tagNonHumanFlesh For Fantasy Ch. 05

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 05


The day went slowly, of course. Each time he looked at the clock, only a few minutes had passed. He tried to bury himself in his work, poring over drawings and Gantt charts and solving the problems that the engineering firm had hired him for but still, time slowly went by. Finally, five o'clock arrived and he cleaned his desk off, heading home and trying not to speed.

"I'm home!"

His words were met with silence and his stomach sank. She had gone cold again, he was sure until he heard the music. It was jazz and the smoky saxophone led him to the bathroom. Carina was lounging in the bubble-filled tub, a bottle of chardonnay iced in a bucket nearby and two glasses perched on the ledge.

"Welcome home."

Jamie bent and touched his mouth to her, groaning as her tongue flicked over his. "Certainly is a welcome sight."

"I was dirty so I had to take a bath." She gave him a naughty smile. "Are you dirty?"

"I might be."

"Well, why don't I check to make sure?" She arose from the water, shimmering with suds and grabbed his belt, deftly unbuckling it and proceeding to unzip his pants. Her warm hand slid past the cloth of his underwear and encircled his half-hard cock, quickly bringing it to life. He closed his eyes for a moment and moaned as she increased the pressure, stroking the sensitive skin. It had been so long that it only took him a moment to cum, shooting gobs of semen all over her hand and his pants. Carina pulled her hand out with a wry smile, sensuously licking the cum from her fingers. "I guess you're dirty now."

Jamie peeled down and entered the tub, sitting against the back and settling Carina against him. Her slight weight felt so good that he sighed, drawing a caress from her.

"Happy, baby?"

"Very much so."

"Then let's open the wine and get this party started."

Jamie poured the wine and touched his glass to hers. "To us."

"To love."

* * * * *

He hadn't wanted to leave the tub but after half-an-hour, Carina whined with a pout about being hungry. He was all at once astonished and happy to discover that she was somehow like a regular girl and watched in awe as she sat on the toilet and took a long pee after drinking half a bottle of wine. He was also happy to see that the alcohol had the same effect on her as it did on him. As she dressed in the clothes he'd bought for her at lunch, she would giggle here and there, making him laugh with her.

Dinner was a joyous affair. She allowed him to order for her and hummed the entire way through her roasted snapper and cooed over triple chocolate cake. Jamie felt like a king as he noticed other men staring at her beauty and felt like crying when she kissed him on her way to the bathroom. They left after nearly two hours and she snuggled against him in the car, a smile on her beautiful face.

"Happy, baby?"

Carina giggled, snuggling closer. "Not yet."

"What do you need to make you happy?"

"Your cock in my pussy." Jamie swerved a bit and Carina giggled again. "Is there a problem, darling?"

Jamie cleared his throat. "Not at all. I just didn't expect that."

"What kind of lover would I be if I only did what was expected?" She sat up, giving him a devilish smile. "I bet you didn't expect this, either." She unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra down, letting her breasts spring free. Jamie's mouth watered, thinking about how the fat nipples would harden on his tongue. "Or this."

Her hands found his the waistline of his pants, unbuckling and unzipping and she took his hard prick in her hand, pulling it out. Staring into his eyes, she slowly bent until she was out of eyesight and his flesh was in the warm, wet suction of her mouth.

"Jesus, Carina! You're going to make me crash the car."

"Then I suggest you pay attention to the road. I'm busy."

Commander Yadoni hovered over Soloni's shoulder, viewing the subject's penis through the eyes of the doll.

"He's very hard."


"I am curious, sir."


"About the taste."

"Of the male seed?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, let's tap in and find out." Yadoni took his chair, activated a button on the handpad and laid his head back, allowing a three-inch polished tube to enter his mouth. Soloni did the same, his eyes locked onto the screen. The tube swelled to the size of the man's cock, over two inches in girth and the commander gasped. "He's quite thick."

Soloni's response was garbled, filled with the tube and both aliens watched as the doll wrapped her fingers around the prick, fisting and sucking in the same rhythm. The man's moans were deep and getting progressively louder each time she bobbed and finally, he shouted her name. The tube swelled a bit more, then thick white cream jetted onto Yadoni and Soloni's tongues, bathing their throats with human semen. Yadoni gagged at first, then quickly swallowed, taking the next spurt like a champ while Soloni struggled, the white liquid dripping from the corners of his mouth.

The doll swallowed a total of six times as did Yadoni and Soloni and she sat up, releasing the rapidly diminishing flesh. Both men sighed as the tube deflated, Soloni scooping the excess semen into his mouth with his long tongue.

"That was fantastic. Come here."

Soloni heeded the words of his commander and locked lips with Yadoni, letting his tongue tickle the protruding endings of his genitals. He was rewarded with the gush of Yadoni's cum and responded with his own. The two remained close, each savoring the flavor of the other's ejaculate before Soloni pulled away, his body trembling.

Yadoni grinned wolfishly. "We have to do that more often ... "

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