tagGroup SexFlight School & Farmer's Daughters?

Flight School & Farmer's Daughters?

byLong Strongdaily©

"That's A Question!!??"

It had been a long, hot, dry and tiresome summer of study, classes, flight simulator time, flight time, tests and more tests, and then, when it seemed that we were just about finished with flight school, it would start all over again. As flight cadets we initially had no need of flight instructors, classes or flight simulator time, just put us in the latest and hottest fighter and let us get on with it!! That's what we initially thought anyway!

Boy, were we in for a surprise or what! The second weekend of boot camp we were all scheduled for our first flight in a real jet, albeit only a T-33 trainer. These jets are a side-by-side two-seater! Each cadet, along with a flight instructor, were to get a one hour introduction to the true reality of flying! Afterwards there wasn't a single cadet that walked from the tarmac under his own steam when those instructors got through with us! I was no exception! Talk about getting your feet wet, those instructors left absolutely nothing out of their flying repertoire and I mean nothing! They did rollovers, stalls, vertical dives and inside and outside loops, not once or twice but as often as the flight captain felt we could no longer survive it any longer!

Then the SOB's would, in a very kindly sarcastic voice, ask: "What do you think! Like to do some more or would you rather call it a day?", as if we could respond! None of us had any preparation for it other than to be told; "Guys we're going flying this weekend!" Not one cadet, out of the twenty-four that were in flight school, that hadn't devised some plan to pull a surprise on the "old man", as we referred to the flight instructors, once we were at the controls! Those lessons were well taught and there wasn't one single distraction from anyone from that time forward till the time we graduated! Now that the graduation ceremonies were over, we actually did graduated from flight school, the time had come to celebrate! Celebrate we would... and how!!

The nearest major city was some four hours from base, so we pooled our resources and in groups of four, each group rented a car. We were to pick up our rental unit at about five p.m. that day. Unfortunately that didn't happen, the unit which had been designated for us hadn't yet been returned by the previous lessee, so we had to wait for some two hours till the next unit was returned. Somewhat disgusted by the turn of events, which saw the other five groups leave right on schedule, yelling and waving at us as they departed for an evening of big city foraging for whatever of the opposite sex that might be available, we returned to the base. The car rental office was located at a small shopping center just a mile or so from the base. Upon returning to base we headed for the lounge and some cold beverages, it was 90 F degrees and we had just walked about two miles. We were neither in a good mood nor looking for the return walk back to the car rental agency! However a nice cool drink would go along way to quench our thirst as well as ease our frustrations!

I was the only non alcoholic drinker in the group so I not only got myself nominated as driver/chauffeur. Unfortunately I was foreseeing a night of baby sitting the other three as they were ordering doubles and it wasn't yet six p.m. Anyway, rather than complain I resigned myself to being, not only their chauffeur, their chaperone! "So be it!" I solaced. Shortly after, I think that perhaps the guys were now on their third round of doubles, one of the guys excused himself and went to the bathroom just as a senior officer entered the bar. He motioned to us to remain seated as he approached our table!

"Graduation ceremonies all over boys?" he inquired.

"Yes Sir!" we replied in unison.

"Oh well! What a hell of a day it's been for me! I was looking forward to being here to see my son graduate! The wife will be as mad as a hatter when she finds out that I didn't make it! First my flight was late getting in from the capital, then I run the car off the road trying to avoid a God damn cow being chased across the highway by a fat assed farm girl! Christ I almost killed myself! Anyway I'm here, better late than never! What you boys doing to celebrate graduation! Not staying on base I hope!"

"No sir!"

"We're planning to go into the city for the night! Too bad the Air Force won't let us go without our uniforms though!"

"Oh! Regulations and all that stuff! You know how it is boys! Besides uniforms really get the girls turned on! So don't complain! By the way do you guys know my son? His name is Blaine! Blaine Paris! Don't tell him I told you but his nick name is "Dong"! Where they came up with a nickname like that I'll never know! Ha! Ha!" We sheepishly looked at each other in a way as to not attract Mr. Paris' attention, each knowing exactly what the other was thinking about Blaine and his nickname!

Blaine was one of four blacks in flight school, and whereas nobody was introduced up until that point, we had all been curious which of these guys would be this officer's son! He in fact, as aforementioned, had just left for the bathroom just before the officer came into the bar!

