tagInterracial LoveFlight Attendant Ch. 06

Flight Attendant Ch. 06


One time, while on a layover in Bangkok, the in-coming aircraft experienced mechanical problems. Apparently a bird hit the cockpit windscreen and smashed the outer layer.

We were told later that there were no spare part for our aircraft, so we were repositioned to deadhead on a Cathay Pacific flight to Singapore. We had always heard of the exemplary service one experienced on a Cathay Pacific flight, so I was very eager to see what they did differently.

We were all scattered in Economy Class. I was very fortunate and found myself on the aisle seat of the last row, next to the galley.

Daphne was the purser in charge. She was Malay Indian and drop dead gorgeous. She had a very cute face and a pretty awesome body judging by her non-complimentary uniform. The blouse was a reddish and bluish color created with as series of patterns that resembles waves that was specially designed by a local designer. Her hair was tied up in a bun that clearly showed her beautiful eyes, high cheekbones and sweet oval face. She had a tight little body and stood about 5' 5" tall only

I introduced myself and we chatted whenever she had a moment, which wasn't very often. As luck would have it we were in the same line for CIQ upon our arrival into Singapore. She gave me her name and contact number and asked me to call her if I ever got into town.

Our ground rep met us at the transit terminal and informed us that we would now operate the flight the next day from Singapore to Dubai, so tonight we were to stay here and fly out mid-afternoon.

The bus was ready to take us to the Fairmont Hotel. When we go there, the last of the Cathay Pacific crew were leaving the Reception Area. I quickly used the house phone and called Daphne. She answered immediately, expecting her crew.

" Hi Daphne. This is Bruno." I said.

"Bruno? I wasn't expecting you to call. How did you know which hotel we were staying at?"

"I didn't." I replied

"Where are you?" she asked.

"Give me your room number and I'll show you in a few minutes." I said.

"You're here? How? Why?" she stammered.

"We've been reassigned to operate tomorrow's flight to Dubai and of all places, they put us up here as well. I just happen to see some of your colleagues leave the Reception Desk so I thought I'd surprise you. Surprise!" I laughed.

Giggling, she responded with "1208. That's my room." She said. "Will you be coming up?"

"Yes" I said. "I just have to check in and get my room key, then go up for a quick shower and change and then if you're still here I can call you. Will you be going out for lunch with your colleagues?"

"I was going to, that's why I snatched up the receiver so quickly. I thought they were calling me to come down already. I'm standing here in my underwear ready to get changed, but I'll wait for you instead." She chimed.

"Please don't let me interrupt your plans" I said. "Why don't you join them and we can meet later." I said.

"Oh, that's ok. I can always see them another time." She assured me.

"Ok I'll call you later" I said. "1208, yes?"

I got my key, went up to my room and took a much need shower. I changed into my jeans and casual shirt then called her.

I met her in the lobby and she looked stunning. She had let her hair down and it flowed past her shoulders. Her black blouse was very tight-fitting that showed off her prominent breasts that were further accentuated by the deep 'V' of her cleavage. She wore a pair of hip-hugging gray jeans. She must have had the roundest butt I have ever seen. Small, firm yet prominent and I'm sure her 3" white high-heel shoes helped to increase her already stunning looks.

I towered next to her and must have given off the appearance as being the bodyguard of a celebrity.

"Any preferences for lunch?" I casually asked.

"My, you look like a movie star!" she said. "Do you always look like this out of uniform?" She asked. "You look like George Michael with black hair." She added

"You're just making fun of me, aren't you? I was just thinking that I'll probably be perceived as your body guard. Anyway, I think you look gorgeous." I added

"Thank you, but I feel like a hag next to you." She giggled.

"Ok, so we've got this mutual admiration going on. May I suggest their famous cuisine at the courtyard restaurant of Raffles hotel next door? Well known literati, like Hemingway and Maugham, frequented the hotel and helped to establish it as an 'In' place." I said.

"Sure, sounds good." She agreed.

We strolled over to the restaurant. "Table for 2 please. I've made a reservation already." I said.

"Certainly sir and welcome back." The M'aitre D acknowledged. "Madam, it is a delight to welcome you" the boss man said as he bowed to Daphne. "Right this way please" as he directed us to a lovely quaint table overlooking the pool. "I slipped him a $20 in our handshake.

"You've been here before?" Daphne asked.

