tagNonHumanFlesh For Fantasy Ch. 10

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 10


Again, the Primor balked at the idea of doing something he would never do, in this case, kissing an alien, but with a nod of encouragement from Soloni, he leaned forward and touched his lips to the human's. At once, he knew something was different. The human was very aggressive and he almost pulled away, angry that the alien would presume to be dominant over him. But the way the human's tongue swept into his mouth and stroked his tubes made electrical currents rush through his body.

For the first time in his life, the Primor felt a spark of desire and it startled him so badly that he sat back, staring into the alien's eyes. "What are you doing to me?"

"I should ask you what you're doing to me. Feel my cock."

Jamie guided the alien's hand onto his rod and moaned when the Primor gave it a squeeze. "Does that feel good?"

"Yes, sire. That feels real good."

The Primor grinned, then leaned in and let Jamie continue the kiss, shivering each time his tongue connected. His moan of appreciation turned into a growl of lust as he realized that his tubes were plumping. Yadoni and Soloni moved back, holding on to each other as they bore witness to their regent losing his impotence. Jamie held the Primor's head in his hands, letting his tongue wrap around the long, snakelike tubes and roughly rub against the sensitive flesh. Suddenly, the Primor gave a long, low groan and Jamie started swallowing the regent's ejaculate, whimpering with each spurt.

Jamie released the Primor and felt the enzyme kick in, overpowering his will and he reached down, stroking his rock-hard cock. The alien trembled before him, paralyzed by delicious aftershocks and when Jamie pressed his head down, exposing the opening, the regent didn't fight. He stepped forward, as he had with Soloni, and pressed his cock into the moist cavity.

The Primor screamed. The sensation was too much. He reached back and grasped Jamie's prick, seeking to remove it but the movement caused the alien's rod to plunge deeper and the Primor couldn't move. Jamie's hands gently clasped his shoulders and the Primor dropped his hand, allowing the alien to plunder his opening, pumping harder and harder until the red skin beneath his hands. Another cry split the regent's lips and Jamie gripped the man's shoulders, jerking with each ejaculation.

Jamie backed away, allowing Yadoni to wrap him in a robe and lead him to the table. When he was settled, the commander returned to the Primor's side, waiting for a response from the man.


The Primor remained silent, running his hands over his arms and smoothing his glowing flesh. Both Yadoni and Soloni noticed that he was shaking, much as Soloni had after his encounter. Very slowly, he arose, ignoring the hand that Soloni held out to assist him and turned to them. The expression on his face told them that he was a different person.


"I'm all right, Commander." Yadoni held the shirt while the Primor slipped his arms into it and helped him fasten it closed. The regent grabbed his hand, causing Yadoni to look up at him. "I owe you my life."

"You owe me nothing, sire, but the member of Earth has a request of you. He asks that you let the Earth remain as it is and he asks for Carina, the bio-doll."

"He can have anything he wants as long as he agrees to be cloned."

Commander Yadoni heaved a sigh and turned to his subordinate, knowing that his worries were finally over.

* * * * *

The alarm clock rang and Jamie Halloran swore silently as he rolled over and checked the time. He had set the alarm for seven-fifteen but after he blinked several times, he noticed that it was six forty-five. A smile sprang to his face when her warm arm slid over his stomach, moving downward until his cock was in her hand.

"You changed the clock again."

"Of course I did."


"Because I wanted to feel you inside me again before you had to leave."

Jamie looked down into Carina's green eyes, smoothing the hair from her face and shaking his head in wonder. It had been eight months since the incident and his life had changed in leaps and bounds. The doll had been replaced by a real woman, compliments of the Primor and he made trips once a month to fuck the regent. He had finally gotten the chance to peg the commander and the alien shared the same experience as the Primor and Soloni. Arcturus Prime was a better planet and the citizenry were much happier.

"I love you, Carina. I can't wait until we get married in July."

She kissed his ear, whispering. "We may have to get married a little earlier." Her eyes met his. "I'm going to have a baby."

Jamie crushed Carina to him in a loving embrace, wondering what Yadoni, Soloni and the Primor would say ...

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