"Well sir! Here he comes now! He's been to the bathroom and is joining us to celebrate in the city!"

"Dad!" Blaine shouted as he recognized his father! They hugged and exchanged pleasantries as they seated themselves at the table.

"Another round for my boys here, Gilbert!" Mr. Paris yelled to the bartender.

"Yes, Sir! Coming right up!" he replied. Mr. Paris related, once again, his day of adversity to Blaine as he had with us!

"Dad, what time were you supposed to have that car back to the rental agency?" Blaine asked his father.

"Between four and five! But that accident really threw a monkey wrench into that schedule! It's over at the base garage getting a new tire put on before I take it back! I blew the right wheel tire when I went off the road and had to drive back on one of those damn monkey wheels! I'm also having them check it for any damage I might not have had seen! Don't want to have that damn rental agency charging me double for everything, ya know!"

"It isn't bad enough that you didn't make it to my graduation!" Blaine complained, yet politely, "You also screwed up our trip to the city! Your car is the one we were supposed to get!"

"Well I'll tell you what son, to make it up to you I'll pay the car rental and that'll give you and your friends here a little more cash to spend celebrating with the girls! How's that!"

"Super!" we all yelled in unison! This represented quiet a savings to a group of young fly boys!!

"What a difference a weekend in the city would be now!" I thought loudly.

"Well listen boys, you may as well pick up the car at the garage and take it back! All the papers are in the glove compartment. Fill in the info they require and Blaine can bring my receipt back to me when you guys get back from the city! They already have my signed credit card imprint! O.K Blaine?"

"Yes! Sure Dad!" Blaine replied enthusiastically.

"Here, Blaine! May as well take a credit card and fill it with gas before you take it back, otherwise they'll charge me a service fee to fill it up! Take it with you and spend a hundred or so and entertain your friends, O.K.!"

"Gee... thanks dad!" everyone replied as if all of us were a son! It didn't take long to pick up the car, return to the rental agency and get on our way! Of course all the driving privileges, be whatever they may have had been, were handed to me.

Along the highway we were all signing and making small talk about what a wild weekend we were going to have in the city, like how many girls we were going to seduce and what we were going to do with each and every one of them! "Much like what we were going to initially show our flight instructors!" I mused. "The fact that our adrenaline and testosterone's were running on an excess of high octane of course would save the day!" My inattentiveness to my driving, distracted by all that sexual talk about what we'll be doing and how often once we get to the city, got me into a heap of trouble just thirty minutes into our trip. Passing a large eighteen wheeler I ran into a double line when out of no where a police cruiser came up behind us, lights flashing and siren blaring! I pulled over as quickly as possible and watched with great intrepidation as the officer pulled up behind us and made his way to our car! To the driver's side of course! The others had open beer in the car which, although they were attempting to conceal it, was also against the law regardless of who was driving!

"Hi! Anxious to get somewhere in a hurry are you! You know that you were doing ninety in a fifty zone! I guess I can add to that passing on a double line!"

"Yes sir! But it wasn't double when we started to pass, officer!" a voice from the back seat echoed!

"You driving son, are you?" the officer retorted as he peered behind me. "Maybe you should be careful and let the guy behind the wheel explain his driving habits to me otherwise I might charge you for having open beer in your possession while a passenger in a car!" You could actually hear the silence! "O.K. son! What's the hurray!"

"We're heading into the city sir! We're supposed to meet our friends there for a party!"

"Well if you keep driving like you have been for the last five miles you might never make it!"

"O.K. Sir! Sorry! I'll be more careful from here on in!"

"You're Air Cadets from the base, are you?"

"Yes, Sir!" I replied.

"I guess I'll be kinder then and issue you a warning ticket! If you're stopped again and the officer checks with registration you'll be taken off the road, you understand!"

"Yes Sir!"

"O.K. show me your flying license!" Under the stress of being stopped and without thinking, the officer was passed exactly what he asked for, my flying license!

"Just got'em today I see!" the officer remarked as I sheepishly looked at him as if to query his remark!

"Pardon Sir!"

"Your flying license! You just got'em today!"

"Oh! Oh, my God! I didn't! Did I? I'm sorry officer, really I am sir! Yes Sir, just got them today!" I stuttered.

