's been quite some time, then. You've probably wanted this a lot, haven't you?" Jessica just nodded. His right hand was moving closer to her crotch now, and she wanted to enjoy the sensation. "You probably didn't even think about my question before answering it, did you, Jessica?"

"I...no..." Jessica thought about that for a moment, about how easy it had been to just answer without thinking. It had been kind of an embarrassing question, really, especially given the answer. Jessica had been going long stretches with very little beyond masturbation to sustain her. It was no wonder, really, that she just kept spreading her legs wider and wider, waiting for Doctor Klein's fingers to press against her pussy...

With a start, she realized she'd actually lost track of his words for a long moment. He'd been saying something, about what a good sign that was, about what a good girl she was, but Jessica was having increasing difficulty keeping track of his words. His left hand was now running over her aureolae, moving back and forth between her breasts and causing her nipples to stiffen and tingle, and his right hand just kept getting closer to her pussy, closer and closer but not quite touching yet. "Yes," she said, and it took her a bit to remember what she was even agreeing with. Oh, right. She was agreeing that it felt good. That didn't seem too hypnotic. Maybe it wasn't working.

Doctor Klein's hand brushed against her pussy, and she let out a soft moan. "...you...you're very talented..." she sighed out, as his fingers stroked and fondled her cunt. It was alright if it wasn't working, she decided. His hands just felt so good that she could relax into them and not think about whether or not she was being hypnotized. She was just enjoying this, she didn't need to worry about anything.

She felt his fingers inside her pussy now, and that felt so good, so right. "...yes," she said again, and this time when she tried to think about exactly what he'd said that she agreed to, it just slipped away. It wasn't important, now, not when she was feeling so very good. She could let his words just slip away. They just slipped in through her ears while she was focusing on the...oh, fuck...the wonderful feelings in her body, just settled down in her brain and made a home there while she enjoyed the way Doctor Klein made her feel.

Doctor Klein made her feel so good. She could hear herself panting now, in between breathy chants of "yes" and "i understand," and she did understand. Doctor Klein was making her feel good. This was exactly what she had wanted all these weeks, to just let everything else slip away into trance. Jessica moaned as she realized she had really gone into trance, but the knowledge wasn't enough to snap her out of it, not this time. Every time she tried to wake up, she knew that she would just focus on the good feelings in her clit and the way those fingers felt in her cunt and she would slip deeper, instead. And that would feel so good.

She knew his hand wasn't touching her breast anymore, but it felt like too much effort to open her eyes and look to see where it was. She tried to remember exactly when her eyes had slipped shut, but every time she tried to think, she felt another sparking tingle in her clit and the thought fell away. She knew that she didn't need to think. She just needed to feel and obey. Feel and obey. She wondered briefly where the 'obey' had come from, but wondering was thinking and Jessica just needed to feel and obey.

When she felt his hand briefly slide out of her pussy, and then return, and he climbed onto the couch to straddle her body in a sixty-nine, Jessica realized what he'd been doing with his other hand, but she didn't mind. She didn't mind that he was naked. It made sense. She'd agreed to have sex with him, she'd agreed to do whatever he wanted while they were in this office. That made so much sense. Everything made sense to Jessica while she was this deeply hypnotized. She was warm and safe and relaxed, and it was easy to obey. "i obey," she said, opening her mouth wide so that he could slide his cock into it.

It felt so natural, so right to have Doctor Klein's cock in her mouth. Her clit felt even better when she had his cock in her mouth, when she sucked it and licked it. The sensations of pleasure were overwhelming, now. She was moaning, deep-throating his cock and moaning and knowing that those moans were thrumming his cock and knowing that he was feeling so good and knowing that the pleasure she felt came from pleasing him, and the more she pleased him the better she'd feel and she wanted that now, wanted it so bad, so much, she wanted to obey because it felt soooo good...

She felt him shoot his load into her mouth, and that was all it took to push her over the edge into orgasm. Once the orgasm started, it didn't seem to stop, either. It just felt like time had switched off, like she was just floating in that single perfect moment of bliss and letting everything else drift over her, knowing that she'd been such a good girl and had done so well and had gone so deep into hypnotic trance, and that nothing else mattered right now.

Jessica floated and drifted and listened and obeyed. Just like she'd hoped to.


Jessica closed the door and kicked off her shoes. It felt like the day had already lasted beyond its full allotment of twenty-four hours, but a glance at the clock told her that it wasn't even 8 PM yet. It had just been one of those days, with irritable clients and court depositions and license renewals and hassle upon hassle upon hassle. Tonight, Jessica wanted to do nothing more than take a long, slow, warm bath and then fall face first into bed. Food first, though, she thought as her stomach gave a distinct growl. Perhaps she could call out for some--

The phone rang. With a weary sigh, Jessica went over to answer it. "Hello," she said, in a tone that suggested nothing but woe to telemarketers.

"Jessica," Doctor Klein said on the other end of the line. "Glad to catch you. I was working late, catching up on a little paperwork, and I suddenly found myself in the mood for a little company. I thought perhaps you could head over to the office and the two of us could have another session."

Jessica let out another breath. "It's tempting," she said, thinking back over the last several weeks of 'sessions' that the two of them had enjoyed. "But it's been a hell of a day, and I just need to relax."

"But hypnosis is relaxing, isn't it, Jessica?" he replied, his voice taking on those soothing tones she remembered so well from their sessions. Jessica rolled her eyes. Maybe Doctor Klein was forgetting the 'no hypnosis outside the office' rule.

"Sorry, Doc," she said. "But I'm just not in the mood tonight. Some other time."

"Blank, Jessica," he said. Suddenly, her aching weariness faded away, to be replaced by a slow, languid warmth that spread through her body. It didn't seem like it spread fast; it felt like a soft, tranquil, dreamy progression into trance. But at the same time, Jessica wasn't aware of any interval between the moment Doctor Klein spoke and the moment she felt her mind immersed in that same soft warmth.

"blank," she said. She heard her own voice and the soft, accepting tone of her response, but it was hard to think about what she was saying. It was hard to think about anything.

"Come to the office, now, Jessica," Doctor Klein said, and hung up. Without speaking, without really even considering what she was doing, Jessica put her shoes back on, grabbed her keys from where she'd tossed them, and headed back down the stairs to her car.

Ten minutes later, she walked into Doctor Klein's office. He was waiting for her on the couch, his pants already around his ankles. Jessica's eyes locked onto his cock automatically. "Good girl," he said. "Now strip for me."

Jessica began peeling her clothes off, just the way she'd imagined herself doing when she watched Roslyn with Doctor Klein all those weeks ago. He'd made her strip many times since then, but every time was just as exciting as she'd imagined it. By the time she got to her panties, they were damp with arousal. She peeled them off and stood in front of him, completely naked.

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