"Yeah, once or twice." I replied

"Liar! She giggled.

"May I offer you a drink?" we were asked as we were presented with our menus.

"Daphne, their gin-based Singapore Sling originated from this very hotel back in the early nineteen hundreds. It would be sacrilegious to not sample this delightful nectar, unless you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage instead?"

"That would be wonderful, thank you." Daphne smiled.

"Two please" I suggested to the Maitre D who smiled and left us to peruse the menu.

"What would you suggest for lunch?" Daphne asked.

"They have a great chef here who can whip some awesome dishes. What would you prefer? Meat, fish, salads, pasta, etc?" I asked.

"Whatever you suggest" she offered.

I signaled the waiter, "Please tell Chef Miguel that we'd like to sample his famous grilled fish and his recommended vegetables please. Oh, and when you give him our order, please bring him a bottle of Perrier. He'll know who I am. Thank you."

"So now you even know the chef?" she quizzed.

"My dad's friend. So tell me about yourself, since we couldn't chat very much in the aircraft." I responded.

She started telling me about herself and I was mesmerized just listening to her..... "Bruno! When did you get into town?" Chef Miguel beamed.

I gave him a big hug. "Good to see you my friend. Chef, this is Daphne and I'm trying hard to impress the heck out of her, so please don't say anything that would make me look bad." I said as I introduced Daphne.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Daphne" Chef Miguel beamed. "Bruno is a fine lad, but for true quality you should be dating me instead!" he laughed. "Please let me fix you my specialty and after lunch you must try my new dessert."

"You are too kind." Daphne said, "and if he slips up, at least I know I can come calling on you." She beamed.

Chef Miguel walked away and we sat back down.

"So you were saying? Please continue" I hinted.

"I want to hear about you instead, but first ....... Are you really trying to impress me?"

"Oh absolutely!" I said. "It's not everyday that one gets to meet someone as beautiful and as charming as you are. Perhaps what stands out the most about you is that you are so down-to-earth and I feel so comfortable in your company." I admitted.

"I'm flattered" Daphne said. "Actually, I feel the same about you. Are you married or have a girl-friend?" she inquired.

"I graduated from college this summer and I'm way too young to get married. At this time I'm not seeing anyone special. Besides, you know what a roster does to relationships, yes? What about you? Are you in a relationship yourself?"

"That's for sure" she said "No, I'm not in a relationship. As you said, our flight schedules make it impossible for us to have a 'normal' life. When I'm on flights I sometimes get hit-on by the pilots. Collectively, they must be the stingiest group of people I have ever met. Sadly, most are ex-RAF pilots and have no idea on how to treat women. There are a few male cabin crew that I enjoy hanging out with, but that's about it."

"Your drinks." The waiter handed us a tall glass each.

"Thank so much." I acknowledged, "Cheers to you. If you are not used to alcohol, take it easy, this can pack a punch on an empty stomach."

"Cheers to you too and I know you'll take care of me if anything happens." She winked.

We chatted about our lives and past experiences and the differences between our airline service procedures and standards. Lunch was delicious and Chef Miguel presented us with a soufflé chocolate mouse that was simply superb.

"Since this is such a beautiful day, would you care to join me by the poolside or do you have other plans?"

"Oh, I'm glad you said that. I so enjoy lazing by the pool, but I hope you won't be too critical of me when you notice that I'm blimped out like a baby hippo after this huge lunch!"

"I said it once and I'll say it again – you're simply gorgeous – and if you ever 'blimp out' they'll be more to love!" I replied. She looked at me with that 'did I just hear you say the 'love' word'?.

"Check please!" I asked.

The Maitre D came over and said that Chef Miguel has taken care of it already. "Could you hand me a note card please" I asked

"Right away sir" and with that he returned promptly with my request.

"Thanks so much Chef, but you're still not getting her. She's mine" I wrote. Could you please include this note with a bottle of Bordeaux and present it to him with my compliments. Please bill it to my room 2920.

"So now I'm yours?" she asked.

"As compared to him, yes! Are you mine? Not yet. I hope you will give me a little more time" I smiled.

We walked back to our hotel chatting and giggling the entire time. I escorted her to her room then told her I'll see her downstairs in the pool and turned to leave.

"Thanks so much for lunch and for a lovely time and yes, I am impressed" she said, starring at me. I leaned down and kissed her very lightly on her lips.

