tagNonHumanFlesh For Fantasy Ch. 03

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 03


Jamie leaned forward and let his tongue touch one of the winking jewels clinging to the tiny hairs, rubbing the creamy pearl across his tongue. A tangy-sweet flavor burst in his mouth and he sighed, leaning forward again, this time, angling for more. This time, the tip of his tongue touched the furred edge of her outer lip and the warmth of her flesh startled him again, but only for a moment. He allowed himself to touch her, to press her legs a bit farther apart so that he could better reach her juicy pussy.

"Mmmm." His tongue slid up into her moist valley, tracing the soft contours of her pussy and enjoying the cream that met him. She tasted so good, so clean and sweet that he hadn't noticed her movement, not until her hands touched the side of his head. Jamie yelped and fell backwards, looking up into her glassy eyes and smiling face.

"What's the matter?" He couldn't respond to her question and he nearly jumped out of his skin when she reached for him again. "Jamie?"

"You know my name?"

"Of course I do. I know you very well." She stood, brushing a few errant peanuts away. "Do you think I'd let just anybody lick my pussy?" When his face reddened, she tossed her head back, laughing at his embarrassment. "You're so funny, Jamie. Now let's go to bed, shall we?"


"Yes. I want you to finish what you started." Her hand lightly caressed her mound, then extended to him, helping him to his feet. Jamie stared into her eyes, his hands encircling her waist and pulling her close. "Jamie?"

"S-Sorry, Carina." He stammered with a shaky smile. "I just forgot how beautiful you are."

Her smile sent his blood pounding again and she stepped closer, rubbing her hairy mound against his dribbling cock. "Quit teasing me."

Jamie cupped one of her breasts and bent, sucking the fat nipple into his mouth and rolling it over and over his tongue until it hardened into a rosy nub. Carina responded, her body arching against him and her hands pushing his head down harder against her breast. He sucked harder and she whimpered, a shiver running through her as his fingers slid into her wet pussy.

"Oh, yes." She whispered softly. "Please take me to bed, Jamie."

He didn't have to be asked twice. He swept her into his arms and took down the hall, gently depositing her on the bed and standing to look at her. She gave him a sexy pose, stretching her long milky limbs and licking her lips.

"Like what you see?"

Jamie nodded. "Mm-hm." He knelt beside her, targeting her neck with his mouth and sighing at the hum of satisfaction that filled her throat as he laid kisses along her collarbones and jawline. She turned her head and caught his mouth, her tongue curling inside and rubbing against his. This time, Jamie hummed, tilting his head to fit her mouth to his and enjoying a deep, passionate kiss with the woman of his dreams. "I liked what I tasted even more."

He released her mouth to travel down her body and he bent between her legs, pushing his face into her pussy and again, tasting her essence. She moaned, opening her legs farther and smiled down at him, gently grasping him behind the ears and pulling his face tightly into her crotch. Jamie licked and sucked, winding his tongue around her clit and sliding into the hot, moist depths of her hole. He'd eaten pussy before but there was something different about hers, as if her pussy was made for him.

"Oh, yes, baby. Make me cum. Please."

Jamie grasped her thighs and redoubled his efforts, spearing into her pussy and making her gasp with each stroke of his tongue. Her muffled cries made him work harder, licking and sucking, swallowing her sweet cream until she stiffened and arched against him, her pussy muscles locking onto his tongue. She gasped a few more times and shivered, her legs falling open and releasing him.

"Jesus, Carina. You sure cum ... " The breath caught in his throat when he arose and saw that she had returned to her previous inanimate status. "A lot." He sat back on his haunches and gazed at the beautiful doll, his erection withering along with his hope. "Carina."

"Did you see that, Soloni? His penis has lost its hardness."

"Because he is no longer interested?"

"I don't know. I've heard of other humans having sex with dead humans. Why should he be any different?"

"Commander Yadoni, look at his face and his eyes. Look at the way he touches her. He seems to care very deeply for her."

"He cares for a doll?"

"No. He cares for the person, Carina, that he knows from his dreams. He cared enough to take care of her sexual need without worrying about his own."

"But he expected to have his need met later."

"Yes, sir. I expect that he did but look at him. Even now, he is not angry. Look at the way he's caressing her cheek."

"That is extraordinary, Soloni. This would suggest ... "


"Yes. Love."

"Then in that case, Commander, I suggest that we fully activate her and go to the next phase."

"It's not too soon?"

"No, sir, at least I don't think so. I think that he's our best specimen and that he will make your experiment a huge success."

Yadoni nodded, clapping a hand on his shoulder. "All right, Soloni. Let's activate her, but I have an idea ... "

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