"Oh! That's alright son, I understand! I got exactly what I asked for, your flying license! I'm happy to see that you succeeded! My own son got his flying license about two years ago with the cadets! I'll not issue that ticket if you promise to drive real careful!"

"Yes Sir! Thank you Sir! I don't drink so I'm doing all the driving, I'll be real careful, Sir!" I replied.

"That's great! I won't have to worry about you then! You guys in the back why don't you step out on the curb for a minute!" Everyone stepped out without muttering a word as the officer went around to where they were standing and remarked, "Boys why don't you just give me those beer cans you're trying to hide from me!" All three obliged without a single word being spoken. The officer was passed three partially finished beer which he promptly turned upside down and spilled the contents onto the ground! My friends merely looked at each other as if to say, "What next?"

The officer then asked, "Anymore in the car?" where upon Kevin reached in and took out the balance of a twelve pack and passed it to the officer! "Open your trunk son!" directing his comment to me as he lifted the trunk lid and placed the remaining beer in the trunk! "I'm letting you go with the understanding that you'll not have any beer in the passenger compartment, either while stopped or driving! Agreed!"

"Agreed Sir!" my associates replied in unison! "Thank you! Sir!"

"O.K. get on your way and pay attention to your driving I don't want to live with any regrets! You know what I mean?"

"Yes Sir! Yes Sir! We know exactly what you mean! Sir". Where upon we were once again on our way!

Things went smoothly for the next several miles, still talking and bragging about our sexual exploits which had yet to be! In fact, and I am somewhat embarrassed to admit it even today, but I was still a virgin! We had just passed a very large farm with what was perhaps hundreds, but seemed like thousands, of cows grazing in the field when my front left tire went flat. I pulled onto the curb and we commenced to get the jack and prepared to change the tire!

"Hey guys! There's no spare in here! I think we left it at the base garage when we picked up the car for dad!" Blaine replied. Well, here we were, virtually in the middle of nowhere in the country, not knowing when or from where the next car or truck might pass, no spare and didn't know in which direction to go to get help, if in fact help could be had!

"Rotten luck!" John grimaced! There wasn't anyone of us who would disagree with him! We sat there for the best part of an hour when an old blue pick-up truck came by! We feverishly waved him down and he obliged. "Got a problem have you son?" an old weather beaten farmer asked.

"Yes Sir! We're driving a rental car, got a flat and no spare!"

"Damn rental agencies! Did that to me once too!" the farmer replied. "Throw the wheel in the back and climb aboard! There's a place up ahead where I'll let you off! You can get them to take you over to the service station from there! It's too far out of my way right now to take you! But they will! They're fine people!"

"Thank you sir! We appreciate your help!" as I got into the cab as the others placed the wheel into the truck.

The farmer took off just as he heard, or felt, the wheel hit the truck box. I looked back laughing as the others waved and shook their fist at us as we merrily made our way down the highway! The farmer and I made small talk as we proceeded down the highway. After several minutes he stopped at the end of a very long drive way leading to a mansion of a farm house! "You go up there son and ask for Ned or Moll! Their fine people! Two lovely daughters too! Tell them uncle Luke sent you and that I was too busy to take you to the service station to get your tire fixed. Tell them I'm asking them to take you there! O.K.! They'll be happy to look after you son!"

"Thank you sir! Thank you and have a great day! I appreciate your help!"

I then proceeded to push the flattened tire ahead of me as I began making my way up the driveway! Resting several times along the way, I noticed some people on horseback far off into the field. I was hoping that they would see me and come my way or, if I should be so luck, maybe someone would come along in a car or truck just about now! I was weary as I continued my way toward the house! After several more minutes I heard the horse making their way toward me as I stained my eyesight against the evenings setting sun so as to get a glimpse of both the horses and their riders. They were almost upon me before I could get a clear view of the approaching horses and riders! I was startled by the suddenness with which they we upon me!

"Hi! Having problems are you?" a sweet young voice called! I couldn't see her face clearly beneath her wide brimmed western type hat!

"Yeah! Had a flat back the road a couple of miles and didn't have a spare! A elderly farmer named Luke stopped and picked me up and dropped me at the foot of the driveway! He suggested that I come up here for some help!"