"You made me the envy of all the men in the restaurant" I said. "I could see their heads turning and looking at you in appreciation. They all wanted to be with you and their dates wanted to be you. You honor me, madam" I said as I took a deep bow. "OK, see you in the pool your royal blimpiness" I said, as I started backing away from her door.

She giggled as she entered her room.

OH the things she's doing to me, I thought. I just hope I can keep my dick in my shorts when we're in the pool. Nope. I don't trust myself. I'll wear my Speedos under my shorts. That should hide any excitement.

I was lying back soaking up the sun and my slightly tanned body glistened with the sun lotion I applied mixed with my sweat that was starting to surface. She bent down and whispered "Hello handsome. I'm here."

She wore a bluish top that showed off her ample tits. They sure were big for her size. She had a sarong cloth wrapped around her waist. Her bikini bottoms could be seen through the sheer fabric of her sarong. Her tanned skin made her look even more alluring. Damn, she looked delicious.

"Ah, perfect timing" I said. "I ordered you a fruit juice. Hope that's ok? It's a bit warm out here." Then I leaned towards her ear and whispered back at her, "Daphne, you looked awesome in your outfit earlier, but in this get-up you've gone from a 10 to and11. Everyone here in the pool must think I've just hit the jackpot!"

"If you're trying to score brownie points, you're succeeding" she smiled. "Oh my, do you work out as well?" she asked looking at my body.

"Just a bit and I love swimming. Need to catch up with my laps. I've positioned this umbrella over your chair so that you get some shade. I could move it if you prefer the sun" I said. Mind if I take a dip?" I asked.

"Nope. Go ahead and I'll join you shortly." She said.

"Save me if I start downing!" I chuckled and with that I dived into the water and began doing laps for about 15 minutes. Suddenly there was a pair of legs leaning against the walls directly in my swim lane. I could tell it was Daphne. I stopped my stokes and slowly cruised in to where she was standing so that I could keep my eyes on her crotch, which seemed to open wider as I neared. I extended my arms and aimed for her waist and just as I got close, I grabbed her as I surfaced.

She removed my swimming goggles, hugged me and gave me a very deep kiss. I held her tightly and the world seemed to disappear and I moved her to deeper water. She wrapped her legs around my waist and said, "Ok, I'm impressed! Now what?" she purred into my ear.

I cupped her butt and gently held her crotch against mine. She responded by pushing her crotch into me as well. I just moved with her around the pool in that embrace, neither of us wanting to let the other go. I was so totally comfortable just holding her. I ran my hands down her thighs and could feel the power in her legs

"I have to admit that I was staring at your body from underwater" I told her.

"I loved that you were starring at me. That's why I gave you more to look at!" she said as she hugged me tighter.

"Ok, I gotta ask. Are you a sprinter? I love your thighs and leg muscles. And your abs are gorgeous"

"So are yours, honey" she said. "I go to the gym and do weights but my thighs mostly come from the rowing machine."

"A lady after my own heart." I declared.

"Really?" she asked. "Hey, I've had enough of the pool. Shall we go?" she suggested.

"Yup, I'm done as well" I lied.

We rode up to her room and were kissing the entire way. When we reached her door, she held my hand as we both entered.

I stood in the room just kissing her and slowly untied the string holding her top. It slipped to the floor after I released the tie-up around her neck. She had perfectly formed tits. They were big and firm and the area that was not exposed to the sun were white in contrast to her tanned body. She had large areola that tapered to her nipple. She squirmed when I touched her tits and I just had to run my tongue across her breast and sucked on her nipple.

She moaned and squirmed. "I'm very sensitive there" she informed me. Her hands were hastily getting rid of my shorts. "What's this?" she asked when she found my Speedos underneath.

"You turn me on BIG time" I explained "and I didn't want to make it obvious. You have no idea the impact you have on me."

"Really? Show me" and with that she removed my Speedos. Out popped my cock in full glory.

"You trim your hair?" she asked.

"Yes, I like to keep it neat. It looks unsightly and distracting when it's not trimmed." I said

She sat on the bed and took my cock into her hands and then leaned forward and put it I her mouth. She could only take a third of it in and went to work on sucking my cock. It was soon dripping with her saliva and ready for action.

