tagNonHumanFlesh For Fantasy Ch. 01

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 01


"He's having that dream again."

"Persistent little son-of-a-bitch, isn't he?"

"Permit me to remind you, Commander Yadoni, that you were the one who introduced him to the visual of Carina."

"I know, but I also introduced him to Fellina and Martina's visuals also."

"And he imprinted on her."

"Yes. You should be offering me congratulations, Soloni. Phase One has been completed without a hitch."

"Yes, Commander Yadoni. You are correct. Congratulations." The alien subordinate glanced over at her master, his cloven fingers hovering above the blinking button. "Shall we launch Phase Two?"

Yadoni gazed at the holographic image of the sleeping young man who was tossing and turning while his hand vigorously fisted his swollen, reddish-purple cock. Having no external sex organ himself, Yadoni was always mesmerized by the sight of a human's anatomy, especially the parts that related to procreation. He leaned closer and hummed in appreciation at the pearls of pre-cum that steadily bubbled from the large slit, watching as the young man's palm slid up and over, gathering and dispersing it down his long, thick rod. It would happen soon by the reactions of the young man's body and he was not disappointed.

A fountain of thick white cream exploded from the rounded end and the young man groaned and thrashed as if he was in pain. Several more spurts followed, each accompanied by a tortured expression and a deep groan.

And finally, he was still.

Yadoni leaned back, swallowing his own ejaculate and tenderly licking the two small tubes that were softening and retracting back into their burrows just behind his teeth. Soloni did the same, hiding his reaction in the appearance of being busy and it was some time before either alien spoke.

"Begin Phase Two."

Soloni depressed the button and the second part of the experiment began.

Jamie Halloran awoke at seven and lay quietly while tears filled his eyes, then coursed down his cheeks. It was the same dream; the same dream that had claimed his sleeping hours for five straight days in a row and the same dream that was slowly but surely driving him insane. This time, she had touched him and the sticky evidence on his hand and chest told him that he hadn't just cum in his dream. It had been so real, so real that each morning he'd awakened, expecting her to be lying next to him. And each morning, he was alone, with only scattered cumstains and salty residue to prove that he'd had the dream. Why couldn't she be real?

He hauled himself out of the bed and showered, then threw himself in the recliner, flipping the remote on and finding the morning news. Boring. The usual Saturday morning cartoons littered the other channels and weary and frustrated, he decided on Dora the Explorer and leaned back, closing his eyes.

This wasn't what he life was supposed to have become. The back door should be open with the happy sounds of kids splashing around in the pool. The air should be filled with the delicious scent and sound of bacon cooking and he should be laughing at one of Amy's jokes. But three tears ago, a drunk driver had plunged him into a nightmare of having to identify his dead children and then, silently suffering at the bedside of his wife, watching her die as her ruined brain swelled out of her skull and finally killed her. He should be happy, not sitting here and contemplating suicide.

The doorbell's buzz broke his reverie and Jamie arose with a sigh, tugging his robe's tie tighter as he headed to the door. A FedEx delivery truck was at the bottom of the driveway and a young guy stood on the doorstep, electronic clipboard in hand.

"James Halloran?"


"Sign here, please?"

"What am I signing for?"

"A package." He clicked the pen. "Line 12, please."

"But I didn't order anything."

"Well, someone did because I have a package for you in my truck. Now, will you please sign here?"

Jamie took the clipboard and signed, handing it back to the young man. "Where is it?"

"In the truck. I had to make sure that you were here first. Strict orders are to deliver only to you."

"Oh. O-Okay."

He waited patiently, trying to think of who would want to send him a package. It wasn't his birthday so his Aunt Mary wouldn't be sending anything and neither would Grandma Solomon. His confusion and curiosity grew even more when he saw the size of the package, a thick, corrugated cardboard box that was taller than he was. The young man brought it into the living room and unclipped it from the hand truck with a smile.

"Have a nice day."

The door shut behind him, leaving Jamie staring at the box and wondering what the hell was in it.

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