"Oh! Old uncle Luke! He's really not our uncle but everyone around here refers to him as uncle Luke! I bet he told you he was too busy, or it was too far out of the way, to take you to the service station, did he?"

Somewhat surprised I replied, "Yes! Yes he did!"

"That horny old bugger! We bet he's off to see that old maid again! He's got four or five old girls on the string that we know of anyway! He's probably got more too that we don't know about that he keeps satisfied!"

"He's a perpetual walking erection!! Ha! Ha!" the second lady remarked. I knew that my face was blazon red from a combination of the unexpected frankness of their remarks, as well as the embarrassment and rude sexual arousal it bought about in me!

"Well! If you say so ladies!" I replied.

"O.K! We'll help you! Just leave your wheel here out of the way and climb up here with me! We'll stable the horses, get the truck and take you to get you wheel fixed!"

"What's your name, by the way?"

"Chuck! Chuck Delahunty!" I replied. I needed no second invitation as I grabbed an extended hand, placed my foot in the stirrup and positioned myself behind as gorgeous a country girl as you could ever imagine, as we rode towards the red stables!

"Bye the way, I forgot to ask you your names?" I remarked to the lady whom I sat behind on the horse as I held tightly to her waist!

"Oh! Yes! I guess we didn't introduce ourselves! Did we? Elaine Stevens! My dad owns this place! They're gone into town for the long weekend! Won't be back till Monday."

"And your sister!"

"Brenda? Oh, she's with mom and dad! She's only twelve so we didn't want her around for us to baby sit all weekend!"

"So! Who's your friend then?"

"That's my first cousin! Brenda! Brenda Brophy! There's just a months difference in our age! She's the older of course!" Elaine laughingly added.

"How old is that?" I added as we came to a stop at the barn and dismounted.

"Just eighteen!" as she hastily added, "Since we're old enough to bleed I guess we're old enough to butcher! Don't you think?" she added much to my surprise.

"Yeah! Yeah of course!" I responded while making a vain attempt to conceal my astonishment, as well as my naiveté.

"Hey Brenda! I'd like you to meet Chuck Delahunty! He's probably just graduated from flight school like that bunch that was here last year! Boy that was a smash! You should have had been here! You would have had a ball!" as Brenda approached holding the reins to her horse!

"Hi Chuck! Glad to meet you! I suppose that my cousin has been telling you all the wrong stories about me! Has she?"

"No! Nothing at all! Just that you're her first cousin! That's all!" as I attempted to show some level of maturity! Brenda was every bit as pretty as her cousin Elaine, and both had bodies so well structured that Michelangelo would have had them cast in marble! That would have had happened only after he had tested their fabric of course, I thought to myself. "Well lets get these horses settled in and get you to the garage!" Elaine remarked as Brenda and I followed in that order.

The horses were placed in adjoining stalls after the harness and saddles had been removed! The girls requested that I fill two buckets with water for them as they gathered some oats and hay, which I gladly did! "Well Chuck, are you travelling alone?" Brenda asked.

"No! No I'm not! As a matter of fact there are four of us! The other three are back at the car waiting for me! No need to worry about them though, they can't go anywhere till we get back because I got the car wheel and tire and they don't have a spare!" I replied with some enthusiasm.

"That's not nice Chuck! You all alone here with two pretty country girls and not wanting to share us with them! Some friend you are!" Elaine laughingly replied.

"Share us with them! No way! I'd rather think that he'd want them to share us!" Brenda said in the most sexual way I had ever encountered in my entire life, before or since! "By the way, what's their names!"

"Well there's Steven, John and Blaine. All about my age. Blaine is the black guy amongst us! They've nicked named him 'Dong', I don't know why!" I responded.

"Mm-m-m-m! Did you hear that Brenda? Dong is a black guy and Chuck doesn't know how he got that name! Can you believe that?"

"Never! But I think we'll make it our business to find out why! What do you think Elaine?"

"Couldn't agree more, cousin!"

"I guess we should feed and water the dogs too, Brenda!"

"O.K.!" I followed the girls though the barn and out the back entrance. Behind the barn was a very large chain fenced in area adjoined to the barn, and two rather well bred excited boxer dogs. There was also an opening in the barn with a curtain type closure which allowed the dogs to enter and exit! "These are my very favorite pets!" Elaine remarked.

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