I lay her back on the bed and removed her bottoms. Although she trimmed her pubes, she still left a forest in her wake. Again the untanned area was white in contrast to her thighs and torso. She looked a picture of raw sexuality. Her cunt lips were completely bald and were thick and puffy. I knelt on the floor and clasped my lips onto her pussy. Her womanly odor was delightful and she tasted like warm honey and sweat. My tongue was in paradise!

She moaned as she felt my tongue dart into her cunt hole then back up to her clit then all around her pussy. However, when I reached my hands up to her tits and rubbed them, she immediately jumped and began squirming.

"Yes, yes. Squeeze my tits and rub my nipples!" she moaned. With my mouth attacking her cunt and my hands paying attention to her nipples, she soon began bucking her hips and moaned out loud as her orgasm hit her. Wave after wave of cum rocked her body. I was eager to taste her juices and jammed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could get it in. As soon as her tremors subsided, I squeezed her nipples again and once again she began squirming and moaning. I barely touched her pussy when she erupted into another orgasm, this time not as violent as the first, but still very intense.

"Mmmmmmm, that was wonderful" she purred. "Now let me have your cock inside of me!"

"I'd love to baby, but I didn't bring any protection." I said.

"Don't worry about that. I'm good." she replied.

I was up on my feet in an instant and dragged her body to the edge of her bed. I held my hard cock in my hand and started sliding my cock into her. As wet as she was, I still had a hard time getting my cock into her. Her pussy was very tight. I slowly inched my way into her as she began squeezing her tits and pulling her nipples. I managed to get half way into her and began fucking her cunt with greater intensity. I was fucking her hard and fast.

Her head started whipping from side to side as she squeezed her tits and add that with my cock was virtually attacking her pussy, her body soon rocked with another orgasm. My cock was bathed with a milky white liquid that helped to lubricate her, which then allowed me to get a bit more of my cock into her. I pumped her with an increased vigor and she moaned even more.

Then, I pulled out and flipped her over, making her kneel on the bed, which made it easier for me to stand up straight and fuck her. Her ass was gorgeous. It was big and very firm and accentuated by the white untanned area that draws ones eyes to her asshole and cunt. Her lips were very thick from the back and stretched out as she was, she inner lips were spread open and the pink walls of her cunt and the opening of her hole begged attention. I knelt and once again jammed my tongue into her cunt and then into her ass. Oh, she tasted divine.

She arched her back further and placed her head on the pillow. I paid homage to her cunt and ass, but the straining of my cock screamed for the softness of her cunt, so I stood up and aimed my cock at the entrance of her cunt. I shoved in as far as I could go and she yelped. I then began a rhythmic movement of slowly fucking this delightful creature. "Unghhhh, fuck me faster" she begged.

I held onto her hips and began plowing my cock into her. I was soon able to get most of it in and delighted in the softness of her pussy, but the squeezing of her cunt soon had my balls screaming for release. I leaned forward and grabbed her tits as I plowed mercilessly into her cunt.

"Mmmmmm, Yes. Yes. Yes." She moaned as I wanted her to cum with me.

"I'm getting close" I said.

"Shoot your cum in me. I want to feel you erupt your seed in me." She pleaded.

"Unghhhhh!" I moaned as her cunt started squeezing my shaft as she again erupted in orgasm. I let loose with my spunk, each time plowing deep into her as I came. I shot 4 good streams into her followed by 2 mini shots."

I stood there savoring the feel of my cock in her, while my legs were slowly turning into jelly. My deflating cock slipped out of her with a pop as I flopped down beside her.

"Mmmmmm, you are such a good lover, baby" she cooed.

"I wanted to do this to you when I first met you." I admitted.

"So did I." She owned up. "I didn't think I'd see you again and was hoping you might call me if and when you flew into Hong Kong. Then again, I hoped to also be there and not somewhere around the world when you arrived."

"I think we were destined to be together. What were the chances of my schedule being changed to tomorrow and then to end up in the same hotel?" I asked.

She kissed me very passionately and I savored the moment. "I really enjoy being with you." She said.

"Me too" I confessed. "You are one very sexy and attractive woman and I am so lucky to have met you."

She hugged me and ran her fingers down my cheek. Then she started running her fingers thru my thick hair as she started running her tongue across my chest, kissing my nipples and all over my chest. The she slid her head down and began licking and pumping my cock. It didn't take long for it to react to ministrations. Her tongue was playing havoc with my cock head.

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